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Belize Real Estate: The Heart of Paradise in Belize Imagine a tropical paradise that has so much more to offer than just white sandy beaches, crystal blue waters and cool sea breeze. In Belize, you don’t have to just imagine all these. With pristine white beaches and untainted waters in virgin islands, Belize is one of the best tourist destinations in Central America that has it all. This country is rich in lush rain forests and magnificent mountains with majestic peaks beckoning the adventurous at heart to climb it. The beautiful ocean of Belize is one of the best places to scuba dive in. Having the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, the Belize Barrier Reef is home to thousands of sea creatures protected and preserved. Such underwater beauty is truly incomparable! If that is not enough for you then The Great Blue Hole will definitely make your jaw drop. The Great Blue Hole is one of the most astonishing dive sites to be found anywhere on earth, shaped almost like a perfect circular hole. Inside the Hole is a body of water about 480 feet deep and it is the depth of the water that gives its deep blue hue. The perfect place where to live or stay in this land of paradise is none other than Sanctuary Belize. No other Belize real estate property could match the luxury and convenience this community offers. They have the best location of being near a lot of places where you can do tons of activities, such as the ancient Mayan structures, the untouched beaches of Placencia and other beaches just to mention a few. Get to climb Victoria Peak on a whim since it is practically found in your backyard in the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary! Sitting between two wildlife reserves, this community is absolutely the heart of paradise in Belize. That’s why it’s no surprise that expatriates and retirees are choosing Sanctuary Belize to be their home. Here, one can be assured that the houses are built of top-quality materials that are also eco-friendly so as not to create any damaging impact against Mother Nature. This is a place where endangered species and residents live in harmony

without being a threat to one another. Guests get to enjoy the community’s amenities such as the private resort and spa where they can be pampered as though they’re royalty. They can also stay in one of the cabanastyle hut lodgings or in one of the 32 luxury rooms available. People who own a vacation home here get to have the privileges of being so close to nature and have easy access to all the activities one can enjoy and try out during the holidays. They also get to enjoy the facilities and amenities such as the Marina Village, where they can replenish their supplies and satisfy their famished stomachs with gourmet meals in the finest restaurants of Belize. A great thing about this is these Belize real estate properties will not necessarily give you a cardiac arrest because of the price tag. Amazingly enough, a piece of property here is one of the most affordable luxuries in the Belize real estate market. If you want to be able to experience life in the heart of paradise then why not purchase a vacation home here?

Belize Real Estate: The Heart of Paradise in Belize  

Belize Real Estate: The Heart of Paradise in Belize Imagine a tropical paradise that has so much more to offer than just white sandy beaches...

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