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Belize Real Estate: Reasons Why the Number of Homes in Belize for Sale Are Increasing A few decades back, the country of Belize was known as British Honduras and has now become an independent nation. Now that the population of Belize has grown, the number of houses for sale in different parts of the country has increased. So are the number of villages, communities and hotels that are growing like mushrooms in the country. Tourists have also uncovered Mother Nature’s best kept secrets, and now they have been flocking to the country whenever they get the opportunity. Holidays are the favorite times tourists love going to Belize, but little did they know that buying a vacation home in Belize may just be the key to stop their inconvenient unfettered visitations to and from the country. Who wouldn’t want to see the beach with white sand together or lush rainforests and magnificent mountains? Belize has pretty much everything one could dream of in a tropical paradise. They have also preserved the structures of the Mayan pyramids that have withstood the test of time. Going to a place like this won’t ever be boring with so many things and activities to do. TheBelize real estate market has suddenly increased its selection on houses and available for sale. Targeting people from North America, expatriates have suddenly increased in number as well. More and more people have left their home countries for a nice tropical country such as Belize. With the Qualified Retirement Person Program, foreigners now have the chance to make Belize their new home. There are incentives they can acquire when they choose to retire in Belize and if they meet the requirements of the program. These people can also take their dependents such as their spouses, their children below 18 years of age and children who are below 25 but are currently enrolled in a university. One of the most ideal places to live in the country would be Sanctuary Belize, a community that offers luxurious living in the heart of paradise. The environment here is serene and preserved to keep that naturally abundant beauty, with facilities and amenities are world-class. The community has like a town center called Marina Village where residents can shop and dine as they please. Although the competition has been quite tight when it comes to houses here, nothing quite compares to the beauty Sanctuary Belize offers. The houses are done in superb

fashion and are developed by world-renowned builders. The location of the place is very ideal since it is near places such as Placencia, where all the best beaches in the country can be found. House prices here won’t be as cheap as those in several other towns in Belize, but the amount is reasonable enough for luxury within reach. They also have considerately offered financial options to help you purchase the home of your dreams. The global economy’s rise has been slow lately and this is a factor that made them offer financial options on payments for those people who may be in trying circumstances.

Belize Real Estate: Reasons Why the Number of Homes in Belize for Sale Are Increasing