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Raise a toast to the Railway Museum’s 25th Anniversary with the true tale of how San Angelo got its depot. Step back into history and see “Arthur Stilwell’s Dream of Steam” Sept. 8-11 at the Railway Museum of San Angelo. It’s the tale of the man who put San Angelo on the map. Arthur Stilwell had a dream--and San Angelo was at the heart of that dream. The railway wheeler dealer heard voices, dreamed big and imagined a mighty railroad running through San Angelo and into Mexico. Come back to 1910 and meet this historic entrepreneur and learn "the rest of the story." You will get a copy of the Kansas City, Mexico & Orient Railway stock certificate declaring you a stockholder. You’ll be transported through time with this original play and meet Pancho Villa, whose words about the Mexican Revolution are based on extensive research. When the “Dream of Steam” journey ends, you'll find yourself on the railway platform enjoying champagne and treats in a place straight out of Stilwell's dream. Make reservations now for “Arthur Stilwell’s Dream of Steam,” at the Railway Museum of San Angelo, Sept. 8-11. There are two evening presentations Thursday, Friday and Saturday and a matinee on Sunday. Tickets are $25 and include champagne and hors d’oeuvres, 1910 style! They offer a group rate of $20 for groups of 8 or more. For tickets go to or call 325-486-2140.


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