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Belize Real Estate: Stop Dreaming, You Can Live in Paradise Everybody dreams, at one point or another, to live on the beach, have a home where you can hear the gentle sound of the rolling waves and the soft chirping of the birds. You can make that dream a reality by packing your bags and settling in this Central American country that is also a tropical Caribbean paradise. A real estate property in Belize is a good investment because you will not find anything as affordable. Properties here are even worth more than its price. Homes in countries such as the States and Canada not only have a high cost of living, but have real estate prices suited for people who can afford it in North America. However, what if you take all those hard-earned dollars that you have saved up and decide to pursue your dream? Decide to get a belize real estate property, the one that you have always imagined will be your retirement home. Real estate properties in Belize are not only affordable, they are even made more attractive by the Belizean government themselves as they offer tax exemptions and other very interesting and beneficial bonuses, something that they do so that retirees like you can really benefit from it. Talking about belize real estate properties there is Sanctuary Belize, company that offers you a chance to own your dream home in this

tropical island. What the company offers is really great schemes that can allow you to get the home that you want. What happens is the company will really customize a plan for you, including the interest and the amount of down payment that you can afford. The terms of the loan are very buyer-friendly with the buyer’s situation and buyer’s budget in mind.The reason why the company is very flexible to this kind of offering is because the company is debt free. The cashflow is great, and they really just want to offer people who want to live in Belize the best and easiest way to do it. In Sanctuary Belize, you can choose a home that at the beachfront or by the river banks. Today, the homes in this prime location are already under way and in construction. The first few homes will be are the marina. The company plans to build long-term building infrastructure plans. The company aims to provide the very best eco-residences in the country which is why you will see that all the homes are designed to have pocket gardens and enough living space. Plus, the company owns 14,000 acres of land. Most of the island, specifically 10,000 acres of it, will be reserved as a wildlife sanctuary. The 4,000 acres will be dedicated to the construction and development of residential and commercial zones

Belize Real Estate: Stop Dreaming, You Can Live in Paradise  

Belize knows that to remain appealing and beautiful to the tourists, they have to keep protecting nature at the top of their priority list.

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