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Do you ever think of owning your very own Belize real estate property? Well, you can. There are a lot of people just like you who are contemplating on owning their own slice of heaven, a piece of Belize real estate paradise. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy this piece of Belize paradise? The sun is always shining in Belize and the weather is always warm. You leave the hustle and bustle of city life so you can settle under the nice warm Belize sun. Getting your own Belize real estate property means you are within reach of the most amazing beaches and the country’s colorful marine life, with its dolphins flapping and turtles swimming in its warm blue waters. So, it’s really is not a question of whether you want to settle and get a Belize real estate property, it is rather a question of where to settle in Belize. We want to help you so we are discussing Belize City. Perhaps after reading this you get a bit of an idea on whether you want to settle in this part of the country and finally get to own a Belize real estate property. Belize City is dubbed as one of the biggest city in this country. Belize City has a population of around 79,600. What is nice about Belize City is that its waters are part of the Caribbean coast. Belize dubs Belize City as the main and official port (where cruise ships and cargo ships dock) and it is also the country's financial district and industrial zone. If you are thinking of going to Belize to put up your dream business, then Belize is the city for you. Since this is the hub for thousands and thousands of people visiting from cruise

ships, such as the Royal Caribbean, then you can be assured of a steady number of people to meet and do business with. Belize City was formerly a tiny Mayan town called Holzuz. It was the favorite town of the British back when Belize was still a colony as it was a central location with creeks and rivers that were accessible and usable for passage and transportation of cargo and materials such as mahogany and lumber. Belize City was also the location where many African slaves were placed by the British to help them in their forest industry. Belize City is a prime real estate property because of its location. The city proper is divided into two areas that are cordoned off by the Haulover Creek that ends up at the Fort George area. Belize City is a good location and a great Belize real estate selection if you want your business to be in a busy city. Of course, Belize City still maintains its quaint, tropical island trait with just a bit of hustle and bustle that is common in all cities all over the world.

Belize Real Estate Settling in Belize City  
Belize Real Estate Settling in Belize City  

So, it’s really is not a question of whether you want to settle and get a Belize real estate property, it is rather a question of where to s...