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A walk down the street of life..... Each day of life that we pass - I call them walk down the street of life. I have been walking down the streets of life daily for many years now. On one of these days my walk down the lane brought to my mind something new to think over, something strange to wonder upon, something emotional to cry over, something unattained to feel jealous of. When I reached back at the end of that day I found myself overloaded with thoughts. I felt a huge void in my life, I started counting things that were missing in my life; while others around me had it all. I was sorrow struck and questioned life why its being rude to me. Why must I not have the happiness that others relish? Why must I not have their kind of life? The question bank stated above left me even more depressed to think pleasant about anything around me. I spent days fighting the 'POWERS ABOVE' for being so non-generous. Days passed and I continued the battle with the 'POWERS' that I once had faith on, but only to my disappointments the results were no good. No battle in this world yields good and so was the case here. My disappointments from my own life grew even more when no generousity was showered over me. Confused amongst my own thoughts I looked out for a break and called up an old school friend; we talked of old days and old people. While we were busy refreshing the old memories my friend made me realize how she always wanted to be like me, she made me realize that I am lucky in forms they have been missing in their life. Just when our conversation ended I discovered an interesting fact of life - " None of us is perfect but yet each one of us is special in our own way. Life has been generous to all of us, the sooner we realize that we are blessed the better it is. We value all that is not ours, in the due course what is already ours seems useless and boring. What we have today might not be ours tomorrow. Value All that You Have Before You Loose It" . The day that could have ended up with a simple phone call, actually ended up with deep insights into the streets of life. I thanked the 'POWERS ABOVE' for being kind to me, waved to them a white flag, ended up the fight. I am now at peace with the 'POWERS ABOVE' and at peace with the 'POWERS WITHIN ME'. A walk down the street of life has never been so magical ever. - Shweta Arora Batch 2009

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Perfection in my eyes -

All I ever wanted was to be part of your heart And for us to be together to never be apart. No one else in the world can ever compare You're perfect and so in this love that we share. We have so much more than I ever thought we would I love you more than I ever thought I could. I promise to give you all I have to give I'll do anything for you as long as I live. In your eyes I see our present, our future and past By the way you look at me I know we will last. I hope that one day you'll come to realize How perfect you are when seen through my eyes.

- Rahul Chawla Batch 2008

Misinterpretations Just Because Just Because Just Because Just Because Just Because Just Because Just Because Just Because Just Because Just Because Just Because Just Because



I'm quiet - it doesn't mean I don't have a lot to say. I appear happy, doesn't mean everything's okay. I laugh a lot, doesn't mean I don't take things seriously. I forgive - doesn't mean you can take me for granted. I don't keep in touch all the time, doesn't mean I don't care. I'm gullible - doesn't mean you can lie to me. I'm stubborn - doesn't mean I expect you to change for me. I don't show my feelings - doesn't mean I don't have any. I don't say I love you, doesn't mean I don't. I'm honest, doesn't mean I'm outspoken. I'm not like you, doesn't mean I'm weird. - Isha Paruthy I don't say anything - doesn't mean I'm afraid. Batch 2009

The most shivering author The quickest author The most truthful author The coldest author The most cruel author The most cheerful author The heaviest author The tallest author The most colourful author The richest author The most stylish author


Shakespeare Jonathan 'Swift' Wordsworth Robert 'Frost' Wolfe Samuel 'Smiles' Milton H.W. 'Long Fellow' Browning 'Gold' Smith James 'Jeans'

- Shivam Arora Batch 2012 In association with



The Art of Living....... Is in the Living

An artist of life : 1. behaves daily in ways that support and enhance life. 2. plays a pro-active, creative role in sculpting his reality. 3. is courageously dedicated to being herself. 4. "walks his talk", and willingly accepts responsibility for his thoughts and deeds. 5. lives her dream. 6. has a rich and fulfilling existence. 7. is fully present in the moment. 8. loves himself and acts out of what is best in himself. 9. passionately infuses love and vitality into everything does. 10. is grateful to be alive. 11. measures his success by a balance of the personal and professional, societal and spiritual. 12. thrives on change. 13. assesses situations in terms of challenges and opportunities, rather than problems, and works to find viable solutions. 14. is resilient and open to more than one "right" way of doing things. 15. is authentic and honest with himself and others. 16. embraces differences while affirming our essential connection. 17. treads softly on the earth. 18. honours and respects the freedom of each individual. 19. extends compassion to all living things. 20. is committed to doing "the best he can". 21. teaches by example. - Shivam Arora Batch 2012 In association with


- Arnav Batch 2010 In association with


A Page in my Diary Turning and looking back at those pages I've realized I was no more wandering in the cross roads in search of the right car to chase. Now the stage is set and I moved on, with the peerless blue skies being a cheering partner. With an enthusiastic and enticing perspective I've come a long way past the marvellous cities of India to reach my destiny - "Udaipur" and was allotted JBH Room No.1. With an intellectual, cute, talented... And oh not to forget he's handsome too, who latter eventually turn to be a celebrity of our college. Known by the name Soma (correct spelling was Sawma). Together we started a new era, turning the tables of our lives. I have to say, MBBS is interesting, but that's quite impossible to carry on if you sometimes were lost in the lecture from beginning till the end ! Yes, this thing do happen at times! In fast for me the beginning was a tackle routine, everything in Anatomy was like "Brand New", often incomprehensible at the present hours and have to go in reading again and again. But time goes on and things are getting better a bit, day by days. This college and hostel has given me a handful of opportunities and nurturing me in many ways. I've had so many friends - going together for trip on far away villages; a pleasant interaction with seniors of every batch. I'm glad everyone's been so nice to us. Here comes the Fresher's Day - I'm not a model everyone knows, but I'm on a rampwalk and that too with a fantastic partner in a "Mr. & Miss Fresher" contest among the top 5. What a privilege for a skinny college boy like me. Well thanks everyone in this college. That's it, PUC & UC exams are approaching, need to give my level best. And Oh! one thing I need to write down in this page - a song / poem, or may not be - its just the rhymes inside my head. Here it goes...... Summers getting hotter And winters getting colder I've being long gone from you, And I was left wandering : How are you doing these days ? How are the flowers in your pots ? How are the seasons and weather ? Have you finally agree with me, and love the rain ? Have you learnt how to cook noodles ?! Have you improve your singing qualities ?! Haha ! Sorry for exaggerating, I know you'll hate me for this. But don't worry, I didn't mean it I just want to, now that I couldn't, irritate you and chase me for it ! Coz' I love your unconcealable smile of joy behind your frowning face. Wish I was born a Romantic poet like "Wordsworth" so that I could fill your world with enchanting rhymes and phrases. But please remember me, and make a rhythm of love in my life again like you used to. Coz' sentences doesn't make up the beauty and blossom of your heart and the care you've shown. Studying the brain right now !, and I'm trying to find out the region which remember you always, with your pictures and photos and which part keeps on whispering. "I Miss You". - Jacob Yea "I Miss You", its true. Batch 2012 In association with


Never Been to "Paradise Falls..." This is an abstract from my diary, although too personal to share, yet I thought of sharing it, coz.... I think this part of my diary can induce positivity towards life in atleast one reader. Well,rest of it is all girlish things - all those life things I liked or li'l things that bothered me. Hope you'll like this one. And yeah, inspite of all my efforts of not revealing any secret out of my convo with my diary, if something comes out of it, then - sshhh, kisiko batana nahi,, k! ;). 16th Nov. 2012 Hi dear diary, Thought of writing to you after so long, coz I got a great message from a cute movie - 'UP'. I dont think, iss movie se ye saar bhi koi nikaal sakta hai, par life ke jis phase se main abhi guzar rahi hoon, I guess, ye conclusion meri zarurat hai. May be it will help me get out of all this. The story goes like this - there's a cute li'l girl of about 8 or 9 who dreamt of an adventure trip to - "The Paradise Falls". She had a diary to which she gave the name - 'My Adventure Book', in it she had left a few pages blank for adding all she is going to do when she'll visit her dream place. The girl grows up, gets married to her childhood friend and inspite of all their efforts to go there, they could never make to the Paradise falls. And finally she dies, with her dream unaccomplished. Her husband then comes across the same diary and to his surprise finds all those pages filled with their pics and moments they cherished and the last page had a message to his name saying - Thanks, for the adventure in my life ! Vaise toh isko ek simple love-story le sakte hain, but the conclusion is ki woh bachpan se jo sapna dekhti hai, woh hi pura nahi hota. Par iska yeh matlab nahi ki uski zindagi acchi nahi thi. Theek isi tarah hum sabki life mein koi na koi 'PARADISE FALLS' hota hai, ek adhoora sapna, it can be anything - from a career you wanted, a person you liked or even a car you wanted to buy. But there comes situations where you cannot make it to your dreams, sometimes becoz its too tough to reach there and sometimes just becoz you can't..... And its there when I'm using this message - No matter what, life is beautiful and it would be a little more happier, a little more fragrant, if I count the dreams accomplished and try and get over those which could not be mine. So, I'm going to start positive tomorrow morning and consider those dreams as unheard prayers, theek hai na yaar, God is a busy guy itni population hai, sabka dhyaan rakhte hain, toh kabhi-kabhi network busy aana toh banta hai na. But but but at the same time, badi-badi baatein to ho gayi par, Bhagwaan ji, 'PARADISE FALLS' kaafi hai, iska number itna hi rakhna kii iss nanhi si jaan se handle ho sake. Baaki, I'll try my best ! K, den wish me luck yr Diary ! Bye, Gud nyt..... - Anonymous In association with


The Official Love Letter (First prize winner in Desafio 2013)

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Precious Pals

- Vatsala Yagnik - Juhi Jain Batch - 2012

Friends : talk your heart out

- Jigyasa Gothwal Batch 2012 In association with


Samvad Bhasad House (BH)

A typical BH room


Gossip Hut (GH)

A typical GH room dk'k eSa ftUnk gksrk !!

Bone Study ckWl [kqn dk dke gels djokrs gaS vkSj VÂŞhV Hkh ugha nsrs

dy rks eSe ls iDdk Good feysxk

File Making

File Making

T.T. Table BH

T.T. Table GH

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Bone Study

Samvad Bhasad House (BH)


Gossip Hut (GH)

TV Room

TV Room

Birthday Party

Birthday Party

A typical BH mess thali

A typical GH mess thali

HkkbZ oks ns[k D;k eLr yMdh tk jgh gS

xsan rks Qsad HkkbZ

NSP hot spot : Volleyball Court

oks ns[k fdruk eLr cUnk tk jgk gS

NSP hot spot : Terrace In association with



Interview with


I dreamed I had an interview with GOD, ""So, you would like to interview me ?"", GOD asked. ""If you have the time"", I said. GOD smiled..... ""My time is eternity.....What questions do you have in mind for me ?" ""What surprises you, most about human kind ?" GOD answered ""That, they get bored with childhood, they rush to grow up, and then, long to be CHILDREN AGAIN." ""That, they lose their health to make

money, and then lose their money, to

restore their health." ""That, by thinking anxiously present...such that they live

about the future, they forget the in... neither the future nor the

present." ""That, they live as if they

will never die, and die as

though, they had NEVER


GOD's hand took mine and

we were silent for a while.

And then I asked, ""As a

parent, what are some of

life's lessons, you want

your children to learn?""

""To learn, they cannot

make anyone love them.....

All they can do is let ""To learn, that it is not

themselves be loved." good.....



themselves to others." ""To lear n, to forgive, by ""To learn, that it only takes, a few

practicing forgiveness." seconds to open profound wounds in

those they love.... and it can take many years, to HEAL them." ""To learn, that a rich person is not the one, who has the most..... but is one who needs the LEAST." ""To learn, that there are people who, love them dearly..... but simply do not yet know how to express or show their feelings." ""To learn, that two people can look at, the same thing and see it differently." ""To learn, that it is not enough, that they forgive one another.... but they must also forgive THEMSELVES." ""Thank you for your time", I said humbly. ""Is there anything else, you'd like your children to know ?"" GOD smiled and said....""Just know, that I AM HERE." ""Always."

- Tuhina Cornelius Batch 2009 In association with


Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy T h e M a n w i t h a M i s s i o n . . .


Mind benders 1.

After teaching his class all about roman numerals (X = 10, IX=9 and so on) the teacher asked his class to draw a single continuous line and turn IX into 6. The only stipulation the teacher made was that the pen could not be lifted from the paper until the line was complete.

below statement are true 2. 1.If all theGianni was either in Italy or France in 1997. 3. 2.

If Gianni did not kill Versace, then Hilton must have killed him. 3. If Versace died of suffocation, then either Gianni killed him or Versace committed suicide. 4. If Gianni was in Italy in 1997, then Gianni did not kill Versace. 5. Versace died of suffocation, but he did not kill himself. Who killed Versace and where was Gianni in 1997 ?


Outside a room there are three light switches. One of switch is connected to a light bulb inside the room. Each of the three switches can be either 'ON' or 'OFF'. You are allowed to set each switch the way you want it and then enter the room(note: you can enter the room only once) Your task is to then determine which switch controls the bulb ??

Baseball bat and ball cost $50. If the bat cost $49 more than the ball, what is the cost of each ? For Answers refer Page No. 56

Laugh out loud ... Santa: Dr. Sahab plastic surgery me kitna kharcha aayega? Dr: 50 hajar. Santa: Agar plastic hum de to. Dr: (Gusse Se) Saale pighla kar chipka bhi lena!

A man asked: Dr. banne mein kitna kharcha aata hai. An Interesting answer from Medical Student: Paisa to kam kharch hota hai, Par JAWANI puri kharch ho jaati hai.

A intern, a PG resident and the Consultant are walking to lunch when they find an antique lamp. They rub it and a Genie comes out. The Genie says, " I'll give each of you a wish" "me first! me first!" Says a intern " I want to be in Bahamas, driving a speedboat, without a care in the world" Poof! He's gone. "Me next! Me next!", says PG resident ," I want to be in Hawaii, relaxing on a beach", Poof! He's gone. "Ok, you're up", the Genie says to the Consultant. The Consultant says, " I want those two back in the Hospital after lunch. Moral of the story: Always let your boss have the first say... Doctor comes to emergency & finds a guy leaning heavily against a wall. Doctor- "What's with that guy over there by the wall?" Ward boy- "Well, he came in here this morning to get something for his cough. I couldn't find the cough syrup, so I gave him an entire bottle of laxative." Doctor- "You idiot! You can't treat a cough with laxatives!" Ward boy- "Oh yeah? Look at him, he's afraid to cough! In association with



Medical Extremes Longest Coma - Elaine Esposito from Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA fell into Coma at the age of 43 years 357 days on 25 November 1978 and remained unconscious for 37 years 111 days.

Most Injections Received - Samuel Davidson from Glasgow, UK has had atleast 78,900 insulin injections, since the age of 11 in 1923.

Biggest Blood Transfusion - Warren Jyrich, a 50 years old hemophiliac required a record 2400 donor units of blood, the equivalent of 1080 litres during open heart surgery at the Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago, Illinosis, USA in December, 1970. Most Pills Taken - C.H.A. Kilner made a record of having 5,65,939 pills between 9 June 1967 and 19 June 1988 at an average of 73 tablets per day. He was a resident of Bindura, Zimbabwe. It is estimated that if all pills he had taken were laid out on the road, they would form an unbroken line of 339 km in length. Highest Body Temperature - On 10 July, 1980, a day when the temperature reached 32.2ºC (90ºF) with 44% humidity, a 52 years old Willie Jones was admitted to Grady Memorial Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia, USA with heat stroke and was found to have a body temperature of 46.5ºC (115.7ºF). He was discharged after 24 days. Lowest Body Temperature - The lowest authenticated body temperature of 14.2ºC (57.5ºF) registered by two years old Karlee Kosolofski of Regina Canada on 23rd Februaty, 1994. Karlee had been accidentally locked outside her home for six hours in a temperature of -22ºC (-8ºF) suffered frostbite.

- Tuhina Cornelius - Suhel Abbas Batch 2009 In association with


Samvad The Faithful One ... Once upon a time there was a rich merchant, who had four wives. He loved the fourth the most and adorned her with the best robes and treated her to delicacies. He took great care of her and gave her nothing but the best ! He also loved the third wife very much. He's very proud of her and always wanted to show off her to his friends. However, the merchant is always in great fear that he may run away with some other men. He too loved the second wife. She's is a very considerable person, always patient. Whenever the merchant faced some problems, he always turns to his second wife and she would always hold him through difficult times. Now the merchant's first wife is a very loyal partner. She paid great contribution in maintaining his wealth as well as taking care of the household. However, the merchant did not loved the first wife. And although she loved him deeply. He hardly took any notice of her. One day the merchant fell ill and before long. He knew that he's going to die soon. He thought of his luxurious life and said, "Now, I have four wives with me, but when I die. I'll be alone. How lovely would I be ?" Thus, He asked the fourth wife, "I loved you the most, I had endowed you with the finest clothes and showered and taken great care of you. Now that I'm going to die. Would you come with me ?" asked the merchant. "NO WAY", replied the fourth wife and she walked away without another word. The answer cut him like a sharp knife right into the Merchant's heart. The sad merchant then asked the third wife, "I have loved you so much for all of my life. Will you follow me and keep me company ?" "No !" replied the third wife, "Life is so good over here, I'm going to remarry when you die". The merchant's heart sank and turned cold. He then asked the second wife, "I've always turned to you for help and you always helped me out. Now I need your help again. When I die, will you follow me and keep me company?" "I'm sorry. I can't help you out this time", replied the second wife. "At the very most, I can only send you to your grave and see you off". The answer came like a bolt of thunder and the merchant was devastated! And then a voice called out, "I'll leave with you, I'll follow you, no matter what, wherever you go". The merchant looked up and there was his first wife. She was so thin, skinny almost looking malnourished. Greatly grieved, the merchant said, "I should have taken care of you while I could have". Actually, we all have four wives in our lives. The fourth wife is our BODY. No matter how much time and effort we lavish and making it look good. It will leave us when we die. Our third wife, our possessors, STATUS and WEALTH. When we die, they all go to others. The second wife is our family and friends. No matter how close they have been there for us when we're alive. The farthest they can stand by us is up to the funeral. The first wife is infact - OUR SOUL. Often neglected in our pursuit of material, wealth and cultural pleasure. Guess what ? "It is the only thing that follows us whenever we go!" Perhaps, it's a good idea to cultivate and strengthen our soul now, rather than to wait until our deathbed to Lament. - SAWMA Batch 2012 In association with



Pedia-tricks ... !!! No. This is Not A Pedia-Made-Easy article. Nor some mnemonics guide. A rather self-styled ode to those cuddly 'pea' sized little devils..who manage to uncover those hidden foci of 'softness' even in those with the rough edges. Hence named, 'Pea'diatrics. (P.S. 'Pee'diatrics with all due emphasis on PEE could serve a better alias. And you don't need Einstein to figure that out.) So for my Pedia ward journeys, these 50cm miniature life forms are my guides, teachers, inspiration sources and of course, friends. I was fortunate to meet this chirpy-yet-shy 9 year old girl, suffering from an extremely severe form of steroid-resistant Nephrotic syndrome. A bloated and hugely distended abdomen that compresses her lungs to the extent that she is fighting to Breathe, even on sitting. Lest run like her peers. Still dreams she'd make it to her school 'Kho-Kho' team someday. I have a weird feeling that terminally ill kids have some some supernatural sense that can unmask the guarded faces adults carry about them. Ignorant yet a sensitive sub-conscious that has acknowledged the cruel decisions that God has unabashedly unleashed on them. Which brings out a miraculous aura of maturity that betrays their 'Amul' baby faces. And sends Mortal brains like mine in a state of deep retrospection. So Why Love Pedia? 1. Kids will never be bound by the rules of a civilised world. They will CRY, unabashedly LOUD. Like unsung heroes in want of attention they truly deserve. And they'll NOT STOP unless they've conquered your patience. They THEMSELVES are the supreme commanders of their wants and desires. Unlike Us, the LESSER BEINGS, who submit to The Forces, be it External or Innate before we've achieved even 30% of our wish-list. 2. Their faces are an assorted mixture of pure and unweighted emotions. Never to please or impress. Never obsequious. A medium through which they'll offer you an insight into their unpredictable swings of moods. 3. THEY'LL HATE YOU. For your White Coat, your Stethoscope would be a despised entity. For you, it would be a therapeutic offer of help, for them; an Atrocity, a tormenting intrusion into their personal space. I had an experience with a li'l fella who cried out INSANELY at the very sight of me, giving me quite a Satanic feel. 4. They'll ASSUME that all White Coat bearers are secret members of a sadistic asylum, ready to give INJECTIONS to all kids, no exception. Even when you show them your bare hands, the Left side of their brain would compel them to never submit, for it could be a devilish plan designed to trap the catch. 5. You would love the way they malinger. Presuming us all to be morons, they'll fight all ends making you believe that they DO have a stomach ache everyday before school. And that IT REALLY DOES HEAL after 8 a.m. They shall find all confounding factors to your fact-driven explanations to their Oscar winning acts, lest you reveal the better-known reasons behind. Well, for all these bundles of joy, who managed to get me falling with wards again... - Rupin Kumar A true salute for your Bravado in times good or bad!

Batch 2007 In association with





Life is a

CHALLENGE, face it ! Life I challenge you to try me, There was a man who failed in business in 1931, Was defeated for the legislature in 32, Failed in business again in 34, Lost the beloved in 35, Had a nervous breakdown in 36, Was defeated for congress in 43, Was defeated again for congress in 49, Was defeated for senate in 55, Was defeated in the vice-presidential elections in 58, But was elected President of America in 1960, The man was Abraham Lincoln; "Lincoln had faith in time and time has justified his faith. Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor". - Omprakash Paliwal Batch 2009

Doom me to unending pain, Hitch my hand, becloud my vision, Break my heart and then - again, Shatter every dream I have cherished, Fill my heart with ruthless fear; Follow every smile that cheers me, With a bitter, blinding tear. Thus I dare you, you can try me, Seek to make me cringe and moan, Still my unbound soul defies you,


If you are a journey,

Hold fast to dreams

I must complete it,

For if dreams die

If you are a battle,

Life is a broken-winged

I must finish you,


And if you are a race, I will win it,

That cannot fly.

I challenge you show me hurdles

Hold fast to dreams

I will make them my moral

For when dreams go

I will win you and show you dear

Life is a barren field Frozen with snow. - Varsha Gaur Batch 2012 In association with


I'll withstand you all alone !

If I try, can do the best. - Suhel Abbas Batch 2009


The Love Syndrome suppurative degeneration of heart LOVE : Love is defined as a fibrotic,

followed by loss of normal

architecture. ETIOLOGY : songs and movies. h High suspectibility of heart to romantic 1. es where normally girls found in hig oni col to re osu exp ive ess exc tor Environmental fac 2. concentrations. High blood concentration of emotions. 3. found in 2nd and 3rd decade of life. ntly ina dom pre but up gro age all in lly Age: norma 4. ll of PATHOGENESIS : rt on 'L-receptor' found in posterior wa hea the to ed ach att are e lov ses cau ich wh All factors in heart, necrosis and fibrosis nge cha us ato om nul gra to d lea and e right atria just below the SA nod finally. LAB. FINDING : is calcified finally (PAT-THAR and e rat ene deg n the and nth mo st fir at Grossly : Heart enlarges known as 'DILJALE ion dit con s thi nd fou o als is r sca g nin DIL appearance). In last stage bur uelae of love. Phenomenon' and is characteristic late seq tion in all 4 chambers this condition ula um acc id flu nt ule pur h wit nd fou are this Microscopic : Bleeding spots necrosis and leaking of fluid is found in into ns tur ich wh ' ase Ph YA AA R known as 'DIL-BHA end stage of pathology of love. is s thi and se' pha E KD TU E stage, known as 'DIL KE TUKD SIGN AND SYMPTOMS : Patient become unsocial. i) ia. Weakness, decreased awakeness, anorex ii) Intermittent heart pain. iii) HOON KE AANSU'. Bloody discharge from eye known as 'K iv) TREATMENT : . Prophylaxis is most effective and useful i) BRANDY, DESI gives Y, SK HI W , M RU e lik m for any Alcohol is Drug of choice, in ii) quick relief but beer is less effective. Some NGOs provide this kind of is'. ad has 'B and ' ors ikh ast 'M n wee Patient should kept in bet iii) OILERS - 09". environment and a leading NGO - is "SP CONTRA-INDICATION : Sad songs. - Hem Singh 1. in. aga nt age e sam to re osu exp Chairman, 'spoilers-09' ore M 2. In association with


Pencil Strokes ...

Ritu Agarwal Batch 2009

Harsha Makhija Batch 2010

Rinku Mahawar Batch 2011

Shashi Bala Batch 2009

Lakshya Bhardwaj Batch 2010

Tanveer Alam Khan (2009)

"All the religions of the world, while they may differ in other respects, unitedly proclaim that nothing lives in this world but truth" - Mahatma Gandhi In association with


Pencil Strokes ... Journey of a Doctor

In association with


Journey of an Engineer

Pencil Strokes ... Journey of a Doctor

Journey of an Engineer

In association with


- Piyush Kapoor Batch 2011 In association with


Samvad Pregnancy Vs. MBBS * * * * * * * * * * * * * * -

PREGNANCY Pre-requisite sexual intercourse after sperm selection ova implanted into uterus. Normal duration - 9 months. 1st month Amenorrhoea, diagnosis by urine pregnancy test. 2nd month morning sickness (nausea, vomiting) breakfast discomfort may be first trimester absorption 3rd month frequency of micturition 4th month time to check weight gain iron and folic acid started 5th month quickening felt progressive enlargement of uterus anomaly scan 6th month relaxed period - no discomfort. 7th month non-stress test 8th month mechanical discomfort enlargement of abdomen palpitation or dysponea following exertion 9th month lightening reappearance of frequency more pronounced foetal movement visit doctor for check-up every 2 weeks After 9th month labour I stage contraction of uterus II stage delivery of foetus III stage delivery of placenta IV stage waiting for 1 hour Outcome still birth low birth weight healthy Baby.

MBBS - academic intercourse - student implanted in medical college. * 9 Semesters * 1st Semester * Diagnosed by new faces, formals little bit of ragging. * 2nd Semester - home sickness - discomfort of exam - may be remand in first U.C. exam. * 3rd Semester - frequency of movies, birthday parties, picnics. * 4th Semester - time to check your books. - start learning subjects. * 5th Semester - emergency felt - progressively enlarging syllabus - II university examination. * 6th Semester - relaxed period - no stress to study. * 7th Semester - III university examination * 8th Semester - final year student - syllabus enlarged to maximum - palpitation starts by looking at Harrison. * 9th Semester - lightening in room all night - reappearance of stress of U.C. exam. - more pronounced anxious movement - visit professor for end posting every two weeks * After 9th month - University exam - Theory exam - Clinical exam - Viva exam - Waiting for result * Outcome - not passed - passed with grace marks - passed with distinction.

- Praveen Singh Charan Batch 2011 In association with



The College Picnic 2012

Bhangda paa Bhangda...

Dance like never before ...

Lets cheer this ever - energetic guy... Poswal Sir

Its time for a group pic


Heating up the indoor hall ..

The Sports week 2012

Raani... bach ke kahan jayegi.. !

The Volley Champs : Batch 09 In association with