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San Carlos, Mexico

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San Carlos, Sonora Mexico 85506 From USA 01152 622(226-2188) Casa 044 52 622 (226-1511 0 Local Cell: 0446221113885 Vonage #: 520-225-0098 Email: Web: Seaside website:


When you are buying or selling property in Mexico, it’s important to have confidence in your real estate professional.

Pam Brame brings experience, passion and technological knowledge to Seaside Realty and San Carlos, Mexico. She is a licensed real estate agent in Nevada, USA. She has also taken a 120 hour couse from AMPI for Mexican Real EstatePam and is a Registered (Regitre # 132) Real Estate agent in Sonora Mexico. Pam is a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the Asociacion Mexicana de Profesionales Inmobiliarios, A.C. (AMPI), the Women’s Council of Realtors (WCR), and a proud member of San Carlos Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Pam is extremely familiar not only with San Carlos, but also with Baja California and the Sea of Cortez. She and her husband Don arrived in San Carlos on their sailboat (All the Way), after cruising down the coast from San Francisco, California and into the Sea of Cortez. After experiencing the Baja California coast, they fell in love with the beautiful, welcoming seaside community of San Carlos, Mexico. Before cruising, Pam owned her own business for ten years and sold real estate in Las Vegas, Nevada with Prudential Americana Group for 8 years. Pam has participated in extensive real estate training with Prudential Americana Group and attended additional real estate seminars. She has received numerous awards for her hard work and outstanding customer service. For the past two years, Pam has been selling real estate in San Carlos, Mexico, and has recently teamed up with Karen Stewart from CDA Seaside Realty. This partnership of two American Realtors truly brings together two women with experience with high values of ethics and customer service. Pam’s vision is to help her customers feel comfortable about making one of the best decisions of their lives, purchasing or selling a home in San Carlos, Mexico. Pam and her husband Don participate in numerous social and community activities throughout San Carlos. They are still involved in the boating community, as Don also participates in the local VHF Radio Net. Pam is an artist and served two years as the treasurer for the local art league and is now their webmaster (Arte de Liga). Pam is also the Web Master for the castawaykids, which is a group of volunteers who help the poorest of the poor in Guaymas. Her husband Don is the Vice President of Rescate Auxiliary, which is the local emergency medical response system. Pam, Don and their family are also passionately involved helping with theempalme orphanage in Empalme, Mexico, collecting food and clothes for the children along with a Christmas party for all the children as well as the Castaway kids..

When you are an informed buyer or seller, you will make the best decisions regarding your purchases and investments. My commitment is to provide you with the specialized real estate service and customer service that you deserve; just like you would receive in the United States.


My Mission Statement To offer superb customer service, accompanied by exceptional value, to all of my clients, while creating trust, loyalty, and a client for life. I am committed in providing you with more than just a successful real estate transaction. I believe my clients are entitled to a great experience that is convenient, stress free, and remarkably satisfying


History Of San Carlos .San Carlos is an official commissariat (township) of the nearby seaport Guaymas, thus the history of San Carlos and Guaymas are closely tied. Guaymas/San Carlos was discovered by Spanish explorers in 1539. The Guaymas area was occupied in the beginning by the fierce Guaymenas Indian tribe, which created enough resistance for the Spanish that they were not able to actually occupy the Guaymas area until the 18th century. In truth, the history of Guaymas, due to the early Indian inhabitants, dates back over 2,000 years. The Yaqui, Guaimas and Seri Indians lived in this natural habitat, sustained by the waters of the Sea of Cortez, which provided an abundance of food and the imposing figure of the Tetakawi mountain, which supplied the mystical powers for the spirits of warriors that so valiantly defended its shores. In 1701, Padre Salvatierra and Kino, founded a short-lived mission settlement in Guaymas. The mission was soon destroyed by the Guaymenas Indians, but another attempt was made in 1769. This proved to be successful, and the new town of San Jose de Guaymas was named. Numerous small villages (camps) were located around the area, and the largest still remains inhabited and is located about 12 miles to the south of Guaymas with a population of 200. As a natural seaport, Guaymas saw its share of naval battles from French pirates to the U.S. Navy. San Carlos and its majestic landmark, Tetakawi Mountain, contained the mystical powers of spirits of valiant warriors that defended these shores for centuries. When Spaniards finally came to the area, the mountain was named 'Tetas de Cabra', or 'tits of a goat', because of its unique shape. San Carlos is a tranquil coastal town that is rich in Mexican culture and tradition. San Carlos is now home to several thousand American and Canadian retirees.


About San Carlos San Carlos is located on the Sea of Cortez about 250 miles south of the Mexican-American border. This beautiful Mexican-American community offers something for everyone. There are beautiful sandy beaches, kayaking, offshore fishing, spectacular snorkeling and diving. The breathtaking beauty of San Carlos has not gone unnoticed by Hollywood. The movies Zorro, Catch-22 and Lucky Lady were all filmed in San Carlos. The City of San Carlos takes pride in serving as the annual site for many international events including a sailing regatta, jet boat races, marlin tournaments & sky diving competition. San Carlos is a quaint community with a population of about 6,000 residence. A mixture of residents from the U.S.A., Canada, Latin America and internationally makes for an exciting living!! It is great place to purchase a home, despite it’s attractiveness, it is not a well known tourist location and it has not fallen victim to over commercialization. There is many new projects and amenities under construction that adds to the excitement. The natural charm of San Carlos attracts serious buyers who want to enjoy a community of easy, stress free living. Purchasing a home in San Carlos is a great opportunity for interested buyers who want to enjoy unparalleled beauty, remarkable recreation opportunities and reasonable real estate prices. San Carlos is where easy living begins. There are numerous opportunities for adventure and recreation. Located within San Carlos is an 18-hole championship golf course, tennis courts, numerous gift shops and galleries for browsing for that special painting. For the boater, there are two world class marinas with paved launch ramps, dry storage facilities, complete maintenance services, fuel docks and reasonable rates for slip rental. The Sea of Cortez provides a great opportunity for warm water snorkeling, windsurfing, sailing and water skiing. For the nature lover, San Carlos is perfect location for bird and whale watching, outdoor painting, hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding. There are also numerous opportunities for volunteer work with the local community. San Carlos is easy to visit but hard to leave because of it’s beauty. Accommodations are available for every budget, including hotels, motels, RV parks and private home and condominium rentals. Numerous restaurants featuring seafood, Sonoran beef, Mexican dishes and American cuisine are located throughout the town. San Carlos can be accessed by air, land or sea, with newly remodeled Guaymas International Airport only 15 minutes away. If visiting Sonora only, a simple temporary permit is all that is needed for your automobile and you are on your way on Mexico 15 from Nogales Arizona, a 4 lane highway with modern, clean facilities for your driving pleasure.

If you have nor experienced the ambiance and relaxing lifestyle of the Mexican seaside, then you owe it to yourself to visit San Carlos.


Driving to San Carlos The process of driving into Mexico may seem intimidating and confusing, but it can be easy if you are prepared.

San Carlos, Mexico is located just 325 miles due south of Tucson, AZ via Arizona highway # 19

(4 lane divided highway) which merges into Mexico Highway #15 (4 lane modern highway) Best and easiest is to take the #189 Mariposa bypass turn off (Exit #4) from the highway # 19 at Nogales, Arizona. This is the new route & border crossing that takes you right to Mexico Hwy# 15. This by passes you from having to drive through Nagales Mexico. Be sure to have at least 105 pecos with you to pay the toll booths. You can get your currency changed in Nagales, AZ. This truck route crossing is open daily from 6AM to 10PM, and is much less constricted. It is the way to go if towing anything bigger than a jet-ski or ATV. There are three toll booths along the Mexico Hwy 15 route to San Carlos, MX. The tolls are between $2-$6 for each booth, depending on currency rates. The toll booths need to be paid in pecos Toll #1: Near Nogales on the Mariposa crossing (about 35 pecos) Toll #2: Near Magdalena (about 17 pesos) Toll #3: Near Hermosillo (about 53 pesos)

Highway 189 Mariposa vehicle height restrictions:


Vehicles over 2.49 meters or 8.5 feet high may only cross the border going into Mexico between 8 am and 10pm., Monday through Saturday.

•Vehicles over 8.5 feet high cannot use this crossing on Sunday. Plan accordingly if you are driving an RV

or towing a large boat or trailer, trailers and towed vehicles incur an additional charge per axle.

Border Crossing Times:

Throughout December and January, traffic from Mexico to the United States can be very heavy. As a result, the amount of time it takes to cross the border in Nogales, MX increases significantly. Weekends and holidays also tend to have increased border crossing time. If your travel plans permit, try to avoid these congested traveling periods. If these congested periods cannot be avoided, get an early start when leaving San Carlos for the US border. Border crossing times are available on line at:

Do I need Mexican Insurance? Yes,

You should have Mexican Insurance on your automobile while in Mexico as your US insurance is NOT VALID in Mexico. Insurance is available at several outlets in Tucson, as well as in Nogales and other border towns on the U.S. side. Examples: Sanborns, RAMA, and some independents. RAMA has merged with Sanborn' s and is now located at 2900 E. Broadway, Suite 108, just east of El Parador (in the place called 'The Village' , other insurance companies offering Mexico insurance.

Insurance Contacts

Travelex Insurance Services 1-888-457-4602 Sanborns Insurance Contact: 800/222-0158; Ada Vis Global Enterprices, Inc. Contact: 800/909-4457;


Driving to San Carlos Customs/immigration: Do not take any plants or flowers into Mexico. You can bring $50.00 per person worth of retail goods into Mexico, and take maximum $300 per person worth of retail goods back into the US. You can only take a maximum of one liter of alcohol back into the US. Driving into Mexico: You can take your dive gear into Mexico. If you are required to stop the officers will want to check over the items. You should assure the officers that you are taking in dive gear, personal clothing, food etc. (aparatos de buceador, ropas y comidas) and you will usually not have a problem Traveling with pets: Take your pet to your veterinarian to get a check-up, rabies certificate, and health certificate. You should bring all of this documentation with you when you enter Mexico. Be very conscious of the warm, dry temperatures and be sure that your pet has sufficient water and protection from the heat, especially during the summer months. If you are flying with your pet into Mexico, note that America West Airlines does not transport animals in the baggage compartment of their air-craft. Marriage in Mexico: Marriage in Mexico is a civil process conducted by an officer or judge of the Civil Registry. A church marriage alone is not legally valid in Mexico. To be married by the Civil Registry requires advance planning to complete the application process. Weapons: While in Mexico, if you hunt, shoot sporting clays, carry firearms, or carry ammunition be sure to check your vehicle thoroughly for any type of weapon or ammunition before you attempt to cross the border or even begin driving in Mexico. If you are caught with these items in your possession, the Mexican authorities will toss you in jail and throw away the key! They will not care if it was accidental or otherwise – so check your vehicle thoroughly! Fuel, restrooms & repair services: Fuel, including unleaded and diesel, is available at numerous service stations along the route. The gas stations are all full service so do not pump the gas yourself. The stations accept US dollars and pesos. Someone will usually want to clean your windshield and a small gratuity of 25 to 50 cents should be paid. Restrooms (los baùos) are also normally available at these service stations and at the toll booths. Along the drive to San Carlos, there are mobile tourist aide units called Green Angel trucks. These trucks will stop and assist you if your vehicle breaks down. The goal of the Green Angle truck is to perform minor repairs and get you back on the road safely. Speed Limits: Observe the posted speed limits and pay particular attention to your speed in urban and residential areas where it is not uncommon to find pedestrians and animals walking along the roads. Most travel should be done during the day. Driving at night is not recommended because cows, donkeys, bulls, and other animals may wander into the highway. Whether it be day or night, please do not drink and drive. It is also important to not litter, so as to maintain the highway and surrounding vegetation. The speed limits in Mexico are posted in kilometers per hour.

Conversions: kilometers to miles: multiply kilometers by 0.621 miles to kilometers: multiply miles by 1.609


Driving to San Carlos .Some

• • • • • • • • • •

common signs and their meanings on the road:

Peligrosa: Danger (They really mean it too) Curva: Curve Poblado Proxima: Population ahead Llanteros: Tire Repair Shop Izquierdo: Left Derecho: Right Alto: Stop Cuotas: Toll Caseta: Toll Booth Topes: Speed Bumps ( BIG ONES!!!! )

Do's & Don'ts DO:

• • • • • • • • • •

Obey traffic laws and observe speed limits. Try and learn a bit of Spanish and use it-the Mexican people will respect you for trying. Remember that you are a guest in their country. Carry a supply of water in your vehicle for both you and the vehicle. Sample the local cuisine-seafood is especially wonderful in San Carlos and the beef is some of the best anywhere. Take precaution against over exposure to the sun-it can get HOT in Mexico. Take medications with you, particularly for stomach problems. Watch for disabled vehicle warning signs, livestock and construction zones. These can appear very suddenly. Support San Carlos Rescate Have a great time!


• • • • • • • •

Try to bring fruits, vegetables or pork Drink & Drive Bring firearms or ammunition to Mexico Be an ugly Norte Americano. Show the proper respect for your hosts. Attempt to conduct business under a tourist visa-you may NOT do so. Drink the water from the tap. In many places it is safe, but why take the chance on spoiling your trip with Montezuma' s Revenge. Buy and use bottled water. Drive at night unless an absolute necessity. Do not bring back fruits, vegetables and pork products back into the USA. Filleted fish is OK. 8

Driving to San Carlos & Vehicle Permits The Only Sonora permit program was shut down it is even easier NOW to come and visit San Carlos! Paperwork: To bring your automobile into Mexico, all you need is your Mexico Insurance unless you are going outside the Sonora Vehicle Free zone. If you are going outside the Free zone you must have the title AND registration, a tourist visa and a valid US drivers license. You should have Mexican Insurance on your automobile as your US insurance is NOT VALID in Mexico. See page 6 for online Mexican insurance Companies. If you plan to travel beyond the vehicle free zone or out of the state of Sonora or if you plan to make multiple trips, you must obtain a sticker for the vehicle which is good for 6 months and is valid in other areas of Mexico. You will need a credit card to post a bond of about $20 to guarantee you will not sell the car in Mexico. Note: If you use cash, the bond is over $200. Rule is use a credit card! ALL OF MEXICO VEHICLE PERMIT You will need the following documentation to obtain a vehicle permit: a) A valid driver' s license b) Proof of ownership of your vehicle including registration and title (or notarized bill of sale in lieu of a title) c) If you have a lien holder listed on your registration or title, you will need a letter from the lien holder giving you permission to take the vehicle to Mexico. Lien holders such as credit unions etc... are familiar with such requests and will generally be able to issue or fax you a statement in a matter of minutes. Most lien holders will require you to show proof of Mexican insurance before they will issue you the permit. Get your Mexican car Insurance FIRST! Although this is the official policy, this document is seldom if ever requested. d) Finally you' ll need proof of citizenship for you and all passengers. These requirements are outlined under tourist visas. If your permit has expired and you are going out of Mexico, go through the “turn-in” process first (don’t take the sticker off yourself- they need to do it!) and then have a new 6 month permit issued. 9

Tourist Visas TOURIST VISAS AND ALL MEXICO VEHICLE PERMITS: OBTAIN BOTH AT THE STATION LOCATED AT KM MARKER 21 (21 KILOMETERS SOUTH OF THE BORDER AT NOGALES). NOTE: This process can take 1/2 hour or more depending on the time you travel. This is why we recommend getting both the 6 month tourist visa and the 6 month car permit, so you can get through this last crossing into the interior of Mexico in just a minute or two! These options are detailed on page 10 *TOURIST VISA—ARE MANDATORY * OBTAINED IN THE BUILDING MARKED "MIGRATION". NOTE: You must have your visa issued here before proceeding to get your car permit at the building marked "ONLY SONORA" (which is located about 30 feet to the right) . All Destinations (including San Carlos) require a tourist visa. You have 3 choices: 1. 7 day tourist Visa - This 7 day visa is a courtesy of Mexico and could be cancelled at any time as people are not getting visa’s to enter Sonora Mexico. There is no charge for this visa which allows you to travel exclusively in Sonora, but only for 7 days. You must have either a valid passport or both a birth certificate and a driver' s license/photo I.D. 2. " 6 Month Tourist Visa" - This visa is valid for a period of 6 months and allows you to stay in the "interior" of Mexico for up to 6 months and/or to travel back and forth as often as you want (during the 6 month period). After completing the application in the office, you' ll be instructed to make the payment of $20 + (US dollars) at the Banjercito payment window. You will need to present either a valid passport or both a birth certificate and a driver's license/photo I.D. After your payment is received, return to Migration to have your tourist card stamped there. 3. FM3 Visa is more complicated and is something you may want to get if you are planning on buying property in Mexico. A FM3 is valid for 1 year and your vehicle permit coincides expiration dates with your FM3. To receive a FM3 you will need to go to the Mexican consolante in your State or obtain after you arrive in San Carlos. If you are interested in getting a FM3 and would like a list of the required documents email me at and ask for the requirements needed for a First time FM3. ** Any minor children traveling with only one parent will need notarized affidavit from the other parent to travel beyond the "free zone". In case of a divorce, a notarized affidavit written statement is still required from the non-custodial parent authorizing the travel plans.

NOW THAT WASN”T THAT HARD!!! Viaje Feliz “Happy Trip” 10

Vehicle Free Zone



Travel Information Air Service There are several daily flights to Hermosillo (HMO) and Guaymas (GYM) from Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX). Hermosillo is just over an hour’s drive north of San Carlos. You can fly into Guaymas (GYM) which is approximately 15 miles away. Hermosillo and Guaymas is served by America West. An alternate route maybe made through flying into Hermosillo (HMO), which is 75 miles away and then you can complete your journey by bus to Guaymas/San Carlos. Bus Service: TUFESA BUS LINES: Has a new International bus service to Hermosillo and Guaymas.

Departing from Phoenix to Hermosillo is approx $41.00. Departing from Tucson to Hermosillo is approx $27.00 Departing Phoenix to Guaymas is approx$50.00. Departing from Tucson to Guaymas is approx $34.00. PHEONIX OFFICE : 3515 W. Thomas Rd. Phone: 602-415-9900 TUCSON OFFICE: 1150 S. Plumer Ave and 22nd st Phone: 520-882-5505 (5 min from airport)

TBS BUS LINES: Has service also to Guaymas, departing from Phoenix approx $40.00 and Tucson

approx $30.00) and from Nogales, Sonora approx $20.00 PHEONIX OFFICE: 1225 S 7th St Phone: 602-258-2445 TUCSON OFFICE: 1428S. 6th Ave. Phone: 520-903-2801 NOGALES OFFICE: Carr International Km 4.5 Phone: 011-52-631-32880


Transportation in San Carlos Transportation from the Airport to San Carlos The taxi union at the airport has established its fares at approx 300 pesos (about $30.00) for the short ride. You can rent a car at the airport for approx 700 pesos a day ($70.00). Budget Car Rental and Hertz have local offices. You can catch the "San Jose" bus for 7 pesos (.70 cents). It comes along in front of the airport once every hour or so and will take you into Guaymas where you get off at Ley Shopping Center and can catch a bus back to San Carlos for 9 pesos (.90 cents)--not recommended if you have more luggage than you can carry on

Taxi Service in San Carlos Where are taxi stations located?

In front of Marina Terra hotel – you can call the hotel at 226-1021 and ask for taxis and they will transfer your call to the taxi extension. Plaza los Jitos (in front of 1910 disco) – the number is 226-1004 Taxis are there from about 9:00 am to 8:00 pm or earlier if there are no clients. What are normal Fares? Charges depend on the distance and they do not use taximeters. Establish the price before boarding. You can usually barter a bit (10 or 20 pesos down) with the driver but they usually have set fares and are pretty consistent. In and about San Carlos the cost is approximately between $3.00 in the downtown area to $6.00 out to Los Algodones & Plaza San Carlos. To get to Guaymas will usually cost $15.00. If you want a taxi after hours you will have to call a service from Guaymas. There are 2 listed services: Radio Servicio de Taxis de Guaymas – 224-0466 Union de Taxis Super Rapidos – 222-7859 (Try Raul Pimentel, Unit Number C-13. He is very helpful, speaks perfect English and is willing to make trips to San Carlos to pick clients up and bring them home. You can reach him on his private cell number anytime 044-622-227-7791) The days of the old dilapidated school busses like in the movie "Romancing the Stone" are long gone in San Carlos. The local company has upgraded to modern Mercedes Benz Bus. 14

Transportation in San Carlos Bus Service in San Carlos The days of the old dilapidated school busses like in the movie "Romancing the Stone" are long gone in San Carlos. The local company has upgraded to modern Mercedes Benz busses. The first bus into San Carlos arrives about 6:15 and departs at about 6:30. Busses run every 20 minutes until 7:00 pm. After 7pm there is one at 8:00 and 9:00. The next one isn’t till 11:00 pm and that is the last one of the evening. In San Carlos the route takes you along the Boulevard Beltrones (the main street), where you can access all local business, past the church plaza and Marina Terra to the end of Marina San Carlos. *Note: During Easter week they add a route to Los Algodones Beach and to the ranchitos area. This weekend is a very busy time of year and I recommend not coming during this Holiday. When you get on the bus you can say to the driver "San Carlos" (this lets him know to charge you only the local tariff of approx. $4 pesos (.40 cents approx). If you are going into Guaymas the fare is approx. $9 pesos (.90 cents approx) It is always best to have small change or small bills (20 or 50 pesos) on hand to give the driver. If you don’t have change they will give you change for a larger bill. However, don’t be alarmed if they take your bill and let you know that they will give you change when you disembark. Bus drivers turn in their fares at the end of every few round and they have to build up their base to provide change for larger bills. Sometimes if they don’t have change they will give you back your bill and let you ride at no cost. There are several established bus stops around town. However, if you find yourself not quite at the next stop and the bus is whizzing by, you simply have to hail it with your hand and it will stop to pick you up. Electricity: Mexico uses the same 60 cycle, 110-volt current as the U.S. so hair dryers, cell phone chargers, lap tops, etc. work just fine. But, be sure to have a surge protector with you for your lap top. Water: Deluxe hotels and restaurants provide drinkable water. When in doubt, ask for bottled water. Hospital: We have Rescate in San Carlos to take care of your medical needs along with two medical doctors. In the event of a serious medical situation, a hour north in Hermosillo there is a very good Hospital, which is co-owned and operated by the University of Arizona Medical School


Accommodations You have a great selection of accommodations that range from a 5 Star - Gran Turismo Hotel in Sonora, 4 Star, 3 Star and a few 2 Star hotels. Mix these with first rate RV Trailer Parks and the occasional campground San Carlos has accommodations that will take care of everyone' s budget and needs. You' ll find satellite TV, telephones, restaurants, lounges, exceptional ocean views, white sandy beaches Internet cafes.

SAN CARLOS PLAZA HOTEL, PARCELA NO. 4 PASEO MAR BERMEJO NORTE PHONE. (622) 227-0077 TOLL FREE: 1-800-854-2320 (USA) TOLL FREE: 01-800-716-4368 (MEXICO) FAX (622) 227-0098, 173 ROOMS RATING: 5 STARS (Gran Turismo)




Accommodations MARINA TERRA HOTEL GABRIEL ESTRADA S/N. SECTOR CRESTON PHONE. (622) 225-2030 TOLL FREE: 1-888-688-5353 FAX (622) 225-2025, 105 ROOMS RATING: 4 STARS


BEST WESTERN HACIENDA TETA KAWI BAHIA SAN CARLOS KMQ PHONE. (622) 226-0220 TOLL FREE: 1-800-528-1234 01-800-710-7988 EMAIL: FAX (622) 226-0248, 22 ROOMS RATING 4 STARS




Trailer Parks & RV’s


Casita’s with RV parking Buy or Rent




Restaurants San Carlos Bar & Grill Location: At the Marina traffic circle, San Carlos Sonoran beef, seafood, and Mexican dishes

Barracuda Bob's Location: Marina San Carlos Building Ice Cream, pastries & coffee

Charlie's Rock Location: Across from the Best Western Seafood

Mesquite Grill Location: Blvd M. F. Beltrones, Km 11 Charbroiled beef & tacos

JC's Cafe Location: At the Country Club Traffic Circle Mexican, American & Prime Rib Specials

Joey's Bistro Location: San Carlos Plaza Hotel Italian

El Patio Restaurant-Bar Location: Entrance to Marina San Carlos Italian

El Kiosko Location: San Carlos Plaza Hotel International, Mexican & Seafood

Jax Snax Location: KM 10, Blvd Beltrones, San Carlos Breakfast, Burgers, Shakes, Pizza, Mexican

Piccolo Location: Blvd M. F. Beltrones, Km 10 Italian

El Bronco Location: 178 Sector Creston, San Carlos Steaks

El Embarcadero Location: Marina Terra Hotel Mexican & Seafood

Rosa's Cantina Location: 170 Carretara (KM 9.5, Blvd Beltrones) International-Take out Service 

La Palapa Restaurant Location: Premiere Vacation Club Mexican/International

Mamacita's Juice & Expresso Bar Location: Edificio Ma. Rosa #10 Juices and coffees

El Esterito I Location: In the Bahia Before Marine Mart Seafood

Evie's Simply Coffee Location: Across from Marina Terra, Marina San Carlos Coffee, pastries, international breakfast & lunch

El Toros Location: Best Western Hotel Blvd Beltrones km 8.5

Marina Cantina & Deli Location: Marina San Carlos Building #5 Deli sandwiches, soup & salad El Pelicano: Palapa Restaurant Location: Hotel Best Western, Km 9 Mexican Blackie's Restaurant Location: Blvd M.F. Beltrones Km 10 (next to Pemex station)

Maria’s Pizza Location: Los Arrecifes Plaza Breakfast/ Pizza Internet Café Location: Los Arrecifes Plaza Greek Palapa Bar Location: La Pasada Beach Greek salads/Gyro’s/Burgers/ Ribs


Restaurants El Pollo Feliz Blvd Beltrones Km 10 Grilled Chicken & Carne Asada


Cafe Super Mini VG Blvd Beltrones Km 10 Next to Bahia Pharmacy Mexican Food

Froggy’s Km 9.5, Blvd Beltrones Live Music. Karokee Enjoy the music of San Carlos' own Mark Mulligan

Restaurant Hotel Fiesta Blvd Beltrones Km 8.5 International

Marina Cantina & Deli Location: Marina San Carlos Building #5 Sport’s Bar

JJ Hotdogs Hotdogs/Burritos

Mai Tai Bar Location: On the Embarcadero at Marina San Carlos Sports Bar

Restaurant Oasis At El Mirador RV Park International 

Tequilas Marina San Carlos Live Music Thursday through Saturday

Tito's Fish Tacos Across from Plaza Los Jitos Seafood Tacos and Carne Asada Across from Banamex

Ranas Ranas Blvd M. F. Beltrones, Km 9 Disco & Billiards

El Gallo Cantina Restaurant & Bar International & Mexican dishes. Dark Bohemia Beer on tap El Buen Coffee Shop & Eco Tours Local 9 Plaza Commercial San Carlos Froggy’s Restaurant & Bar KM 9.5, Blvd Beltrones



1910 Plaza Los Jitos (In front of the bowling alley) Disco Cheve's Sports Bar Blvd M. F. Beltrones, Km 9 Next to Santa Rosa's Market Bananas 245 Sector Creston Food & Spirits


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Fishing in San Carlos is excellent. During summer months, as the water temperatures rise, the exotic big game species are present, including marlin, sailfish, dorado (mahimahi) and tuna. From late fall into spring, there is excellent bottom fishing in and around the many islands and points in the area. Target species include red snapper, sea trout, yellowtail and sea bass.

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With deep water only a few miles off shore, even small boats can attempt to land the Big Ones. Several tournaments are held in San Carlos each year.



The San Carlos Marina is located in one of the most beautiful bays in the Sea of Cortez, and it is the largest natural port in the entire nation. Clear turquoise water is surrounded by mountains and peaks that make San Carlos a favorite destinations for Sonorans, Arizonans and other residents from the American southwest. Marina San Carlos has developed 400 boat slips at the marina, and 200 more are pending. Marina San Carlos also has a dry storage yard . Marina Seca is storage to many boats.

    Marina Real is located on Sonora Bay, on the shore of Catch 22 Beach, named because this is where the Hollywood version of the novel was filmed in the 1960â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. The marina is located between Cerro Tetakawi, the symbol of San Carlos and outlying areas, and Punta San Antonio. The marina is located between Cerro Tetakawi, the symbol of San Carlos and outlying areas, and Punta San Antonio. With 356 slips and full-service available for boaters, the marina is home to a fleet of sport-fishing vessels. Marina Real also has a dry storage to store your boat and do repairs.


Water Activities to do in San Carlos Diving, Water Sports & Fishing Diving is one of the most popular passions of visitors to San Carlos, whether you’re a first-timer or a veteran. Crystal clear and constantly calm waters provide an incredible showcase for more than 800 species of maritime life. San Carlos is fortunate to have excellent selection of dive shops that offer a variety of services: scuba diving and snorkeling gear rental, diver guides (PAD certified), certification programs and much more. We are also very fortunate to have an excellent group of Sports Fishing companies that know the Sea of Cortez like the back of their hand. If it is sports fishing you want, you have certainly come to the right place: There are three Important Tournaments held each year. Here are a few of the Companies that offer Diving, Fishing, or just a sunset cruise on the Sea of Cortez. Gary’s Dive Shop El Mar Diving Center Ocean Sports Desert Divers Sonoran Sport Center Sonoran Adventures Surface Time Charters Catch 22 Fishing Charter The Amigo Charter Boat Navegantes Boat Charters Sociedad Cooperative “Tetabampo” Charter Boat Co-op Tequila Sheila Fishing Charters El Bravo Charter Boat Glass bottom boat


Golf and Tennis

CLUB DE GOLF 18 hole course Additional services: Restaurant, Instruction, Showers, Basketball courts, Racquet ball courts, Equipment rental, Pro - Shop, Palapa Pool

TENNIS COURTS If tennis is your game, you will always find an available, professionally manicured tennis court in San Carlos: San Carlos Plaza, Paradiso Hotel, El Mirador Motorhome Park, with more to comeâ&#x20AC;Śâ&#x20AC;Ś...


ECO ADVENTURE TOURS SAN CARLOS DESERT TOURS Offers two tours "EL COYOTE" &"GIANT CACTI" OASIS & WILD COAST 3 hours tours through the beautiful Sonora desert

HORSEBACK RIDING THROUGH THE DESERT AND ON THE BEACH Wonderful rides for all levels and ages of riders

PEARL FARM & MUSEUM IN GUAYMAS To see something different, visit the First Commercial Cultured Saltwater Pearl Farm in the American Continent. BahĂ­a de Bacochibampo, Guaymas, Sonora.


The Delfinario Sonora is now open to the public. This marvelous

facility is located on the new scenic coastal road between San Carlos and Miramar, Guaymas and the route is clearly marked with signs. It is open daily, except Mondays. The Delfinario Sonora offers demonstrations with dolphins and sea lions, that include information about the biology and the evolution of these creatures. There are currently four Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin and two California Sea Lions in residence. The demonstrations are at the following times. Guests are admitted to the Delfinario a few minutes before each demonstration and no one will be admitted until the next demonstration, Plan to arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled demonstration. Please do not bring food or beverages into the Delpinario and there is no smoking. Demonstration Admission Prices Adults $60.00 Pesos Children $40.00 Special rates for Student Groups are available. Call for reservations and information. In addition to the demonstrations, the Delfinario also offers the opportunity to be in the water and interact with dolphins. Participants must be at least 150 cm (59â&#x20AC;? in) in height or be accompanied by a parent. The cost is 400. pesos per person. Reservations are recommended. 27

Dolphin Assisted Therapy The primary mission of the Delfinario is that of Dolphin Assisted Therapy for children with Down Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy and other ailments of the central nervous system. The child interacts with the dolphin in the water assisted by a trained therapist. In addition to the physical stimulation the child receives from the dolphin, the dolphinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sonar produces ultrasonic frequencies with stimulate the central nervous system and improve brain plasticity. These therapy sessions are conducted for the 1 st group each day. The cost to undergo this therapy is 18, 000 pesos. If you would like to sponsor a child to receive this therapy, you can donate by wire transfer to: Swift: MBCOMXMMXXX Name: para el Desarrollo Integral de la Familia de Sonora Account # 5825539 For reservations or Information Contact the Delfinario at 622-225-2600


Community Clubs, Groups and • •

• •

AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) Churches Chapel by the Sea (multi-denominational) Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints San Carlos Catholic Church San Carlos Community Church Spanish Community Baptist Church Club Deportivo Community Service for various local charities Activities: Residents Association, Ceramics Club, Hunting Club, Square Dancing, Line Dancing, Beading, Fund Raiser Dinners, Annual Ladies International Fishing tournament, weekday Exercise group, Performing Arts Council, welcome Wagon Friends of Sonora Community organization promoting “catch and release” fishing billfish Activities: Annual Fishing Tournament/fund raising benefiting local charities. Humane Society/SBPA Spay/Neuter Clinic only To reduce the overpopulation of animals by offering neuter/spay services for strays, abandoned and feral animals inhabiting San Carlos and the surrounding areas: and for domestic animals belonging to low-income persons. To Reduce the threat of transmittable diseases by the control of the over-population of animals and through a vaccination program. Humane Society (SBPA) auxiliary Raise funds for the spay/neuter clinic Activities: Hostess Table Breakfast, Card Parties, Book Sales, Publications of Annual Calendar, Fashion Show, Chili Cook-off, International Dinner Las Madrinas Community Service Organization to the Children’s Home Activities: BINGO Liga de Arte (Art League) Art classes and communal/cooperative help for beginners Activities: weekly art lessons Annual Art Shows and Sales Lions Club Activities: Melvin Jones Annual Golf Tournament, Carnivals on Mexican National Holidays, Raffles, Educational Scholarship Funds for College PAC (Performing Arts Council) Proceeds from concerts to benefit local schools in the area of music ad music education Activities: Series of concerts and musical performances by professional artist. Recuerdos Private Social Group for Community Service Activities: Card Parties, Boutique at Bazaar


Community Clubs, Groups and Organizations in San Carlos •

RESCATE is an emergency first aid medical care and ambulance service to San Carlos residents and visitors alike Rescate is entirely self-supporting and is funded through memberships, donations and the activities of the RESCATE auxiliary. Activities: Margarita Party, Pig Roast, Bazaar's, walkathons etc….

Rotary Club Primary focus of the Club is on education of deserving Mexican children and the care of elderly Mexicans without family support. Activities: Annual Tour of Homes, Carne Asada Fiesta Yacht Club Private social club Activities: Promote boat safety, assist in search & rescue. Marine education instruction, Camraderie among boaters, Christmas Eve Parade of Lights, Fishing Tournament open to public.

Other Clubs, Groups & Activities Men’s Chorus PAC Yacht Club Bingo Bowling Card Games Ceramics Computer Club Craft Fishing Tournaments Golf Leagues & Tournaments Men’s Chorus Quilting Square Dancing Tennis

Musicians of San Carlos Recuerdos Art lessons Beading Bridge Cames Card Parties Ceramic Doll’s Concert Series Dance Exercise Fitness Center/Gym Line dancing Movie’s Club Residence’s Association Spanish lessons Welcome Wagon


Medical Services San Carlos is fortunate to be served by excellent physicians, pharmacies, fitness professionals and Rescate is a local non-profit emergency medical services provider. From air ambulance service to surgery to veterinary services or workouts, these skilled professionals are available to assist you.

Doctors Dr. Jose Luis Canale CLINICA SAN CARLOS

Office visits, Cosmetic procedures, complete physical exams with EKGâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, diagnostic exams including colonoscopy and endoscopic procedures, cataract surgery, family planning, ENT surgeries-microscopic surgery of the ear and tonsillectomies, skin biopsies, excision of skin cancers and chemotherapy administration. English Spoken 011-52-622-226-0062 (from the US) 226-0062 (in Mexico)

Dr. Manuel Andueza Q.

Office Visits, Physician Surgeon, X-Rays, Emergency Surgery. English Spoken 226-0129/ 226-0242


Dr. Hiram MartinesC. Duarte

Root Canal Specialist, Cosmetic Oral Surgery, Newest American dental procedures 226-0444

American Dental

Alejandro R. Pompa D.D.S. 226-2167

San Carlos Wellness Centre Nancy Norton, L.M.T.

Paseo Vista Hermosa Lot #131 San Carlos, Sonora (Directly in back of Sagitario) Therapeutic Message, Facials, Hydro Therapies, Salt Glow, Mud Baths, Herbal Wraps

San Carlos Veterinary Clinic M.V.Z Salomon Orosco Calle l Ave. K #900 Phone 226-0392


Places to go outside of San Carlos In neighboring Guaymas (population 220,000) approximately 15 minutes south, you will find shopping malls, 24-hour grocery stores and such “gringo” trappings as Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Dominos and Blockbuster Video. There you'll also find a private school for grades K-8 where classes are taught in English. Guaymas also is known for their First Commercial Cultured Saltwater Pearl Farm in the American Continent Bahía de Bacochibampo, If you want to stock up on your favorite merchandise, you'll find a Sam's Club, Costco and Wal-Mart, Home Depot in Hermosillo as well. Finally, if there is something that you can’t find locally you are only a 5-hour drive from the Tucson, Arizona. Here are some other locations to visit while in Mexico.

Kino Bay

Alamos Mexico

Copper Canyon 32

The Mexican Constitution does not allow foreigners to register deeds to land in their own names in areas of Mexico that are included in a zone 50 kilometers wide along the coast and 100 kilometers from the US border. This is called the restricted zone. The Mexican government encourages foreign investment in Mexico. To this end, they passed in the early 70' s a law that allows foreigners to "own" real estate in the Restricted Zone by using a "bank trust deed" or Fedeicomiso, or Trust. This law was amended in 1993 to make it more liberal and to comply with the provisions of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The Trust (Fedeicomiso) is basically a deed in the name of a Mexican bank and held in trust. The Foreigner/Purchaser is named as the beneficiary of the trust and has all the rights of ownership. The bank has no rights of ownership in the property. The deed does not form part of the bank' s assets. Even if a bank were to fail or close, the deeds in trust would be transferred to another bank and would not be subject to bank creditor claims. The Foreigner/Purchaser has all the rights of normal ownership including, but not restricted to selling, renting, improving, disposing or even destroying. The Foreigner/Purchaser pays all property taxes, utilities, and other charges made against the property. The banks charge an annual fee ($500 to $650 depending on the bank) for holding the deed of trust. For any foreigner to own property in Mexico, a permit must be obtained from the Secretary of State in Mexico City. As evidence that the government considers Trusts (Fideicomisos) a form of ownership, the Foreigner/Purchaser of a Trust must also obtain this permit. The trust allows the Foreigner/Purchaser to name primary and secondary beneficiaries as well, so the property can pass to descendants without the need for a will or probate. Under current law, the Trusts run for a term of 50 years and then they are renewable for another 50 years. It is not the intention of the government to ever acquire these properties, so this does not happen. When a Foreigner decides to sell this property, the new purchaser has the option of assuming the existing Trust or taking out a new Trust for a new term of 50 years. Foreigners have also been known to switch banks and take out a new Trust for a new 50 year term without selling the property. As a buyer, you will pay approximately 5-6% for closing costs to the Notario, in addition to costs associated with either assuming an old trust or starting a new trust with the Bank. Trusts (Fideicomisos) are not leases! They are simply a different kind of ownership. Leases are a different matter and must be investigated thoroughly as the Foreigner has less protection with a lease. Some leases on the Baja were involved in a lawsuit that eventually saw Americans losing their leases.

For more information regarding Real Estate in San Carlos please donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t hesitate to email me with any questions. Let me show you our little paradise! 33

Duty Free Items The following is a list of items which you may bring into Mexico tax free. Items for personal use such as clothing, shoes and toiletries in reasonable amounts according to the length of your stay. 1 photographic or motion video camera, including a power source and up to 12 rolls of film or video cassettes. No professional equipment. Books and magazines. 1 used sports article or piece of equipment for individual use which can be transported by one person. 2 cartons of cigarettes or 50 cigars. 3 liters (approx. 3 quarts) of wine or alcohol of the passenger is an adult. Medicine for personal use (with your prescription). Suitcases to transport your items. If you are legally a resident of another country, in addition to the items listed you may bring into Mexico free: Binoculars Portable television Radio and a maximum of 20 tapes Fishing Tackle Typewriter or portable computer 5 used toys if the passenger is a child A pair of skis 2 tennis rackets A non-motorized boat up to 5½ meters in length or a surfboard with or without a sail Camping equipment If you are traveling by a camper, trailer or motor home you may also bring in:

VCR Bicycle with or without a motor  Household linens  Kitchen utensils Living room & bedroom furniture




San Carlos Mexico Relocation Package  
San Carlos Mexico Relocation Package  

Relocation Package for San Carlos Mexico. Everything you would like to know about San Carlos Mexico. How to get here, what you need to cro...