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Belize Real Estate: Is Sanctuary Belize An Ideal Developer Belize is a great island and it has been a goal of mine to settle in a place such as what the country has to offer. I have been working in one of the biggest corporation, as big as it is one of the top 50 countries in North America. I have worked hard, made some great investments and fulfilled a career that I can be proud of. Years have come and you can say that I have worked a lot of long hours and have given every thing I can to the can to corporate. Life is now getting more fulfilled and I am in the age where I want to retire early. With cash saved and in good invest I can reward my self in a life style change. This life style change consists of me moving to a tropical island and just relaxing and leading a simple life. So what I have done is quit my day job and started researching islands. I came across before when I toured the Caribbean island and I like how the country preserved its natural resources. Do you know that it is said that Belize has more monkeys and iguanas than there are humans so you know that you are living in a great well preserved natural environment. I also like get my own Belize real estate because I think it is great for my health. Any Belize real estate you choose to live by you will see that the whole country experience two kinds of weather, dry season and rainy. This means I can finally take a permanent vacation from cold brittle winters. Today I am currently semi retired in Belize, taking up its trial residency program. I am currently in search of my own Belize real estate, a property I can call him. This is where I encountered Sanctuary Belize. I have made no commitment yet and Im still deciding but I believe people like me can benefit from what I will be posting here. Sanctuary Belize gives seminars on how to live and invest in Belize and this is what I learned from attending the seminar. Basically the company has 14,000 acre property. The 10,000 acres will be preserved and will remain as wilderness and rainforest. In the middle or admidst the well preserved nature is 4,000 acres of residential homes and commercial sites. Owners like me can have the option of finding a home, in the area, which will suit the lifestyle of the owner. So the home can be near the river or have ocean front view. For active people there is an equestrian lane where people who love horses can mingle.

Belize Real Estate Is Sanctuary Belize An Ideal Developer