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How to choose a laptop in 2013? One of the technological advancements that are on the spotlight nowadays is the laptop. Demanding consumers with different needs are constantly increasing as well as their demands for better and efficient laptops that will suit their needs. So, How to choose a laptop in 2013? Choosing the right laptop is really stressful especially if you cannot picture out the laptop that would satisfy your needs. Here are some laptop specifications which you could refer and come in handy if you are planning to buy one: CPU. As the heart of a computer, knowing the capacity of the laptop that one would buy is very important. A very dependable processor is very important because it could offer you the privilege of faster multitasking. Quad core CPU is a very dependable one but still depends on your needs if you’re going to buy a laptop with this specification. 8GB RAM. Better browsing is also enhanced through bigger memory. More space for application and files is really amazing. Battery life. A laptop with a better battery life is definitely a dependable one. Your ability to stay out and stay charged depends on the capacity of your battery. Slim and sleek design. For persons who are always on the go, it’s essential to have a laptop which is handy. Higher resolution. Some laptop offers 2560 x 1440 pixels and pixel density of 221ppi Resolution. This counts for a more vivid and realistic laptop experience. Wider Screen. Working with your laptop is much easier with a wider screen. Many laptop manufacturers are now offering touch screen laptops so you could check them out. Windows 8. Almost all of the laptops that are now available in the market have this operating system. It offers a lot of cooler features compared to Windows 7. Source: Visit Us

How to choose a laptop in 2013?