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Belize Real Estate - 5 Reasons to live in Sanctuary Belize There are a lot of communities one can choose from and a lot of places to take a vacation in. Though most of them may look and feel the same, Sanctuary Belize has the difference that can make anyone think of buying and living in their wonderful community. Sanctuary Belize is in the country of Belize and is only a few hours from Belize city. The community has so many things to be proud of aside from its scenery that captivates the eyes. Location The place is located in Central America and is reachable only a few hours by plane from North America. One can also take an adventure through the roads, passing through Guatemala or Mexico. Temperature The climate and temperature in these areas are almost constantly at a comfortable 80 degreesF. There are no snow and the summer gives out a cool breeze. You don’t have to wear three layers of clothes when going outside and no appliances such as heaters are needed. Though air-conditioning appliances are sometimes a must in these hotter regions. The surroundings Any Belize real estate properties are surrounded with beautiful surroundings ranging from the beach and ocean view to the dramatic mountain ranges found in the area. The forests are lush and homes the rare animals found to be endangered in the world. The first ever Jaguar reserve can also be found in the vicinity of Sanctuary Belize where they are well taken cared of, away from harm and away to harm other civilians. A few hours from the community is the majestic pyramids of the ancient Mayan tribe that took thousand of years to create! The marine life in these areas are the most diverse and most protected of all! There are rare species of fishes that can only be found here. Also the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere can be found nowhere else but here! Scuba divers are sure to enjoy and have a wonderful experience, exploring what ever lies beneath. Exclusive Perks The community has special and exclusive services available for their residence. These perks are the private resorts and spasthat compete in the world market. Theseare available for the residence and their guests, they can take a vacation cabana style or choose in one of the 32 luxurious rooms available.

The equestrian center allows residencesto explore the area mounted on a horse, with a higher angle, they can appreciate and see their environment better. The Marina and yacht club offers the residents to unlimited dining and shopping. They don’t have to go outside the gated community if they would like to refill their fridge. Everything is here, even gourmet dining is available! Affordable luxury Though the community may sound quite expensive, Belize real estate is proud to introduce one of the most affordable luxurious housesin Belize. They have several financial options in order for you to make a purchase now and not wait out on what you really want. With 0%down payment or 0%interest then people from all walks of life are certainly welcome to make a purchase!

Belize Real Estate - 5 Reasons to live in Sanctuary Belize