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Belize real estate and homes and for everyone Central America is known as a region where Caribbean paradise countries can be found. It is also where Belize is located. Being one of the places tourists flock annually to, especially when they are on holiday vacations, the country has earned the reputation of being a tropical paradise that’s rapidly emerging as a very successful tourist destination spot across the globe. This is evident with the number of tourists who visit each year, not to mention the number of expatriates and retirees moving in have increased in significant amounts. Therefore, Belize real estate properties have increased their count in order to meet the unrelenting demands of the people wanting to have a Belizean life. Vacation homes in Belize are one of the best things you can purchase, especially if you are to purchase one in Sanctuary Belize. Not only tourists, but expatriates and retirees should also take a look at the community for beautiful homes that will definitely match all their needs. Homes here are reasonably priced so you don’t have to worry about it exceeding your budget. Homes aren’t the only properties they sell here, but they also have private cayes available if having your own small island in the Caribbean is what you really want. You can be assured that homes are as grand as those in your dreams. Designed with such intricate and impeccable taste, homes here are built by the best developers that are renowned worldwide. Using only the highest quality and eco-friendly materials, you can be assured you are also giving nature a hand in its preservation and protection when living in one of the residential units here.

The location of this community is perfect since it is ideally resting in between two wildlife reserves and certain spots where people would frequent. Residing in the Stann Creek District, the community is only south of Belize City which is reachable by land. Scuba divers would definitely love living in this place since the Great Blue Hole is accessible within minutes from the community’s shore. The Belize Barrier Reef is only within minutes away from the community where one can discover all the beauty and mystery of the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere. If you want to try your hand on some extreme water sports then trying out wild river rafting and kayaking would be easy since the Sittee River is in the vicinity of the community. You don’t even have to go far to try it out, it’s actually just waiting for you around the corner. Do you prefer a rather relaxing and easy activity? Then try out the hobby of birdwatching. There are thousands of migratory birds who fly to the area of the community. Watching exotic birds and other animals can be quite a treat that can relax your spirit and help you appreciate the wonders and beauty of nature even more. If you want a more hands-on hobby then you can also pick up fly fishing! Whether you are seeking a vacation home—expatriate or retiree—you can always find Sanctuary Belize as the perfect place for a Belize real estate home for you!

Belize real estate and homes and for everyone