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Belize Real Estate: Getting a Home in Belize Belize has become the most popular tourist destination in the world, that’s why people from all over are checking to see available vacation homes for sale, while some would leave everything behind and migrate to the wonderful country of Belize. Others are even willing to spend the rest of their retirement days in peace in this country. Which group do you belong in? Well, honestly it doesn’t matter since getting a piece of Belize real estate property is rather easy. Even foreigners wouldn’t have a hard time and the taxes aren’t much of a burden. There are a lot of places where one can get a piece of their own property and all it depends on the needs and wants of the buyer. Are you in for a simple and modest lifestyle in the country? If you are, then places such as Corozal town will be ideal for you. Located in the northern region of the country and in proximity to Mexico’s Chetumal, the town is a quiet community for locals, expatriates and retirees who have chosen a simple and low cost lifestyle. Almost everything is within reach since Chetumal has its own Wal-Mart. It is also next to a fishing village where one can grab a bite while at the same time also having fun. Houses here are built simply; you can either buy a house that was already built or buy a lot and have local contractors build it from scratch for you. Otherwise, there are other towns in the country where you can also purchase land with houses that are affordable. Perhaps affordable luxury is what you prefer? Visit the community of Sanctuary Belize. Here, the community is found in the middle of two known wildlife reserves, one of them being the first jaguar reserve in the world. A 14,000-acre land that is located in the southern region of Belize and is only a few hours away from the capital city, Sanctuary Belize offers a luxurious lifestyle for everyone. They have the finest facilities and amenities in the land, making it the best community to live in. Residents enjoy the privilege of exploring the place on a whim while mounted on a horse and the fact that they are in proximity to all the beautiful places worth visiting like the ancient pyramids of the Mayan tribe and the Great Blue Hole for scuba diving makes it an extremely enjoyable place to live in. The community has boutique hotels with different ecological themes and private resorts and spas for guests and residents. Security here is top notch for the safety of the residents is the priority of the community. You won’t have to worry about your place being robbed while you are away.

The houses are built and developed with passion by the best contractors in the land. They are also world-renowned for their expertise while at the same time, the materials used are very eco-friendly. The designs combine convenience, innovation and aesthetic features to truly give a home where one could live comfortably.

Belize Real Estate: Getting a Home in Belize