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Belize real estate - On the Beach in Belize When people choose to spend their vacation in Belize, most of them don’t go for hotels anymore. They know very well that they will keep on coming back to the place so the best thing to do is get a vacation home they can easily go to when they visit the beautiful paradise country of Belize. There are a lot of reasons why they choose to simply get a home here for the holidays. One of the best reasons is that Belize real estateproperties are quite affordable and despite the economical conditions we are experiencing now, people could still afford a life of luxury here. There are a lot of Belize real estate properties that are very affordable and are decent for their price. In several towns like Corozal in the northern region, houses for sale are modest and there has been quite a growing population of expatriates and retirees residing in the town. Although there are other towns to consider, you just have to take a look at the place and see if you feel like getting a Belize real estate property there. The beautiful beaches of Belize can be quite hard to forget. The powdery white sands seem to beckon along with the glimmering crystal blue waters under the sun. If you want to have a vacation home close to the beach then you should go to Sanctuary Belize. Not everyone who wants to buy homes in Belize can choose the location of the house they want, especially if you are just going to look for homes in towns. In Sanctuary Belize, the location of your home can be up to you.

The community of Sanctuary Belize is in the southern region of Belize, specifically in the Stann Creek District which is home to Belize’s most pristine white sand beaches and rich natural environment. On both sides of the community are the protected reserves of the Sittee River Wildlife Reserve and the first jaguar sanctuary in the world. You can choose a home near the beach or choose among the hundreds of scenic locations such as near the rainforest, somewhere overlooking the ocean or even near a waterfall. There are ready built houses for you to choose from or have them build the vacation home of your dreams. You can even have your own architect to help out or leave it to the community’s world-renowned developers and contractors. A Belize real estate property is one of the most sought-after properties in Central America because of its affordability, the incomparable beauty of the environment and the hospitable locals. Not to mention, the main language spoken throughout the land is English with Spanish coming in second. Sanctuary Belize is one of the most luxurious places to have a vacation home in Belize because of its topnotch residential services. Here, the amenities are absolutely meant to give convenience to their homeowners. One of the amenities is the Marina Village, a central point where residences can buy their needed supplies for their homes. The place also has fine dining restaurants for gourmet meals. No wonder people and their families love getting vacation homes here because of the surprises and the elegance that awaits them.

Belize real estate - On the Beach in Belize