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Belize Real Estate - What Sort of Belize Home Should You Get A lot of people were astounded at what they have discovered in Central America. It’s definitely more valuable than gold if you ask me. They have discovered a place where they can truly experience paradise and most of them are willing to leave to everything behind to live in a wonderful place like this. Whether you are an expatriate, someone who would like to make Belize your ideal retirement haven or simply just someone looking for a vacation home right in the heart of paradise then you should definitely read further to know what type of home you should get if you decide to purchase a piece of property. The country can be quite strange but a lot of people still find it appealing and worth the visit, and it’s not very hard to get used to the place. English is the main language used here and Spanish comes second. Despite having a diverse mix of culture, they understand each other and live in peace. Belize real estate properties are very diverse with a huge selection of houses and other properties on sale. One can get a modest house at a very affordable price and luxury can be within reach despite the financial circumstances you are in. If you are simply looking for a decent place then you should look in towns outside the capital city since they are more likely to be cheaper and nearer the beach and other fun activity places. Houses like these are located in towns such as Corozal in the north where a population of foreign retirees and expatriates is significantly growing. It is also near the town of Chetumal in Mexico, where some of them get supplies unavailable in the country. The good thing about the Belize real estate market is they offer houses at affordable prices that makes a very good investment since the appreciation rate of Belize real estate properties are quite high as opposed to other Caribbean places in Central America. They say houses here are often twice as grand but come only half the price one would pay for back in their home countries (wherever it may be). But the most stunning place to live in is in Sanctuary Belize. It is located only south of Belize City and is situated between two wildlife reserves making it perfectly placed where the heart of paradise is. The place emanates natural beauty everywhere you go and the houses are very well built for lucky homeowners. Amenities include the equestrian center where the horses are kept for exploring the natural surroundings, the Marina Village for dining gourmet and

shopping for supplies without ever leaving the community, the yacht club for boat owners, the private resorts and spas for relaxation and so much more. The amazing thing about this is they offer a lot of financial options for people who are working on a certain budget. We know very well that our economy has been a bit slow to recover therefore, they understand anyone’s situation. But this shouldn’t hinder anyone from buying a beautiful home in this beautiful community. You should definitely get a home that you deserve.

Belize Real Estate - What Sort of Belize Home Should You Get