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INTERVIEW: Sanaullah Baloch speak with Srilanksâ€&#x;s

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Fall of the Tamil Tigers: Balochs’ view

Senator Sanaullah Baloch

Intervention of the Asian powers economically is stoking the ethnic conflict more and more.

Fall of the Tamil Tigers: Balochs’ view

Fall of the Tamil Tigers: Balochs’ view

27.08.2009 Indian Defense Analyst, B.Raman once said, Sri Lanka (SL) was taught how to destroy terrorism by Pakistan through its experience gained in its terrorism campaign against the Balochs . He added that the Balochs‟ armed campaign leader was destroyed by a bunker buster bomb; and that SL‟s Air Force was given instructions by the Pakistan Air Force to destroy the Tamil Tiger leader too in the same way. Former Minister of the Parliament and a member of the Senate , Sanaullah Baloch of Balochistan - when expressing his views pertaining to the eradication of terrorism in SL and Pakistan; about Balochistan‟s armed campaign and the SL Tamil Tigers said, the intervention of the Asian powers economically is stoking the ethnic conflict more and more. He saw many similarities between the SL Tamil ethnic issue and Pakistan‟s Balochs‟ issue .In both cases , the Governments are primarily responsible in fomenting violence and these issues have acquired International dimensions, he added. As a political representative, in order just to achieve his political objectives, he does not permit the use of violence. Finally, violence becomes an instrument operating to the advantage of a destructive Government. He sees a big difference between Balochs‟ campaigns which is a political struggle, whereas the Tamil Tigers‟ campaign is an armed struggle. “I have not been to the Tamil Tiger areas. Yet, I can discern that they are for an armed struggle and did not give way for a political campaign. If any political armed campaign is prone to power centralization, it portends grave danger . The Tamil Tiger campaign while pressurizing the SL Govt. to decentralize its power , was centralizing the power within its own organization. One of the grounds for the devastation of the Tamil Tigers was this. The Balochs‟ Organization is a totally decentralized political campaign. There exists in it , political parties, organizations and the intelligentsia. They raise their voice in unison. On the other hand, as far as I know based on the information received, the LTTE campaign by engaging in the killing of


Fall of the Tamil Tigers: Balochs’ view politicians and the intelligentsia ruined the Tamil political campaign. The Tamil population was roped into the armed campaign. Today the armed campaign is annihilated . This means that there is neither a political campaign nor an armed campaign.” he asserted. He sees Pakistan‟s assistance to destroy terrorism in SL differently. Pakistan must help SL not to kill or bomb people , rather , to save them. Pakistan by resolving the issue in Balochistan politically instead of stoking it , can set an example to SL. The military establishment in Pakistan is exceedingly cruel. This poses a threat to Pakistan‟s democracy. “I think , SL Govt. will not learn the wrong lessons of Pakistan”, he observed. It is his argument that today ,Pakistan will not succeed in its terror eradication. “ I don‟t think the Pakistan Govt. is deploying all its State machinery and its resources to accomplish this . Pakistan has no policy in regard to terrorism. They are using terrorism to suit their own ends. They follow one policy in respect of terrorism within Pakistan , and another outside of Pakistan. They are widely and loudly critical of Balochs, comparing them with the Taliban terrorists ; to other terrorist organizations they give protection. If terrorism eradication is successful , violence within the country must diminish . But, that does not seem to be the case ……violence is burgeoning,” he pinpointed. Pakistan Govt. destroyed Akbar Bugti the political leader of the Balochs ,through a huge holocaust. They used the bunker buster bombs for this.Mr. Sanaullah in protest against this resigned from the Senate. What Pakistan Govt. thought was , with the elimination of Akbar Bugti , Bulochs‟ campaign will terminate. But that did not happen. After his death ,the Bulochs‟ campaign got a new lease of life. According to Sanaullah , because of the harm inflicted on the SL Tamil political campaign by the Tamil Tigers , the possibility of using Prabhakaran‟s death to strengthen the Tamil political campaign has been crippled. However, he says, so long as there survives the fundamental source to develop the Tamil Tiger movement , it is impossible to annihilate that movement. The Balochs‟ issues escalated owing to the growth of China‟s economic intervention in Balochistan. Pakistan‟s failure to get the Balochs‟ leaders involved in the China‟s economic intervention in Balochistan was the root cause of the problems, he asserted.


Fall of the Tamil Tigers: Balochs’ view China and India, each , in order to demonstrate its power in the Asian region is exerting its economic and political influence over various countries. They are exploiting the ethnic conflicts to accomplish this end. This is the prime cause of the conflicts ,” he argued. Indeed his argument is right … the root cause of SL‟s ethnic conflict is SL‟s refusal to permit India to intervene in the way it wanted in the North and East economic and political issues. Thereafter, India promoting the Tamil armed campaign took the North, East and Trincomalee Harbour under its purview via the Indo SL accord. India, in order not to question Pakistan and China‟s assistance towards eradicating the Tamil Tigers introduced its condition that , India shall be allowed to commence economic development programs in the East and North. SL yielded to the conditions imposed by India towards the eradication of Tamil Tigers, and SL preferred India‟s control of these regions to the Tigers‟ control. Pakistan too is pursuing a similar policy in respect of China‟s economic intervention in Balochistan. It is clearly manifest that the „powers‟ of the region involved in the ethnic conflicts are rendering themselves indispensable. Email: Twitter: @Senator_Baloch

Published: Daily Mirror, Srilanka August 25, 2009


Interview- Fall of the Tamil Tigers Balochs’ view 2009  

Fall of the Tamil Tigers: Balochs’ view Intervention of the Asian powers economically is stoking the ethnic conflict more and more. Senator...

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