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SENSORY ADDICTION SPRING INTO FESTIVAL SEASON! -Coachella -Warped Tour -Rocklahoma And more!

SHOW REVIEWS: -Vance Joy -We The Kings -H.I.M.

PLUS: New Music in April!

April 2014

Sensory Addiction Magazine Editor-In-Chief/Art Director: Nicky Parry Staff Writers: Nicky Parry, Priten Vora, Gregory Rothstein, Anna Terebelo Staff Photographers: Nicky Parry, Priten Vora, Gregory Rothstein, Anna Terebelo Special Thanks To: We The Kings, Crash The Party, This Century, Ashland, Vance Joy, Chelsey Northern, Atlantic Records, H.I.M., Coachella, Vans Warped Tour, Cassie Werner, Aesthetic Heart Promotions, 8123 Š2014 Sensory Addiction

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: Dear Readers, I can’t apologize enough for the delay of this issue. Things have been nuts on my end, but I still hate to have to delay the magazine’s release for anything. In case you didn’t know, I’m now on my own when it comes to content management, designing the magazine, and getting it out there. Kerstynn is no longer with the magazine and I’m officially looking for some help! (Preferrably in Southern California so we can meet in person to talk). But I can’t be anything less than grateful for the people I do have on staff as photographers and writers! They do a great job! It’s an extremely difficult task to manage this magazine on my own, especially when I have life issues getting in the way. But it’s what I have to do and so long as you continue to support us, I will plug along and get through it! I love this magazine and can’t wait to bring more to you! Your continued support means the world to me and I can’t wait to eventually meet all of you readers! In the meantime, message us on Facebook and let us know about bands you would like to see in the future! XoXo, Nicky Parry Editor-In-Chief/Art Director

What’s Inside... NEW MUSIC FOR APRIL p. 1 H.I.M. SHOW REVIEW p. 2

Spring Into Festival Season! p. 9

We The Kings Show Review p. 5 Vance Joy Show Review p. 13

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Martina McBride Everlasting


Paolo Natini Iron Sky EP


Neon Trees Pop Psychology

IRON SKY Paolo Natini Paolo Nutini could fulfill music fantasties. Thought provoking, sultry, and downright ear catching, Nutini has written musical perfection for his new EP, Iron Sky. The bluesy-jazzy brass gives Nutini the extra power to capture his listeners with emotional melodies. This EP is a great change of pace from what resembles the white noise of today’s radio waves. Iron Sky will take you across decades and across movie moments. Moments like sitting at a bar, and Nutini’s song comes on just as you catch that stranger’s eye and the stranger smiles. Paolo Nutini, with his raspy, sexy crooning, has a major hit with Iron Sky. Later on this year, he is set to release a full-length album. After hearing what Nutini is capable of in 5 tracks, we can only look forward to the future for more. 1

Recommended Tracks: Iron Sky, One Day


Miss May I Rise of the Lion



by: Gregory Rothstein

CHICAGO, IL.- It’s yet another cold day in Chicago or as we have begun to call it, Chiberia. As I go to grab my photo pass, I’m told it’s a sold out show - good, just how I like it. It is March 12th, 2014 and H.I.M. (with the support of Anathema) is playing at the House of Blues.

Cavanagh’s melodic voice soothes the crowd as brother and fellow guitarist Daniel dramatically plays to the crowd. The crowd jams with the bunch through their 45 minute set and once they leave the stage, that is when the real anticipation begins.

H.I.M. is one of those bands that has a cult I make my way to the photo pit and following; the type of band that will bring anxiously wait for the concert to get going. in a packed show no matter what venue For me it’s my first time seeing the band, for with a passionate crowd that will sing at the others, like this couple from Montana, it is top of their lungs, and being from Chicago, their 6th time seeing the Finland natives. we’ve been known to be a rambunctious crowd. 7PM hits and Liverpool’s Anathema takes the stage. For me this is my first time even The stage is set with all the equipment, hearing them. Their progressive rock sound nothing too unique from anything I have instantly reminds me of The Silversun seen before. H.I.M. is very modest about Pickups. The lights mesh perfectly with how their stage is set up. 8PM rolls around their sound, mainly blues with reds rolling and boy does the crowd roar as the band in from time to time. Lead singer Vincent files in. Gas on drums, Burton on the keys, 3

Mige on Bass, Linde on Guitar. Last but VISIT H.I.M. ON FACEBOOK: certainly not least is the man of the night, lead singer, Ville Valo. As Valo takes the stage you cannot help but notice the crowd become even louder. He paces around a couple steps, which leads to Gas counting off on the hi-hat as the band opens with “Buried Alive With Love” and the night can now get started. H.I.M.’s set is full of energy and passion from beginning to end. The best part is watching how they interact with each other and how you can tell that this band truly enjoys what they do. Relying on numerous singles from their time together the band plays through 16 songs without any dying down from the crowd. H.I.M. is a great band that truly relies on Valo’s melodic voice from song to song as he soothes the crowd, and for someone seeing them for the first time live, he (and the rest of the band) sounded as if they were playing studio versions of their songs. The crowd never died down throughout the night as they sang along to every song with no signs of quieting down. On this specific night the House of Blues remained true to their name as the lighting was mainly a nice blue that lit the stage. Until the final song came and glimmers of white light fill the venue as the band plays their final song, “The Funeral of Hearts.” No better song than a fan favorite to wrap up a very fun night. I would recommend seeing H.I.M. in a heartbeat to anyone. They are one of those few bands that can put out amazing studio albums and back it up with a phenomenal live show. Photos By: Gregory Rothstein


THE ART With We The Kings, OF this century, crash the party, TOUR and ashland


by: Priten Vora

point. They kicked off the night with much more energy than openers usually do, and it was very gratifying to see the crowd respond in kind.

BLOOMINGTON, IL - When you go into a concert with four bands on the lineup and you only know two, but walk out a fan of all four, you know it was something pretty Crash The Party came on next to special. The Art of Tour at the Castle Theatre kick off the tour lineup proper. They had in Bloomington, IL was just such a show. a very sweet-natured vibe to them We The Kings, This Century, Crash throughout their set, and quickly The Party, and local favorites endeared themselves to Ashland all put on very the audience. They had a good performances, but good energy to them, what made this show and the vocalist, Ian, truly memorable was would often lean just how good all of out to give highthese bands were fives or hold hands at interacting with with people. the crowd and Furthermore, making every they absolutely single person cemented feel special. themselves in Local band Ashland, who were not traveling with the tour, opened up the show. I’d seen them once before the previous summer when they had just picked up a new bassist in Zebulan Griffith, and seeing them open up for this tour was an entirely different experience. The confidence they had gained in the months since that first show was palpable, and they were clearly much more comfortable this time around having Zeb on the stage with them. Also, having played in Bloomington before, they already had a rapport with the crowd. Asia, the band’s vocalist, even called out a girl in the crowd by name at one 7

many people’s minds as a band to remember by playing a great cover of “Let It Go” from the recent Disney movie, Frozen. This Century was up next, and as seemed to be the general rule for everyone on this tour, took the crowd interaction up a notch. Vocalist Joel Kanitz seemed to perpetually be holding hands with at least one person in the crowd. The band cracked jokes both at each other and at the audience members. There were plenty of magical moments, from getting everyone to hold up their phones and lighters for a slow song to making a collective mass of hand hearts near the end of their set.

And finally, it was We The Kings’ turn. Even before they came on stage, fans got a sweet surprise announcement: the band would be using Google Glass to film the first song and would be using the footage in an upcoming music video. Every fan of a band dreams of being in a music video someday, and the audience absolutely erupted with joy when this particular announcement was made. By the time the band appeared on stage, the excitement was already boiling over, and like true pros, they harnessed it to the fullest. Their set was easily the most energetic of the night, and you could clearly see the sheer happiness on people’s faces as they danced and sang along with the band. I have to respect any band that can make their fans that happy with just their mere presence, and my hat is certainly tipped to We The Kings for their performance.

Photos By: Priten Vora


SPRING INTO FESTIVAL SEASON! The Drama State Previews of Upcoming Must-See Music Entities

Headline 4th Hometown ROCKVILLE Throwdown by: Nicky Parry

If you’re any way, shape, or form into the music scene, then you know about the very musical spring and summer seasons Snowy roads couldn’t keep people away ahead! There are many festivals for any from what promised to be one of the best music lover to attend! shows to close out a musically awesom 2013. From start to finish, the 4th, and COACHELLA final, Hometown Throwdown in Gas City, April 11-13,toApril IN proved be a18-20 treat for everyone who Coachella is the must braved the weather. see festival to kick off the 2014 season! Head out to the California desert foropened this musical monstrocity! With Portland the show with a strong electronic artists such Skrillex, to pop performance to get theascrowd moving. sensations Lorde and Lana Raywith and an Next up, Takers stormed theDel stage everything inpresence. between,When threethey dayscame in the in-your-face desert will go byno way too fast! Motorhead, onto the stage, one was really sure of Queens of the Stone Age, and Muse what to expect from this band. From are the there for all you rockers. PLUS, for the moment they came onstage, you could more indie CoachellaThey has feel the fire swayed they hadperson, for performing. Daughter,us The Head and the Heart, launched into some heavy beats and and much much more! very tastefully done screaming. Lead singer, Ryan Lloyd, really knew how to belt it. Part way through the set they even threw STAGECOACH trash bags full of balloons out into the April 25-27 crowd. Lloyd also took this a can of silly Country music loversone’s for string you! and blasted into the crowd, putting an Taking placeiton the Coachella grounds, end an unforgettable that makes you this to year’s Stagecoach is set headlined by Eric want to see what Takersand hasLuke in store for Church, Jason Aldean, Bryan. future These performances. mega country superstars are joined by Florida Georgia Line, Brantley Gilbert, Two more bands Takers and Hunter Hayes andseparated many more country headliners, The Drama State. Black For in artists to satisfy that cowboy or cowgirl Tomorrow played a lenghty, but powerful you! set, followed by the rowdy Southern Djentlemen, who had the crowd entranced from the get go. 41 9 by: Kerstynn Lane

April 26-27 The first in a long line of amazing rock When it was The Drama State’s turn, festivals, Rockville will take place in they launched intoFlorida, their set right away with Jacksonville, promising a fantastic some oldThe fanPretty favorites off their EP, Stories. line up. Reckless brings the So many in the crowd were dancing and female game, up against The Cult, Five singing along Punch, and really Finger Death andenjoying Korn. the good vibes.

CAROLINA During their setREBELLION they also played two new May 3-4 songs. The first was “1,2,3,4”, which proved Rebellion promises be the aCarolina crowd pleaser. The second, to although best jumpstart to thehit. hard rock lover’s untitled, was a major The Drama State music conquest, taking place in Charlotte, is a band that will definitely go far in the NC. This year, the festival will deliver future. performances by Rob Zombie, Avenged Sevenfold, Kid Rock, A Day To Remember, All bands really rocked out the Hometown and many more. Perfect for a parent and Throwdown and it was a pleasure to see child combo into the edgy rock scene. them perform! ROCK ON THE RANGE May 16-18 Ohio is no stranger to the music scene, especially when it comes to rock and roll. Get lost in the music of classic rock gods Guns N Roses, heavy hitters Avenged Sevenfold, and many other amazing performers.

Photos By: She Rock Photography




May 23-25 Ohio isn’t the only “O” state that rocks. Head to Oklahoma for a three day rock festival that will leave your ears ringing with rock and roll happiness for weeks. You’ve got Kid Rock, Staind, Twisted Sister, Black Label Society, Skid Row, and many, many more! This is definitely one rock festival you don’t want to miss!

June 13-August 3 What’s a summer music season without Warped Tour? With a line-up of over 100 acts, pop-punk and metal loving youths will be more than pleased. Must-see acts on this roster include Echosmith, Yellowcard, The Maine, The Story So Far, Issues, and The Devil Wears Prada. But don’t stop there! Get to those festival gates early, because they change the schedule daily! Don’t miss your favorite band on one of this summer’s most epic musical events!

BONNAROO June 12-15 Four days doesn’t seem like enough time to spend with this major music line up! Headling in Manchester, TN are Sir Elton John, Kanye, Jack White, Lionel Richie, Vampire Weekend, and the list goes on and on! This is one HOLY MOLY MOTHER of music festivals! 11

MAYHEM FESTIVAL July 5-August 10 Can’t make it to one of the aforementioned hard rock festivals? Check out Rockstar’s Mayhem Festival, touring the nation during the latter part of the summer. Avenged Sevenfold, Korn, and Asking

Alexandria are just some of the incredible acts announced for this musical madness!

LOLLAPALOOZA August 1-3 Chi-Town isn’t so shy about delivering a line up that will make your head go spinning! This year, Lolla will bring Eminem, OutKast, Arctic Monkeys, Foster The People, Lorde, Manchester Orchestra, to their stages to give people in Chicago the festival of a lifetime!




by: Anna Terebelo DETROIT, MI - My first reaction when arriving upon arrival to the Mind Over Matter tour was surprise by the amount of young people lining the streets to get into the venue. The demographic of the show was purely college age kids, while I was expecting more of a mix. However, I was not surprised later when I entered the venue and stood in the photo pit and looked back into the crowd to see a nearly full house. Vance Joy was the opener for the night. I had listened to his music in preparation for the night, but had otherwise not heard of him or his music. That was not the case for the rest of the crowd. When Vance Joy came on stage, the crowd instantly went wild. The energy of his music intertwined with the 13

raised voices from the crowd definitely set the tone for the rest of the night. Young the Giant fed off the energy still lingering from their opener. The venue was literally shaking from the amount of energy in the room. For a band that has been around for 10 years now, Young the Giant seemed as new and fresh as ever. The band played a fair mixture of old songs and those off their new album Mind Over Matter, which was released in January this year. It was a very enjoyable show, as both bands braved the cold as they continued their touring route on the path to South by Southwest. Photos By: Anna Terebelo


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