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The Sea Koh Samui Boutique Villas Condominiums Lease hold Free hold Completely furnished Foreigner freehold quota available


Government Recruits Foreign Assistance Samui's newly elected government recently announced the appointment of Mr. Noel Kelly as an adviser and liaison officer to help build co-operation and spread information to foreign residents on samui regarding the island's growth and development.

the resources or the staff to act immediately on all the problems facing this island. We have to get the planning right first and look at the best way to deal with issues like infrastructure. We need the right strategies and that means communicating and co-operating with people, organizations and even other governments outside Thailand. A number of good ideas are already being applied and I want to make sure people not only know what is planned, but what has and already is being done to improve Samui."

Mr. Kelly has many years experience as a diplomat in various parts of Asia and also owns a successful recruitment company for government offices in his native Australia. He has been resident on Samui for 3 years and played a key role in setting up and organizing the volunteer Tourist Police division here, which is staffed largely by foreigners and thanks to his influence now includes women officers.

Samui residents with genuine questions or suggestions for the local government can contact noel by email at

Part of his brief as adviser is to build stronger links between the Mayor's office and the resident foreign community. He is also looking into forming strategic international alliances and setting up skills exchange programmes with the regional Australian authorities to help bring more investment and knowledge to the island. "I'm still learning the ropes," he said, "but the Mayor and the officials I work with here are very keen to make real progress on the island, so I hope we can build a strong foundation together." Mr. Kelly has already helped address a number of issues concerning foreigners, including providing advice and assistance to a woman who called him when a section of her house collapsed due to faulty construction. Part of his role will also be to open the lines of communication. To that end, he plans to develop the government websites in English, provide regular press releases and invite members of local expat and business organizations to meetings at the local government offices to provide regular reports and updates. "People have a right to want things done now," said Mr.Kelly, "but the government has neither


Thai Property Still A Sound Investment rely on mortgage providers to approve loan applications or allow a purchase to go ahead.

According to property experts and industry publications like Thailand Property Report, despite global concerns, property prices in Thailand are not falling as fast as predicted and savvy investors are taking advantage of low interest rates as an alternative to seeking yields from financial products.

In addition, a tightening of supply could further support the market in all areas because those who buy properties for yield and hold it are effectively removing that property from the market, which could be a very important factor as Credit shortages have certainly affected the oversupply has traditionally kept prices down. housing markets in the West, but in Thailand yields are still the primary focus with many cash A tightening of the rental market will further push rich investors looking for a return from their up yields for owners and prop up prices. property, especially through structured, Well-capitalized developers will therefore be in a guaranteed rental returns. With a number of good position with less new projects and less reputable companies now offering attractive competition. rental guarantees, potential buyers feel confident that their investment is secure and working for For the would-be buyer, experts believe now is a good time to take advantage of the market. them. Although prices have not fallen, they have Few foreign owned properties are subject to certainly leveled out and the potential for yields mortgages, so there are no forced liquidations remains high. and potential buyers in Thailand do not have to



Koh Samui Property

Market Update By Rodney Waller, Business Development Director, Lynx Developments.

At times like these, with the world economy in meltdown, we must put things into perspective and get back to basics. The most important thing to remember in any business, property included, is that something is worth only what someone is prepared to pay for it. Price is determined at the point where the interests and expectations of buyer and seller coincide.

since the Asian crisis in 1997, but it is suffering the indirect effects of imprudent lending practices in developed economies. The financial crisis is now moving into the stage where the effects are being felt in the real economy: people are losing their jobs, home values are falling, home equity is being eroded, people are struggling to meet existing monthly repayments and wealth is being systematically diminished.

At the moment we are witnessing a disparity in expectations between buyers and sellers in the resort property market. There is a gap between the price sellers are willing to sell and the price buyers are willing to buy. Transaction volume is not only low because of fewer buyers; it is low also because of this expectation gap. A typical Thai national does not have the disposable income to be able to pay 6 million Baht per Rai (USD 170,000 / Rai (1600 sq metres) for an average plot of coconut plantation land or 20 million Baht for a luxury villa. Foreigners do. The resort property market on Koh Samui has therefore traditionally been dependent on foreign purchasers, investors and owner-occupiers. It has also relied heavily on Europeans and expatriates in Asia.

The UK home owner who refinanced their primary residence to buy a second home in Spain, only to find prices of both assets in free fall, is in no mood to be prodigal with money or go shopping for more real estate. There are still buyers in the market. However, buyers that have discretionary income to spend on luxury resort property whether British, Russian or Indian - are looking for bargains. They are scouring the market for properties that represent real value for money and prices that are substantially reduced from last year. Potential buyers are also wondering why they should buy now when they can defer the investment for six months and buy at even lower prices. Whether this is true or not is irrelevant perception is reality.

The economies of practically every developed nation in the world are either going through one of the worst recessions in history, or about to fall into it, and this is severely affecting foreigners’ ability and inclination to buy properties, especially vacation homes. Thailand’s banking industry has been prudent in its lending practices

Sellers on the other hand are struggling to come to terms with the new reality. Some sellers are still reminiscing the days when they could buy land for 4 million Baht, invest another 5 million Baht on villa construction cost and sell on retail for 20 million (USD 570,000). Those days are gone, for now. Other sellers are still pricing in


Thai Baht reminiscent of the days when Sterling bought 70 Baht, whereas it buys just 50 today. The market has not just seen capital values decline. It has shifted. In recessionary times like these, we are living in a new paradigm. Sellers must adjust to this paradigm if they want to sell into it. Prices must reflect the new reality. Prices must fall to meet the new market and the different perceptions of the buyers in this new market. In Hong Kong, for example, one developer has taken the unprecedented step of slashing prices on properties that have already been sold in order to avoid clients defaulting on payments. To sell property in this climate, there must be obvious value for the buyer. The buyer in these troubled times wants to be rewarded for shopping, or he will remain a window shopper. No-one is sure how long these challenging times will last so buyers want to be sure they are being smart with their money and buying properties that will clearly be worth more when markets recover. Buyers entering the market now are timing their entry and awaiting reversionary capital growth. So if you are a buyer, look around and do your research to make sure you are buying value. If you are a seller, do your research to make sure asking prices offer obvious value based on today’s economic climate, not last years. Sellers must also fully recognise that they are in a buyer’s market, which means that there is substantially more supply than demand and the reduced number of buyers therefore have more negotiation power. If buyers are


US-denominated, the recent strength of the dollar against the Baht is making properties cheaper by the week, although who knows how long this will last. Samui has one main characteristic that has insulated the market to some extent from the type of price declines seen in the US and European economies. Most property owners here are not struggling to repay Thai mortgages on their resort properties because there are no mortgages. Their purchases were made with cash. So when market commentators speak of ‘no major correction’ in the Samui market, it means that sellers are either not in the position where they are forced to sell or reluctant to lower their prices in order to sell. However, selective bargains are available in those cases where owners must sell to cover other investment losses in their home countries, or where developers are suffering problems with cash flow. Samui is also one of the most beautiful places in the world to ride out a recession, while enjoying exceptionally low costs of living. And it is still possible to buy a luxury 3-bedroom private pool villa with ocean views for less than a cramped, windowless shoebox apartment in London or Hong Kong. For the latest property information or investment opportunities email


Arbitration: Procedural Matters One of the advantages of arbitration when compared to litigation is that arbitration is more flexible and to a large extent the parties can determine suitable procedures to determine their dispute; in litigation the parties have very little say in how a court case will be carried out.

such as the United Nations; these require the tribunal and not the publishing body to administer the arbitration and do not specify the arbitrators’ fees; it is left to the arbitrators and the parties to agree the fees to be paid to the arbitrators. Arbitration Law

Once the parties have determined what procedures they would like to adopt for the case, e.g. language, venue, number and qualification of arbitrators etc. they should record these in the arbitration agreement. It is also common for the parties to record in the agreement the arbitration rules under which the arbitration will be conducted and the law that will govern the arbitration. Institutional Arbitration Rules Most jurisdictions have arbitral institutions that publish their own arbitration rules, e.g. The Thai Arbitration Institute etc. There are also international arbitration institutions that publish arbitration rules, e.g. the International Chamber of Commerce. Rules published by arbitral institutions require that institute to administer the arbitration and charge a fee for this service; these fees and the level of service provided by the institutions can vary considerably. The rules also specify the fees paid to the arbitrators; these fees may be on a fixed hourly rate or be a percentage of the amount in dispute. The specified arbitrators’ fees vary considerably between arbitral institutions.

Most jurisdictions have laws governing the conduct of arbitrations; in Thailand this is The Arbitration Act B.E. 2545 (2002). Arbitration laws also dictate default procedures for arbitrations, e.g. number of arbitrators, how they are to be appointed etc. and other matters such as enforcement procedures. Many countries have recently updated their arbitration laws based fully or partially on a publication prepared by the United Nations referred to as the UNCITRAL Model Law on Arbitration. Not all arbitration laws are the same, e.g. under Thai law the tribunal cannot award legal fees in its award unless there is an agreement between the parties to this effect. Conclusion

Parties should be aware they can choose different arbitration rules and laws for their disputes but should also be aware these may vary considerably and have a significant effect on the manner in which the arbitration is conducted and the cost of the arbitration. When considering or negotiating arbitration agreements professional advice should be sought to avoid Arbitration rules provide default procedural any unwelcome surprises at a later date. procedures in case the parties fail to specify these in the arbitration agreement, e.g. how the tribunal will be established etc. They also specify For more information of arbitration and time limits in which the parties and the tribunal dispute management contact the offices of are to perform certain functions such as the Charndell submission of documents and the publication of 02 514 9170 to 71 the award. Ad-hoc Arbitration Rules Ad-hoc arbitration rules are published by bodies



Developer’s Accountability to Marketing Materials. In “Off-Plan” property transactions, the foreign investor is committing a substantial financial investment to the property developer on the strength of assurances made in marketing materials such as brochures, computer simulations and scale models of the intended project. Such marketing materials are often embellished by verbal and written assurances made by the developer and sales agents to entice the investor into committing to the project. Careful steps must be taken by the foreign investor to ensure that the developer delivers on the representations made in marketing materials and verbal or written assurances made to the foreign investor. Christian Glanville, Partner in the law firm Belmont Limcharoen (Samui), which recently announced its name change to Limcharoen Hughes & Glanville, examines steps that a foreign investor can take to ensure that a property developer is contractually obliged to deliver on its promises. Recent changes to the Condominium Act which came into effect on 4th July 2008, provide considerable assistance to foreign investors who buy condominium units “Off-Plan”. All condominium developers must now lodge all marketing materials used in the promotion of the project with the condominium manager who in turn is responsible for ensuring that the completed condominium complies with all of the materials.

As a general rule, all important verbal representations or assurances made in e-mail exchanges or other written correspondence by the property developer or its agents should be expressly incorporated into the terms of the sales contracts so as to minimize any ambiguity as to what was agreed between the parties. For example, a verbal assurance made by the developer that the developer will “do its best” to provide a second allocated parking space to the foreign investor, should be transposed to the sales contracts and become a contractual obligation. Furthermore, the contractual provision should set out in clear terms what is required of the developer in order to discharge its obligation to “do its best”. The foreign investor should retain a copy of all correspondence and communications with the developer, which may be required as evidence as to what was agreed in the event of a later dispute. Although it is not practical to attach all emails to a contract, a record of those representations should be retained, and condensed into an attachment or included in the contract itself.

Whilst recent changes to the Condominium Act only provide statutory assistance to foreign investors who acquire condominium units, the negotiation of the terms of the sales contracts with the developer can provide significant protection to a foreign investor in all real estate transactions, depending upon the willingness of the property Detailed plans of the property should also be developer to negotiate terms. Negotiation can also attached to the sales contract and the sales reveal the extent of the truth in the representations contract should clearly state that the attached made.


plans form an integral part of the sales contracts. The plans should clearly identify all aspects of the target property; including a front, rear and side elevation plan; the dimensions and layout of each floor and a detailed plan of any common property or landscaped areas and the location of the property within the project or building. A detailed specification of the materials used in the construction and finishing of the property should also be attached to and form an integral part of the sales contract. The specifications should include the size, type, kind, style, model, brand and colour of all materials to be used in construction and fit out. For example, if the property developer promised a 32 Inch Flat Panel LCD Television then this should be clearly stipulated in the specifications. It is important that the terms of the sales agreement provide appropriate sanctions against the developer in the event that the completed property does not conform with the plans or specifications. It is also important that the sales contract does not fetter or restrict the property developer’s discretion to make reasonable and necessary changes to the plans as required by a relevant authority, or to allow the developer to use substitute materials of an equal or better quality in the event that the materials stipulated in the specifications are unavailable.

The advertising and marketing materials may show an immaculate hilltop residence, but independent enquiries outside the terms of the sales contracts must be made to ensure that the construction plans are viable within the budget proposed by the developer, and to further ensure that any specialist machinery or skills required to achieve any construction are available in the local market. In summary, careful examination and negotiation of the sales contracts must be made to ensure that the property developer is contractually obliged to honour any representations or assurances made in marketing materials or verbal assurances made to the foreign investor. This article was written by Christian Glanville, Partner of Limcharoen Hughes & Glanville (formerly known as Belmont Limcharoen (Samui)) for further information, please contact our Koh Samui offices on 07 724-6188 or e-mail Other offices located in Bangkok, Phuket and Ho Chi Minh City.

The terms of the sales contracts should provide for comprehensive inspection rights permitting the foreign investor to appoint an independent surveyor to carry out a thorough inspection of the property and to provide an opinion as to whether or not the building has been constructed in accordance with the marketing materials, plans and specifications. The survey should also ensure that there are no structural defects or snagging items which may require costly repair. The payment of the final instalment of the purchase price to the developer should be conditional upon a satisfactory survey result. The foreign investor’s bargaining power diminishes considerably once all the purchase price instalments have been paid to the property developer.



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Welcome to this edition of Samui Phangan Real Estate Magazine. Global economic concerns may be causing a slow down in the Thai property market, but developers continue to build and investors are already finding new ways to benefit from changing conditions. Diversity is one of the keys to success, and our magazine reflects that in its content, not only offering a wide range of topics and areas of interest, but also a choice of languages with Chinese now being added to the legal section. This month, we focus on positive changes planned for Samui and also look at one of the island's most stunning residences Samudra. There's a feature about our new interactive website, as well as regular sections and articles to keep our readers informed and updated. We trust you will find the latest issue of Samui Phangan Real Estate both interesting and useful. Read on...

                                   



Dream Properties Development Real Estate Architecture Managment Koh Samui

Dream Properties Development Real Estate Architecture Managment Koh Samui

Dream Properties Development Real Estate Architecture Managment Koh Samui

Dream Properties Development Real Estate Architecture Managment Koh Samui

Samui Prestige Homes The Place Town House

Samui Prestige Homes The Place Town House

Samui Prestige Homes The Place Town House Villas Exclusive agenta for Samui’s most Prestigious Beachfont Development

Samui Prestige Homes The Place Town House Villas Exclusive agenta for Samui’s most Prestigious Beachfont Development

Samui Prestige Homes The Place Town House Villas Exclusive agenta for Samui’s most Prestigious Beachfont Development

Samui Prestige Homes The Place Town House Villas Exclusive agenta for Samui’s most Prestigious Beachfont Development

The Emerald Tongson

JMan Marina Co Ltd Mobile: +66 (o) 8 1893 5996 Email:

0% Finance options available 8/10 Moo 5 Bophut Koh Samui 84320 Thailand

Townhouse in Ban Rak


Beautiful two bedroom townhouse in Ban Rak • • • • • • • • •

Great Location, close to all Island Amenities Master Bedroom with on suite bathroom Large Living Room and separate bathroom Kitchen Small Garden & car parking area All rooms air-conditioned 100m to the beach Government Water and Electric at normal rates Perfect for office, Home or both

For More Information Call: 08 9772 1589 38

Koh Samui Map Living on Samui Shopping Personal Profile Developer Profile


DMA Development Management

Bam Buh


Living on Samui There is a fast growing expatriate community on Koh Samui, with people moving from Europe and beyond to escape the stresses of western life. Thailand is known as one of the most welcoming countries in the world and as Koh Samui has developed over the years it has gradually begun to offer all the comforts of home, but in a tropical island location. Living on Samui is easy; the island now offers a range of excellent locations for shopping, including two large, well stocked supermarkets: Tesco Lotus and Tops. In fact, with all the modern conveniences now available it's sometimes easy to forget you are in Thailand at all. New shopping malls and entertainment centres are on the way, and Western treats like good wine and imported food that foreign residents may have once missed, are now readily available. People who live on Samui enjoy a vast choice for wining, dining and entertainment. Thai food of course abounds, and is both tasty and extremely good value. There is also a huge choice of international cuisine with everything from fine French cuisine to fast food chains. For those who like drinking and socializing, many Western style pubs and clubs not only serve local alcoholic drinks but also offer many favourite international brands. A number of bars also show live international sporting events, so it's possible to enjoy a cold beer in the sun whilst watching your favourite football team play in the cold wind and rain back home. Of course Thailand wouldn't be the same without its people. It is mainly because of their friendly nature that foreign visitors keep coming back and end up living on Samui. Most local people speak a certain amount of English, which means that speaking Thai is not necessary, although life becomes much easier if you do make the effort. Don't expect tobe living an authentic Thai life though; around 80 percent of the population on the island is made up of visitors or expats. Samui is fast becoming a comfortable, sophisticated haven in the sun, but it is also important to remember that there are significant cultural differences that may cause frustration. Local people enjoy a relaxed approach to life, and this can take some getting used to. As long as you are prepared to meet the local people half way, living on their tropical island can be a pleasure indeed.



Gypsy Lamp size : H 160 cm. From Eternal flame Samui M: 089 772 1589 Price: 5,500 Baht

Bird cage From Eternal flame Samui M: 089 772 1589 Price: 1,350 Baht The Vintage Candle Holder size : 50x50x120H (Black Chrome) From Oriental Living Tel. 077 247 675 If you have any new products to display in our magazine please contact Samui-Phangan magazine sales.


Hand Made Wooden Hanging Lamp From Eternal flame Samui M: 089 772 1589 Available in color: White,Green,Red

Candelabra size : H 160 cm. From Eternal flame Samui M: 089 772 1589 Price: 4,300 Baht

The Zen painting : size : 140x140 cm. From Oriental Living Tel. 077 247 675 43


Standing by Samui

Steve Earl from Lighthouse Creative Koh Samui has become well known for its stunning beaches, nightlife and quality properties. Consequently, a growing list island personalities are perfectly content with calling it home. This small island is fortunate to benefit from a number of locals and expats who have managed to keep pessimism at bay and look to the future on Samui with plenty of hope. Many feel that it's because of this colourful breed of inhabitants that Samui continues to enjoy prosperity and success. This issue, Samui Phangan Real Estate continues our spotlight on some of these residents with thoughts from Steve Earl, an English Scotsman and expat, who tells us why Samui’s got it all.

in brainstorming meetings with the big markers and a pad,” Steve says about his past working life. “We did huge accounts like Standard Life, Absolute Vodka, Highland Spring, Calor Gas and Burger King, to name just a few.” On Samui, he aims to provide similar levels of professionalism, no matter how large or small the client. "We have developed a name for ourselves on Samui by offering top-end professional services for a fraction of what you might pay in Bangkok or further afield, "he explained. " We have won many accounts from big Bangkok ad agencies and are currently working on Samui projects such as Lime Samui and Napa Samui. Much of our work comes from overseas and I attribute this in part to our survival here. We are not so immediately affected by local or even national issues here in Thailand. This year, however, will not be particularly easy for anyone and we all need to get used to living with less.”

Steve Earl first arrived on Koh Samui in 2000 as a passing tourist looking to complete a Divemaster course while on a round-the-world ticket. His love of the tropical life and Thailand’s culture proved too strong and he soon returned to live here from his native land. “Thailand is definitely my home now, I like the country, the people, the food and the weather. I’m able to relax here, but unable to find that back in the When asked about his home life, Steve said that he is UK. I feel that society there is seriously declining as a a family man at heart. With a wife and 3 kids, the whole." youngest being 6, he has little time for many of Samui’s activities. However, he added that doing Steve is a graphic designer and has been working for anything together as a family is what he likes best. six years, self-employed at his company Lighthouse “Anything here with some healthy competition appeals Creative with offices in Lamai. The clientele for to me and the great thing about having a six year old Lighthouse Creative is mainly top end Real Estate is that I now get to win lots, though I know my days are firms. This however was not by design but by the type numbered.” of customers walking in the door. He formerly trained in the design industry in the UK and worked Steve believes that despite its rapid growth and the predominantly as an illustrator and visualiser for current market slowdown, Koh Samui still has much to advertising agencies. “I was one of the guys who sat offer. "The lifestyle here is great, " he said, "and the


peace and quiet. Despite all of the commercialism of the past years, Samui has still retained its charm. It’s received its fair share of negative publicity but for me Samui is bigger than anything people could ever build or do here. I can ignore the eye sores, just look the other way, there’s always a private piece of paradise to be had somewhere nearby.” Steve has no desire to leave the island and return home. His refusal to do so, even for a visit, over the past eight years may be a true testament to that. “I know it’s not perfect here but I can’t think of


anywhere else I’d rather be", he added. "As far as Samui’s future is concerned, I think it is inevitable, considering the island and its location that things will work out fine here in the end. I’m optimistic and feel that things can only get better." Steve accepts that there will be times when progress may be hindered or delayed, but ultimately this will be for the betterment of the island. Working with many of the local developers has given him an insight into the development of the island and in most cases he says people honestly care about the welfare of Samui and its environment. "Yes, they want to make money," he said, "but they are not totally lacking in conscience and are aware of their responsibilities. Of course there are bad eggs, but in my experience they are rarely successful here, and if they are, everyone soon knows who they are.”

SAMUI VILLAS & HOMES Estate Agency Holiday Villas Construction Thailand Property Awards

SAMUI VILLAS & HOMES Estate Agency Holiday Villas Construction Thailand Property Awards

SAMUI VILLAS & HOMES Estate Agency Holiday Villas Construction Thailand Property Awards

SAMUI VILLAS & HOMES Estate Agency Holiday Villas Construction Thailand Property Awards

SAMUI VILLAS & HOMES Estate Agency Holiday Villas Construction Thailand Property Awards

SAMUI VILLAS & HOMES Estate Agency Holiday Villas Construction Thailand Property Awards DHEVATARA


Luxury Villa Details Location: 90 meters above sea level on the first hill behind Bophut Village, 5 minutes drive from Bophut, 10 minutes from Tesco Lotus and 15 minutes from the Airport and Chaweng Beach Outlook:

All rooms enjoy stunning, unobstructed, panoramic sea views over Chong Mon, Bophut, Meanam and Koh Phangan Island

Building: Approximately 400 square meters, completed September 2005, extensively expanded and improved 2007 Land: 1,200 square meters (Nor Sor Sam Gor title) with fully landscaped gardens including natural rock features and private parking for 4 cars Bedrooms: 5 air conditioned bedrooms all with private bathrooms and spectacular sea views, 3 with large baths in addition to separate showers Living Area: 65 square meter open plan air conditioned kitchen, living and dining room with stunning sea views Pool: 12 x 5.5 meter infinity edge swimming pool with DE filtration system Foyer: Grand entrance through electrically operated antique Chinese doors onto upper deck with panoramic sea views

Guest amenities: bathroom with shower 53

Large separate guest

Function Rooms: Gym/study/store room with on suite bathroom and an additional secure storage room

Staff Quarters: Separate large maids’ quarters with on suite bathroom and laundry Outdoor Areas: Huge open-air deck with outdoor dining and entertainment areas on two levels

Electronics: Remotely control scene lighting for all outdoor, garden and living room lights, a full burglar and fire alarm system, remote entrance opening station and intercom between main rooms Furnishings: The house is being sold fully furnished with top quality modern tropical style furniture

Total bathrooms: 8 (including maids’ quarters)


This house represents the epitome of tropical luxury living. It has been furnished to the highest possible standard by the owner/occupier who is reluctantly selling due to a change in family circumstances. Besides being a wonderful personal home it is also well suited to generate considerable rental income with its large number of bedrooms, separate maids’ quarters and secure storage areas for the owner’s personal belongings.

Asking price THB 35,000,000 Please call Carl Meerveld on 08 7280 3838 161/15, Moo 1, Bophut, Koh Samui, Surat Thani 84320 Thailand

The Team that works with Developers and

The Exim Studio’s Team of European and Thai experts have many years of experience in Design and Construction that can address your needs from concept to completion, we provide you with a turnkey solution by coordinating and supervising all parties involved in the your project with reports via on-site meetings, email or internet webcam conference. 56

Individuals in making their dreams a reality. With 25 years experience in construction in Europe as well as designing and producing high-quality furniture for export from Thailand, we can address all your needs including interior design, construction and provide the finished and furnished property.

For more information please visit our website or contact us directly Tel. +66 (0) 818 11 5336 634/11 soi Ramkamheang 39 (theplia 1) Ramkamheang Rd., Kwang Wangthonglang Kiet Wangthonglang, Bangkok 10310 Thailand. 57

BAMBUH Sale & Rent

Ameraliving Koh Samui where lifestyle invites investment



Masterpieces Bringing together a deep appreciation of art, nature and design seems to come instinctively for Alan Kozlowski.

The American born

multi-media artist has proven his successes in a number of creative areas. This list includes film, photography, and music. More recently he has been accredited with some of Koh Samui's most beautiful properties. Alan and his wife didn’t intentionally endeavour to







“developers”, but fell into the role through a chance meeting and the magic lure of the island. While on his way to Tibet in 2001, he


had a chance encounter with John and Karina As




projects, Alan


Stewart, owners of Kamalaya, the award considered the topography of the area and winning wellness and healing retreat in Laem spent a long time getting to know the layout and Set. At this time, the resort was only in its feel of the property, spending time camping and concept stages, but the ideology behind it learning about the natural cycles that occur struck a chord with Alan and when the chance within its borders. After spending time in arose he seized the opportunity to buy adjacent harmony with the scenery, he subdivided the land into 9 plots, keeping two of them equalling

land. Thus, Mudra Samui was born.

almost 4 rai on which to build Samudra. Samudra,







breathtakingly beautiful estate set on land that In 2005, building work commenced on the encompasses some of Samui's most amazing project with completion almost exactly 2 years features,




rocky later in 2007. Samudra, Sanskrit for Ocean,

outcrops, white sand beach and sunset views.

consists of 8 bedrooms, 3 kitchens, 3 living


rooms, 3 screening rooms, a beach yoga sala and a private beach with boat launching facilities and exquisite swimming pool. Each of the living areas contains unique, mainly antique pieces and fittings with many symbolizing the spiritualism that Alan himself is akin to. The Garden Suite was designed and even positioned in alignment with the Buddhist temple on the far point of the property, while other






accordance with the arc of the sun or situation of neighbouring islands. The main room nearest the pool has a full wall built from a century old Balinese Temple, imported and rebuilt with astonishing results and overlooking the pool with a view of the sea. Throughout the compound, extraordinary imported and hand crafted features predominate. The hardwood floors in the Balinese Temple and deck surrounding the Octagonal room were created out of Takian wood reclaimed from a boatyard in the South of Thailand, while other flooring was recycled from Ayutthaya. In addition, huge slabs of Kanchaniburi stone were laid and used throughout the development, adding to the natural beauty with walkways, platforms and attractive borders. Each doorway and window frame was specially selected and imported from a variety of sources around the globe including, India, China and Indonesia. Careful planning and a large degree of skill and experience was necessary at each step of the design, transportation and assembly to bring these pieces from their origin through


to completion. A master set of carpenters from found it hard to manage with a child," he Chiang Mai spent two years working diligently explained. "Eighty steps connect the separate to complete the task adding the final touches to buildings and with its overhanging decks it may not be considered an ideal family home."

the property.

Alan built a small studio onsite and dedicated Samudra quickly replaced the hillside property his time to oversee each step of the process, as the one the family would be spending most which, he explains, evolved organically. The of their time in, but the love and devotion that property does not only have historic charm, but went into the creation of all the properties is also fitted out with cutting-edge, modern explains why the ambience they exude is amenities. One of the cinema rooms is nothing short of sublime. “We feel that we’ve octagonal and a high-definition projector sends built something that is timeless," added Alan. images to a 4 metre wide screen with a 5.1 "You can connect with people in a different way surround sound system.

Along with Mudra here. It’s harmony with nature."

and Samudra Samui, Alan has now also completed another magical property set nearby Described by many as truly inspired, in a way in the hills of the Nagalaya community. This most people would label a work of art rather property is called The Waterfall Villa and is than a house, both of these unique properties aptly named due to the free flowing waterfall could be considered masterpieces. They will dropping over a 14 metre granite boulder into a suit the right collector… should the right one plunge pool in the centre of the living area. come along. Similar to Samudra, the property is designed to blend with nature using the contours of the For more information on the Waterfall Villa, land. Every room of this 1500 square metre Mudra or Samudra please contact property has stunning sea views, while paying homage to the rock that lies at its core. Alan's use of all-natural materials adds to the enchantment of the residence. Waterfall Villa was originally built with the intention of it being a home away from home, but Alan and his wife then discovered that an additional family member would be joining them with the birth of their daughter Lily. “As much as we love this house, we appreciate it is not for everyone and with the birth of our daughter, we


Horizon Homes Real Estate Company Proud To Be A Member Of Leading Real Estate Companies Of The World Koh Saui Suratthani Thailand

Horizon Homes Real Estate Company Proud To Be A Member Of Leading Real Estate Companies Of The World Koh Saui Suratthani Thailand

Horizon Homes Real Estate Company Proud To Be A Member Of Leading Real Estate Companies Of The World Koh Saui Suratthani Thailand

Horizon Homes Real Estate Company Proud To Be A Member Of Leading Real Estate Companies Of The World Koh Saui Suratthani Thailand

Horizon Homes Real Estate Company Proud To Be A Member Of Leading Real Estate Companies Of The World Koh Saui Suratthani Thailand

Horizon Homes Real Estate Company Proud To Be A Member Of Leading Real Estate Companies Of The World Koh Saui Suratthani Thailand

Horizon Homes Real Estate Company Proud To Be A Member Of Leading Real Estate Companies Of The World Koh Saui Suratthani Thailand

Horizon Homes Real Estate Company Proud To Be A Member Of Leading Real Estate Companies Of The World Koh Saui Suratthani Thailand

Horizon Homes Real Estate Company Proud To Be A Member Of Leading Real Estate Companies Of The World Koh Saui Suratthani Thailand

Horizon Homes Real Estate Company Proud To Be A Member Of Leading Real Estate Companies Of The World Koh Saui Suratthani Thailand


ocean eleven 24 Moo 4, Bophut, Bangrak Beach, Koh Samui Suratthani 84320 Thailand Restaurant Tel +66 77 245 134 Residence Tel/Fax +66 77 961 784 74

Phathong Residence

ผาทอง เรสซิเดนส์

Houses for Rent/Sale

Secure, private complex(near Samui airport), large communal, swimming pool, gym, sauna, 1-4 bedroom houses, several brand new, fully furnished, some with sea view.

Rent starts from 9,000.- per month

Sale starts from 4 Million THB (House&Land). References available from existing clients.

All direct from owner- smooth transaction guaranteed. Contact: Khun Jeed, Mobile + 66(0) 89 813 5715

Phathong Residence 23/3 moo 4, Bophut, Koh Samui, Suratthani 84320. Thailand ,www.


Plantation Heights Luxury Seaview Homes Koh Samui Thailand

Plantation Heights Luxury Seaview Homes Koh Samui Thailand


3 Storey House For Sale

Splendid 3 Storey property located in a quiet residential area only 10 Minutes from the beach.Situated within a large walled garden featuring a superb15 x 4 Mt Swimming Pool and a sand washed terrace. Comprising: 7 A/C Bedrooms, 8 Bathrooms, with tubs, separate showers + extra w.cs. Flexible property with many options, perfect for a large family, or as a small guest house. Partially furnished plus central ceiling fans installed throughout. Large parking area with space for 5 Vehicles.

Information Type: 3 Storey 7 Bedroom House with Pool Zone Area: South Location: Namuang Land Area: 0 Rai 3 Ngan 52 Sqw: Approx: 328 SqM Floor Area: 680 SqM Access: Public road Title: Chanot Price: 33000000 THB M:+66( 0) 8 9772 1589 78

Main Feature Building a Home Building Regulations Property Developments Commercial Properties


IMPROVING SAMUI After years of neglect and poor management, Koh Samui is at a turning point. The island is looking to a fresh administration and a new Mayor to correct the mistakes of the past. Visible improvements all around the island are slowly emerging, while more measures are in the planning phase. It's make or break time for the island's infrastructure and the new local government is keen to get the job done. Since the election battle of 2008, many promises have been made to island residents as Samui matured from a provincial municipality towards full city status. Recent changes have prompted hope but deep suspicion remains in some quarters. Rapid development has left the newly elected officials with a mountain of problems to address, including some that will require a complete new start. The results of action taken now will either see Samui become a sustainable, successful tourist and residential destination or push it

over the edge. Water, electricity, waste management and roads are among a long list of priorities in urgent need of attention. Human Resources The newly elected Mayor, Khun Ramnet Jaikwang has brought together a team of leaders, including a foreigner, to advise him on the issues that are currently affecting the entire community and pose a serious threat to the island’s future. Noel Kelly, an Australian national, brings his previous experience in diplomatic services and success in multinational business to the table. It is hoped his knowledge and experience will shed some new light on how to approach the range of problems that urgently require attention. The administration has begun the massive task of prioritizing many of the key issues, and while many improvements are already being seen, there will also be a period of


assessment and planning while the new leaders come to grips with the reorganisation and procedures that now see Samui more closely connected with Bangkok. “The change in administration is the first important step in a new approach,� explains Muenslip Poolsawat, also known as Khun Sinn, key advisor to the Lord Mayor. "Understanding the problems on a close level is something that the new administration can do very well." The mayor is native to Hua Thanon and his grass roots knowledge provides a more intimate understanding of the predicaments facing the island. This local experience is further reflected with most of his team and the Mayor believes such inside knowledge is key to successful action. However the implementation of practical solutions remains vital.

annual budget proposal and upon approval will reach the streets in the coming year. Websites in a number of languages will also update residents, business owners and anyone interested in learning about the intentions and scheduled application of works in progress. Open meetings and forums including members of the foreign community in its newly refurbished meeting facilities will allow people to become more familiar with the internal bodies and governmental mechanics. Through these meetings, planned programs and areas of responsibility are to be made clear, which is something that has long caused bewilderment to many people on Samui. Such approaches represent the first step in bridging the gap between ambiguous political aims and the public they are meant to serve. Practicalities and Priorities

Another element in the process is creating better communication to reinforce confidence that something is actually being done. Lines of communication are now being opened to benefit residents and reaching the public with correct information is high on the new administration’s agenda. A magazine published each month on behalf of the Tessaban has been included in the


The list of priorities continues to mount with long term strategies being adapted to tackle each challenge. Taking precedence is the issue of water. The island is plagued with a variety of difficulties in regards to water. In both the dry hot season and the monsoons,

it is a troubling dilemma. The administration is adapting plans that will see drainage and runoff channels being corrected, but only after studies and surveys are conducted to ensure that work is not a costly and ineffective “quick fix�. The process will be applied throughout the island and will be slowly adapted and initiated over a period of 2 years. Drinking water and domestic water supply are also a long-term concern and top of the list in the first budget of this administration. The mess of unsightly rubbish scattered about the island is only the surface of the crisis when it comes to waste management on Samui. Due to years of misuse and lack of maintenance, the island's incinerator has been rendered potentially useless. The collection process and the entire waste management system is in dire need of an update and the plan is to introduce a scheme that will include recycling facilities as well as composting and other environmentally friendly methods. Working with businesses and private homes to cut down on the amount of waste being produced is just one avenue that is in urgent need of attention. “We are starting from below zero in this area," added Khun Sinn. "There is so much to tackle in terms of rubbish on the island, if we can reduce the volume of waste with everybody's help, that will be a good start."

Officials are intent on avoiding the mistakes of the past and are therefore looking for examples from successful waste management programs across the Kingdom and the world to set a new standard on Samui. The island's roads have been a visible and deadly point of contention between the community and its leaders for years. Referred to as some of the most dangerous in the country and even statistically the most deadly, cheap patchwork and botched areas of repair to drains and bridges have contributed to countless accidents. Contrary to popular belief, the main roads are not under the authority of the government on Koh Samui and budget proposals therefore involve a lengthy process. Khun Sinn explained that some repairs are already underway but that every project, no matter how small, first has to be approved by the

Longer term plans, including better environmental education and rebuilding of facilities. Both solutions earmarked for the new budget, but once again, with the team looking for truly sustainable solutions.


Highways Department. Smaller inland roads are controlled by the Mayor's office however, and immediate repairs are being done, such as on the stretch from the ferry pier in Nathon. The budget allocation is first being set to study the problem areas in detail and assess those roads notorious for flooding before a final solution can be applied. Alongside essential infrastructure improvements, other more aesthetically geared programs have also been initiated by the authorities. The new government is looking to beautify prime areas around the island with plans to improve the look and recreational capability of places like Nathon, Chaweng Lake, and Lamai. Restoration and preservation of areas such as Hua Thanon and other historical island spots will also be a priority to further promote tourism and increase options for residents. Acknowledging the vast challenges facing the new administration here is a must. It’s widely recognized that the time for change on Koh Samui has come and similar to the new American government, the promise of change has been formally made. The future of the island depends on co-operation and a concerted effort to produce the intended results. In the words of Khun Sinn, “failure is not an option�.



Choosing a Reliable Agent Whether you choose to live in a gated development, purchase a stand-alone home, or for the even more adventurous, buy a piece of raw land on which to build your future dream house, you will be in need of the services of a good real estate agent. Choosing the right agent is essential as a reputable firm with good local contacts can help you avoid many of the pitfalls that a less informed buyer might encounter. There are now so many different agents on the island, it is difficult to choose between them. Ideally though, your agent should be able to demonstrate a solid background in the industry and offer examples of successful deals they have handled that are similar to your own plans. It is also vital that your agent has good local connections with Thai partners and the authorities. Paperwork and local procedures can sometimes be daunting, but if you have the services of a quality agent with good local knowledge, almost all of the potential stumbling blocks can be swiftly traversed with little or no headaches for you, the buyer. It is vital, for example that you know you are buying or leasing the right type of land. There are various different land titles, the most sought after is the 'Chanote' title. This indicates that the land has been officially surveyed with the use of GPS and its boundaries are now fixed. Be warned that buying land without professional help could mean purchasing what looks like a bargain piece of land that may turn out to be unusable due to the land title. Other pitfalls include road access and the availability of utilities such as electricity and water, not to mention the processing and checking of legal documentation and ownership rights. Once you have found a property, you will have to consider the various purchase options carefully. Foreign individuals may own a property on a renewable 30-year lease, but in the past, many opted to set up a Thai company in order to purchase the property freehold. The latter is less easy than it was a few years ago, but your agent should have a full understanding of both procedures and will be able to explain the pros and cons. Owning a Thai company involves legal and tax issues that you should be well aware of before pursuing this avenue. With so many things to consider, it is easy to see why the services of a good and reputable agent are not just advisable, but essential. By working closely with them to find the solution that best suits your needs, you should enjoy a smooth and painless experience when setting up your new island home.

Building a Property Having a home built to suit your own tastes and needs can be a cost efficient, not to mention rewarding experience. It does take time, patience and energy however, and you need to be absolutely certain that the people you employ to build the property are capable of delivering the house you have in mind.


Once the land is purchased and ready for development, thoughts can turn to the design of your house. Of course, you can be as involved in the design process as much as you wish, from merely requesting certain facilities or features all the way to designing the floor plan in its entirety. Either way, your ideas will have to go through a certified architect in order to ensure the plans are both practical and legal. Many laws exist in Thailand to ensure that buildings do not move too far away from Thai cultural traditions. Once the architect has completed your official plans, your builder, if you have already secured one, should then be able to work out a detailed quote to construct the property to the specifications. When choosing a builder, don't be afraid to ask for references. Some contractors may even offer to take you around some of their previous projects so that you can see the quality of their work and perhaps gain some inspiration for your own home. Several contracting companies are foreign run or employ foreign representatives, which can save time and confusion due to communication problems. It is always good to try and strike up a rapport with the Thai partners and staff too though, as their local knowledge will often prove invaluable. Once you have chosen your contractor, as always make sure your investment is protected by the correct documentation. It would be advisable to have an independent law firm check any paperwork for potential grey areas. If you have ever had a home built in the West, you would have received certain assurances from the building company, including an agreed schedule for completion, a performance bond and a warranty on the finished product. Providing such guaraantees is not always common practice in Koh Samui so the kind of guarantees you are offered should have a significant bearing in your initial choice of construction company. A performance bond is a guarantee issued by the contractor's bank to secure any advance payments you have made. When building on Koh Samui, you will likely need to pay an initial deposit in order for the builder to obtain materials and retain a workforce. Thereafter, you will pay an agreed amount of instalments, which will likely be tied in with certain pre-agreed stages in your home's route to completion. The initial deposit, which could be around a quarter to a third of the total amount, will remain unsecured if no performance bond is issued. In terms of warranty, you should insist on at least twelve months coverage from the completion date. This should be plenty of time for any major building defects to become apparent and resolved at the cost of the building company. With the plans cleared, the paperwork checked and your deposit paid, building can commence. If possible, it is a good idea to make regular visits to your property during the construction phase. This is perhaps the best way to avoid problems or a misinterpretation of your wishes and also means building good relations with the workforce. It will establish your authority as the paying client and seeing your property gradually come together is almost as rewarding as the first night you'll spend in your new tropical home.


Building Regulations on Koh Samui In order to build on Koh Samui you must first obtain a building permit from the municipality office and your building must meet certain requirements, depending on the location of the land on which you wish to build. There are 4 defined areas for land depending on its distance from the beach. (See diagram on opposite page) Stage 1. Land up to 10 Metres from the beach. The law states that no construction is permitted within this area. Stage 2. Land up to 50 Metres from the beach. Within this area you are permitted to construct a single storey building only It's height cannot exceed 6 Metres (including the roof) and the building cannot exceed the maximum allowed area of 75 Square Metres. Stage 3, Land up to 200 Metres from the beach. Within this area you are permitted to build up to a maximum height of 12 Metres (including the roof). The maximum allowed size is 2000 Square Metres. Stage 4. Land located more than 200 Metres from the beach. Within this area, buildings of up to 12 Metres in height (including the roof) can be constructed. In addition, all buildings must now be constructed with peaked roofs, flat roofs are no longer permitted. Information courtesy of Manit Tajew Senior Lawyer Miklaw Associates




Residential Developments There are pros and cons to purchasing a property within a purpose built residential community, as opposed to investing in a stand-alone property or building yourself. One definite advantage is that the complete infrastructure will already be in place when you move in, with electricity, water and access roads provided by the developer. Many communities also have an impressive list of communal facilities, which can include swimming pools, shops and other social amenities. Generally there will also be some kind of onsite management, as well as security for the safety concious. On the other hand, whilst there is often a choice of different designs available on residentail projects, these can be limited and some buyers prefer the thrill of finding a unique style, or building a home to their particular tastes, rather than opting for a more uniform theme. Privacy may also be an issue with some developments placing homes quite close together in order to optimize space. It is up to the individual buyer to weigh up the pros and cons for their particular needs. If developed and managed by a reliable compay, residential communities take a great deal of the stress out of not just purchasing a property on Koh Samui, but also living in and maintaining a new island home thereafter.

Upkeep and maintenance Once you have bought or built your dream home, you will obviously want to protect your investment by ensuring the property is well looked after and cared for. For residents living on Koh Samui full time, this should present no problem, but not every home owner will be living on the island all year round. For these people, a residential community may well be the best option, as they often include maintenance contracts to ensure that the property is well looked after in your absence. Be sure to find out what exactly is covered in the maintenance agreement however, and measure the cost of the service as part of the buying process, so that you don't face any surprises or extra bills later on. Remember that communal facilities in these residential communities must also be well maintained. A clean and well-kept community can only help protect your investment and enhance the development's reputation. If you own a property outside a residential development there are a number of management companies on the island who can offer you a similar kind of maintenance contract whilst you are away. As above, ensure you are fully aware of your coverage and costs before making a long-term commitment.


Risks and Concerns Purchasing a home can often be stressful, not to mention when you are looking to set up a new life in a foreign country. The best way to avoid any problems is to thoroughly research your options before jumping into a major purchase without thinking everything through. Buying a home is exciting, especially when you're talking about a tropical island retreat, but it's important to keep your feet firmly on the ground and youe head on high alert. Explore all of your options thoroughly, whether you are looking for an agent, developer or contractor. If possible, do some research on the companies you're interested in. Can they provide you with references? How long have they been operating? Do they have a sound track record? One of the best ways to research is by talking to people. There are plenty of people already living on the island who have taken the same leap you're now considering. Their advice and opinions could just save you a great deal of time and stress. Whilst common sense will help you avoid many potential pitfalls, it is also advisable to obtain the services of an independent and reputable law firm, before you go ahead with any endeavour. Documents such as title deeds or other legal agreements will need to be translated and checked for you. A reputable law firm can ensure that both the purchase process runs smoothly and that the paperwork involved is efficiently produced and legally sound.


Samui Town Center - Function and Convenience Function Homes is the company behind the large Samui Town Center project on the main island ring road near Bophut. It is one of Samui's most ambitious commercial developments, and has set a new standard in commercial development, not only for Samui but for the industry as a whole in Thailand. Particular effort was put into the interior design of the units, as well as into the exterior appearance, which includes attractive landscaping features and a number of practical ideas that are carefully designed to match the needs of the occupants. The development features 46 freehold units in total and each commercial unit is being adapted for various uses. The units can be utilized retail outets, as office space, or as residential apartments. The floor plan and layout are very adaptable and the developers a lot of unit owners use the top floor as residential space. Company CEO, Khun Sayam Poopoksakul says his clients are mainly small, independent businesses. "There are no big chain stores coming to our project," he said. "Our development may not fit their usage. There will be no department store or cinema either. When Samui Town Center is fully occupied, it will be more like a neighborhood center." The project was be completed in the middle of last year, and mostof the units are now open for business with web-design companies, furniture wholesalers and even a wholefood cafe on site. The landscaping detail, combined with the generous size of the communal areas and the large number of parking spaces make for a very spacious and convenient facility. Function Homes has a diverse portfolio of land on Samui and aims to apply intelligent, appropriate use to each individual piece they own. The company is currently working on several other projects around the island, all of them based on the individual character and location of the land in question. Function Homes is not simply a commercial project developer. In fact Khun Sayam believes this sector will soon find its natural limit on the island. "I personally think it will slow down quite a bit." He explained. "The supply is now very high. It is also a pity that most of the projects are not properly equipped with facilities and infrastructure. The traffic around the island is getting heavier where the road can't be expanded. Very soon, it will be very difficult to park on the side of the road and many commercial unit occupants will lose their convenient advantage. The current development philosophy on Samui will definitely have to shift towards a more international standard. We are very happy to be one of the first companies to do so."


Samui Town Center New Definition of Commercial Space WE Have Create A New LandMark On Samui

Samui Town Center New Definition of Commercial Space WE Have Create A New LandMark On Samui

Samui Town Center New Definition of Commercial Space WE Have Create A New LandMark On Samui

Whatever or wherever your construction project may be, we guarantee to deliver a comprehensive ‘start-to-finish’ professional consultancy services which not only allows you to concentrate your expertise on the job in hand but also ensures your project is completed on time and to budget. We are specialized in: Development Management Project Management Construction Management Quantity Surveying Current projects include: Imperial Tara Hotel Terragro Fertilizer Head Office CH Hotel Dusit Hua Hin Main Kitchen Renovation CONTACT: TRI ASIA PACIFIC (Thailand) Co. Ltd. 195 Empire Tower, River Wing East, 47th Floor, South Sathorn Road, Yannawa Sub District, Sathorn District, Bangkok 10120 Tel: 02 686 3413 Fax: 02 686 3433 E-mail: 94

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Land Title Deeds in Thailand There are two main types of land ownership in Thailand which we should explain

Rights of Possession Firstly there is the right of possession, for example, land that has been used by a family for generations to the benefit of the land and they have possession rights of the land under the civil and commercial code. Such titles are Sor Kor 1,Tor Bor 5 , 6 or Sor Por Gor 4. These titles basically are only family possession rights and generally only used for farming. These titles can not be bought or sold and no building rights or legal acts would be allowed on the land. I do know of cases where families being in possession of certain pieces of land for generations have been able to upgrade them to regular land title deeds but this is not generally the case and any serious investor would not normally give any credibility to these titles of possession.

Rights of Ownership Usually we are looking for land title deeds giving right of ownership not possession. Here there are basically three title deeds:- Chanote, Nor Sor 3 and Nor Sor 3 Gor. The most sought after titles are the Chanote and the Nor Sor 3 Gor as both these titles have legal documents of Rights of Ownership and can be sub-divided into smaller plots and planning permission and any such legal acts can be carried out immediately on the land.The only difference with the Nor Sor 3 is that although legal documents are issued for the land it has not been accurately surveyed which can lead to problems in verifying actual land area. And if any legal act is to take place on this land it must be published for at least 30 days. As we have been saying all the way through if it is not clear 100%, seek the advice of a legal professional in this field, as there are also many other issues that are important to consider such as servitude, access and rights of way.

Land Measurement & Survey Land in Thailand is measured in Rai, Ngan and Talang Wah. • 1 Wah= 4 sqm • 1 Ngan= 100 Wah or 400 sqm • 4 Ngan= 1 Rai or 1600 sqm In comparison to Western Standards: • 2.50 Rai= 1 Acre • 6.25 Rai= 1 Hectare 98

Tips for starting a new business Are you planning to start your own business for the first time in Thailand? If so, we hope this useful information will help put your business on the right track. The simplest and easiest sort of company for foreigners to form with a small business is a Thai Limited Company. In Thailand, a Limited Company is a company with up to 100 shareholders, who share the same business purpose and is formed with a Capital divided into equal shares.

Getting started To set up a company, you must first have the memorandum that can be acquired at the registration office. To properly register, you are required to provide the authorities with details of your company and list a minimum of three shareholders (who can either be Thai or foreign nationals or both). At least seven days after you first approach the department, you can call a shareholder's meeting to reach an agreement on the purpose of your business and set up the company's operational rules. Having agreed on the purpose of your business, you can then apply for business registration at the same department. If you cannot agree on company rules, you can refer to those stated in the Civil and Commercial Code's partnership and companies section.

Shares Besides the issues of business registration, you must also make sure that your company's shares are worth no less than 5 baht each. These shares can be transferred or even sold if the company has no regulations on this matter. Every shareholder must be given a share certificate, a document that guarantees their status as a shareholder. Should anyone wish to transfer their shares to another party; they have to fill in the share transfer form that confirms the deal between the transferor and transferee. The company also has to have in its possession a register of shareholders that contains a record of all the company's shareholders. The book is evidence that will identify the company's shareholders.

Shareholders and Chairperson A Limited Company's shareholders can be either Thai or foreign nationals or both, but the percentage of shares held by foreign national plays a significant role in determining the nationality of your company, which may impose serious limitations on the company's rights, such as landownership. If less than 49% of your company's shares are held by foreigners, your company is considered a Thai company. However, if foreign nationals hold more than 49% of the shares, your company is a foreign company.


The significant differences between Thai and foreign companies operating in Thailand lie in their rights to buy and own properties or other businesses. It is therefore important, especially for those in real estate and development businesses, to know and remember that unless your company is Thai, you are restricted in the ability to possess and obtain land and property in this country without an exemption granted by the government. Foreign companies are also restricted to certain activities and to proceed with certain operations the company will have to apply for permission from the government. In such instances, applications will be considered case by case. They will also face tough scrutiny and strict restrictions on their right to operate and ability to run their business. These companies will be treated in the same way as foreign nationals seeking jobs in Thailand. If you are registered as a Thai company, you are automatically granted the right to purchase and own properties and other business and will be treated the same way as a Thai citizen. However, according to new legislation that has recently come into effect, the Land Department's staff are now required to thoroughly investigate your Thai shareholders' sources of income. Thai shareholders in a company wishing to purchase properties in Thailand have to declare their income and provide the authorities with evidence that proves their ability to co-invest with other foreign shareholders in the same company. Only those successful in convincing the authorities are granted the right to purchase and possess land. Companies with approval from the Land Department can then proceed with their applications for land title deeds or other certificates of use and possession.

Little things that matter A company limited has to have its own board of directors to act on behalf of the company. This panel will, however, act under the regulations and agreements approved by the shareholders. Appointing directors or removing any of them requires shareholders approval. At the end of the company's financial year, within five months, it shall be the duty of the company to present the balance sheet to the Department of Business Development (DBD). If your company fails to present the balance sheet, the company will be fined up to 50,000 baht and the company's board of directors may also be fined up to 50,000 baht. If the committee refuses to pay the fine, the police can appeal to the court for a warrant and file a lawsuit against the resilient parties. Withdrawal of the company's business registration is also another penalty the company may face, should they not provide the authorities with the necessary statement. Information courtesy of Khun Surin Puangpakdee Senior Lawyer NSP&Laws Firm



㢣ṙቯᏩᑆ߯Ϯᦤ⼎ Դᠧㅫᓔྟ佪⃵೼⋄೑߯Ϯ஢˛བᵰᰃ䖭ḋˈ៥ӀᏠᳯᦤկ᳝⫼ⱘֵᙃᐿ ࡽᙼⱘӕϮ೼ℷ⹂ⱘ䔼䘧Ϟࠡ䘆DŽ ໪೑Ҏ᳔ㅔऩ੠᳔ᆍᯧⱘϔ⾡ᇣൟӕϮ݀ৌᔶᓣᰃ⋄೑᳝䰤䋷ӏ݀ৌDŽ೼ ⋄೑ˈ᳝䰤䋷ӏ݀ৌᰃϔ⾡ৃҹᢹ᳝໮䖒Ͼ㙵ϰˈ݅ѿⳌৠⱘଚϮⳂⱘ ˈᑊᔶ៤䌘ᴀߚ᨞ⱘϔ⾡݀ৌᔶᓣDŽ

䀁ゟ݀ৌܹ䮼 ៤ゟϔϾ݀ৌˈԴᖙ乏‫ܜ‬᳝Ꮖ㍧䀏‫݀ⱘݞ‬ৌゴ⿟໛ᖬᔩDŽ㽕ℷ⹂䀏‫ᙼˈݞ‬ 䳔㽕৥ᔧሔᦤկ䌉݀ৌⱘ䌘᭭੠㟇ᇥৡ㙵ϰⱘ䆺㒚⏙ऩ˄ৃҹᰃ⋄೑៪໪ ೑೑⇥៪ϸ㗙ⱚৃ˅DŽ೼ᙼ৥ᔧሔᦤկ䌘᭭ⱘ㟇䖳໽Пৢˈᙼৃҹী䭟㄀ ϔ⃵ⱘ㙵ϰӮ䆂এ䖒៤㙵ϰण䆂ˈϺ䆒ゟ݀ৌⱘϮࡵ㾘߭DŽ ೼䖒៤㙵ϰण䆂Пৢˈᙼህৃҹ೼ৠϔ䀏‫ஂݞ‬ԡ⬇䇋ଚϮⱏ䆄DŽ‫؛‬བᙼϡ ৠᛣᶤѯ݀ৌ㾘߭ˈԴৃҹᇛṱ᭛ᦤѸࠄ⇥џ੠ଚ⫼⊩ᒁⱘড়ӭ݇㋏ϢӕϮ 䚼䭔⬇䇋㺕≎DŽ  㙵⼼ 䰸њଚϮⱏ䆄ⱘ䯂乬ˈԴ䖬ᖙ乏⹂ֱᙼⱘ݀ৌⱘ㙵⼼ӋؐϡԢѢ↣㙵⋄䪶 DŽབᵰ䆹݀ৌ≵᳝⹀ᗻ㾘ᅮ䖭ϔṱ᭛ˈ䖭ѯ㙵⼼ৃҹ䕀䅽ˈ⫮㟇ߎଂDŽ ↣ৡ㙵ϰᖙ乏㒭ќӑ乱䆕кˈϔӑֱ䆕ҪӀ԰Ў㙵ϰⱘ䑿ӑ᭛ӊDŽབᵰӏ ԩҎᏠᳯҪӀⱘ㙵ӑ䕀䅽㒭঺ϔᔧџᮍˈҪӀᖙ乏฿‫ݭ‬䕀䅽Ҏ੠ফ䅽Ҏⱘ㙵 ᴗ䕀䅽⹂䅸кDŽ 䆹݀ৌ䖬乏ᢹ᳝݊㙵ϰⱏ䆄‫݊ˈݠ‬Ёࣙ৿᠔᳝݀ৌ㙵ϰⱘ䆄ᔩDŽ㗠ℸ䆕к ᇚ㸼ᯢϺ⹂ᅮ䆹݀ৌ㙵ϰⱘ䑿ӑDŽ  㙵ϰ੠Џᐁ ᳝䰤݀ৌⱘ㙵ϰৃҹᰃ⋄೑៪໪೑೑⇥៪ϸ㗙ϺᄬˈԚ⬅໪೑೑㈡㙵ϰ᠔ᣕ ᳝ⱘ㙵ӑ↨՟ᇚ‫އ‬ᅮ䆹݀ৌⱘ೑㈡ˈ䖭ৃ㛑Ϲ䞡䰤ࠊ䆹݀ৌⱘᴗ߽ˈབೳഄ ᠔᳝ᴗDŽ 102

བᵰϡࠄˁⱘ݀ৌ㙵ӑ⬅໪೑㙵ϰ᠔ᣕ᳝ˈᙼⱘ݀ৌ㹿䅸Ўᰃ⋄೑݀ৌ DŽԚᰃˈབᵰ໪೑㙵ϰᣕ᳝䍙䖛ˁⱘ㙵ӑˈ䌉݀ৌࠛᰃϔᆊ໪೑݀ৌDŽ ೼⋄೑ˈ⋄೑੠໪೑݀ৌП䯈Ꮒ߿᳔໻ⱘᰃ೼ѢҪӀ䌁ф੠ᢹ᳝᠓ഄѻ៪݊ ҪӕϮⱘᴗ߽DŽ಴ℸˈ䞡㽕ⱘᰃˈ⡍߿ᰃᇍ䙷ѯ೼᠓ഄѻ੠ഄѻ䭟থⱘӕ Ϯˈ㽕њ㾷੠䆄ԣˈ䰸䴲Դⱘ݀ৌᰃ⋄೑݀ৌˈձ᪮ᬓᑰ㽣ᅮˈ䰸䴲ᬓᑰ㌺ Ѣ⡍ᴗˈ೼䖭Ͼ೑ᆊԴᰃ⛵⊩পᕫᑊᢹ᳝᠓ഄѻⱘDŽ ໪೑݀ৌгফ䰤Ѣ⡍ᅮⱘଚϮ⌏ࡼঞ㸠ЎDŽ೼䖯㸠ᶤѯϮࡵˈ䆹݀ৌᖙ䷜⬇ 䇋ᬓᑰᡍ‫ޚ‬DŽ೼䖭⾡ᚙ‫މ‬ϟˈ⬇䇋ᇚ㹿㾚ЎϾḜDŽҪӀгᇚ䴶ЈϹᆚⱘⲷ ⴷ੠ϹḐⱘẔᶹDŽ䖭ѯ݀ৌⱘ䰤ࠊㄝৠ໪೑݀⇥೼⋄೑Ꮉ԰㗙DŽ བᵰᙼᰃ⊼‫ݠ‬Ў⋄೑݀ৌˈԴህゟࠏᢹ᳝䌁ф੠ᣕ᳝᠓ഄѻ៪݊ҪӕϮⱘᴗ ߽ˈ݊ᴗ߽㽪ৠ⋄೑݀⇥DŽ✊㗠ˈḍ᥂ᮄⱘゟ⊩ˈ᳔䖥Ꮖᓔྟ⫳ᬜˈ೑ᆊೳ ഄ䚼䮼ⱘᎹ԰Ҏਬ⦄೼ᖙ乏ᕏᑩ䇗ᶹᙼⱘ⋄೑㙵ϰⱘᬊܹᴹ⑤DŽϔᆊ݀ৌⱘ ⋄೑㙵ϰབ℆䌁фӏԩ䌘⫶ᖙ乏⬇᡹݊ᬊܹˈ৥ᔧሔᦤկ䆕᥂ˈ䆕ᯢҪӀ᳝ Ϣ݊Ҫ໪೑㙵ϰ݅ৠᡩ䌘ⱘ㛑࡯DŽা᳝ᕫࠄᔧሔᡍ‫ޚ‬㗙᳝ᴗ䌁ф੠ᢹ᳝ೳ ഄDŽᕫࠄ೑ᆊೳഄ䚼䮼ᡍ‫݀ˈৢޚ‬ৌेৃҹⴔ᠟⬇䇋ೳഄ᠔᳝ᴗ߁䆕៪݊Ҫ ড়Ḑ䆕кⱘՓ⫼੠ᢹ᳝DŽ ݊ᅗ䞡㽕џ乍 ᳝䰤݀ৌ䷜ᢹ᳝㞾Ꮕⱘ㨷џӮҷ㸼݀ৌⱘৡН㸠џDŽ㨷џӮ䷜䙉✻㙵ϰᡍ‫ޚ‬ ⱘᴵ՟੠ण䆂㸠џDŽ㙵ϰࠛᢹ᳝㨷џⱘӏੑঞ䂓ࢩᴗDŽ ೼㒧ᴳ䆹݀ৌⱘ䋶ᬓᑈᑺৢˈϾ᳜‫ˈݙ‬䆹݀ৌ᳝Нࡵᦤฅ݀ৌ䉵ࢭฅ㸼㌺ Ꮉଚথሩሔ˄'HSDUWPHQWRI%XVLQHVV'HYHORSPHQW˅DŽ᳾ᦤฅ݀ৌ䉵ࢭ ฅ㸼㗙ˈ䆹݀ৌᇚৃ㛑㹿㔮催䖒⋄䪶ⱘ㔮ℒˈ䖲ҷ݀ৌⱘ㨷џӮгৃ 㛑㹿㔮ℒ催䖒⋄䪶DŽབᵰӏԩྨਬӮᢦ㒱ᬃҬ㔮ℒˈ䄺ᆳৃҹ৥⊩䰶 䆝䇋䘂ᤩҸˈᑊ᥻ਞᢦҬᮍDŽབᵰ݀ৌϡ৥ᔧሔᦤկᖙ㽕ⱘฅ㸼᭛ӊˈ᩸䫔 䆹݀ৌⱘଚϮⱏ䆄ࠛᰃ঺ϔ。݀ৌৃ㛑䴶Јⱘ໘㔮DŽ



Visas and Work Permits I have recently been asked to clarify the way the Thai system works with visas and work permits if you are opening a company here and would like to have a work permit. Firstly I must point out that each Thai province does follow slightly different guidelines and my information does in no way substitute you actually having a legal consultation with a reputable lawyer's company if you actually intend to work. There are those that believe the little they would do in reality would make a work permit hardly worth the trouble. This is a big mistake and one that could cost you more problems than you would believe. The Thai Immigration takes cases of foreigners working without a work permit very seriously and the penalties are harsh. If you are here on a tourist visa you cannot in any way participate in a job. So let's have a look at what's actually required to apply for a work permit. Firstly you need to have a business class visa which in most cases will have to be applied for at a Thai Consulate outside of Thailand. There have recent changes to the system, whereby smaller Thai embassies such as the one in Penang, Malaysia, have stopped issuing multiple entry visas. Initially there were those who whispered that the only way to arrange these multiple entry visas was for the individual in question to return to their home country and obtain the visa from their local Thai embassy. This however had been proved to be incorrect with the embassy in Kuala Lumpur still issuing multiple entry visas until recently, but currently the situation remains in a state of flux with even legal profession als unsure as to the long term guidelines. We therefore strongly advise obtaining up-to-date legal advice well in advance of pursuing your visa run, to ensure you are fully equipped with the documentation currently required for your business visa. Those working in Samui who earn a salary of 50000 Baht per month however, shouldn't have to face these visa run hassles, as they're entitled to a business visa that only needs to be renewed once per annum at an immigration office. Further details of this scheme can be obtained via a legal professional or at the local immigration office in Na-Thon. Either way, once you have the correct visa, you'll be able to apply for or renew your current work permit. Once again there are procedures required for this, which your legal professional will prepare for you. This process might seem tedious, but it is nothing unusual, with every country having its own procedures and legal applications. Thailand is no different and don't be fooled by the laid back and casual attitude of many Thai people on the island, as this is no reflection of the order required in any formal legal requests such as visa or work permit applications. When it comes to legal matters you need to ensure you follow the correct procedure and can produce the appropriate paperwork. All in all, it is easy to see why the services of a professional and thorough legal company are invaluable, saving you much confusion, stress and potentially time and money.


mcevily & collins advocate solicitors & arbitrators Real Estate Corporate Commercail Transactions immigration Arbitration and Litigation Banking and Finance Project Development Intellectual Property Tax Thai American Dutch and German Attorneys Koh Samui Phuket Bangkok

charndell dispute management services administration of arbitration proceedings advice on arbitration & adr procedures arbitration appointments preparation of arbitration agreements preparation of claims & defences for arbitration proceedings preparation & review of construction contracts At their door 24 hours a day, when you can’t be. International Construction Supervision On Site Short Notice Client Representation. Project & Client Specific On Line Live Reports. Expert Advice & Supervision. Project, Commercial and Contract Management. International Secure Off-Shore Fund Transfer Service. Negotiation & Renegotiation of Construction Contracts. Tender Planning, Valuation & Quantity Surveying. Thailand Construction Project Facts: 55% of private construction projects in Thailand require additional funding. 60% of those are suspended. These figures increase by 30% and developer variation cost increases rise by 40% for unsupervised projects. Time consuming visits are overlooked. The importance of control in specific areas coupled with bad information, which only becomes evident during a visit adds huge strains on project profit margins. Welcome to FrontDoor24 We are a small international company dedicated to the planning, supervision and management of private and commercial projects throughout the world. We understand investors in projects are not always able to closely supervise the specifics of construction. This can be for a number of reasons. Time management issues and lack of knowledge are just two. FrontDoor24 offers a confidential, expert online reporting service to its clients, giving them an accurate overview on the progress of their project. This can be especially important if yours is a project within a project. Clients are then able to make an informed choice on whether to make stage payments, or not. Each project has a professionally produced, logically planned programme of activities which incorporates Stage Payments, Meetings, Developer’s Contracted Milestones and Reporting Agreements. This, of course is beneficial to clients, developers and contractors, alike. The report also includes technical data relating to the Primavera Events Programme along with charts which are available securely and exclusively to our clients on-line 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Each is updated regularly in line with contractual and client agreements. These services are available to investors for a small monthly charge which represents a fraction of the value of the project, as a whole.


Contact Us: International 24hr. Contact: +44 (0) 208 816 7170 THAILAND: +66 (0) 8 9097 9516 UK: +44 (0) 7815 988 487 - MIDDLE EAST: +971 (0) 509 201 620 Skype: buckhurstmanagement is a Buckhurst Services company Registered in England & Wales: 06651978

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More often than not we can save you money and time on all types of insurance. We have a full range of insurance products for individuals and businesses. We have products that are tailored for all your needs Home

- Best policies available in Thailand – styled on western standards. Special products available for foreign visitors / residents Car - We believe we can save you money on any other car insurance, while still using the top insurers Business - any business insurance, simple or complicated – we can find the solution Health - we sell a full range of health insurance whatever you circumstances – our main purpose is to offer honest advice. Personal Accident Cover - This can always give some peace of mind to those who find full health cover a financial stretch at the moment. Travel - for those people who live in Thailand. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any insurance questions or requirements.

Car Insurance, What You Should Know. There are lots of vehicles driving around Thailand that are NOT insured. In the event of a motor accident, If the other vehicle has insurance then you may be able to claim against them. If they don’t you have to rely on your own insurance cover. There are two types of motor insurance cover, Compulsory & Voluntary:Compulsory This is the ‘sticker’ which resides in the top left corner of your car window. It is also what the police initially look for. Most vehicles will have this insurance as it’s very obvious when it’s missing. Voluntary - There are 4 basic types of voluntary cover, Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 & Class 3+. These relate quite well to the UK’s Comprehensive - Third Party Fire & Theft & Third Party Only respectively. There are other important features that you need to ensure are covered correctly in your policy. Bail Bond - This needs to be 200,000 Bt. minimum and is necessary if you should be arrested and detained by the police. Also check that the cover for Personal Accident, Medical Treatment and Third Party Liability are at the levels you require. Named or Any Driver - It may surprise you that in Europe the driver is insured, however in Thailand it’s the vehicle. Naming a driver might reduce the premium but will restrict payout if someone else is in the driving seat when an accident occurs. No claims bonus - It is possible to obtain a discount if you can provide proof of No claims, even from abroad. It pays to shop around or better still get your broker to do the work for you. You should have your old policy to hand when you call your broker to ensure you get the best rate. In all walks of life, you get what you pay for and insurance is no different. The cheapest quotes are not always the best, look for value for money, good cover at a reasonable price. There are around 70 insurance companies in Thailand, not all provide the level of service you may desire. Beware especially of those companies that are known to be reluctant to pay out in the event of an accident. Why use an independent company rather than going direct? The answer is simple, if you go direct you will receive a quote from that company ONLY. An independent company however, will find the most suitable cover and the most competitive quotation from a selected range of companies. Also, in the event of an accident the broker can liaise with the insurance company on your behalf, if you go direct, you’re on your own. This is the case for all types of insurance.

Oriental Living Outdoor Expression and Functionality Interior Furniture Art Koh Samui

Oriental Living Outdoor Expression and Functionality Interior Furniture Art Koh Samui

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Oriental Living Stylish Photography Interiors Exteriors Photo and Styling Service

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We are expert in curtain services for more than 15 years. Our services are accepted by govermment offices, private offices, Villages, hotels ect. We also provide information and advice for our customers to meet all their requirements. Service and Sale:


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ENSAVER Cooling Pads

Cooling pads are energy saving equipment that increases the efficiency of the cooling air on the air conditioner condenser unit outside the building.

Energy savings of up to 25%. Easy Installation Tailor made according to special order No need to cut existing refrigeration tubes. No damp or moisture released during operation. Equipment pays for itself in energy savings in a very short time. Enviromentally friendly saving world resources.

More Information Please Contact ECOMATE CO.,LTD 24/168 Moo 5 Tambol Bophut Koh Samui Suratthani 84320 Tel: 077 248 158 Fax: 077 248 159 Mobile: +66(0)8 7387 0666 email: 125

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Sprucing Up Your Kitchen At one time, the kitchen was believed can be very expensive and may also mean to be a functional space used only for cooking. In the traditional Thai home, this room is often a separate area all together, isolated or outside and used solely for the purpose of food preparation. This time is now past. Nowadays, the modern kitchen is a central spot thought of as the heart of the home It is the main point of activity for cooking, gathering, eating, and even a place for kids to do homework. Some homes incorporate the kitchen with office space or entertainment facilities. With all of its many uses, it is easy to see why it is a popular room for makeovers and updates. Due to the vast array of electrical appliances that are available today, the task of renovating an old or out-of-date kitchen may seem to be very daunting. New appliances, installations and new cabinets

that the room is easily the most costly room to change in the entire house. This doesn’t have to be the case. There are a few simple ways to bring new life to the kitchen. Instead of replacing a fridge or oven, try to take the attention away from them by updating other parts of the room. Changing the colour of the room can really transform the feeling of the space. A bright shade can make a small room seem much larger, terra cotta and yellow are popular wall colours for the kitchen, however, it is important to lend your own personal style, so get a sample and see what works best. Be sure to use latex satin enamel interior wall paint with little or no gloss. It is easier to clean and will not fade in the process. Old cabinets can also be updated with a new lick of paint. High gloss paints will


make old or dull fronts look like new. You can also replace only a few of the fronts with individual pieces that may not look out of place. Glass-paned pieces work well for this and are a cheaper alternative. Another option may be removing the fronts altogether to change the tone of the room. Add a new accent paint and they can be used to display decorative items, plates, dishes or smaller appliances. Another idea may be to change the hardware. This means removing and updating hinges and handles and replacing them with new pieces. Try contemporary steel hardware, sculptured ones, or an eclectic mix of colours and styles (if you’re feeling bold). This works very well with newly painted white cabinets. Most DIY shops around the island have a great selection of these as do some of the speciality kitchen shops. To make a change to countertops, custom-built tops can be very costly. The most effective and economic way to change the look of your counters is by tiling. This is not time-consuming and there's a huge selection of beautiful tiles to be found.

These can also be used as backsplashes. Tiles work to enhance existing floors or,depending on your budget, can also be used to replace the old flooring for a really clean new look. Many shops will also offer installation of floor tiles. Having done a few lifts to the kitchen you might want to change the taps. These can easily make an old sink look sleek and modern and you can usually find something to suite your style on a budget. Lastly, it is very important to think about lighting in the kitchen. Natural light should be emphasized where-ever possible. Curtains or blinds in a kitchen should not really be dark or heavy. If the space is lacking in natural light, install some artificial lighting. Have a good look at all the possible lighting spaces available, in and under cabinets. Halogen, spotlights or even ceiling fans with integrated light fittings make a huge difference in the appearance and general mood of the room. Applying some or all of these to your kitchen can be a cheap and effective way to bring one of the most important rooms in the house back to life. 131


CAN YOU DIG IT? By Ian Webster Botanical Designs

Soil is composed partly of the earth’s minerals and partly from organic matter such as decaying leaves, roots, animal faeces and decomposing insects and mammals. The type of soil you have in your garden is defined by the size of its particles. This in turn defines its characteristics or strengths and weaknesses. The smaller the particles, the more tightly packed they will be and the more of them there will be in any given volume. Clay soil, for example, is made up of very small particles. In contrast, a sandy soil is composed of far larger particles.

Simple soil science In our local environment, we aren’t always blessed with naturally ideal soil for a healthy and thriving garden. There are, however steps we can take to remedy this, armed with just a few simple techniques and a little understanding of what the plant needs to thrive. Soil provides a life-sustaining medium for plants by supplying them with their three basic requirements. Water is required by all plants in varying quantities, depending on species, as are certain chemical substances dissolved in water that the plant can absorb as food In addition, the plant needs a supply of air to the roots. So, similarly to us, the plants life is dependent on water, food and air.

The upshot of this is that the surface area of clay soil is far greater than that of the sandy soil so it can hold more water. The downside being, that the compacted particles make it difficult for air to pass through. So the opposing characteristics of the sandy soil results in well aerated soil with poor water retention. It makes good sense that a combination of the two should make an ideal soil, but not without the presence or addition of organic matter. This decaying material, known collectively as humus is broken down by microscopic organisms in the soil. These bacteria, of which there are countless millions in every shovel full, feast on the


humus reducing it to basic, soluble elements which the plant can feed on. So in a macabre sense the plant effectively eats the remnants of its dead siblings and parts of itself in an unseen and perpetuating cycle of botanical cannibalism. Besides providing a source of food, the humus performs another important function. The physical texture and appearance of the soil is dictated by the quality of its humus content. Soil possessing this attribute is visibly rich with nutrients and has a pleasing consistency most suitable for strong rooting and growth.

Cultivation The term ‘cultivation’ refers to any adjustments we physically make to the soil to improve its texture and nutrient content, thus optimizing the three main elements. Simply removing weeds regularly improves the soil quality by making more food available for the plants we wish to nurture. What‘s more, the bacteria just mentioned, has such a voracious appetite for humus that it depletes any supply very quickly. That being the case, it’s one of our gardening duties to replace and replenish this vital component regularly.

Whether making your own compost or buying ready made, bagged compost from your local nursery, this is an important addition to your soil, which should not be skimped upon. Another easy way to improve the texture is by digging. Use a narrow border spade for small areas, a larger broad spade for bigger spaces and a garden fork generally but specifically around roots to avoid damage. Deep digging, particularly in heavy soils where the clay can compact, is an effective way of facilitating good aeration.

On Samui, as it is in most of the Southern regions of Thailand, the soil is a little acidic. This is normally neutralised by adding a little lime if available, alternatively, a little wood ash is sufficient to restore balance. Monitor the moisture levels around your plants when you dig. Shredded coconut fibre is abundantly available locally and is particularly valuable as an addition for it’s ability to hold large volumes of water, especially during the hot season. Overall, monitor the appearance of your soil, mulch and compost regularly. Keep on digging and your plants will love you forever.



SNAKE C O N T R O L Tropical living brings great opportunity to cherish our outdoor areas. The abundance of wildlife that exists in this region of Asia is exceptional and often the property or patch of ground that we are living on is one that is home to many creatures. Some of these we may see on a regular basis while others we may not know are there at all. There are plenty of welcome visitors in to our gardens and all contribute to the delicate eco-system. Learning about what we can do to minimize potential risks to humans when these creatures are harmful, should be part of any tropical home maintenance programme. Snakes are usually the most common complaint in tropical surroundings such as Samui. They can be a bother and

often the cause of much hysteria due to the misconception the public share about the threats they pose to people. There are many varieties of these creatures living in Thailand and on Koh Samui. Out of the large numbers, many are completely harmless but there a good number that are not. It is for this reason that dealing or trying to rid your living spaces of snakes is not something to take lightly. If you suspect that there is a snake living in or around your property and have a good idea of where it is living it is best to contact an expert. T h e main problem with snakes is that there is no sure fire way to rid your property of them. However, there are a number of things you can do to discourage them from hanging around in certain areas.


Snakes will come into your garden and stay if there are good places to hide and nice things to eat. Therefore, the first thing you may want to do is clean the area. Remove any clutter that you may have. Piles of debris or wood are ideal nesting spots for snakes. Potted plants also give them a nice resting place as do rocks, especially those with hallows beneath. Tall grass is also a top spot for snakes and therefore, keeping these areas cut and maintained is key. Once you have taken care of the things that snakes can hide in, it is then time to look into any areas rodents, insects or frogs may be living. Many types of snakes live on these creatures and so cutting out their food source will also encourage them to move on. You should also remember that snakes like to come indoors. It is important to walk around your house and have a look at the foundations. Look and see if there are any holes larger than a 10 baht coin that could possibly be any entryway to your home. These may be in bathrooms or simply through open doors or windows. Snakes like places that are warm and inviting, so any area easily accessed for them is best checked out.


Keep in mind that snakes are usually more scared of you than you are of them and they will more than likely keep to themselves if they are living in parts of your garden. Some of the more dangerous types are cannibalistic and therefore are your best defence against others. They will also keep down the population of other pests such as rodents and insects. As mentioned before, if you do spot a snake that is concerning you it is best to call the Snake Rescue centre on Samui and discuss possible removal and relocation. Experts agree that most people that are bitten by snakes are those that aggravate them. If you spot one call for removal and advice. Samui Snake Rescue: Phil offers 24-hour free service 089-6635085.


Going Global With Samui Phangan Real Estate Magazine As global market forces create fierce competition, especially in the property sector, Samui-Phangan Real Estate Magazine has been working to develop new opportunities and source new markets for its customers on Koh Samui. The magazine's new website is one example of how new readers, and therefore new customers, are being drawn to the islands' properties and related services. As soon as you load you are given not only a wealth of information and options to choose from, but also a full online copy of the latest issue of the magazine, with page-turning software to help you flick through and find the resources you're looking for.

The Magazine The integrated publication software adds a unique element to this innovative website intelligently combining the hard copy of the magazine with its online version, which allows readers and advertisers to enjoy access to


valuable information as well as advertising and product descriptions. This gives the site a truly interactive feel, while also dramatically increasing its distribution to ensure that it reaches a global audience. "We included a full version of the magazine on the website because it is more than just an advertising tool," said Crispin Paton Smith, Sales Director for Satayu Publishing. "Our features and articles offer an insight into the way people live and do business on Koh Samui and this helps promote the island to a wider international audience." Within the magazine section, you can save time by turning the pages to reach and read the sections that interest you. When you find a relevant article or advert, you simply click on the page, which opens in its own window complete with an additional toolbar that allows you to zoom, scroll and even share the page with a friend or business associate via email. If you prefer to stay in zoom mode, this is also possible and you can continue to flick through pages scanning the information, articles and adverts or even jump pages using a visual cover-flow that spans the bottom of the page. The text and image quality is just as good as the printed version of the magazine, allowing you to take a virtual copy of Samui Phangan Real Estate with you wherever you go and access it at your leisure whenever you have an internet connection. With so many companies, products and services featured in the magazine, this also means the website becomes a useful resource that doubles as a directory of the islands' far-reaching property and lifestyle choices.

The Services To return to the home page from inside the online magazine you simply close the magazine window.


Then you can use a separate toolbar on the left hand side to search for specific companies that are listed in the publication. These are divided into categories such as legal services, accounting, home interiors etc and when you click on each category a list of companies opens with direct links to their own websites, allowing you to compare the services offered, research different options and make an informed decision based on your specific requirements. "The


range of companies on Samui that choose our magazine to advertise their products and services, means that visitors to the website will have instant access to the type of products and service they need," continued Crispin. "The idea was to combine useful information with practical resources, while at the same time making sure that our clients reach the maximum number of customers. I think we have achieved this."

Such a multi-layered approach is essential in the highly competitive online community. As the global economy shifts, Koh Samui is being forced to move with the times and offering diversity is one way to capture the attention and interest of an increasingly scattered market base. Websites like not only provide a range of options for readers and clients, they show a sophisticated side to Samui and Phangan that potential customers from abroad may find surprisingly developed and dynamic. The image of a remote island in the sun may be fine to attract short term tourists, but for the property sector established, quality services, reliable products and cutting edge approaches to development will help build confidence in the island's longevity and add to its appeal as a place to invest.

TechWorX Audio Visual & IT Home Theater by Design Cinema rooms from basic to high spec including THX standards.

Multiroom Audio Independent music in every room. Many systems available. iPod compatible.

Alarm Systems, CCTV and Wireless Internet Quality alarm systems and CCTV. High quality WIFI systems and large scale wired and wireless networking solutions.

TechWorX Media Systems

Movies and music on demand. Stream international TV from other countries.

Actual Screenshots 138

TechWorX Power Electrical Consultancy and Lighting Design Professional plans provided. Conceptual lighting design. Installation up to NICC standard.

Whole Building Surge and Lightning Protection Protect all of your expensive equipment from dangerous voltage surges and lightning strikes.

Scenic Lighting Control and Automation User friendly. Energy saving. Change scenes at the touch of a button.

Generators and Backup Power All sizes of generators available. Automatic change-over generator systems for uninterrupted power.

Hotel Systems Video on demand with billing systems. Hotel lighting systems available. Management software.

View: Mail: Call: 081 080 3773 Visit: Samui Town Center #3 139

Lighthouse Creative Professional Graphic Design Brochures Logos Advertising Concept Illustration Photography Sign Billboard PrintingKoh Samui

Light at the end of the Tunnal

Eternal Flame

FREE DELIVERY AROUND SAMUI Bangrak, Koh Samui, Suratthani, Thailand M:+66(0)8 9772 1589 141

BMP System Furniture Italian Furniture Design Kitchen Bangkok Phuket Samui

Kitchen Studio European Style Kitchen Furniture Kitchen Bathroon Wardrobes Pattaya Phuket Samui

HAFELE Finding Better Ways German HardWare Technology Furniture Fitting Architectural Hardware Bangkok Pattaya Phuket Hua Hin Samui

HAFELE Finding Better Ways German HardWare Technology Furniture Fitting Architectural Hardware Bangkok Pattaya Phuket Hua Hin Samui

TS Teak Samui Tha-Sao Villas Flooring European Standard Window Door Outdoor Decking Wood Decor Wide Rang Of Furniture & Wood Decor Components For Professional & DIY USE Export Available

TS Teak Samui Tha-Sao Villas Flooring European Standard Window Door Outdoor Decking Wood Decor Wide Rang Of Furniture & Wood Decor Components For Professional & DIY USE Export Available

B Smart Sys Koh Samui B Smart System Intrusion System Close Circuit Television System (Cctv) Fire System Access Control System Public Adress System Congress System Computer Network System Wireless Lan Implement Maintenance Monituring 24 Hr.

European Rain Guttering Koh Samui Easy Installment Full Proof Clip lock system No Weilding Required 10 year warranty 6 Colours

Seara Sports Systems Seara Fitness Systems Your Dream Gym Planning Building & Supplying Asia’s Recreational Infrastructure Bangkok Phuket Ho Chi Minh City Hanoi

Seara Sports Systems Seara Fitness Systems Your Dream Gym Planning Building & Supplying Asia’s Recreational Infrastructure Bangkok Phuket Ho Chi Minh City Hanoi

CP Pool Koh Samui Swimming Pool System Water Treatment Plant Waste Water Treatment

Desjoyaux Koh Samui Swimming Pool

Villa Letting Article courtesy of Andy Peel Samui Escapes

"What do you predict our occupancy is likely to be?" "What is the return on my investment likely to be?" These are frequently asked questions put to developers or agents, though not easily answered given the complexity of factors which determine an owner's net income. Leaving aside political unrest, the increases in oil prices, hikes in air fares and the global 'credit crunch', which are beyond our control, here are some 'Fact not Fiction' considerations.

Some or all of these attributes will help to achieve good occupancy: The villa is on or near to the beach It has a good sea view A private pool It looks great It is realistically priced There's good management in place (if the customers have a positive service experience, they'll want to return year on year!) What doesn't help: The rates are uncompetitive The road leading up to the villa is too steep It's poorly maintained No swimming pool Too far from the beach or shops Low specification Given the large number of completed villa projects on the Island, it is perhaps not surprising to note the diverse range of private villas advertised for let, which means greater choice for the holiday maker or long-term resident. Holiday makers, who choose to arrange their own accommodation and flights, normally do the research and explore the numerous possibilities on the internet, making several enquiries whilst trying to negotiate the price down. This can sometimes mean that as an owner, if you're not flexible enough on pricing, you're going to lose out to another similarly priced villa that may even be next door to you. Before deciding to let your villa, you'll need to calculate what the outgoings are likely to be and whether it is worthwhile to you. Being thorough is essential if you want to establish an accurate net income figure. This is particularly important if you're going to rely upon the income to repay money you've borrowed in order to buy the villa. If you are a potential owner, it's essential to note that figures like 6% or 8% return will be banded around by the seller like confetti, as if to celebrate your marriage to the villa and the financial rewards from rental


that will follow in subsequent years. Regardless of whether or not these figures are accurate, and quite frankly nobody has a crystal ball, who can blame any seller wanting to paint a glossy picture in order to seal the deal. If all you want to do is cover your outgoings and finance keeping the villa in good condition, then this is certainly achievable. In fact, this is perhaps the right reason to let. However, if you're going to borrow money to pay for the villa then rely upon the income from letting to repay the money, then this is not a good starting point and you'll need to look very carefully at the figures. Remember that you will need to leave enough money to pay for monthly utility bills, insurance, lawyer's fees, repairs and general maintenance to keep your villa working for you. After all, it is a substantial investment, and certainly one worth protecting.



Advance Inter Development Advantage Holiday Villas Bam Buh Dream properties Halcyon Samui Properties Horizon Homes Kalara International Properties Kohabitat Property Koh Samui Land & Homes Koh Samui Properties KP Properties Phathong Residence Plumeria Place Residence Rent Samui Samui Beach Village Samui Diamond Properties Samui Escapes Samui-Phangan Properties Samui Villas and Homes Thailand Retreats The Park TIC The Phufar Residence WOW Properties Koh Phangan

077 081 086 089 077 077 077 077 089 077 077 089 077 077 086 087 077 081 077 077 081 077 081 077


231 625 892 6372 061 4280 289 0025 427 311 417 005 246 100 430 399 474 1837 230 606 377 018 813 5715 430 043 430 399 2667572 895 4132 245 136 979 0679 430 326 427 774 683 4592 247 710 5359100 238 954

Thong Nai Pan Estate Luxury Living in Koh Phangan Thailand

Koh Phangan Map Living in Koh Phangan Phangan Scene



UNIQUE PHANGAN Koh Phangan has always attracted what most would consider a more alternative crowd and the island is also becoming a more permanent host to visitors, with residential developments beginning to spring up on the beaches and mountainsides. It may be the unique stream of visitors that has lead some developers on Koh Phangan to look at more forward thinking ways of appealing to potential investors, but it is also undoubtedly the unique nature of the island’s environment. The island prides itself on its less than modern atmosphere, and many things such as seafood, transportation, accommodation and souveniers, are cheaper than on the other more developed islands. Koh Phangan offers a suprising variety of attractions and activities for all types of tourists. An island that was once considered the 'back-door escape' from Samui, has now established itself as a destination in its own right. Regular boat and ferry services take thousands of people to Koh Phangan and places of interest include four, year-round waterfalls, a cave temple situated near a typical Thai village and some fabulous offshore islands. Several new restaurants have opened in the last year on Koh Phangan and are doing very well. The island now boasts Thai, Thai fusion, Italian, Indian and even Swedish cuisine. All these new restaurants are part of a general shift up-market, which is driving both the tourism and property markets. Meanwhile the local government is planning a beautfication programme for the island’s roads and a campaign to re-inforce Koh Phangan’s appeal as a natural destination.

Thong Nai Pan Noi Beach, Koh Phangan


PROPERTY ON KOH PHANGAN Baan Tai village characterizes the original atmosphere of this unique location in the Thai Gulf, with its narrow winding footpaths and old Chinese architecture. The village front faces a sandy beach and is nestled against a lush green tropical hillside with footpaths that meander like a labyrinth up through the village and into the surrounding jungle. A more contemporary version of the island can be found at places like Sitara Village and Tong Nai Pan Estates, both low-density projects aimed at buyers who are environmentally concerned about the future. Such low-key residential projects have been doing very well on Koh Phangan, even without excessive marketing. They include many eco-alternative features to standard built housing, including solar power options, compulsory water containment, organic waste treatment as well as tree preservation and even a community centre directed at involvement in environmental awareness and island issues. In addition to the above projects, new residential develpments are now happening around the island in Haad Salad, Chalobaankao and Ban Kai. These developments will be like nothing Koh Phangan has previously seen. All of the developments will include full infrustructure and properties are expected to be offered at half the price or less then comparable residences on Koh Samui. With such higher scale developments and new upscale restaurants and resorts making their presence felt in the market, locally based property professionals believe that the benchmark is already being set with regard to future development. The developers of these projects hope to learn from the mistakes that have been made in other parts of Thailand and say they will preserve the natural beauty of Koh Phangan, while building quality, eco-friendly homes for a new type of conscious investor.


Try Koh Phangan For Great Values Introducing Our Chalokbaankao Developmemt in Koh Phangan

WOW Properties

Mae Haad Development: • Five minute walk to Mae Haad beach. • All plots spectacular views. • Mae Haad’s long, fine sand beach is one of region’s best. • Excellent nearby snorkeling (multi colored coral). • Up – coming area; good rental potential.

Thong Sala, Koh Phangan Tel: 077-238-956 Mobile: 08-1079-2642 We Offer: • Superior Investments in Koh Phangan. • Surprisingly Affordable Wow! Quality Properties. • Over 300 Listings. • Legal and administrative assistance.

Flamingo Residence Luxury Seaview Villas For Sale

Flamingo Residence welcomes you to a unique lifestyle What makes this island unique to any other island in the Thai Gulf? Well, apart from the tranquil surroundings, white sandy beaches, marine life, waterfalls and the World famous Full Moon Party...

....Koh Phangan can offer so much more now... This Eco friendly Development will include: -spacious outside living area with private swimming pool -Tropical Spa with plunge pool and herbal sauna -Solar and waste water system -Excellent rental returns Price start from 9.9 Million


Design by... Contact... Judit Kulcs Tel: 084 308 0967, 113/3 M.1 T. Baan Tai, Koh Phangan, Suratthani 84280 Thailand

Hanging Out In Bars Is One Thing Hanging On To These Bars Is Something Else Harley Davidson Bangkok Thailand

Expo Green File Island Life Directory


HEALTHY SAMUI Samui now boasts a range of fun, alternative and downright fascinating ways to stay healthy options that can rejuvenate your spirit and add a much-needed dimension to your life. From relaxing and invigorating spa treatments to new forms of exercise and delicious, healthy cuisine – Samui is an increasingly nourishing place to be.

Spa Treatments Day spas and massage packages are not only relaxing and peaceful experiences, but can also target health problems and promote well-being.

Many of the island's spas now double as wellness centres or holistic sanctuaries. We have chosen two to focus on below but even the idlest research will provide you with even more choices. Tamarind Springs offers a range of relaxing massage packages, but it is also a healing resort and prides itself on looking after your health and well-being. To that end, one of the spa's most popular massages is the ‘manual lymphatic drainage massage’ which is designed for detoxification and to reduce skin puffiness as well as being a real treat. Tamarind's practitioners are all extremely well qualified and can target problem areas if you so desire. Kamalaya is a wellness sanctuary and holistic spa offering an huge range of treatments and techniques.As well as experiencing alternative therapies, it can be an interesting area to research and usually provides not only health benefits but relaxation and stress reduction. Massage packages are only the tip of the iceberg here, as reiki, ayurvedic medicine, yoga, acupuncture and much more complement the natural spa cuisine in ambient, relaxed surroundings.

Healthy eating Thai food is one of the world’s most popular culinary creations and also one of the healthiest. Try the salads, which are full of tasty, local fruit


and vegetables and come with herbs and spices to tempt even the fussiest taste buds. One of the most well known is Som Tam or green papaya salad - prepared with papaya, fresh basil, red chilies and shrimp paste, you can’t get much healthier than that. Other healthy options include Gai Pad Kaprao (chicken with basil), which is a popular stir-fry, and Tom Yam Koong which is a spicy soup prepared with prawns. Just stay away from deep fried menu items and you can’t go wrong with Thai food. More and more restaurants on Samui offer healthy fare, and this does not detract from taste. One example is Eat Sense Beach Restaurant on Chaweng Beach, which boasts a spa cuisine menu specially crafted to provide a healthy and tasty alternative. All dishes are low in fat, sugar, sodium and have no preservatives. The selection of natural fruit juices and smoothies is truly phenomenal. The Art Café in Bophut is another healthy option, serving up freshly baked goodies, delicious salads and healthy main meals, all providing vigorous flavours. Take the opportunity to browse local arts and crafts – who said that healthy eating can’t be fused with an excuse to go shopping?. There's even a schedule of different health workshops and yoga sessions on offer.

beginner to advanced. Absolute Yoga in Choeng Mon offers twenty-nine yoga classes a week, Choose from Hot Yoga, Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Flow Yoga as well as different workshops and teacher training programmes.

Muay Thai The ultimate exercise experience on Samui must be Thai Boxing. Thailand's martial art has been practiced for hundreds of years but here you can learn to kick and punch with experienced Thai trainers guiding your every move. Super Pro Gym in Chaweng is a dedicated Muay Thai centre and the trainers there are happy to take beginners or anyone wanting to give this exciting sport a try. On Friday mornings they now run a ‘boxfit’ class solely for women that focuses on the fitness aspect of the sport in a supportive atmosphere. Trying this national sport not only increases your fitness but provides you with a lot of credibility with friends. Healthy options abound on Samui. There is no excuse for just lazing away your days when tasty food, interesting exercise options and massage and health treatments can not only increase your wellbeing but add that extra zing to your life.

Exercise Samui offers great opportunities to jump into new and different experiences, and a wide range sport and exercise options certainly provide for this. A large number of gyms and specialized sports facilities are dotted around the main tourist centres and for those with time on their hands, this presents an ideal opportunity to have gym consultations and be taken through the different exercises and machines available. Heather Millburn is a personal trainer based on Samui and particularly good with people who haven’t stepped into a gym before. She will create an exercise regime which is tailored to your needs and will fit it around your schedule.

Magnolai Spa Next to Kandaburi Resort Chaweng Beach 077 601 133 SenseDaySpa Bang Rak Beach 077 246 295 Tamarind Springs is in north Lamai 077 424 221 Kamalaya is in Laem Set 077 429 800 BBC Cafe Big Buddha Beach 077 425 089 Sea Breeze Restaurant 077 245 255 Eat Sense Beach Restaurant is on Chaweng Beach Rd. 077 414 242


Art Café is in Samui Town Centre 087 249 673

Always a popular choice on Koh Samui, yoga is a relaxing and enjoyable method of exercising in an often ambient setting. Yoga Thailand is a dedicated Yoga retreat, training and wellness centre that caters for all levels of student, from

Heather Millburn is a fitness trainer 087 462 2003


Super Pro Gym is in Chaweng 077 414 393


A Complete Non Toxic Solution To Pest Control ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND PEST CONTROL Coping with pests in and around your property can be tricky and finding a way to rid your home or business of unwanted beasts can often present a difficult dilemma. Pest control usually means the application of harmful toxic chemicals, possibly affecting the health of you, your pets and family. Sprays and pellets can cause allergic reactions such as rashes or even breathing problems and long term illnesses. Fortunately, a new alternative to toxic pest control is now available on Koh Samui. Ecopest is a completely safe solution to traditional means, offering 100% non-toxic preparations and methods in their approach to all pest control needs. Their product is an ecologically sound, reliable, odour free and non-staining application that allows little or no disruption in the daily running of your home or office. Director Alister Wright founded the company in 2008 after he moved here and discovered a desperate need for environmentally friendly methods to battle insects and infestations common on the island. In the UK, he was professionally trained by Rentokil Initial and served as a Rentokil Service Technician, Field Biologist, Service Supervisor and Trainer as well as Service Manager. When he arrived on the island this previous experience naturally lead him to investigate the techniques used to eradicate pests here. “After a short time in Thailand I quickly discovered that the majority of pest control was being done with highly toxic and harmful oil based chemicals," he explained. "These sprays are not only dangerous to you and your family pets but also extremely damaging to the natural environment. These chemicals can remain in the ground for very long periods of time with ongoing risk to people."


The company is now fully established and offers a range of packages that include a free on-site survey and quote. One of the team operatives is also on call to follow up on the services they provide whether it be a one, two or three day treatment job, depending on the severity of the problem. Ecopest offers an introductory treatment to try the product once and assess its effectiveness. Again, their team is available to answer any questions and can alleviate any concerns you may have about the application or process. Long-term contracts are available for homes, schools, resorts or anyone looking for ongoing defence against unwanted pests. A 24-hour call out service is also available, ensuring clients that an expert is on hand should an urgent need arise. All treatments are documented and a report on current infestations and findings will be handed to you, the customer, on every occasion the technician visits. They offer free technical support from their entomologist who can identify any bugs that may be of concern. Alister’s professionalism and concern for the environment are a welcome addition to the growing needs of the island community of families and businesses For more information contact: ECOPEST 0857 912 496 or 077 430 508 or



SenseDaySpa & Gift Shop SenseDaySpa is a small , intimate mini-spa scarves and handbags made from Thai silk. where you are able to enjoy massages and treatments in a clean and private air-conditioned environment. It is ideal for those who have a limited time to spend on being pampered or for those who want to try a massage or treatment for the first time.

The spa is located at The Secret Garden Resort in Bang Rak. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 8pm. To make an appointment, telephone Rebecca on 077 246295.

Customers are able to have a massage or treatment on their own or as a couple if they wish. There is an open air bathroom for customers to shower before or after treatments, as well as a separate area designated for manicure or pedicure. SenseDaySpa also sells a range of natural home-spa products that are manufactured in Thailand as well as some

Annual Koh Phangan Film Festival The 2009 Koh Phangan Film Festival The festival showed screenings of roughly six took place from February 20-22nd. The second high-quality independent films each night from a variety of countries around the globe. Attendees annual event was sponsored by a number of were able to view the films on a large outdoor businesses from Koh Phangan and Koh Samui screen setup on the beach and fresh fruit drinks and was a charity event aimed at raising money and snacks were also available. The for environmental issues to benefit the island. entertainment also included live music sessions on Friday and Saturday evenings. Organisers looked for content to raise viewers’ awareness of various issues that affect the world and its inhabitants. As in 2008, the festival profits will be used to sponsor a collective beach cleanup scheduled on the 22nd of April, Earth Day. Donations were taken beyond the ticket prices with all ticket proceeds to benefit Green Phangan, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the natural environment of the island. PFF was held at Holiday Beach resort near Thongsala and had a full house on all three nights of the festival. The organisers were very pleased with the numbers who turned out to see the films and hope to continue the event in the coming years.


Charity Bikers Event The Samui Pirates MC's 3rd Charity Bike Run took place on 22nd February in aid of the Thai Red Cross Society, Koh Samui. Approximately 250 bikes took part in the Red Cross Charity Ride from Chaweng Lake with a stop at the Buddy Hotel in Lamai and then and on to Nathon for an evening of music, fun and games. All the bikes arrived at Nathon around 4pm and thanks go to Samui Police for escorting the riders. The fun started with a Tug-Of-War between all the clubs. The club that lost donated money to the charity. There was also a ladies Tug-Of-War which finished in a draw.

raised 139,000 Baht which was donated on stage to the President of the Red Cross. A performance by a traditional Thai dancing troop of elderly Thai ladies followed, all of whom received a "thank you" kiss from the bikers, much to their surprise and bemusement. All the Charity T-shirts sold out quickly and more will be printed for next year's event. Special thanks were also given to Ohm riders for their help with organisation of the event.

The music started at 5pm with a live show from the Bob Colour Band. The participating clubs were then welcomed on stage and the organizers thanked everyone attending the event. Thai band, Siam, played a Rock 'n Roll set. There then followed the Thai champion cocktail mixer who also performed amazing feats of fire eating. There were many generous donations, plus items auctioned for the charity and in total the event

Women's Business Network Here on Koh Samui in the Land of Smiles, a community of International lady entrepreneurs are tackling their business challenges head on by joining with like-miinded women to discuss issues and solve problems. During the monthly Women’s Business Network meetings, participants are positively encouraged to do business and create links both locally and Internationally. The ladies also identify opportunities to mentor, support and empower disadvantaged women in the local community, appreciating that women business owners are innovators, job creators and providers of economic security.


If you are a business minded lady, living on Koh Samui or here on vacation, why not join the next meeting? They are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month, hosted at different beautiful locations around the island, and all interested visitors are welcome. For more information contact Jo Reynolds by email on or call 087 385 1663. Lorraine Clarke on or call 089 047 6348.



077 231 625 081 8926 372 077 349 184 084 386 257 084 745 0720 077 430 326 0843224680 086 256 555 077 430 326 087 280 3838 086 061 4280 081 924 9574 077 425 370 089 866 2062 077 960 927 077 430 326 081 082 9355 077 245 869 077 230 688 081 893 8521 084 308 0967 077 430 540 077 425 578 077 422 248 077 377 018 02 257 0499 077 427 311 077 417 005 077 448 078 089 666 0610 077 247 805 089 474 1837 077 413 901 077 430 399 077 230 606 077 377 018 077 246 036 077 247 867 089 972 3043 084 838 6257 081 787 9148 089 724 8700 081 370 2480 089 813 5715 077 234 203 086 271 3800 077 430 043 077 248 300 077 430 399 077 414 222 089 474 1837 081 979 0679 081 082 4030 084 689 7081


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02 685 3676 077 961 910


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085 790 1520 089 097 9516 077 430 303 02 686 3413


02 934 7921 077421 611 077 422 651 077 425 548 077 960584

MAINTENANCE SERVICE 077 430 010 087 013 7650


077 422 512-9 0819243626 077 245 400 077 960 616 081 893 4933



038 420 618 077 417 015





081 892 1066 02 586 5600 080 522 4400 077 423 073



077 245 396 085 792 8806 077 425 089 077 484 548 02 934 4855 087 142 8937 077 601 133 077 245 134 077 427 244 077 245 255 077 246 295 A great photo makes you sell more Invest on your image Sharp as You Like the Leading Photographic Company on Koh samui A great photo makes you sell more Invest on your image Sharp as You Like the Leading Photographic Company on Koh samui

Bangkok Airways Asia’s One And Only Samui Park Avenue Shopping in the park at Samui Airport

Bangkok Airways Asia’s One And Only Samui Park Avenue Shopping in the park at Samui Airport

Bangkok Airways Asia’s One And Only Fly to more Exotic Gems of Asia from Samui Bangkok Airways Your Airline

Bangkok Airways Asia’s One And Only Fly to more Exotic Gems of Asia from Samui Bangkok Airways Your Airline

Take it easy!!

Come & Join Us……Private boat charter to the islands hidden jewels. T: +66 (0) 77 245 936 M: +66 (0) 8 6282 2983,



B B C RESTAURANT รานอาหาร บีบีซี ้

The Best Sunset Restaurant on Koh Samui Thai, European, Seafood & Barbecue – plus live music, cold beer and great cocktails Open 9am to late

Call (077) 425 089

SenseDaySpa at Secret Garden Resort, Big Buddha Beach Tel: 077 246295

A Spa treatment you can sense and taste This is the perfect way to enjoy red wine without a hangover AND say goodbye to ageing. Wine treatments firm the skin and reduce the signs of ageing because grape seeds contain polyphenol with antioxidant potency twenty times greater than Vitamin C and E. Red Wine Spa - 120 minutes. To begin, a refreshing red wine gel scrub is applied from top to toe which gently removes dead skin and boosts circulation. The therapist then performs a 60 minute deep-tissue massage with red wine massage oil that helps soothe aching muscles. Afterwards, the red wine body mask is applied leaving your skin feeling soft and supple. A complimentary glass of red wine completes your experience.

Open Tuesday to Sunday 11am to 8pm

at Secret Garden Resort, Big Buddha Beach Tel: 077 245255 Open Tuesday to Sunday 9am to 3pm 6:30pm to 10:00pm

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The Park Samui Sold as condominium with direct foreign ownership Koh Samui

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Quarter Page Listing ads

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7 x 10 cm.

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Plumeria Place Residence Exclusive Tropical Villas

Bluewater Koh Samui International School

Bluewater Koh Samui International School

Luxury Yacht Charters with a professional, safety conscientious approach. We endeavor to exceed our guest’s expectations and tailor our charters to suit individual requests, whether exploring remote beaches, hooking into some big game or diving with whale sharks our experienced crew will ensure that your time spent as our guest aboard will be an unforgettable experience.

“La Madrina” Built in 2008, at the Princess Shipyard, Plymouth, England “La Madrina” is a V45 Sports Cruiser with sleek lines, smooth curves and a serious punch. Powered by twin Volvo 370 hp engines, with a deep v hull “La Madrina” is capable of comfortable speeds up to 35 knots.

Length overall: 47 ft (14.35m) Beam: 13 ft (3.99m) Draft: 3ft 6” (1.07m) Destinations: Koh Tao, Koh Phangan Marine Park, Nang Yuan, Samui Activities: Diving, Snorkeling, Fishing, Coastal Exploration. Charter Options: Full Day, Half Day, Sunset, Overnight.

Delivering Dream Charters Daily...

Luxury Yacht Charters

Yacht Management Yacht Brokerage For more information please call 077 427 244, 0892886404 33, Moo 4, Bang Rak, Bophut, Koh Samui.

Samui Phangan Real Estate Magazine April / May 09  

The definative guide to real estate on Koh Samui & Koh Phangan

Samui Phangan Real Estate Magazine April / May 09  

The definative guide to real estate on Koh Samui & Koh Phangan