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Belize Real Estate - How to Live here There are a lot of people diving at the thought of living in Belize. And with this country’s awe-inspiring surroundings, pristine beaches with kind and hospitable locals, who wouldn’t want to live in this piece of paradise found in Central America? First off, if you have no idea what Belize is like then think about a place that is surrounded by untouched natural beauty of flora and fauna. It has a scenic environment of white beaches with the glistening blue waters and the cool sea breeze blowing in your hair. Belize is a country in the Caribbean that promises to take you closer to paradise than you actually think. Belize real estate properties are one of the hottest things in the real estate global market that you should be investing on because of its known affordability and high appreciation rate annually. In these times of economic crisis and people wanting to live a peaceful life, the number of Belize real estate properties sold annually has increased. People are considering the tropical country as their new home. This proves true to expatriates and retirees who have left everything behind for a chance of having an exciting life in the land of Belize. So, how does one live in a place like this? This is a question a lot of people are asking and the answer is quite simple. One can live here easily, whether you just want a vacation home for the holidays or even for permanent residency. Acquiring citizenship isn’t that hard and you don’t have to leave the country every considerable number of months. Retirees who apply for the Qualified Retired Person program can easily be approved citizens quicker, assuming they

qualified for the program. They also have incentives such as tax exemptions and having their spouse and dependents tag along with the program. Living in Belize would definitely mean a drastic change of lifestyle. The locals here mostly lead a modest but decent one. It doesn’t really matter since you can live your life at your pace and the way as you see fit. The locals are hospitable and are a mix of different ethnicities such as Mestizos, Creoles, Asians, Mayans, Gringos, Caucasians and others living in harmony. If comfort and luxurious living is what you aim for then consider living in the best communities in the country. Sanctuary Belize is a community that is aimed to provide the ultimate living experience in the country whether you are only going to visit during the holidays by purchasing vacation homes or if you wish to live here permanently with your family. The environment is definitely nothing short of amazing with flourishing flora and fauna surrounding the community. They even have the most beautiful virgin beaches in the land. Victoria Peak is also in the area and their amenities would surely give you comfort and convenience. You won’t have to leave the community in order to replenish your supplies since their Marina Village is complete with all your shopping needs and their restaurants can give you the finest taste of Belize. There are a lot of surprises waiting for you in the land of Belize. Why not live here?

Belize Real Estate - How to Live here