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Ways To Find Egg Donors The area of fertility treatment has made tremendous progress in the United States as well as many other parts of the world.

Think unconventionally Think with an open mind when trying to find an egg donor. Make sure you are pursuing only credible avenues and not any and everything that might come up in an online search for affordable egg donors.

CONSIDER A SHARED EGG DONOR CYCLE You can opt to share the eggs of your donor with another IVF patient to reduce your costs substantially. If the egg donor you are working with is young and healthy, you can be assured of a very good chance of the donated eggs being properly inseminated in the laboratory setting. A young and healthy donor averages 16 eggs, and 8 eggs might be more than enough for artificial insemination purposes.

OPT FOR FROZEN EGGS The pregnancy rates of cryogenically frozen eggs are quite like the pregnancy rates using fresh eggs from donors. You can work with a clinic and opt for frozen eggs to be artificially inseminated by the sperm of the intended father in laboratory conditions.

USE THE SERVICES OF A KNOWN EGG DONOR The least expensive option in egg donation and surrogacy is when you decide to use the services of someone within the family to donate the eggs required for the process. When a sister, a friend, or someone you know donates the eggs, there is usually a strong family connection with the unborn child. The intended parents also do not have to pay for the services of the egg donor, accruing significant savings in the process.

WATCH OUT FOR GRANTS Many a times, there are instances when the egg donation agencies or clinics offer grants and special rates to a few lucky patients. This is not always the case though. However, it would not hurt to look out for grants or even free cycles from the agencies you are working with.

TRAVEL THE WORLD If you do not get what you find in your own country, you might want to travel abroad in search of that perfect egg donation and surrogacy programs. There are agencies offering egg donation and IVF cycles to patients at rates that are comparatively cheaper that what they would find in their own countries.


Some factors you might have to keep in mind to find affordable and reliable egg donor options are mentioned below. Check the credentials Rule out diseases Seek expert counsel

CHECK THE CREDENTIALS Before working with a fertility treatment center or egg donation agency, carry out an extensive research to be totally sure of their credentials.

RULE OUT DISEASES Make sure that the donors are being properly screened for genetic issues and infectious diseases.

SEEK EXPERT COUNSEL Take the advice of a qualified medical professional to understand the ramifications of the choices you are about to make.

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Ways to Find Egg Donors without Spending a Fortune  

Ways to Find Egg Donors without Spending a Fortune. Growing Generations is an egg donation & surrogacy agency in California, USA. If you sea...

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