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Asalam-o-Alikum! How are you? Most of you would be busy preparing for examination. Exams really made our heart beat go fast but exams are necessary to elevate your status from a lower grade to higher one that is why one should never be afraid of exams. Actually exams are meant to test your abilities and learning skills which are crucial for your progress in every walk of life therefore exams are your ladder to success and a gateway to the real world when you pass your examinations with flying colors, everybody cherishes this success, and you feel proud of yourself. However, if you fail to perform up to the mark, you really feel disheartens and dejected. There may be hundred of reason for that but getting disappointed or depressed is not the solution. Exams should never become nightmare for you. Don't lose your heart if you scored low marks. Failure breeds success. History is replete with the stories of people who initially failed in achieving their goal. Wright brother made seven unsuccessful attempts in their quest to build of flying machine. Later, they succeeded because they had the ability to learn from their mistake. Persistent, focused and learn from your mistake. That's all you need is to succeed. Never hesitate in asking questions about the concepts you don't understand at school. Questions increase your self confidence and knowledge with lots of payers

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MERCY To forgive an injury ids often considered to be a sign of weakness it is really a sign of strength It is easy to allow oneself to be carried away by resentment and hate into an act of vengeance but it takes a strong character to restrain those natural passions. The man who forgives proves himself to be the superior of the man who wronged him and puts the wrong doer to shame. Forgiveness may even turn a foe into a friend so mercy is the noblest from the revenge.


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There is some truth in the common saying that while dogs become attached to persons, Cats are generally attached to places. A dog will follow his master anywhere, but a cat keeps to the house it is used to and even when the house changes hand, the cat will remain there, so long as it is kindly treated by the new owners. A cat does not seem to be capable of the personal devotion often shown by a dog. It thinks most of its own comfort. It is important to try and solve cat behavioral problems as quickly as possible. This is because the more a certain behavior is repeated, the harder it is to try and break the cycle of bad behavior. Solving cat behavioral problems is one of the most frustrating and stressful situations you can be in. While at times it seems that you are alone, realize that there is a lot of help available to you from lots of different sources like website, books, and articles. Most people make the mistake of just wanting the solution and not seeking out the original cause of the behavior problem. This results in people trying a wide range of things that do not work because they are not correctly identifying the issue or they are listening to people who are not cat behavioral experts. For example, a cat may stop using the litter box for a number of different reasons. Maybe the litter box has been recently moved, the box is not clean enough, or maybe there is a change in the household routine. This and a lot more reasons exist for a cat to stop using the litter box, and they each require a specific and different solution. This is just one example of how important it is to identify the cause of the problem. Take some time right now to think about any recent changes in the house that might be affecting your cat. Many times the solution is much easier than you think. To start your analysis of the problem you can break down cat problems into two general categories, litter box issues, and feline aggression issues. These are two broad categories, but almost all problems should fit into these two categories. For there you can break down the problem even further in the categories, until you think you have arrived at the cause of the problem. Also, it is important to take your cat for regular vet checkups. If you do have a behavior problem with your cat it is always important to rule out a possible medical cause. Hyperthyroidism and kidney problems are just two examples of how a medical problem can cause a change in the behavior of a cat. This is why it is important to have a physical exam done on your cat and possibly some blood work. Another medical cause of behavior problems is urinary tract infections. Cats who have these infections may stop using the litter box all together and may start to urinate on beds and carpets. Remember, you are not alone in dealing with this stressful situation. There are lots of websites, books, and articles out there that can provide you with the information that you need. Take the time to try and understand what exactly caused this cat behavioral problem and then only use time tested and proven solutions from cat experts who know what they are talking about. Only by truly taking this time can you then solve the problem more quickly and easily.


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HOW TO BUILT CHILD PERSONALITY Our personality is our own human signature, encompassing all the distinguishing personal and social traits that make each of us unique. No two personalities are exactly alike -- even those of identical twins. You would probably come up with very different words to describe the personality of each of your children. Although psychologists have devised dozens of systems and tests to analyze, categorize, and measure personality types, there is no universally accepted system. That's because people are simply too complex to be fully and accurately described by one system.

the mother, father and sometimes both. A trait like

whether she conforms to their expectations or not,

virus is very contagious, if you showcase bad traits

and must feel sure they neither give nor withdraw

to your children, they are likely to grow up with it in

their love based on her performance.

the future. A dishonest father is likely to raise a

Acceptance without conditions

corrupted son and an honest mother is likely to

Affection and approval that come with conditions

have an honest daughter, why? If dad can do it, I

imposed do not make a child feel good. Acceptance

can too, and vice-versa. The same goes for other

and approval that come and go confuse her; she

type of negative traits that parents parades

never knows what to expect, never feels certain

foolishly before their children. Children from

that her parents love her and accept her as she is.

People are recognized by their personality, meaning that people are made up of different traits. There are different personality traits: negative and positive. Some positive traits are: humility, love, meekness, kindness, hardworking, patience, temperance, respect, tolerance, honest etc. The combination of some of these traits make up ones personality: one who shows kindness is called a kind person. The same explanation goes for negative personality. Parents play very important role in building up these traits in children, so does the environments, school, and peer groups.

Love and understanding are instruments of

her own voice from her temperament, personality,

parenting, but due to the relevance it should stand

instincts, capabilities, and needs.

What is child development?

alone. Love your children, as this will sow the seed of

Appreciate the child

divorced homes are likely to become wayward,

Love that's given only with conditions based on the

constituting the highest percentage of juvenile

parents' expectations about the child's behaviour

delinquents. Parents already know better, it is their

can contribute to the child's creation of a false self.

responsibility to teach their children the same and

The child may try to please her parents, to satisfy

this can only be achieved by discipline.

their expectations and respond to their needs,

Love and understanding

which delays the development of her true self and

The question how are children developed and what

love, respect, appreciation, patience, high self

Be a mirror for your child to appreciate his own

is developed in children will be tackled under the

confidence, high self esteem, and great personality

emerging unique self by giving positive feedback

discussion: what is child development? Child

in children. Some kids are so starved of love that

on his personal qualities as well as on his

personality development is a process of increasing

they become rebels, or what people call black

accomplishments. Both are important. Saving "I

the quality of a child's behavior, traits and goals. No

sheep. The effects of lack of love and understanding

like your silly sense of humour" is often as helpful as

doubt all parents have a basic desire for their

in process of child personality development are

saving "That's a great report card." A child's self-

children and it is to achieve desirable goals in life. To

many enough to fill 4 volumes of books.

esteem reflects who he is, as well as what he

achieve child personality development parents

Understand child's self-esteem

achieves. Encourage your child to pursue his goals

need to get some things in place and they are: good

A child with self-esteem feels good about herself.

and dreams. Be clear about your expectations for

parenting, finance, understanding, and love. These

She feels loved, valued, and respected for who she is

his behaviour and values, but love and respect him

factors will be discussed briefly plus how it adds to

with all her strengths and limitations, her

for who he is, what he wants, and what he does.

children behavior. The reason for building

personality and physical traits, her ideas and

To attain great heights in life, the right combination

personality traits in children is to enhance their

opinions. A child's self-esteem comes from being

of character traits must be in place to build the right


accepted, respected and valued just for being the

personality that will fetch the desired goals. The


person she is. When parents give their baby

wrong input of child personality development ingredients will lead to discontented life.

Your life is a mirror through which your child looks

unconditional love, they lay a firm foundation for

at live. It is up to you to give them a commendable

the child's developing sense of her self. The child

example to follow. The first model a child creates is

must feel that she is accepted by her parents


What is truth? Truth is sincerity in action, character, and utterance which means that truth reflects genuineness, honesty and reality. Truth helps you to avoid false statements, deception and lies, which are off course not encouraged by our society as well as religion. Parents should always advice their children to speak truth and stick with it as parents are the first learning institution for the children. Parents should also not lie or use deceptive statements with children as minds of children are at it 'underconstruction' process and they do all their lives what they learn in their childhood. According to Elizabeth Cady Stanton 'Truth is the only safe ground to stand on' This wise quotation

reflects the significance of truth, that truth is the only way out, and it's only truth which can help you in every situation. As we all know right path is always difficult and you face lots of difficulties when you support the right because evil exists everywhere and compel you to support it through different means. People who do not have strong conscience leave the right path of truth, honesty and sincerity and adopt wrong and deceptive path which is apparently comparatively easy but you can never achieve anything in long term except regret, guilt and burden of sins. According to Arthur Schopenhauer 'All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident' Which means truth will

ia av M


always end up in giving you success and conformity. Even it is the matter of everyday life like if you forgot doing your homework then tell y o u r t e a c h e r straightforwardly that you forgot doing your homework instead of giving some other deceptive excuses, or if you broke your mum's favorite vase then confess it in front of her instead of hiding the broken pieces or putting the blame on someone else's head. Be it anything, it will sure taste a little bitter in beginning but it will lead you towards betterment and satisfaction.


“Ouch! That hurts, you ruined my beauty! Oh God how would I look without my one petal? Oh no! I'm looking so incomplete,” said pink rose. “You naughty bratty kids are always looking forward to make me ugly.” “Stop complaining Rose, don't you see me? Look at my condition! What have they turned me into by breaking my branches and twigs? When I look at my dead leaves turning brown and brittle, wandering here and there mutilating under people's feet, my heart cries,” complained the Tree. “But see I'm quiet and bearing all this with patience.” Why human don't care about our feelings? We are living things too like them. If they don't care about us at least they can care about their city and its environment which beauty lies within us,” said Rose. These kids especially pluck me, play with me and then I become a showpiece in their teacher's stinking hair, ewe!” Pink Rose exclaimed. “You talking about kids, those bigger ones smoke and litter around me with their cigarette butts, their ashes hurt my grass”; said the Tree.

“And so the other people don't want to sit under my shade when they see me littered, sigh”. Kids, have you heard the conversation between a tree and a rose flower? Did you realize how they feel when you litter around them and pluck their flowers and break their branches? Greenery is something which appeals to eyes. A city which is surrounded by gardens and parks, always attract people. The beauty of the city diminishes if you litter around it. The city where you live, probably born there is always affectionate to your heart. You yourself don't like to go at a place where trash is accumulated because of the bad smell and of course it doesn't appeals neither to your eyes nor to your nose receptors. Don't you want the outsiders to come and admire your city? So let's give it a quick thought and come up with few tips to make your city beautiful and clean. Firstly, we need to clear the misconception that litters collection and removal is someone else's problem. That someone else is no one but you. Start the campaign from

ha ee i al M Sam

How to make your city beautiful and clean?

you and it would gradually disperse to others. If you are a pedestrian and got a trash then hold it until you find a garbage can. On your way to school, if you find plastic bags or papers wandering around, you can pick them up and throw them in the garbage trash near by you; there is no harm in picking up the trash like wrappers and dispose them off in the bin. Children especially throw the wrappers out of their cars on their way when they finish their junks. Their parents also don't stop them of doing so. Wouldn't they scold their children when they litter in their living room? They do. Then why couldn't they teach their children to keep their streets clean and tidy? What you can simply do is to keep litterbag in your car and throw the bag in garbage can when you get home, school or work.


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Learn the art of patience. Apply discipline to your thoughts when they become anxious over the outcome of a goal. Impatience breeds anxiety, fear, discouragement and failure. Patience creates confidence, decisiveness, and a rational outlook, which eventually leads to success. Brian Adams The said quotation has explained every point which an individual seeks. Patience plays an important role in building ones personality. It is often experienced that we tend to lose our patience when we are burden up with loads of work, and wanted to wrap it up as soon as possible. We though have heard a lot about the word “patience� but what exactly is its meaning. Patience is refered to the situation which one undergoes pains, trails, or the like, without murmuring or fretfulness; bearing up with calmness against trouble; long-suffering. Or it can also be defined as a person who is under medical or surgical treatment; -correlative to physician or nurse. Adults know how to control their level of impatience but the question rises that how to control your child's patience level? This is the most important question when it comes to children. It happens that we ask our children to do something three times but still hes not responding or even paying any heed to whats happening around. Hes busy watching tv or playing or messing around. Why is that so? May be it's the activity that parents force their child to do and on contrary the child hates it. And forcing again and again to do the same thing child loses his patience and start to retaliates; which we term as misbehavouring. We sometimes lose our patience when we start to expect things from our child and want them to behave in a manner which they are not capable of. We cannot force a child to eat properly because we know he cannot. As parents we should put ourselves at their position and think that are we parenting the right way? It happens at times that parents start to take things personnally, we know that children do that thing which they think is right. If we will begin to impose things on

them they would defiantly say NO which could be embarrssing. Instead of being emotional we should observe their activities and should notice that what are the ways in which the child feels comfortable doing the things, and what are the things or situation which irritates him. Taking his attitude personnally isn't the solution of the problem. The important thing that everyone think is that patience is already there in our body but we should ponder that it isnt already embedded in our souls but it is obtained due to practice. Patience is gained through experience. Which is the normal belief in people. But in reality, it can be taught easily and if started at a right age and time, this could help a lot in bringing up child's personality. There are certain effects which trigger us and that things doesn't matter the child because he is unaware of the happenings, same goes for them too. However, if your child is able to deal with these small tensions, he will be successful in his adult life. Hence it is very necessary to imbibe patience in children at an early age so that things wont be problematic for them. They would be knowing how to handle difficult situations with an ease. Be particularly cautious about scolding, admonishing and rebuking the child for every small matter. Instead of showing anger to their work try to come up with something enthusiatic and make them understand with love and affection. Always treat children with love, affection and warmth. Always try to promote their needs with open heart this will boost up their confidence level and will try to lower down their impatience. Parents usually ask questions about Why? When? and Who? Avoid questions like: “Why did you do this? Don't you have any shame? When would you learn?Avoid mentioning their faults in front of others. This will then ultimately make them feel bad then they will try to cover their wrong doings negatively. Be very cautious about putting the child to shame. At all costs, refrain from bruising his ego. Few things parents should make their children adopt patience. Rewards for Patience Do not ever give award for impatience. This means that if your child is getting impatient

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about anything, do not give him what he wants immediately. You must teach your child that it needs lot of time and patience to create something. Interruption This is a very big tool that can help children change their focus. This can be a discussion or helping in doing something. It can take some time to develop this habit. Time Children are too small for words such as time ans timings. Parents are not suppose to tell their children about time because they are not aware of it and can them misunderstood. Always tell them with using figures so that they may grasp it easily. Talk about Events One of the best ways to build patience in children is to talk about the upcoming events. Pay attention he learns that even if he gets impatient, the event will arrive when it has to and will also pass away. You can talk about birthdays, festivals, family events and many such things that are of great interest for the kid. Play Games that Teach Patience There are some indoor games that make the child wait for his chance to play like chess, puzzles and many others. This can also teach them to come out of frustration. When helping the child grow, parents need to pay attention to developing his selfcontrol and patience. These are the two important factors that will help them succeed in school, after the school and throughout his life. Teach and award firmness. Teach him to save to get something big in future. Also, allow the child to interact and take part in decisionmaking and respect and accept his desires too. Tell and encourage the child that he is strong and brave and give him rewards on his good doings so that he may feel encouraged and will see things positively. We could never learn to be brave and patient, if there were only joy in the world. Helen Keller (1880 - 1968)


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CLEANLINESS Doctors say that most of the diseases are caused by germs or dirtiness; if we would make ourselves clean we will be healthy and fit. Cleanliness is one of the mandatory elements of a healthy life; it starts with the birth of a new born till the death. When a baby is born the first thing which is done by nurses is to clean him/her and then it is given to the mother and family, after that mother is always asked by a doctor to clean herself when she is feeding the baby because baby may get numerous diseases just because of dirtiness. We are often taught in school that “cleanliness is half of your faith�, have we ever thought that why Islam so much emphasis on cleanliness because it makes us free from illness, it keeps us energetic, fit and fresh. We have been given special instructions about cleanliness by Almighty Allah which was then practiced by Holy Prophet (SAWW). We being Muslims prefer to eat with right hand because from left hand we wash ourselves after excretion, we do Vidho before we perform our prayers because when we appear in front of God we make our selves clean. When a Muslims is died he is given Bath by his relatives before the burial ceremony. It is clear from the teachings of Quran and Sunah that cleanliness is very important in a human's life. Why cleanliness is necessary Cleanliness is so much necessary for every human specially kids because they are in the learning period and they are fonder of playing with clay and sand. Children should be taught to wash their hands after they come from washroom, before and after their meals, when they come home after school or playing. If a child is in a habit of washing hands when required then

he is away from diseases like influenza, cough, fever, stomach pain, ear Infections, skin diseases, diarrhea etc. Children must know that they have to through garbage in the dustbins whether they are at schools, homes, malls, restaurants, they should be taught be elders not to through garbage out of the car during traveling not only children elders should stop to through garbage out of their cars, we should keep small dustbins in car too for the garbage which will help to make out country and city clean. Parents must also tell to their children to cover mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing with a tissue. Dispose of used tissues properly. Diseases transmitted by pets In most of the households' pets are a source of joy and perhaps even the key to longer, healthier lives. However, pet-owning households with young children, pregnant women, and people with weakened immune systems need to be aware that their animals can play host to diseasecausing microorganisms. Children often put their hands in their mouths, providing an easy route for bacteria to travel into their bodies. For example, children who eat dirt are more susceptible to contracting zoonotic diseases. Children also are more susceptible to pet-borne illness because they carry fewer antibodies than adults do. The same holds true for puppies and kittens, making them more likely to carry disease than older dogs and cats. Although the chances of getting a zoonotic disease from your pet are slim, these are some common petborne illnesses that can make people sick: Salmonellosis This bacterium generally makes its

way into human bodies through contaminated food. The bacteria can be passed through animal feces and may cause symptoms like fever, vomiting, diarrhea and exhaustion. Roundworms Roundworm eggs and microscopic adult worms can be excreted in the feces of dogs and cats infected by the worms. Children may be at a higher risk for contracting roundworms because they play near pets or touch infected feces and put their hands into their mouths. Because of the risk to children, all cats and dogs should be taken to their veterinarians for regular fecal examinations. Also remember to cover all sandboxes when not in use to prevent children from contacting contaminated feces. Symptoms can include fever, cough, and loss of appetite, weakness and lung congestion. Cat Scratch Fever This bacterium is usually transmitted from cats to humans through scratches. The bacteria is found on nails or claws and can cause high fever, loss of appetite, weakness and swollen lymph nodes. In otherwise healthy people, Cat Scratch Fever is usually mild and resolves itself. However, the bacteria caused by Cat Scratch Fever can be extremely dangerous or even fatal if left untreated in immunecompromised individuals. It's important for these pet owners to tell their doctors they own a cat. Young children should be sure to wash scratches thoroughly with soap and water.


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Why hygiene is


Hygiene and Good Habits are commonly understood as prevention methods against infection. In broader call scientific terms, hygiene is the maintenance of health and healthy living. Hygiene ranges from personal hygiene in domestic realm to occupational hygiene and public health. Personal hygiene is something all of us have learnt at our homes, from our parents and also in early days of school. The good habits learned in the childhood are remembered and followed throughout the life and hence doctors, parents and teachers give a special emphasis on personal hygiene. Even adults are taught the importance of personal hygiene through several awareness programs, floated by government and private institutions. Hygiene involves healthy diet, cleanliness, and mental health. One of the most effective ways to protect ourselves, from illness is good personal hygiene. This means not only washing your hands but also your body. Hygiene also means being careful not to cough or sneeze on others, cleaning things that you touch when you are ill, putting items such as tissues (that may have germs) into a bin, and using protective aids (like gloves) when you are at the risk of catching an infection. Personal hygiene includes health practices such as bathing, washing your hair, brushing your teeth, and cleaning your clothes. Maintaining good personal hygiene helps to fight infection by removing essences that allow bacteria to grow from the surface of your skin. Given below are the vital tips for personal hygiene for kids as well as elders. Most infections, especially colds and gastroenteritis, are caught when we put our unwashed hands, which have germs on them, to our mouth. Some infections are caught when other people's dirty hands touch the food we eat. Hands and wrists should be washed with clean soap and water, using a brush if your fingernails are dirty. Dry your hands with something clean, such as paper towels or

hot air dryers. You should always wash your hands: After using the toilet, before making or eating food, After handling dogs or other animals, If you have been around someone who is coughing or has a cold etc. Keep nails neatly trimmed and free from all debris. Whether you feel grungy or not, a daily shower is a must. Shower every morning and after all athletic activities. You may not be able to smell your body odor, but others will. Neglecting oral hygiene can cause a lot of problems in your future life. Brush your teeth three times a day for dental health and for fresh breath. Be sure to floss daily and to brush your tongue, which can harbor bad-breath-producing bacteria. Carry mints for in between situations. If you have recently drank coffee or eaten anything like onion, garlic, blue cheese or strongly spiced foods be sure to brush or use mints before talking to people. It has been observed that many people lack the knowledge of brushing the teeth properly. You can visit your dentist and learn the proper techniques for your own benefit. You should also ensure that your gums are in good health. The old age problem of tooth decay can be prevented by taking certain precautions on a daily basis.

good-smelling cologne or perfume that is light and good for everyday wear, and also get a scent that is a little heavier for special occasions such as dates or weddings. Keep something like chewing gum in your purse or pocket to keep your breath smelling fresh when you need a boost. You should be very careful about the kind of food you eat. Ensure that it is clean and has all the essential nutrients for nourishment of the body. You should also make sure that the water which you drink is clean and pure, because contaminated water can cause many water borne diseases. Clean the surroundings around you and your locality to avoid suffering from diseases. Do your regular exercises to stay fit and fine. The main purpose of personal hygiene is to prevent illness and improve appearance, but hygiene also plays an important role in social acceptance and can either improve or hinder a person's reputation in social situations. Bad breath, body odor and an unkempt appearance, for example, are often considered undesirable and can give a bad first impression to peers, acquaintances and potential mates. By using the easy tips mentioned above you can not only keep your self healthy but also create a good impression on others.

Wash your clothes daily and make sure that you change your clothes everyday. This protects you from skin diseases, body odor as well as skin disorders. Hang clothing immediately after removing from the dryer; iron any clothing that needs attention. In addition to keeping yourself and your clothes clean, you can practice good hygiene by making sure you smell good. Wear a deodorant that is long-lasting and works well for you, so you don't have to worry about being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time with your deodorant wearing off. Also, invest in a


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Why Sports is


Sport is a type of physical activity which helps people to grow and progress healthy. Sports is a tool for development, it encourages a person to move forward and helps a person to stay active. Children have to be energetic every day and for this they need some sort of physical activity. Physical activity increases growth and leads to improved physical and emotional health. Research shows that the importance of physical activity in children is stronger. Sports have been the most important thing for children, they now emphasize more on sports rather academic studies because being good at sports is a strong social strength for children. Sports not are only just exercise but it contributes to child's development both psychologically and socially. A fit child is more likely to be mentally sharp. Children think that the only way of gaining acceptance by their peers is to be good at activities that are appreciated by other kids. We always notice that the kids who are comparatively weaker or dull always face difficulty in acceptance by their peers but the children who are competent at sports are more easily accepted by children of their own age, and are more likely to be team captains and group leaders. It is a very common observation that children who are extremely active are less likely to suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, fatness and heart disease later in life. It is important to remember that the attitudes and behavior taught to children in sports carry over to adult life. Parents should take an active role in helping their child develop good sportsmanship. They should help children find the success in sport they need to

make them feel valued and wanted and this is a good way of making them feel special. Every child can be successful at one sport or another, so one should find the sport that is right for each child. If your child is involved in any sport, encourage them to highly participate in it. Victory and defeat is the part of game but to help your child get the most out of any sport you need to be actively involved. Sports help children develop physical skills, get exercise, make friends, have fun, learn to play as a member of a team, learn to play fair, and improve self-esteem. When a child realizes that he is getting better and better at the specific sport he is playing, he feels a sense of accomplishment. Parents should appreciate and help them to participate more in sports which gives them a more positive view of themselves. It is not a feel good myth that sports teaches your child the importance of fitness and plays an important role in maintaining good health. In this era of modernization, technological advancements and increasing computer literacy, daily physical activities have reduced to much greater extent, so getting your child involved in sports helps them make exercise as a part of their lives. All prestigious events like Olympics, Asian games, world cups truly reflects the essence of sports in the form of mutual respect, understanding, tolerance and fair play being shown by sportsmen of different countries. Events like these promote the sense of unity and peace among different countries. There are many good reasons to get your child involved in sports, which are as follows: 1. It encourages teamwork and feel of cohesiveness. 2. It encourages a healthy lifestyle.

3. It promotes a feel of self-recognition and self-actualization. 4. It develops time managing ability which helps a child in future. 5. It teaches you about hardships which a person can face in life. 6. It makes a person fit, healthy and active. 7. It helps a person to make decision quickly and correctly 8. It overcomes violence. 9. It reduces the complexities, either superiority or inferiority. Pakistan is a land of opportunities; we are open to many sports like, cricket, hockey (out national game), tennis, volley ball and many others. Sport is a sort of recreation activity; so one should always encourage the need of it. There are some necessities of life with out which a man cannot live a healthy, successful and satisfied life.


What would you do if you were not allowed to get an education? You couldn’t read or write. You had to work a minimum wage job at a factory and you weren’t happy with the job. You couldn’t teach your kid any skills because you didn’t learn anything. The biggest part of growing up is making the right choices that benefit you in the future. The idea is to get an education so you can choose a career, have hope, and reach your goals and dreams. Education is powerful because without it, early civilizations would have struggled to survive and thrive as a culture. It is important that adults trained the young of their society in the knowledge and skills they would need to master and eventually pass on. The evolution of culture, and human beings as a species depended on the practice of knowledge. When cultures began to extend their knowledge beyond the basic skills of communicating, trading, gathering food, religious practices, etc, formal education, and schooling, eventually followed. Schooling in this sense was already in place in old times.

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Importance of Education The Right to Education is a fundamental human right. It occupies a central place in Human Rights and is essential and indispensable for the exercise of all other human rights and for development. "As an empowerment right, education is the primary vehicle by which economically and socially marginalized adults and children can lift themselves out of poverty, and obtain the means to participate fully in their communities." None of the civil, political, economic and social rights can be exercised by individuals unless they have received a certain minimum education. In conclusion, I think that education is important and valuable because without learning, the world would function more poorly. I choose to get an education because I want happiness, a future, financial security and knowledge. Don’t let anybody tell you that your education isn’t important to your future. Because you’re selling yourself short.

Without knowledge you can’t be informed nor can you truly understand the meaning of many topics. It is important to have knowledge, so you can passed your knowledge to the next generation.



THE COW The friendly cow all red and white I love with all my heart She gives me cream with all her might, To eat with apple-tart She wanders lowing here and there, And yet she cannot stray, All in the pleasant open air, The pleasant light of day And blown by all the winds that pass And wet with all the showers She walks among the meadow glass And eats the meadow flowers



Roger the


Asleep he wheezes at his ease, He only wakes to scratch his fleas. He hogs the fire, he bakes his head, As if it were a loaf of bread. He's just a sack of snoring dog, You can hug him like a log. You can roll him with your foot, He'll stay snoring where he's put. He will not race, he will not romp, He saves his strength for gobble and chomp. He'll work as hard as you could wish, Emptying his dinner dish. Then flops flat, and digs down deep, like a miner, into sleep.



Big Bulgy Fat Black Slugs I don't like Big bulgy black fat slugs I don't know why When they creep along, Soft and slimy and squashy, Wobbly and wet, In the long grass, And when they slide, Their slippery trail Squelchy blobs Along the path And when they curl up, Cold and slithery If I touch one by mistake And when they squidgy Between my toes if I am running In bare feet‌ That's when I know, I know for sure, I wouldn't want one For a Pet.



Now isn't it amazing? Now isn't it amazing That grubs become bright butterflies And rainbows come from showers That busy bees make honey gold And never spend time lazing, That eggs turn into singing birds Now isn't that amazing?



Iqra and Ali Once upon a time a very poor woodcutter lived in a tiny cottage in the forest with his two children, Iqra and Ali. His second wife often ill-treated the children and was forever nagging the woodcutter. "There is not enough food in the house for us all. There are too many mouths to feed! We must get rid of the two brats," she declared. And she kept on trying to persuade her husband to abandon his children in the forest. "Take them miles from home, so far that they can never find their way back! Maybe someone will find them and give them a home." The downcast woodcutter didn't know what to do. Iqra who, one evening, had overheard his parents' conversation, comforted Ali "Don't worry! If they do leave us in the forest, we'll find the way home," he said. And slipping out of the house he filled his pockets with little white pebbles, then went back to bed.All night long, the woodcutter's wife harped on and on at her husband till, at dawn, he led Iqra and Ali away into the forest. But as they went into the depths of the trees, Iqra dropped a little white pebble here and there on the mossy green ground. At a certain point, the two children found they really were alone: the woodcutter had plucked up enough courage to desert them, had mumbled an excuse and was gone.Night fell but the woodcutter did not return. Ali began to sob bitterly. Iqra too felt scared but he tried to hide his feelings and comfort his sister. "Don't cry, trust me! I swear I'll take you home even if Father doesn't come back for us!" Luckily the moon was full that night and Iqra waited till its cold light filtered through the trees."Now give me your hand!" he said. "We'll get home safely, you'll see!" The tiny white pebbles gleamed in the moonlight, and the children found their way home. They crept through a half open window, without wakening their parents. Cold, tired but thankful to be home again, they slipped into bed. Next day, when their stepmother discovered that Iqra and Ali had returned, she went into a rage. Stifling her anger in front of the children, she locked her bedroom door, reproaching her husband for failing to carry out her orders. The weak woodcutter protested, torn as he was between shame and fear of disobeying his cruel wife. The wicked stepmother kept Iqra and Ali under lock and key all day with nothing for supper but a sip of water and some hard bread. All night, husband and wife quarreled, and when dawn came, the woodcutter led the children out into the forest. Iqra, however, had not eaten his bread, and as he walked through the trees, he left a trail of crumbs behind him to mark the way. But the little boy had forgotten about the hungry birds that lived in the forest. When they saw him, they flew along behind and in no time at all, had eaten all the crumbs. Again, with a lame excuse, the woodcutter left his two children by themselves. "I've left a trail, like last time!" Iqra whispered to Ali, consolingly. But when night fell, they saw to their horror that all the crumbs had gone. "I'm

frightened!" wept Ali bitterly. "I'm cold and hungry and I want to go home "Don't be afraid. I'm here to look after you!" Iqra tried to encourage his sister, but he too shivered when he glimpsed frightening shadows and evil eyes around them in the darkness. All night the two children huddled together for warmth at the foot of a large tree. When dawn broke, they started to wander about the forest, seeking a path, but all hope soon faded. They were well and truly lost. On they walked and walked, till suddenly they came upon a strange cottage in the middle of a glade. "This is chocolate!" gasped Iqra as he broke a lump of plaster from the wall. "And this is icing!" exclaimed Ali, putting another piece of wall in her mouth. Starving but delighted, the children began to eat pieces of candy broken off the cottage. "Isn't this delicious?" said Ali, with her mouth full. She had never tasted anything so nice. "We'll stay here," Iqra declared, munching a bit of nougat. They were just about to try a piece of the biscuit door when it quietly swung open. "Well, well!" said an old woman,

peering out with a crafty look. "And haven't you children a sweet tooth?" "Come in! Come in, you've nothing to fear!" went on the old woman. Unluckily for Iqra and Ali, however, the sugar candy cottage belonged to an old witch, her trap for catching unwary victims. The two children had come to a really nasty place."You're nothing but skin and bones!" said the witch, locking Iqra into a cage. I shall fatten you up and eat you!""You can do the housework," she told Ali grimly, "and then I'll make a meal of you too!" As luck would have it, the witch had very bad eyesight, an when Ali smeared butter on her glasses, she could see even less."Let me feel your finger!" said the witch to Iqra every day to check if he was getting any fatter. Now, Ali had brought her brother a chicken bone, and when the witch went to touch his finger, Iqra held out the bone."You're still much too thin!" she complained. When will you become plump?" One day the witch grew tired of waiting. "Light the oven," she told Ali. "We're going to have a tasty roasted boy today!" A little later, hungry and impatient, she went on: "Run and see if the oven is hot enough." Ali returned, whimpering: "I can't tell if it is hot enough or

not." Angrily, the witch screamed at the little girl: "Useless child! All right, I'll see for myself." But when the witch bent down to peer inside the oven and checks the heat, Ali gave her a tremendous push and slammed the oven door shut. The witch had come to a fit and proper end. Ali ran to set her brother free and they made quite sure that the oven door was tightly shut behind the witch. Indeed, just to be on the safe side, they fastened it firmly with a large padlock. Then they stayed for several days to eat some more of the house, till they discovered amongst the witch's belongings, a huge chocolate egg. Inside lay a casket of gold coins."The witch is now burnt to a cinder," said Iqra, "so we'll take this treasure with us." They filled a large basket with food and set off into the forest to search for the way home. This time, luck was with them, and on the second day, they saw their father come out of the house towards them, weeping. "Your stepmother is dead. Come home with me now, my dear children!" The two children hugged the woodcutter"Promise you'll never ever desert us again," said Ali, throwing her arms round her father's neck. Iqra opened the casket "Look, Father! We're rich now . . . You'll never have to chop wood again." And they all lived happily together ever after.



Thunder and lightning Thunder and lightning were two grumpy old sheep. Lighting would lose his temper and knock down trees and burn the crops. Thunder, his mother who had an extremely loud voice, would shout at him. The villagers became really fed up with them. The villager kept complaining about the damage and the noise! In the end, the villager's chief said he couldn't stand it any longer. He said they would have to go far away. He sent them to live in the sky but things didn't work out as the chief intended. To this day, lighting still enjoys getting his own back on the villagers and thunder still shouts at the top of her voice and keeps the villagers awake at night.



The owl that was afraid of dark

Mother owl was getting feud with plop who, although he was a young owl, was afraid of dark “go and find out more about the dark,” said the mother. “Ask that little girl down there what she thinks about it.” “What little girl”? “That little girl sitting down there. The one with the pony tail. ” “Little girls don't have tails.” “This one does. Go on now or you will miss her.” So plop shut his eyes, took a deep breath, and fell off his branch. His landing was a little better than usual. He bounced three times and rolled gently towards the little girls feet. “oh, a woolly ball!” cried the little girl. “Actually I am a barn owl,” said the woolly ball. “An owl? Are you sure?” she said, putting out a grubby finger and prodding plops round fluffy tummy “Quite sure,” said plop, backing away and drawing him up tall. “Well, there's no need to be huffy,” said the little girl. “You bounced. You must expect to be mistaken for a ball if you go bouncing about the place. I have never met an owl before. Do you say ' Tu-wit-a-a woo'?” “No,” said plop, “that's tawny owl.” ''oh, you can't be a proper owl then,” said the little girl. “Proper owls say Tu-wit-a-a woo! “I am a proper owl!” said plop, getting very cross, “I am a barn owl, and barn owls go “Eeeek'' like that. Anyway- you can't be a proper girl. Girls don't have tails. Squirrels have tails; rabbits have tails, mice…”


l ra e ne edg Ge owl Kn

General Knowledge 1. In which country did the 'sauna' originate?

2. On which day and which year did America declare itself an independent country? 3. Which is lighter, gold or plastic? 4. What should you say in English if someone sneezes?. 5. How many cents are there in a Australian dollar? 6. Who wrote 'Animal Farm'? 7. Name five methods of transport?. 8. Name ten countries where English is an official language. 9. Name ten parts of the body lower than the neck. 10. Which explorer discovered the sea-route to India by rounding the Cape of Good Hope? 11. What is the currency of Greece? 12. Which country is popularly called 'The Land of the Maple Leaf'? 13. Which is longer the Danube or Volga river? 14. Name three festivals celebrated in English-speaking countries? 15. “A good husband should be deaf and a good wife blind�. What are these sayings called?


s ar St

ir us a

on c i r p Ca

Sagitta rius

Sc o

rp io

Aq u






us r u

L e o

r nce Ca


Ta Gemin i

y ip M et cis er Ex


My Exercise tips

Like adults, kids need exercise. Most children need at least an hour of physical activity every day. Regular exercise helps children

 Feel less stressed

 Feel better about themselves

 Feel more ready to learn in school

 Keep a healthy weight

 Build and keep healthy bones, muscles and joints

 Sleep better at night As kids spend more time watching TV, they spend less time running and playing. Parents should limit TV, video game and computer time. Parents can set a good example by being active themselves. Exercising together can be fun for everyone. Competitive sports can help kids stay fit. Walking or biking to school, dancing, bowling and yoga are some other ways for kids to get exercise.


y ip M et cis er Ex


How much exercise should my child do?

Your child should do at least 60 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity every day. At least twice a week, this should include activities that strengthen bone and muscles, and increase flexibility. The 60 minutes doesn't have to be all at once. It can be done in bouts of activity throughout the day. How you can help your child? You can encourage your child to find activities they enjoy and build physical activity into family life. Most children love running around a park or playing in a playground. Live well has more tips for how to get active with your kids. Team sports, such as football, basketball and volleyball, can also be great fun. If your child doesn't like team sports, there are plenty of other activities, such as dance and martial arts.


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Find The Words. Line-Leaf-Ladybug-Lamp-Lion E

















































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Find The Way..


Today a Reader Tomorrow a Leader

5.How many cents are there in a Australian dollar? 4.What should you say in English if someone sneezes?. 3.Which is lighter, gold or plastic? 2.On which day and which year did America declare itself an independent country? 1.In which country did the 'sauna' originate?

15.“A good husband should be deaf and a good wife blind�. What are these sayings called? 14.Name three festivals celebrated in English-speaking countries? 13. Which is longer the Danube or Volga river?12.Which country is popularly called 'The Land of the Maple Leaf'? 11.What is the currency of Greece? 10.Which explorer discovered the sea-route to India by rounding the Cape of Good Hope? 9.Name ten parts of the body lower than the neck. 8.Name ten countries where English is an official language. 7.Name five methods of transport?. 6.Who wrote 'Animal Farm'?

Reading is a good habit it makes our thinking positive because when we read something our brain cells they start working, to keep them activated we must read different things everyday. Children they read their exercise books and they feel that they have fulfill their task, its obviously wrong approach if they go f ot other books except their exercise bokks they will get extra knowledge and also get a change in their personality. As we already see that in our surrounding many known personalities did we ever analysize how they get fame obviously if competiotion rate is high but still there are few people who try to put efforts on there passion and they will get excellent result of attempting their goals. The title today a reader tomorrow a leader does not focus on politicians but it focus on what we work you choose if you have a background and knowledge you can lead on that profession. There are people who have different opinions for a certain stories, different opinion because they think differently as their background is different so reading shares different opinion with us in a didderent manner.


Blessed be the sacred Land 5.How many cents are there in a Australian dollar? 4.What should you say in English if someone sneezes?. 3.Which is lighter, gold or plastic? 2.On which day and which year did America declare itself an independent country? 1.In which country did the 'sauna' originate?

15.“A good husband should be deaf and a good wife blind�. What are these sayings called? 14.Name three festivals celebrated in English-speaking countries? 13. Which is longer the Danube or Volga river?12.Which country is popularly called 'The Land of the Maple Leaf'? 11.What is the currency of Greece? 10.Which explorer discovered the sea-route to India by rounding the Cape of Good Hope? 9.Name ten parts of the body lower than the neck. 8.Name ten countries where English is an official language. 7.Name five methods of transport?. 6.Who wrote 'Animal Farm'?

Happy be the bounteous realm Symbol of high resolve Land of Pakistan blessed be thou citadel of faith The order of this sacred land is the might of the brotherhood of the People May the nation, the country, and the state Shine in glory everlasting blessed be the goal of our ambition This Flag of the Crescent and Star leads the way to progress and perfection Interpreter of our past, glory of our present Inspiration of our future Symbol of Almighty's protection



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