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Belize Real Estate: Sanctuary Belize and Its Luxurious Homes Belize is one of the most beautiful Caribbean countries in Central America that has a very rich history and a very diverse culture. It is the only Caribbean country where English is the main language spoken with Spanish only coming in as the second language despite the racial mixture. The Belize real estate market offers a wide variety of properties for those looking for it that come in an affordable price range. Amazingly, there are also luxurious houses that can be quite affordable and every penny spent will be worth it. Although there will still be other houses on sale out there, it is imprudent if you don’t consider getting a luxurious house in Sanctuary Belize. The place has a breathtaking environment that does nothing but continually astonish the residents and the people who ever get to see it. Of all the 14,000 acres of land made up of rich flora and fauna, only a mere 3,000 acres will be used for developments and residential structures. This is to prevent nature’s degradation and preserve its natural beauty. The luxurious houses here are done by great developers renowned all over the globe. They would definitely make the effort to meet your needs, wants and demands and they would even take the time to explain every little bit of detail every step of the way. Aside from that, you can even choose your location for the house. We are not kidding. Here, you have the freedom to choose wherever your beautiful abode will be rooted. You can choose among places such as near the beach coast, somewhere near the mountains or mangroves or where you can hear the waterfall. All you have to do is make a choice and it will be granted. What makes it even more exciting to live here are the amenities such as the equestrian center that provides a different nostalgic experience of traveling and exploring your surroundings. The long and twirling bridle path of the Sittee River Wildlife preserve can be quite a good place travel to and discovery for you and your family. The Marina Village provides the classic recreation of all-day shopping and gourmet dining in one of the best restaurants in the land. Nothing beats having your favorite dish, exquisitely prepared for your consumption after a long day of shopping for interesting finds. Next to the Marina Village would be the yacht club, for residents to park their boats that even have the best seafood restaurant in the land. If one gets tired of the white

beaches across the coast then one can try the community’s private resort and spa. Here they can relax and enjoy as much as they can and even have a change of scenery. Guests and residents can have a different experience in lodging because of their five boutique hotels and cabana hut-style lodgings as well. There are so much more to discover and surprise you when living in a wonderful place like this. The adventures and activities to do will never run dry. Getting a place here sure is the best choice for luxurious homes.

Belize Real Estate: Sanctuary Belize and Its Luxurious Homes