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Belize Real Estate is proud that international travel organizations, as well as trusted lifestyle magazines and newspapers—one being Delta Airline’s well circulated in flight lifestyle and travel magazine—has mentioned that Belize is considered a place to go to when looking for top-rated eco-tourism destinations. In the Delta magazine, which is named “Get Inspired,“ it listed Belize in the top ten point list specifically saying from treetop to seaside, the country has inspired a greener generation of travelers with resorts that redefine the way a person goes on vacation without hurting the environment. The resort, which was produced by the company, joins the rank of the much celebrated resorts all over the world including Tuscany, the Amazon, Costa Rica, China and Big Sur. What Delta Airlines was mentioning is Belize’s Chaa Creek which is made up of the splendid 365-acre private and isolated nature reserve. In this private sanctuary, you can walk for miles along its own hiking trail. This will excite people who love running. Then, for the people who like biking and like having a great workout, the landscape is very conducive for taking out your bike and just roaming around the vast space. There is also the chance for people to go horseback riding, galloping as the cool wind hits your face. For people who like to go birdwatching, this place is heaven because Belize is really famous for the rare species of birds they are trying to protect and nurture. You can really move in in this real estate Belize eco-resort and just walk around, relax and breathe in the freshness of nature. Belize is truly a prime destination for eco-tourism and it is with great pride that people from all over the world recognize this. For people who are building

homes on Belize Real Estate properties, it is important to choose one that takes responsibility for maintaining an ecologically safe residence and that you do not destroy nature. You just live and appreciate the beauty of your surroundings. Other things that make Belize not only a destination, but a suitable place to settle in is the fact that the language people use in the country is English, which is in fact the national language. There are also many tax exemptions which people can take advantage of. Something that the government has devised so that they can convince people to reside, stay and live in this country and settle here for good. The properties here are exceptionally great and the investment is good, something that you cannot find, even you search high and low, in the European or American market. You will not find a better deal than what the Belizean real estate scene has to offer.

Belize Real Estate - Offering the Best Eco-Tourism Vacation  

Belize Real Estateis proud that international travel organizations, as well as trusted lifestyle magazines and newspapers—one being Delta Ai...

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