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photo by Carolyn Nored Miller






January 2022

San Angelo Family Magazine

january 2022

Volume 27

issue 9

What’s Inside . . . . . . . On The Cover

photo by Carolyn Miller On the cover... Ringing in our New Year is Sutton Smith, 16 months old from Water Valley! His parents are William & Ashley Smith. His grandparents are Jeff & Kathie Old and Clayton & Tamie Smith. He loves being outside, going to feed sheep, checking the chicken coop for eggs, “working” in the barn, and mooing at the cows. Thanks, Sutton, for helping us tell everyone Happy New Year for 2022!!!

We would love to highlight your kids in our SNAPSHOTS section of the magazine during 2022!!! Send us pics you take on your phone, but be sure they are clear and crisp. Include all the requested info (see page 7) and we will do our best to include them in the following month. We love kids’ pics and want you to have the chance to brag on them in a healthy way!!


Seven Signs You Might Be a Helicopter Parent


Sip ‘N Shop


Teach Your Child to be Kind




School Board Appreciation Month - SAISD


Performing Arts as a Steam Engine

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My 2022 - Kick Start the Year Off Right

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January 2022


Seven Signs You Might Be A Your daughter comes home in tears after an argument with a friend. What do you do? If you answered, “Call the friend’s mom to work out the problem,” you need to take a step back.

Helicopter Parent

Try this instead: Be a support system, but let them talk it out. Teach them how to calm their emotions, then help them explore ways they and their friend can work it out on their own. You Do Their Schoolwork Put on your preschooler’s shoes. Solve a hard math equation for your teen … there are plenty of ways to swoop in to save your kids from feeling frustrated. But healthy levels of stress can actually boost their problem-solving skills. Try this instead: Let your kids figure things out on their own. Praise their efforts when they stick with hard situations. You Coach Their Coaches If you shout advice from the stands during your kids’ games or corner the coach to talk after every practice, it might be time to sideline yourself. Sports can teach your child how to deal with conflict, work toward a goal, be a leader, and cope with defeat. But it has to be their team, not yours. Try this instead: If they ask for your help or you can see they have a problem, teach them how to talk to the coach themselves. You Keep Your Kids on a Short Leash You stick around for drop-off birthday parties. You drive your teen to friends’ houses even when they’re only a short walk away. You send daily check-in texts (plural) to your college student. Sound familiar? If so, it’s time to cut the apron strings and let your kids build some self-confidence. Try this instead: Create chances for them to be independent: Let them play in the yard while you stay inside or walk the dog solo. You're a Maid in Your Own House Do you still make your first grader’s bed, clean your teen’s room, or do your college student’s laundry? It’s time to lighten your load. Make your kid pitch in around the house and you’ll teach them responsibility for a lifetime. Try this instead: Start with small tasks and build from there. Be clear about what you expect them to do, and praise a job well done. You Play It Too Safe “Get down from up there!” “Don’t ride so fast!” “Hold my hand down the slide!” Would you bubble wrap your kids if you could? Turns out you can protect them too much. When you don’t let them take physical or mental risks, you can stunt their development. Try this instead: Remember the goal is to keep them as safe as necessary, not as safe as possible. Let them climb a tree, or fall and scrape their knee. It’s good for their growth as a person. You Can't Let Them Fail Think of the last time you made a mistake. Chances are, you learned from it. Your kids need to do the same. Trial and error teaches them how to make their way in the world. If you take over a project or task to “do it right,” they won’t learn how to tackle problems in the future. Try this instead: Let them make mistakes every once in a while. When they fail, encourage them to try again. Find this or more helpful tips at

We need HELP!!! Meals For The Elderly relies on our volunteers to help us deliver meals to over 600 recipients daily. If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions about the volunteer opportunities available, please visit or contact Kelly Usry, Volunteer Director, at (325) 655-9200 or email her at Tell them San Angelo Family Magazine sent you!! 4

January 2022

San Angelo Family Magazine

The Sip N Shop

Take Care of Texas Art Contest

Play On!

VFW Post 1815 of San Angelo hosts a shopping event the 2nd Saturday of each month. They have a variety of vendors to shop from. The vendors include handmade crafts, baked goods, clothing, beauty items, jewelry, and more. The Sip N Shop is held every month from 10am to 3pm. While you are shopping you can also have a delicious lunch prepared either in the VFW kitchen or a food truck that we will have onsite.

The Take Care of Texas Kids Art Contest is a fun way for K-5 students to learn about protecting the environment and come up with creative ways to share this knowledge with others!

San Angelo Performing Arts Center: 82 Gillis St.

If you are a vendor you can contact me, Mary Harkness at 254-290-2438 by text or calling. You can also email me at The VFW is located at 125 S. Browning Street. Dates for 2022 are: January 8 February 12

Students submit their artwork of how they, along with their friends and family, help keep the air and water clean, conserve water and energy, and reduce waste. The students that submit the best art can win a tablet or laptop computer. Prizes are made possible through a donation from the Texas Chemical Council. Teacher of the student who designs the overall best artwork wins a tablet computer.

March 12 April 9 May 14 June 11 July 9 August 13 September 10

Students residing in Texas and enrolled in K through 5th grade can participate. The contest opens Jan. 4, 2022 and closes on March 4, 2022. Entries must be postmarked or uploaded on or before March 15, 2022.

January 7 7:30pm January 8 7:30pm January 9 2:00pm

Play On! is the hilarious story of a community theatre group trying desperately to put on a play called Murder Most Foul, a new “murder mystery play” with the same title as an Agatha Christie novel but with no relation whatsoever. The director/theatre manager, Gerry thought producing the play was a good idea since the inexperienced playwright has agreed to let the company perform the show for no charge. Act I is a rehearsal of the dreadful show, Act II is the near disastrous dress rehearsal, and the final act is the actual performance, in which anything that can go wrong, does. When the author decides to give a speech on the state of the modern theatre during the curtain calls, the audience is treated to a madcap climax and a thoroughly hilarious romp. Play On! is a hilarious love letter to community theatre. For more information or tickets go to:

For more information go to:

October 8 November 12 December 10

San Angelo Family Magazine

January 2022


As parents we make sure our children learn how to read and write – and yet we often assume children will naturally develop skills like kindness and empathy. You wouldn’t think that you need to be teaching your kid to be kind – but, like reading and writing, emotional intelligence doesn’t come naturally to all children. Some children miss the subtle signs that they are upsetting those around them. Some children have a hard time putting themselves in other people’s shoes. Some children have a hard time knowing how to be kind. So, how do you help teach your kids to be kind and not turn into a bully? There are some easy steps to build empathy and kindness in your children.

1. Model kind behavior. Do you make fun of strangers? Do you talk bad about your relatives or friends when they aren’t there? Do you treat your spouse, pets or even kids in a degrading fashion some times? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. If you tell your child to be kind, but you are modeling negative, unkind behavior – your words will have little impact on their behavior. Children do as they see – not as you tell them to do. Be a wonderful role model for your child. Show your child respect when redirecting them or disciplining them. Speak to your spouse with kindness. Your children will learn from your example.

Teach Your Children to be KIND

2. Highlight people’s emotions around you. If your child has a hard time reading social cues, practice a game I like to call “Guess the Feeling.” Sit at a park or a mall and watch people. If you love people watching – this game shouldn’t be too hard. Find someone showing an extreme emotion – such as excitement, sadness or anger. Ask your child, “What do you think they’re feeling?” Ask them to make up a story about what may be happening. This helps children identify non-verbal clues as to how others feel and helps them put meaning behind emotions.

3. Reassess how you tease your children – is it demeaning, taunting or degrading? Some families love to tease each other, but some children can’t take intense teasing. Some parents do not think their teasing is cruel – but if your child reacts by crying and storming off – chances are they are feeling degraded. Would you want your child to make fun of peers the way you are making fun of them? Some parents might think they are just “toughening up” their children or being playful, but kids will often take it out on their peers. Children learn how to be playful by the tone their family sets. If mean spirited taunting is acceptable at home – then children will think it is acceptable elsewhere.

4. Point out how their behavior affects those around them. When your child’s behavior is affecting those around them – point it out. Let your child know how they are affecting others without shaming them. An example might be something like, “You hit her and now she is so sad. Look at that red mark you left on her face. You wouldn’t want her to put a red mark on your face. I would be very upset with her if she hurt you. I love you both and don’t want either of you hurt.”

5. Teach your children the joys of helping others. Be an example for your children and help strangers, friends and family. Let them know that it feels good to help others – even if you get nothing back. Set up opportunities for you to help others as a family. Teach your child that even small acts of kindness go along way. Express to your child why you are holding the door for another person, letting someone get in front of you in traffic or helping someone when their hands are full. Explain that it is nice to be helpful, even if the person doesn’t say thank you or appreciate it. You should give to give – not give to get.

6. Do not let your children talk to you in a rude fashion. If you allow your child to talk rudely to you – they might think it is acceptable to talk to others that way as well. Kindness starts at home. There are ways to correct your child’s tone and improve their manners without being punitive. Do your kids talk disrespectfully to you? Do you wish you didn't always have to correct them? Learn an approach to teach your kids to talk nicely to you without correcting! Most of us would be shocked if we heard our children were treating others unkindly. But, If we don’t teach these skills to our children – we may not be helping them be the best person they can be. Article by: Natasha Daniels. For more articles on teaching your child kindness – follow Anxious Toddlers Pinterest board.


January 2022

San Angelo Family Magazine


Snapshots is a perfect way to share your best photos. We are looking for cute home snapshots (no professional photos, or school pics). Think of an original caption and email to Please be certain to use the word snapshots in the subject and include the information below on this page. *Photo publication cannot be guaranteed due to the large volume of photos received.

Emily is so grateful that Papa is ok after his heart surgery!! Crimson and Sage - brother/sister love!!!

Beckett after soccer practice

Sadie Lynn - last day at the lake (for now)

Submit photos o f you r Tennyson and Lucille ready to go caroling

To Submit a photo, email: Include: Child’s name, Parent’s name, Contact phone number Permission to print child’s photo/name Your favorite caption One photo per entry, please. Submitted photos and info will serve as a “photo release,” allowing Ink Publications, LLC the rights to use the photo in any publications.

KIDS for t he Feb ruary issue (d eadline January 15t h) W e love happy kids!!! Regan Newman enjoying the sunshine!

San Angelo Family Magazine

January 2022


Admiration for Dedicated SAISD School Board This January is School Board Recognition Month- a time to recognize our dedicated group of San Angeloan “Difference Makers” who approach their volunteer work with extraordinary commitment to supporting the hopes and dreams of San Angelo ISD’s nearly 14,000 students. They are citizens who generously lend their talents, time and energy to better the future generations of San Angelo. Each year our School Board Trustees contribute hundreds of voluntary, unpaid hours leading SAISD schools, at times dealing with complex matters that require reviewing an abundance of information. In the 2020-2021 school year, the guidance and support of our Board enabled SAISD to open on time in the midst of a pandemic, and to dedicate resources where they were needed during a city-wide water crisis and unprecedented weather events. These servant leaders also devote personal time to professional development to be informed on effective educational leadership and public school matters, and spend numerous hours at campuses, community activities and extracurricular events. Through their dedication, governance, advocacy and collaboration with other school district staff, they work hand in hand with our educators in promoting meaningful educational experiences for all SAISD students. This month and all year long, we encourage all members of our Concho Valley community to join SAISD in thanking our School Board Trustees. Our SAISD Board Trustees and their years of service are: ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Mrs. Ami Mizell-Flint, 9 years Mr. Bill Dendle, Vice-President, 11 years Mr. Gerard Gallegos, Secretary, 16 years Mr. Lanny Layman, 19 years Mrs. Lupita Arroyo, new member Mr. Max Parker, President, 17 years Dr. Taylor Kingman, Treasurer, 4 years

On behalf of our District, I express our sincere gratitude for each Trustee’s commitment to the SAISD mission of engaging all students in a relevant and inspiring education that produces future ready graduates, and passion for celebrating all the ways students are smart. Thank you School Board Trustees! With Gratitude, Dr. Carl Dethloff, San Angelo ISD Superintendent


January 2022

San Angelo Family Magazine

The Performing Arts as a STEAM Engine of Opportunities

When most people talk about theatre or performing arts, the first thing that may come to mind is acting, dancing, or singing. What many may not realize is that there is an entire STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) mechanism in place—on stage and behind the scenes—to enhance the performer’s and audience member’s experience. Although coding and robotics have gained notoriety as core STEM components in recent years, there are many different opportunities available for young people to learn and experience practical STEAM applications. For example, a local theatre production always has requirements for set designers to construct modular or fixed structures; lighting technicians to create the right atmosphere, mood, and emphasis on stage; sound engineers to ensure a profound auditory experience; and electricians to make sure all the technology is powered adequately. Depending on the show, producers may also explore other high-tech options to leverage computer graphics and animation for a more vivid and innovative performance. Skills gained in the performing arts can then be applied to pursuing STEAM education or establishing businesses that provide technological support to large scale concerts and performances. Even in movies, the cast of actors remains small compared to the legion of animators, carpenters, lighting specialists, sound technicians, and engineers. If you have a young person that is an innovative, creative, and critical thinker who wants to learn and experience STEAM firsthand, I recommend visiting one of our many performing arts groups and venues in San Angelo. We’re always looking for volunteers to help produce an amazing show. Moreover, at the San Angelo Performing Arts Center (SAPAC), we offer freelance opportunities for people 16 years and older to work during the load-in, set-up, and show for national touring productions.

Stage hands work together to setup the stage for Million Dollar Quartet Christmas.

For more information, you can visit us online at or in person at 82 Gillis Street. We’ll help you get connected and answer any questions you have about the wonderful performing arts community we have in our city.

By Yukio Kuniyuki Managing Director, San Angelo Performing Arts Center

The sets of lights installed in the Murphey Performance Hall for the production of Million Dollar Quartet Christmas.

Laura Willig, Technical Director for SAPAC, operates the light board for the Dwight Yoakam concert.

San Angelo Family Magazine

January 2022



Upcoming Events Feb. 3-20 San Angelo Livestock Show Feb. 11-20 San Angelo Civic Theater - production “Clue” Feb. 14 Valentines Feb. 19 Cookies, Cocktails and Cakes, Cactus Hotel, Girl Scouts Feb. 26 San Angelo Cultural Affairs Council - Annual Gourmet Dinner March 7-9 San Angelo Rec Dept Date Night Dances (see page 12) March 25 Alma Mexicana Mariachi - San Angleo Performing Arts Center




Easy Art Pro for Kid see page

School Board Recognition Month see page 8 THANK YOU!!!

Submit your SNAPSHOTS to SA Family Magazine by January 15th (see page 7 for details)



Drivers NEEDED!! Meals for the Elderly see page 4

Teach Your Children to be KIND see page 6


COVID Mental Health Support Line 24/7. 325-653-5933

Seven Signs You Might be a HELICOPTER PARENT

SAISD - start of second semester students return from winter break

11 Do you need help paying for housing or utilities? Concho Valley Community Action Agency might help. 325-653-2411

see page 4

16 Bridal Showcase - 1:00-5:00pm San Angelo McNease Conv. Center


Emmanuel School of Fine Arts EVERY TUESDAY Toddler/Preschool Art Class, FREE drop-in class for ages 2-5 and their adult, 9-10am. see pg 5




Junior and Senior College Checklist see page 14



Advertise your F Deadline


Preschool Stor Stephens Cente Every Wednesday 325-655-7

19 My 2022 see page 17

SAISD - Student and Staff Holiday

FREEDOM RIDERS 7:00pm see page 9





Save A Life Donate Blood Now

Email your calendar events to family 10 san angelo family

January 2022

RY ‘22

Some info may change.



Visit us on Facebook or go to

Please verify date and location on any events before you go!


ojects ds e 18

First Saturday at The Chicken Farm Art Center 9:00am First Day Hike (moderate) San Angelo State Park

Unity Poem see pg 13

see page 15 FMI


EVERY THURSDAY Emmanuel School of Fine Arts MusikGarten, a FREE group class for ages 2-5 and their adult, 9-9:45am see page 5 FMI




VFW Post 1815 of San Angelo hosts a shopping event the 2nd Saturday of each month. They have a variety of vendors to shop from. Held every month from 10am to 3pm.

See page 5 FMI. San Angelo Broadway Academy presents ‘Play On’ a comedy January 7, 8, 9 see page 19

February events in San Angelo Family Magazine : January 15th email:

ry Times r Library y at 10:30am 7321



San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts Virtual Family Day Enjoy FREE art kits & themed virtual content on our social media platforms every 2nd Saturday of the month! FREE Art Kits are also available for pick up via drive through (10am-12pm on the day of) or in the Gift Shop while supplies last. FMI:


14 See page 5 FMI on the Contest

The Veterans and First Responders Breakfast is held on the third Saturday of every month at the VFW, 125 S. Browning. The free breakfast is from 7:30-9:30am


ARTWALK 5:00-9:00pm



January 20 & 21, 10:00am-12:00pm, Tom Green Co. Library Photoshop Elements, Learn the basics of editing and manipulating pictures in easy to learn lessons. See pg. 15 FMI



San Angelo Performing Arts Center see page 9

2022 Symphony Guild Gala see page 2

West Texas Boys Ranch Ball, see pg 15

29 The Storytellers of JAZZ SA Symphony see pg. 15 and add us on Facebook January 2022

san angelo family 11

Date Night 2022 Magical Mystery Masquerade Date Night will be March 7-9, 2022. Date Night tickets are on sale NOW!! Tickets cost $12 each for the first three nights and $20 for the final night.

Daddy-Daughter date nights will be Monday and Wednesday, March 7, 2022, and March 9, 2022. Mother-Son Date Night will be on Tuesday, March 8, 2022. Family Date Night, which includes a catered dinner, will be Thursday, March 10, 2022. Each night will be hosted in the McNease Convention Center, 501 Rio Concho Drive, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. by the City of San Angelo’s Recreation Division.

For more information, call the Recreation offices at 325-657-4450.


January 2022

San Angelo Family Magazine

Date Night gives girls and boys ages 5-13 a special night during which they are the sole focus of their parent’s attention. The event includes music from a DJ, dancing, snacks and door prizes, plus the opportunity to purchase photos and mementos.

Unity Poem I dreamed I stood in a studio And watched two sculptors there. The clay they used was a young child's mind And they fashioned it with care. One was a teacher, the tools he used were books and music and art. The other was a parent with guiding hand and a gentle loving heart. Day after day the teacher toiled, with touch that was deft and sure, While the parent labored by his side and polished and smoothed it o’er. And when at last their task was done, they stood proud of what they had wrought. For things they had molded into the child could neither be sold or bought. And each agreed he would have failed if he had worked alone, For behind the parent stood the school, and behind the teacher, the home.

If you are a teacher and you have an idea or information you would like to share with our readers, please email me at

Support our Teachers!

San Angelo Family Magazine

January 2022


College Checklist for JUNIORS: 1ST Semester: n Check credits with your counselor

College Checklist for SENIORS: n Check credits with counselor

n Begin college search

n Take or register for ACT ( or SAT ( n Complete college applications – if planning on attending a public university in Texas – apply on by n Request for transcript and TAKS scores to be sent to colleges from the Counseling Center n TSI Exempt?? Check with counselor

n College campus visits

2ND Semester: n Register to take ACT( or SAT ( n Expand on extra-curricular activities and community service n Work on resume n Begin to think about what you want your major to be in college

Are You Prepared?

n Resume and Letters of recommendations for scholarships

Summer before Senior Year: n Select top 5 colleges that best meet your interests n Visit college campuses or plan visits for fall semester

n Potential college athlete? NCAA Clearinghouse registration – see your counselor

n Application deadlines??? n Request information from colleges

n Scholarships : n Your Counseling Office at school n Prospective college financial aid office n For financial aid, grants and scholarships complete FAFSA –


January 2022

San Angelo Family Magazine

January Saturday, Jan 1, 2022 at 9:00am First Day Hike (moderate) San Angelo State Park 3900-2 Mercedes Road San Angelo, TX 76901 325-949-4757

Around San Angelo

Join a park ranger for the first trail hike of the New Year. Let’s get the new year started with some outdoor adventure. For the moderate to challenging hike meet at Burkett Trailhead at 9 a.m. The hike will be roughly 2 – 2.5 miles and will last about 2 hours. These events are free and will take place at the South Unit of the park. Enter at the South Gatehouse located at 362 South FM 2288. Wear proper shoe attire (no sandals or open toe), bring water, and a snack for the hike. January 1 Chicken Farm Art Center 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM First Saturdays are the perfect time to experience the art spirit. On the first Saturday of each month, the Art Center features the works of invited artists, the doors of the resident artists’ studios are open, the Chicken Pickers gather in a circle of local musicians, the blacksmiths and metal artists set up shop in the forge, and Kids get free clay. Painters, potters, stone and wood carvers, jewelry makers and other artists just do their thing and The Silo House Restaurant serves lunch. Jan 08, 2022 Children's Ballet Auditions Children's Ballet: Snow White January 8 The Sip N Shop VFW Post 1815 of San Angelo hosts a shopping event the 2nd Saturday of each month. They have a variety of vendors to shop from. The vendors include handmade crafts, baked goods, clothing, beauty items, jewelry, and more. The Sip N Shop is held every month from 10am to 3pm. While you are shopping you can also have a delicious lunch prepared either in the VFW kitchen or a food truck that we will have onsite. If you are a vendor you can contact me, Mary Harkness at 254-290-2438 by text or calling. You can also email me at The VFW is located at 125 S. Browning Street.

Make Your

These are just a few of the many monthly activities. More listed through the magazine and on our community calendar.

January 9, 10 & 11 Play On! San Angelo Performing Arts Center: 82 Gillis St.

Play On! is the hilarious story of a community theatre group trying desperately to put on a play called Murder Most Foul, a new “murder mystery play” with the same title as an Agatha Christie novel but with no relation whatsoever. The director/theatre manager, Gerry thought producing the play was a good idea since the inexperienced playwright has agreed to let the company perform the show for no charge. Act I is a rehearsal of the dreadful show, Act II is the near disastrous dress rehearsal, and the final act is the actual performance, in which anything that can go wrong, does. When the author decides to give a speech on the state of the modern theatre during the curtain calls, the audience is treated to a madcap climax and a thoroughly hilarious romp. Play On! is a hilarious love letter to community theatre. January 18 Freedom Riders Murphy Performance Hall 7:00pm Set in 1961, during the Civil Rights Movement, this musical explores the courageous stories of key personalities during one of the most critical chapters in our history. Freedom Riders demonstrates the importance of working together to affect change through non-violent protest. It is an American story of overcoming hardship through resiliency and the belief that we all have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Let Freedom Sing. FMI: January 20 & 21 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Photoshop Elements Tom Green County Library Computer Classroom, Stephens Central, 33 W. Beauregard Ave Contact: Jeff Franklin 325-655-7321 Learn the basics of editing and manipulating pictures in easy to learn lessons. This is a two-part class on consecutive days, each class two hours in length. Prior knowledge of using a keyboard and mouse on a Windows computer required. While not required, class participants are encouraged to bring a USB Flash Drive to class to save their work on or bring with them their login information (username and password) for their cloud-based storage account such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or Dropbox.

January 20 Art Walk 05:00 PM - 09:00 PM Features a variety of galleries and art exhibits, restaurants, merchants, museums, library exhibits, music venues, etc. Sponsored by Downtown San Angelo, Inc., San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts & San Angelo Cultural Affairs Council. Click on link to download your art walk map: FREE TROLLEY to stops along the way starting at 5:00 pm. FMI call Downtown San Angelo, Inc., (325) 655-2345. January 22 West Texas Boys Ranch Ball Bobby Flores and the Yellow Rose Band will headline the 2022 West Texas Boys Ranch Ball with RETURNING Special Guest Weldon Henson. The Ball will be held Saturday, January 22, 2022, at the First Financial Pavilion (formerly the Wells Fargo Pavilion) at the San Angelo Fairgrounds. It is sure to be a night of good music, good food, and good people all benefitting the boys of West Texas Boys Ranch! The evening will begin when doors open at 6:30 pm, Silent Auction commences and a Cash Bar will be available. Dinner will be served promptly at 7:30 pm with the wonderful sounds of Weldon Henson following at 8:15 pm. Headliner and Texas Legend Bobby Flores and the Yellow Rose Band will take the stage at 9:30 pm and you can continue to dance the night away!! It will be a night to remember! For more information, please contact Nikki Brown, Donor Relations Coordinator at West Texas Boys Ranch, at 325-949-1936 or January 22 San Angelo Chess January Open The Bearded Barista, 2412 College Hills Blvd January 29 Storytellers of Jazz San Angelo Symphony Elta Joyce Murphey Performance Hall 72 W College Ave 7:00 PM Featuring Jason Anick, Chris Grasso, Max O’Rourke, Nicki Parrott, Vinny Raniolo and Olli Soikkeli Explore Roma culture and mix in equal portions of orchestral jazz for a night of musical styling that can only be shared by our featured storytellers and your local symphony orchestra! Concert Sponsors: Mrs. Betty & Mr. Richard Mayer.

AGreat Year San Angelo Family Magazine

January 2022


MEETINGS AROUND SAN ANGELO Email meeting information to Please include contact information. SAFM reserves the right to determine if the meeting will be included. PLEASE verify any meeting dates and times as many are postponing meetings. Adult Diabetes Support Group -2nd Thurs. 6:30pm. Trinity Lutheran Fellowship hall. Leslie Hines 323-657-8249 Aglow International, San Angelo Lighthouse - every 1st Thurs, 6:30pm, Ministerial Alliance, 1100 Martin Luther King Dr., pot luck supper, all are welcome. FMI 325-653-9975 Alcoholics Anonymous, 3711 Chadbourne, San Angelo, TX 76901. A phone number for all AA groups in San Angelo is (325) 939-8939. New website-Meetings listing: Al-Anon - 1917 W. Avenue N, help for those whose lives have been affected by someone else’s drinking. FMI 800-259-1972 or Alzheimer’s Assoc. Support Groups - 438 E. Houston Harte Expy or for full list & FMI 1-800-272-3900 American Legion Post 32 - 2nd Mon, 7p, 165 E 43rd Street. FMI Post Adjutant 325-653-1958.. American Legion Post 572 - 3rd Saturday, 9 am breakfast, 10 am meeting, Elks Lodge, 2121 S. Chadbourne, FMI 325-655-7648 (Carl Frentz) or Assn of Asian-American Women- 2nd of the month in person or via zoom. For more information call Mimi Clark at 563.650.1029 or visit: Breastfeeding Community Gathering, Every Thurs.(excluding holiday), 11:00am, FREE, Shannon Women’s & Children’s Hospital Family Room, FMI: Amanda John 325-481-6326 Brush & Brag Decorative Painter's, 3rd Sat., 9am, St. Mark Presbyterian Church, 2506 Johnson Street (Fellowship Hall) FMI Kathleen Daniel 227-6833, Canyon Creek Cloggers - Mon. & Thurs., 5:30-7:00, 320 W. Ave N (Sam Houston Elem. cafeteria).FMI Karen-949-4204/374-6289. Civil Air Patrol – every Thur, Emergency Operation Center (EOC) at San Angelo Airport, 6:30p-9p, age 12 & up with interest in aerospace education, cadet programs and emergency services. Contact: or Compassionate Friends Support Group - Thursdays, 6:30 pm, Harmony room at First United Methodist Church (corner of Twohig and Chadbourne). Park on the second floor of parking garage of Cactus Hotel. Come through double glass doors. Contact Peggy Mathias Concho Porcelain Art Club, 2nd Monday at 9:30 p.m. Sept-May of each year at Artful Musings Art Studio located at 416 W. Ave. D – Contact Lola Squyres 325-763-9900 Concho Valley Archeological Society, Non Profit Organization, Meetings 4th Thursday each month except July & December, 7:00 pm, Classroom at the Fort Concho Living History Stables, 236 Henry O. Flipper St. San Angelo, FMI Larry Riemenschneider 325-653-8216 Concho Valley CARES Coalition - 1st Wed., 12:00-1:00pm, SAISD Admin Building, 1621 University Ave, FMI Jennifer Flores, (325)224-3481 or Sarah Adame, (325)224-3481 Concho Valley Lost Chords Club---3rd Wed, noon; Reeves Speech Therapy clinic; 133 W. Concho, #106, Laryngectomees and family support. FMI call 325-340-4020 Concho Valley Quilters Guild - Wed., 28 N Chadbourne, parking in the back, 9:30-2:30 pm. We hand-quilt for the public & members. Visitors/New members welcome! FMI 325-227-8713. Concho Valley Photography Club- 2nd Saturday ea. month, 9:30 am, online Zoom meetings, open to all levels of photographers. Concho Valley Telephone Pioneer Club - 3rd Friday, Rio Concho Manor Rec. Rm 12 noon, lunch 11:30. Different speaker each month. FMI Rhonda Nichols @ (325) 656-5301 Concho Valley Turning Point: (Faith-Based 12 Step) Tues 7pm, (Anger Mgmt.) Thurs 7pm, (Bible Study) Mon & Fri 7pm, (Transitional Housing for Men), meet @528 E. Highland Blvd. FMI: 325-658-1389,, Hope, Believe & Achieve Here! Desk and Derrick, 2nd Wed., 11:30am, SA Country Club, 1609 Country Club Road. Reservations: Kelly Clifton, 325-942-2237 or kelly.clifton@angelo.edugo, Disability Connections Center - monthly peer support groups, computer classes, cooking classes and arts & crafts classes, FMI call 325-227-6624 or 325-227-6625, Disabled American Veterans' Auxiliary - 1st Thurs, 5:30 p.m., 1909 Pulliam, FMI: Maria Torres, 653-9059 Diabetes Support Group - 1st Monday each month, Holy Angels Adult Faith Center at 6:30 pm. FMI David Bolin at 325-650-8289 Down Syndrome Support Group - 2nd Thur, even numbered months, 6:00pm, Region 15, Open to individuals with Down Syndrome/families/friends. Child Care and light meal provided. FMI Karyn at 227-3716 or Kathy at 325-651-9593 Embroidery Guild of America 3rd Tues 7PM, St.Paul Presbyterian Church, 11 Park St., FMI Leslie Wisdom Fleet Reserve Assn (FRA) Branch 295 - 3rd Sat, 11a, Elks Lodge, 2121 S. Chadbourne, FMI 325-942-8036 (Terry Cook, Branch Secretary) Foster/Adopt Info Mtg/Child Protective Services, 2nd Tues. each month, 6pm, Southland Baptist Church/use office/guest entrance, 4300 Meadow Creek Trail, FMI call 657-8944 Greater San Angelo Crafts Guild 3rd Sun, 2:30p, St. Paul Presbyterian, 11 N Park, Visitors welcome. FMI 949.8206 Hanging By A Thread Quilt Club - 2nd Mon, 7p, Suez Shrine Temple, FMI Louise Lathram, 325-703-4664. Le Coterie Society Club of San Angelo - 2nd Saturday each month, St Mark Presbyterian Church, 11am-12pm, FMI: Helen 325-262-8563 or Ronetta 325-653-7574 Lone Star Cloggers every Mon. & Wed. 5:30-8pm V.F.W. Hall/125 S. Browning Street. We welcome former cloggers and anyone interested in learning. FMI: Beverly Grenda 653-6448 Myasthenia Gravis Support Group, Sat. Feb. 29, 10 - 11 am, Downtown Branch of Tom Green County Library, 2nd floor, FMI or call 806-252-2158 NAACP - 1st Sat, 2-3:30p, Ministerial Alliance Campus, 1100 MLK Blvd., FMI Overeaters Anonymous (HOW) - call hotline for locations and times. 325-482-8899 Parents Anonymous - Every Thurs, 6p-7:30p, 317 Koberlin, free childcare, FMI 653-4673. Parents Helping Parents - 3rd Tues. WTRC Admin. bldg, 12-1:00pm. Light meal provided, RSVP. FMI Barby Nobles, 223-6473.Open to all children, families, friends with special needs. Parkinson’s Support Group, 4th Monday, 5:30, Glen Meadows Baptist Church Rm 104, 6002 Knickerbocker RD., FMI 325 949-0970 San Angelo Amateur Radio Club (SAARC) - 2nd Thurs,, 7:00pm, the clubhouse, 5513 Stewart Lane, Mathis Field Airport. Open to any Amateur Radio operators FMI San Angelo Art Club-1st Mon, 7p, Kendall Gallery, 119 W 1st St,,, or San Angelo Astronomy Assoc - 1st Mon, 7p, ASU Planetarium. FMI 325-277-6139 or San Angelo Chess Club - Mondays except holidays, 68 pm,,lobby of downtown library, 33 W. Beauregard. Sets provided. Casual and USCF-rated games. 325-853-2324. Free. San Angelo Dream Center, Mons., 6-8pm, 1928 MLK Blvd. Christ Powered Recovery, 12 Step Faith based recovery group. Probation/Parole approved. FMI Jeff Matheny 325-234-9958. San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society (SAGHS) 1st Tue, Sept -May, 7p, Trinity Lutheran, Fellowship Hall, 3536 Lutheran Way. Free & open to the public. Refreshments provided. FMI (325) 268-0973,, or San Angelo Republican Women-1st Monday each month, except June/July at WT Rehab Ctr, 1925 S University Dr, 6-7:30 pm, free and open to the public, Boots on the Ground! San Angelo Retired Teachers & Associates-2nd Tues., Sept-May, 1st Christian Church, 29 N. Oakes, 9:30 AM. Open to all retired educational personnel. FMI San Angelo TEA Party 2nd Tues. 6:30pm, West Texas Training Center. 3501 No. Hwy. 67. FMI San Angelo Toastmasters Thursdays, Zoom Meetings at 5:30-6:30, FMI Hilda Guffey, 325-450-7044, San Angelo Writers' Club 3rd Tues, 6:30pm, TGC Stephens downtown library lobby, FMI 374-0638. Space To Be Me (Youth Support Group, ages 12-18), Wednesdays, 6:00pm, Open Arms office (113 N. Harrison), FMI or contact Jon Zachariah - 325-655-2000 (LGBT+ Support Group) SMART Recovery - free group support for people experiencing addictions. Tuesdays from 6:30-7:30 pm at 133 W Concho Ave #110, San Angelo, TX 76903. FMI call (325)-944-2561. Texas Inmate Family Association (TIFA) 2nd Thurs, Immanuel Baptist Church, 90 E. 14th. Email Texas Veterans for Veterans - Tuesdays, 7:15am-9:30am, 1905 Pulliam, designed to help local needy veterans and their families. FMI 325-656-9562 The Survivor Sisters 1st Thurs., 5:30pm, Cancer Empowerment & Resource Center/Shannon Clinic, 102 N. Magdalen St. Female cancer survivors & friends/caregivers welcome. FMI Katie Hill, at 325-481-2065. TOPS TX 0136 (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) - Weight Loss Group, Thurs, 7-8pm, Calvary Baptist Fellowship Center, 2401 Armstrong, San Angelo. FMI – 325-653-1045 or 325-656-8167. TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) each Tues. (9:30-11:00am., non profit weight loss support group. St Paul Presbyterian, 11 N. Park St, San Angelo. FMI 325-716-7751. Veteran SMART Recovery - free support for people experiencing addictions. Weds, 6-7pm, Cactus Hotel (36 E Twohig Ave. #110, San Angelo). FMI Steven Keihl 325-944-2561. VFW POST 1815 - 10:00am, 3rd Sat., 125 S. Browning. FMI John Muckleroy, 655-6550 Vietnam Veterans of America -1st Thurs, 6:30p, 119 N. Chadbourne, FMI 949-3059 Young Professionals of San Angelo, 3rd Thurs, Visitor Center's Riverview Room, 12-1pm. FMI: or


January 2022

San Angelo Family Magazine

1. Take a 10-30 minute walk every day. And while you walk, smile. It is the ultimate antidepressant. 2. Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day. Buy a timer if you have to. 3. Record your late night shows and get more sleep. 4. When you wake up in the morning complete the following statement, "My purpose is to ______today." 5. Live with the 3 E's: Energy, Enthusiasm, Empathy. 6. Watch more movies, play more games and read more books than you did in 2014. 7. Make time to practice meditation, yoga, tai chi, and prayer. They provide us with daily fuel for our busy lives. 8. Spend more time with people over the age of 70 and under the age of 6. 9. Try to make at least three people smile each day. 10. Clear your clutter from your house, your car, your desk, and let new and flowing energy into your life. 11. Don't waste your precious energy on gossip, issues of the past, negative thoughts or things you cannot control. Instead invest your energy in the positive present moment. 12. Realize that life is a school and you are here to learn. Problems are simply part of the curriculum that appear and fade away like algebra class, but the lessons you learn will last a lifetime. 13. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a college kid with a maxed out charge card. 14. Smile and laugh more. It will keep the energy vampires away. 15. Life isn't fair, but it's still good. 16. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone. 17. Don't take yourself so seriously. No one else does. 18. You don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagree. 19. Make peace with your past so it won't screw up the present. 20. Don't compare your life to others'. You have no idea what their journey is all about. 21. Burn the candles, use the nice sheets, and wear the fancy lingerie. Don't save it for a special occasion. Today is special! 22. No one is in charge of your happiness except you. 23. Frame every so-called disaster with these words: "In five years will this matter?" 24. What other people think of you is none of your business. And that includes social media! 25. Your job won't take care of you when you are sick. Your friends will. Stay in touch. 26. The best is yet to come. 27. Do the right thing! 28. Call your family often. 29. Each night before you go to bed complete the following statements: "I am thankful for __________. Today I accomplished _________." 30. Enjoy the ride. Remember that this is not Disney World and you certainly don't want a fast pass. You only have one ride through life so make the most of it and enjoy the ride. San Angelo Family Magazine

January 2022


Milk Jug Bird Feeders Rinse out an empty plastic gallon milk jug with lid. Cut a window in the front of the jug, and make two small poke holes for the perches. Insert pencils for perches and fill the bottom of the jug with bird seed.

roll with waxed paper and close it off with a rubber band. Pour a handful or two of dried beans (split peas work well) in the open end, close open end the same as the other. Poke toothpicks through the rolls at different intervals to add a "rain shaker" sound.

their animal be a secret. For example, have one child draw the head, another draw the tail, another the legs and so on. let the children pick the animal they want to draw. When they are done have them put the animal together with tape or glue. Have fun coming up with a name for the animal (monk-dog-lion-potamus).

Easy Art Projects Juice Carton Crayon Box

googly eyes, stickers, lace, doilies, or whatever else you can find. Be sure to put the child's name inside the lid. This box makes a great container for treasures found out in the yard, on the way home from school, or anywhere else your children "hunt".

Wash and dry an empty cardboard juice carton and cut off the top. Using bits and pieces of masking tape, have the children tape up the entire carton, covering all sides, the more tape the better. Use crayons to color the masking tape box. The tape makes the box sturdier and will make a great crayon holder for their desk or dresser.

If you have several children together, this can be great fun. Give each child two or three pieces of paper. Have them each draw a picture and write a sentence. When finished, see if they can put it together to form a story. New pages can be created as you go along. A book cover can be made from two pieces of construction paper, a hole punch, and yarn.

Paper Towel Rain Makers

Animal Jumble

Young kids love noise makers. Color, paint, and decorate paper towel rolls. Cover one end of a paper towel

Using construction or white paper, ask each child to draw a different body part of an animal, but to have


January 2022

Pet Rocks

Find smooth, flat or for the kids during Winter round rocks. Be sure to clean off any dirt or sand and dry completely before starting. Paint with acrylic paints. Decorate faces by Treasure Shoe Box Decorate an old shoe box and lid with construction using google eyes, yarn for hair, markers, glitter, and paper, markers, paint, glue and glitter, crayons, any other tidbits you like.

San Angelo Family Magazine

Create a Story

Bookmarks Great for back to school or as a gift to someone you love. Make fun bookmarks with construction paper, markers, paints, and stickers. You can also use glitter, sequins, lace, doilies, or buttons. Cut strips from construction paper, painting the construction paper will make it sturdier, or you can visit the local library or office supply to have them laminated for longer lasting use. To complete the bookmark, attach a tassle made from strands of yarn.

Alphabet Collage Using catalogs or magazines, have the kids cut out colorful pictures that begin with a specific letter of the alphabet. Assign different letters to each child. Have them glue the pictures onto a piece of construction paper.

San Angelo Family Magazine

January 2022