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Belize Real Estate:

Places You Need to Know About This Tropical Island Paradise The country of Belize is such a beautiful tropical island paradise with its sunny days and warm waters. It can be a paradise for many people and you could be one of them. Marine life in Belize is abundant and the waters that are filled with corals are amazing. Here are some places we can suggest you visit before you settle in Belize. Belize Real Estate Place # 1: Ambergris Caye Ambergris Caye is said to be the queen of the cayes. It is inhabited by 5,000 locals. The only town in the island is called San Pedro. San Pedro is a prosperous village that is filled with friendly and carefree people. San Pedro and Ambergris Caye in general is said to have the highest literacy rate in the whole of Belize. Because of good education, Ambergris Caye’s people have protected its reef which is truly magnificent. People are devoted to protecting the natural gift that is very rare to find in any country these days. In Ambergris Caye, there is a large number of mansions owned by locals. These houses symbolize the wealth that the Belizeans were able to build because of tourism. Tourism has truly enriched the town of San Pedro. From the Marine Terminal, it will take you about 75 minutes to get to San Pedro and it can cost you US$10. There is also the option of flying in as Ambergris has its own airport. Belize Real Estate Place # 2: Hol Chan Maine Reserve Hol Chan is a Mayan word for “little channel.” It is four miles from San Pedro and the whole of Ambergris Caye’s southern tip. This island has amazing waters and marine life that is very much protected. Fishing is not allowed here which is why this site is one of the favorite spots

of divers and snorkeling enthusiasts. Just by snorkeling you can already see sharks and manta rays. These aquatic animals gather near a sand bar called Shark-Ray Alley. You have to be careful though, as current is pretty strong so it is best that you have at good skills in swimming. Belize Real Estate Place # 3: Caye Caulker Caye Caulker is pretty much a village that is home to 800 people. The village houses are cute with pretty much everything painted in bright colors. The houses here are unique because they stand on stilts and the stilts are lined up with coral houses. The island is being developed every year but it is said that here there are more cars than houses. Living here is so easy and the atmosphere is kind of laid back. There is even a sign that says, “No shorts, no shoes, no problem.�s

Belize Real Estate: Places You Need to Know About This Tropical Island Paradise