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Compare the Top Rated Camcorders 2013 The Top Rated Camcorders 2013 are offered not only on the features they wear, but also on the aspects of convenience, build quality, reliability, and even market value. When you are planning to buy HD video cameras, these are some things you might want to look at, followed by a list of top HD video cameras. Things to Notice When Choosing a New camcorder Resolution and aperture. Measured by pixel counts, it is provocative of whether the video can be viewed on bigger screens without losing quality. On the other hand, the lower the aperture, the brighter and better picture quality can be. Progressive vs. Interlaced. Progressive videos deliver sharper frame by frame quality, while the interlaced mode uses interpolation to make frames look ‘connected’ in sequence. File format. AVCHD is one of the most popular formats optimal for serious videographers as it offers more flexibility without losing quality. However, if you plan to buy an HD video camera simply for vacation purposes, those which offer MP4 formats may be good already. Zoom. HD video cameras offer both optical and digital zoom. Optical zoom uses the lens elements incamera to capture telephoto subjects without losing quality. On the other hand, digital zoom ‘crops’ the optical input to enlarge a subject.

Compare the Top Rated Camcorders 2013