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Belize Real Estate Purchasing Your Own Little Island in Belize

The Belize real estate market is one of the most diverse and interesting industries in the country. From houses and lots, patches of land near the mountains or next to a snaking river to the available islands on sale for everyone, all at an affordable inexpensive price. Don’t believe me? Try searching online for Belize real estate properties and your jaw would definitely drop that you’d have no recourse but to “Belize” it. They even sell the trees; floating in a mangrove forest, believe you me. But so as not to get scammed and made a fool out of, there are a lot of tips in purchasing properties in Belize, especially if what you are looking for is an island. Islands in Belize are beautiful, untouched by tourists and isolated. There are many islands with different sizes – perfect for pretty much anything you could think of. Do you want a house? How about a huge mansion on a patch of island off the coast of Belize, something you can visit or live in during the cold winter months from your native land? There is no winter in Belize and since it’s the tropics, you can expect nothing but warm weather. One of the most popular owners of a Belizean island is Leonardo DiCaprio. He purchased an island at a good price and it was rumored that he will be building an ecofriendly resort in the near future. That means you too can set up your own business on your future island!

Belize is one of the most visited places in the Caribbean and is called Sanctuary Belize. The place doesn’t just have magnificent beaches, but also rich rain forests thickly canopied by trees, mountains and mysterious caves, Mayan ruins worth visiting and world-class scuba diving spots. The tourist’s population of Belize increases almost 50% annually and what does that say in the near future? More tourists equal more opportunity for business. Islands in Belize are just simply waiting to be bought. Although there are those islands on sale online, it is always wise to see the land first before making a purchase. Some people who buy houses rent it out first before buying it to see if they would like it or not. It’s just like test-driving a car before having the final decision of purchasing it, the same rules applies on land purchases. When visiting the island you want to purchase, check out the distance of the island from the coast of the main land. You would want an island nearest the coastline since traveling would prove to be a pain if it were really far. Remember, you would be taking things to and from the island with a boat or a plane. Have your lawyer tag along to the ocular. You want to make sure the measurements of the perimeter are correct. Also, taking your lawyer is also a good way of having him be acquainted with what you want to purchase since in the event that you have finally realized you want to take the island, then your lawyer can be the one to process all the necessary papers needed for the purchase and transfer of the deed.

Belize Real Estate - Purchasing Your Own Little Island in Belize