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Belize at a glimpse made me reti re! I was never a traveler. In fact, I preferred to stay home and cook barbeque out in the backyard of my house. I live alone with my dog and people tell me I should go out more, but then I just don’t know where to go. I’m getting older and I know I should at least see some place other than my home and work or my own hometown. I kept looking online and all I see were overly marketed and advertised properties of some Caribbean places like Panama, Nicaragua, Cuba, and sometimes even places as far as Thailand. Then one time, my neighbor invited me to a farewell party and said they’re moving to some paradise in Central America. So I went to the party, had a couple of drinks and talked to some people. The couple that were about to leave were showing guests a photo album of the place they’re going to migrate to, and of course I was curious. Moving to another country is serious business! They mentioned they got themselves a nice Belize real estate property at a low cost and I thought I wanted to see this. When the photo album was handed to me for my viewing pleasure, there I saw the couple on a beautiful and glistening sandy beach taking a stroll. The tropical trees swayed gracefully in the wind and the crisp blue water was truly magnificent! I was astounded! Other photos showed nice looking little houses by the beach and other houses, like manors, on the sand. They kept coming back to the place they said and finally decided to move there for good. They said they’ve never seen a place like this anywhere else and by looking at their photos, I’m slowly started to believe what they meant and my cynicism started to fade. There, they spent their first honeymoon too and went mountain trekking. The mountain peaks were so dramatic and magnificent it was as though it wasn’t real! I can’t even believe ancient structures and ruins existed in the country of Belize. I sat their, envious of their adventures and this opened my mind to wanting to see what’s out there! After the party, I bade the happy couple goodbye and asked them how they were able to nab themselves a piece of their own little paradise. They said it was easy and foreigners can own real estate properties with no sweat at an affordable price too. As for older people like me, they said the country has a retirement program that will work to my favor with less to no taxes. This made me more interested. Since I’m beyond the age of 45 and pass the other simple requirements, like their minimum monthly income, which is fairly low, then I won’t have a problem moving to Belize. Now, I got myself some Belize real estate beauty and I’m not hesitant to leave my hometown. I

could even take my dog with me along with my belongings absolutely tax free! I guess there’s paradise on earth after all.

Belize at a glimpse made me retire!  

I was never a traveler. In fact, I preferred to stay home and cook barbeque out in the backyard of my house. I live alone with my dog and pe...

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