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MAY 2010


The Land of Smiles


What may have started out as a whimsical conversation between two quirky sport-lovers, has evolved into the sixth-largest, annual event in the Thai tourism calendar. An adventurous new player has gracefully lumbered onto the Polo field...

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‘Amala’ means ‘pure’ in Sanskrit, and the dishes created by their chef reflect the outstanding flavours from only the freshest ingredients, sourced from local organic markets, and from a special supply of their very own.Experience vegetarian, with a twist!

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The ‘VIP Preview Day’, at the 31st edition of the Bangkok International Motor Show, the Kingdom’s largest automotive exhibition, tempts Nathalie and a few hand-picked car lovers, with the unique chance to come and ‘play’ with the most unique and modern two- and four-wheelers.

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Not from a book, or from some distant person via the Internet, but standing right in front of you, able to answer direct questions, you will hear the results of where you stand with your health, and what you should facilitate in order to get the best results.

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Providing you with insider information on current events and activities from your local communities. Find out Who’s Who in our People section, and discover what this wonderful tropical paradise has to offer visitors from around the globe.




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Florian Winkler, of Rocky’s Boutique Resort, humbly boasts something that only a handful of his colleagues have attained. Join with this international connoisseur, and perhaps Samui’s only wine expert, as he shares his knowledge regarding the world of wine.

The Mongolian people are currently in the midst of a weather pattern, locally known as the Dzud phenomenon. Discover how the United Nations Development Programme has responded to appeals from the Mongolian government, and what you can do to aid in this crisis.


Superpro Samui distinguishes itself by combining European luxury with Thai tradition. Jump into the ring and discover how they also reach out to a diverse market, making the sport available for any level of expertise, and to trainees with many types of goals.



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When I first arrived on Koh Samui, I too was a tourist, and depended on the publications available to discover Thailand. On Samui, there were several monthly magazines, and weekly newspapers, telling me where to go, what to do, and where the best places to eat were located, and what I could get for my money. I was under the assumption that they really knew. So I went, I tried out some of the activities, I took their advice on who had the best charters and trips, and I ate where they told me to.

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When I returned home, I found myself having a second look at these advisory reviews, and found that there wasn’t even one of them, that had something bad to say about anything! I most certainly did.

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Now don’t get me wrong. I’m one for boosting your financial supporters, and really focusing on what is positive and good on our tropical paradise island, but what was missing was some good, down to earth, honest truth. Ask yourself this. Why is it that no one talks about how attractive the washrooms are? Why is it that every restaurant you read about, is the best one on Samui, and has a Master Chef? Is every establishment on Samui that good? Are there no hung-over workers, after a payday and a well-deserved Sangsom night out, sleeping in a back room somewhere instead of cleaning your suite on time? Has no one ever discovered a hair in their food, or found a dirty glass in their hotel room after the cleaning crews have finished? Now I know that I’m being trivial with these examples, but I’m sure that you get my drift. Here’s a really honest question to get you thinking...How green is our Green Island?

Sales Manager Miki Simic 0 835 914 881

Our intentions however, are to make certain that you enjoy your holiday, and we are not going to “blow smoke up your a@#” by telling you things that are not true, or hiding something that you might discover later. I ask our journalists, and our contributors, to step out on a limb when interviewing our clients, to visit the bathrooms, and to give an overall impression of what you, as a tourist, can expect. Give us at least a little bit of ‘dirt’, that way we can believe you! The best part about this is that our supporters are honest with us. They want you to know exactly what you are getting, and they are not afraid to admit that their facilities are in need of an upgrade, or that construction is currently underway to improve their amenities with the most modern and environmental standards we would expect of them. They want you to know that their service is a little slow, so that you don’t walk out before experiencing what could have been the best meal in your life. We present you with an articulate and honest review of what we see. We sometimes even dive into global subjects that you might not want to hear about. We’re not offended if you turn the page, but we strive to maintain our integrity by not hiding behind fantasys of make-believe dragons, and fairytales of the perfect world we live in. We want to educate, as well as entertain you. We pretty much say it like it is. We are current, up to date, and not paid by everyone you see in our magazine. We often choose them out of curiosity. We want you to go to every nook and cranny on our island, experience the culture, and find hidden treasures. But we want you to be prepared. So travel with us on our monthly journey. Let our experiences guide you, and if you have been somewhere that we have yet to go, let us know. Your time here is short as a visitor, and every moment counts. Enjoy.


Jason Wilkerson Samui Dream

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THE ISLAND OF KOH SAMUI has been a hidden treasure for paradise seekers over the past 40 years. Today, the beaches remain to be the passion of the island, with resorts and hide-away bungalows spilling out and onto the white sands. Each beach on Samui has maintained its own personality, relating to the area that it lies within. Featured here are some of the highlights of each of these areas for the holiday traveller to enjoy.







Chaweng is the longest and most popular beach on Samui. It is also the largest tourist centre with more than 1.5 million travellers visiting annually. Five-Star luxury resorts share the space with more economical accommodation choices, along with a five-kilometre street of stalls and shops that sell everything Thailand is famous for. Prices are a little higher here than in other areas of the island, but the range of choices in food, accommodation and entertainment is impressive, making this beach and its surroundings, the centre of activity for many visitors.

Lamai has often been referred to as Samui’s second beach, but there are many who believe it has a greater beauty than that of Chaweng. The waters are excellent for swimming, and the beaches and streets are less crowded. The southern end of the bay features elegant granite boulders, while the beach itself seems endless.The nightlife in Lamai hosts some excellent restaurants and bars scattered along its strip. The surrounding area notably hosts some of the island’s best spas and health resorts available. If you wander off the beaten track here, you might get a glimpse of some true Thai culture.

If your stay is brief, Big Buddha Beach area offers convenience due to its close proximity to the airport, as well as to boats chartered for Koh Pha-Ngan and Koh Tao. Prices for accommodation and provisions remain reasonable, and there is a growing number of fine dining options to complement the local Thai restaurants, and beach bungalow cuisine. Facilities and services are abundant along the main road, making this one of the best locations for a vibrant night-life.The Big Buddha itself can be seen overlooking the entire area, and remains to be the focal attraction.


This beach is in the shape of a huge horseshoe, featuring soft sand that offers a spectacular view of the neighbouring island of Koh Pha-Ngan. There are a number of good local restaurants and businesses along the beach, as well as located on the main ring road. Mae Nam is home to many of the island’s residential developments with a growing quantity of long-term visitors and expats, giving the area a strong sense of community. The hills behind Mae Nam provide the location for the island’s spectacular world-class golf resort.

Bo Phut stands out as the only village on Samui that exudes authentic island charm. It consists of a single street lined with traditional shophouses, many of which have been converted into restaurants, modern shops and guesthouses. The distinct designs of the beachside dining sector, as well as the chosen cuisine that is available, have created an exceptional international and Thai atmosphere. Bo Phut is expanding constantly, generating new wining and dining options every year. Despite its growth, the essential seaside appeal remains, making it one of the island’s most attractive locations.

The unspoiled south-west coast of Taling Ngam and Lipa Noi, has seen the least change of any area on the island. The romantic coastline here overlooks the spectacular Five Islands and Angthong National Marine Park. Several excellent beachside seafood restaurants, bungalows, and resorts, can be found scattered along the coast, offering the most idyllic locations to watch the sun setting into the sea. Palms come right down to the water’s edge, dense greenery right up to the sands, providing an incredible swimming experience. Out to sea lie the mountains of the mainland, distant and hazy, fading to violet as evening approaches.


The Muslim fishing village of Hua Thanon offers a handful of seafood restaurants, but its main attraction lies in the ancient cultures of the local fishermen. Intricately painted wooden boats are used to this day to catch and deliver fish directly to the local markets. Take a stroll through its market and capture a glimpse into the lives of one of the island’s original communities. Beyond Hua Thanon, the southern coast offers some of the most unspoiled natural scenery on Samui. You will find quaint local villages and coconut plantations, that have endured the test of time.


This is the island’s main administrative centre. All government offices, banks, as well as the main ferry pier are located in Nathon, making it the most important place for communication with the mainland. Nathon also boasts a number of original teak shop-houses, lining the quiet middle roads, showing the more traditional, Chinese influenced Samui life. Any major local events, ceremonies, or celebrations, are held in the car park in front of the main pier in Nathon. Visitors tend to pass through this beautiful village on their way to either Chaweng or Lamai, often missing some of the least expensive shopping on the island. A nightly food market establishes itself here, giving visitors their first taste of the delights available on Samui.


Choeng Mon is made up of a series of bays, speckled with white sandy beaches upon its coastline. Despite its close proximity to Chaweng, about 15 minutes north and 5 minutes from Big Buddha, the beaches have remained quiet and the waters clean. Choeng Mon’s wide sandy beaches feature a rock formation on one side, and the island of Koh Som, which you can easily paddle out to, on the other. This is a very family-friendly area, with exclusive resorts abundantly situated along the water’s edge. Relatively upmarket, inexpensive accommodation is virtually non-existent in this area. This lesser-known beach is located in a very secluded part of Koh Samui, on the northeast corner of the island, where most of the bays have been given over to private residential developments.


This area has become home to some of the most driven entrepreneurs, leaders of business, and tourism operators, that have ever inhabited the island. The preservation of the ancient village character has been kept a priority, and, as the name of Bang Rak translates into ‘The Village of Love’ in the Thai language, so has the charm been reserved that this village resonates. Harbour and home for many of the island’s yachting members, including the speedboat charters and touring vessels that make their way to the neighbouring islands, and the Angthong National Marine Park, this is where you can find day charters to all-inclusive excursions around Samui and beyond. This area is also home to the island’s optimist sailing club for children, The Yacht Club, where young sailors are taught, in true sailing spirit, the art of mastering not only the sea, but themselves, competing in national championships with the best of the best in Thailand, and from around the globe.


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Did you know - Elephants can run up to 24km/h in short spurts?


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The game of Polo was first played in Persia, from around the fifth century BC, and is recorded to have continued into the first century AD. This thunderous game of speed and dexterity was initially utilised as a training game for cavalry units, typically by those of such calibre as the king’s guard, or other elite troops on horseback. To the warlike tribesmen who later adopted this sport, playing it with as many as 100 to a side, it resembled more of a miniature battle... over a white ball. In Asia, the game of Polo has put into service a more sizeable steed from which to play the sport. In fact, what may have started out as a whimsical conversation between two quirky sport-lovers, has evolved into the sixth-largest, annual event in the Thai tourism calendar. An adventurous new player has gracefully lumbered onto the Polo field, bringing with it an innovative form of this ancient sport. “Polo horses are very fast, but there is a lot of technique in Elephant Polo, which makes it a very interesting game,” states Christopher Stafford, founder and president of the World Elephant Polo Association in Thailand. What is even more of an interest, is the possibility for a diverse group of players to engage in the sport. Men, women, and even children are able to participate in the Elephant Polo championships.

The World Elephant Polo Association established the governing rules for Elephant Polo in 1982, founding its headquarters at the Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge, within the Royal Chitwan Park in Nepal. This tournament boasts a relatively small circuit, including the countries of Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. In Thailand, the King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament was launched in Hua Hin by Anantara Resort, in 2001. In 2006, the tournament moved to the on-site Elephant Rescue Camp within Anantara Golden Triangle Resort & Spa’s 160-acre lush jungle setting, and today plays host to the annual King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament. The 2010 King’s Cup, which showcased the skillful elegance of its rescued elephants, provided spectators with nail-biting matches, a beautiful setting, and a great cause to support. From March 22nd to March 28th, twelve privileged teams from all around the world, including the United States, Britain, and Germany, descended upon Chiang Rai, in the north of Thailand, to battle it out for the championship of this unique and increasingly competitive sport. The true winners of this contest, however, are the elephants themselves. Over US$300,000 has been raised since the tournament launched in 2001, helping to provide protection and support for the embattled Thai elephant.


Elephants are a key symbol of Thailand’s history, and nothing but utmost respect is given to the pachyderms. All proceeds of the tournament are used to ensure their future welfare, sustenance, employment, Mahout training, and medical treatment provisions. Expanding in popularity, the King’s Cup has gone from a small two day event with six teams, into a week-long extravaganza now featuring twelve teams from four continents, and encompassing forty players from a least fifteen different countries. This year, as anticipated by the experts, the finale pitted King Power against the Audemars Piguet team, exhibiting a close game until the second half. Audemars Pigeut’s superior Polo skills and greater reach eventually paid off, with the team fighting from behind to take the overall tournament. As a grand finale, the gala dinner held during the tournament garnered 1.8 million Baht for the Thai Elephant Conservation Centre and the National Elephant Institute, the official beneficiaries of this annual event. Proceeds from the 2009 event helped fund the world’s first-ever elephant therapy program, Thai Elephant Therapy Project (TETP), a partnership with Chiang Mai University and the Thai Elephant Conservation Centre (TECC), that investigates the benefits of using elephants as an alternative treatment for children with autism. This year’s event proceeds will go towards the continued funding of this groundbreaking research.


FINAL RESULTS OF THE KING’S CUP ELEPHANT POLO TOURNAMENT: 1. Audemars Pigeut 2. King Power 3. Mercedes Benz 4. SOCO International 5. Four Seasons Tented Camp 6. Veuve Clicquot 7. Pricewaterhouse Coopers 8. TAT 9. KBank 10. IBM 11. Anantara Golden Triangle 12. PTT AMEX

Fun Facts • Elephants in this tournament only respond to Thai commands from their Mahouts! • The first Elephant Polo games were played with a soccer ball. These were quickly changed to standard polo balls, after it was realized that the elephants liked to stomp on, and pop the soccer balls! • Some players train by sitting on top of a slow-moving jeep, and swing at balls using the actual Elephant Polo stick! • No elephants may lie down in front of the goal mouth. To do so will constitute a foul. • Sugar cane, or rice balls packed with vitamins (molasses and rock salt), shall be given to the elephants at the end of each match, and a cold beer or soft drink to the elephant drivers, and not vice-versa. • THE HEALTH AND WELFARE OF THE ELEPHANTS USED IN TOURNAMENTS IS OF PRIME CONCERN, ABUSE OF THE ELEPHANT IS CONSIDERED TO BE THE MOST SERIOUS OFFENCE.

Photos courtesy of Carol Stevenson


By Glenn R.Wallis

FLORIAN THE FLYING SOMMELIER Thailand has flourished over the years, professionally presenting tourism as its main attribute to millions of travellers, and holiday-goers, accumulating respected accolades for its sources of multi-star luxury resorts, complemented with extraordinary dining establishments. This decade, we sense the fine-tuning of these vacation oases for the world wanderer, escalating their value and the attention to details within them. Spas have acquired world-renowned training programs, resort facilities boast unique features exposing the beauty of Asia, while restaurant’s culinary cuisines leap to new heights of delight.


With a resume of experience that spans continents, this German-born aficionado of cuisine has an International Sommelier Degree from Austria, and is perhaps the only true wine expert employed on Koh Samui.

Rocky’s Boutique Resort is no newcomer to the praises of those who recommend fine quality of food, and ambiance on the isle of Samui. Chosen as one of the most beautiful restaurants in Thailand by Dining in Paradise, and included in Thailand Tater’s guide to the best restaurants in the Kingdom, Rocky’s stands out amongst its peers as an example of fine taste in every aspect.

What exactly does an expert sommelier do? In a good restaurant, the sommelier’s duties include keeping the wine cellar stocked, and knowing exactly which of the jewels in the racks will make the menu shine. Sommeliers are also experts in the art of serving wine and, in effect, they are professional wine collectors who get to share the best of their collection with restaurant patrons. Sommeliers do not just pair wine with food. The primary duty of this professional is to provide each guest with hospitality and service, no matter what price range or beverage they prefer. Real masters will know about beverage service of any kind, right down to choosing which cigars will complement the after-dinner drinks.

To aid in ascending his establishment to the pinnacle of everyone’s list, Erik Larson, Managing Director of the 34 modern villas and bungalows, has enhanced the excellence of his resort by adding a very gifted connoisseur to his restaurant’s team. Food and Beverage Director, Florian Winkler, joined in February of this year, bringing with him an element that is unrivalled in most restaurants not only on Samui, but within the whole of Thailand. Pedigreed from the International School of Tourism in Austria, Florian also humbly boasts something that only a handful of his colleagues have attained.

Beginning towards the end of May, and establishing a definite time-table for the months to follow, Florian will be conducting wine seminars at Rocky’s Boutique Resort. He invites those who have an interest in learning the art of wine-tasting, anyone who would like to get a handle on proper wine etiquette, and even those who would like to learn a few ‘tricks’ to impress your friends at the dinner table, to join with him for his seminars. In addition to offering his services to tourists, Florian extends his invitation beyond the resort walls to the whole of Koh Samui.

“I like to think of myself as a Sommelier for Rent.” “My intention during this 90-minute seminar, is to give an overview and basic introduction to wine tasting, techniques of wine production, countries that harvest wine, and grape varieties. I will also talk about the wines that are produced within Thailand, and their place in the world of wine.” Florian guarantees that his presentation will not be your average seminar, combining a few of Executive Chef Aziz Awang’s creations, to complete the experience. “I will not bore you with too much of what you don’t need to know. But for those who do have questions, are looking to touch-up their own reserves or wine lists, I am a lexicon of knowledge regarding wines, and I want to share this with everyone who requests it.” Apart from offering on-site seminars, Florian is sending out the word that he is available to resorts and restaurants island-wide, which are looking to improve their own establishments with personalised training for their staff, as well as using him as a resource to improve their own selections, and specific knowledge of the products they carry. We refer to Florian as the ‘Flying Sommelier’, a little play on terms regarding the ‘Flying Winemakers’ in Australia. As the Australian harvest is winding down, vineyards in the northern hemisphere are just beginning to experience bud burst. While the latest harvest sits in tanks and barrels at home, Aussie Flying Winemakers spend their winters in the summers of Europe and North America, exporting their highly trained technological knowledge abroad. Florian too, will travel the island of Samui to share his knowledge, although avoiding winter is never a problem on this tropical paradise. Florian is on duty at Rocky’s restaurant, and is available to assist you at your table in choosing the right wine for the right occasion, or to complement your dining pleasure. Remember, you don’t have to be a guest at the resort to come and enjoy one of the best restaurants in Thailand. For reservations and further information, or to register for Florian Winkler’s wine seminars, telephone: 0 7723 3020-5



By Glenn R.Wallis

Green Roof Technology has a history that dates back as far as the 7th century BC. In Babylonia, a majestic structure called the Hanging Gardens of Babylon was built by King Nebuchadnezzar II for his wife, Amyitis. The King’s wife, originally from a country that was abundant in green pastures, found Babylon (now Iran) much too desolate for her comforts, and out of an act of love these gardens were created for her. Today, Green Roof Technology is seen as an effective ecological approach towards urban design management. Buildings in many metropolitan areas now feature rooftop and hydroponic gardens to adjust to the lack of ground space, as well as the poor quality of air and sunshine available, due to monstrous buildings looming over the streets below. Within cities like New York, Toronto, Rome, Moscow, Beijing, and many, many others, meadows in the sky have become a smart solution for many green thumbs.


The Amala Vegetarian Restaurant, located within Prana Resorts & Spa, is truly a unique experience for the senses, with its new menu of delectable vegetarian fare from the freshest organic ingredients and vegetables. The casual atmosphere, with constant fresh ocean breezes flowing through the restaurant, make this an ideal place to relax and enjoy a pleasing vegetarian meal. Setting new realms in regards to Samui design, the Amala restaurant has literally began to grow a unique new culture, above the horizon. And, although Samui is not lacking the green vegetation of Babylon, growing anything organically pure, or not indigenous to Thailand, is a challenge of patience and cleverness. ‘Amala’ means ‘pure’ in Sanskrit, and the dishes created by their chef reflect the outstanding flavours from only the freshest ingredients, sourced from local organic markets, and from a special supply of their very own. With a focus on the fact that vegetarian cuisine should be as tantalising to the taste buds as any other cuisine, Amala’s chef has created a repertoire of dishes with a unique style, resulting in flavours that give new meaning to vegetarian food. His creative use of a variety of mushrooms, tofu, and fresh vegetables and herbs, grown in Prana’s own hydroponics and rooftop gardens, makes each dish a delight to the palate, as well as to the eye, with his outstanding presentation. The resort has started growing its own hydroponics vegetables and herbs, as well as a rooftop garden, where fresh greens can be picked daily for the kitchen. Some of the vegetables have been moved from the rooftop into the restaurant, so that guests can view the fresh greens at different stages of growth. With plans to increase the production of produce from both areas, Amala pioneers the way for self-sufficiency, with the finest of products for their dining guests. Prana Samui is nestled on the idyllic Bo Phut Beach, better known as Big Buddha Beach, in the midst of verdant greeneries, and the tranquil turquoise waters of the Gulf of Thailand. Comprising 13 guestrooms on the beach side, the resort is only a 10-minute drive from Koh Samui’s airport, and a 15-minute drive to the bustling, and vibrant Chaweng Beach. For reservations and inquiries, contact: Telephone: 0 7742 6362 E-mail:






There was a moment of hesitation, as we slipped between the brick parapets of the Natura restaurant, and away from the chaos of the ring-road. Just a brief pause, to see if the man at the front of the gates, about to ignite the newly filled oil lamps, would accidentally set himself on fire, or not. Leaving my morbid disappointment behind me, despite the fact that I was having somewhat of a bad day and needed some cheering up, and although I was thinking that a good fire-dance would lift my spirits, I collected my thoughts and put my mind to the essential task at hand. The courtyard opened up before us in a brilliant display of those colossal fan palm trees, lifting their enormous carriages above the moat-like pond and Buddha house, displayed at the centre of the Natura grounds. The sight of all this was remarkable, typical of a Samui restaurant… no. As I turned, with my mood beginning to stir with the anticipation of a meal prepared by Stefano Leone, one of the most ingenious chefs on Samui, the sign on the glass door of the restaurant read ‘CLOSED’. I reached into my pockets, thinking that I might find a lighter to help out our friend at the front gates.

player, who cannot sing by the way and has taken the day off for another gig, we were silent in our commentary. The food consumed our need for speech.

A woman rushed by us before my pyromania took control of me and, smiling while flipping the sign around, opened the glass doors into the parlours of Natura. We took our choice of seating next to the wall of lightly tinted glass, looking out and onto yet another garden at the side of the restaurant, gently sinking into the couch and array of pillows with it. There was a chilling ambiance about the room, not in the Hitchcock sense, but in a more laid-back way. A piano arranged itself along a corner outcropping, and the room was dressed with vibrant-coloured orange and green flower holders, along with an entourage of glass accessories in stunning wooden cabinets. There was even an ancient Victrola on the opposite side of the room. I made a mental note to ask the proprietors who they had imported in, to decorate.

Following a lemon brule, a couple of cappuccinos, and the best lemon grass and lychees martini my wife says she has ever had, we departed the wellversed staff of Stefano Leone and Péter Süle. The man at the gateway, finally completing his mission of creating a well-lit entrance for visitors, even gained a smile from me as we passed him on our exit.

The wait-staff were quick and efficient in delivering our drinks, polite and rehearsed in preparing our table-settings, and friendly with an ease that I have seen in few other fine dining establishments. Almost as if they weren’t being watched... “Is Stefano here today?” I inquired. The answer led to a flicking of the flint and steel in my pocket. I noted how the bartender personally came to offer us suggestions from their drink and boutique wine menu by Fin, and then the co-owner of the establishment, Péter Süle, approached to assist in the ordering of our food. With an explanation of

The rhythmic jazz in the background, the interesting furniture and feature pieces began to catch my attention, and before long, I found myself chatting and laughing alongside Peter and Kelli as we spoke about our missing chef, and his intense work in transforming Natura into what it is today. Stefano has set himself a reputation of being not only an eclectic and amazing master of cuisine, but an enigmatic and savvy business man. His visions for the restaurant are astounding, even to his business partner, and the future holds many recipes for incredible success at Natura.

their major food and ingredients partners, such as Colibri, the style and choices of the cheese platters, and a brief on why there was no pasta actually listed on the menu, a sense of comfort came over me, and the conversation began to flow between us, unencumbered by my fragile mood of earlier. My wife and I shared a wonderful cheese platter with soft fruit marmalade, roasted pears drizzled with Moscato wine, and green apples marinated in port wine. The meals we chose were both favourites of ours. My wife, Kelli, selected the rack of lamb, with confit tomatoes, fingerling potatoes, and Bagna Chuda sauce. Hoping to satiate my appetite, I ordered the nature fed veal tenderloin, with wild mushroom ragout and roasted young beetroots on a swirling field of linguini.

For an evening out with friends, a group of family, a gentleman’s business meeting, or a gaggle of women for a ladies only event, Natura is the perfect environment to chill-out, enjoy the scenery, and spend an entire evening just having fun. If your day has got the better of you, and you need somewhere to go and enjoy superb food, fantastic service, and stunning ambiance, Natura is an essential prescription for pleasure. For reservations and information on events, contact: Telephone: 0 7724 5550 Or visit:

We have played this part many times, my wife and I, critiquing the ambiance, the wine lists, the decor, the dress of the staff, and most importantly the fine cuisine itself, right down to the style of plate that dishes are cued up on. There is much whispering back and forth between us... typically. But for a restaurant that is apparently closed, with a chef who is in Singapore at the moment, and a piano




By Ian Grundy

Whether you’re a hardened sailor, or just someone that likes partying under the stars every night...the Regatta 2010 has something for everyone. The regatta, contested off Koh Samui’s sun-drenched Chaweng Beach, begins on May 31, and concludes on June 5. For the 9th consecutive year, this leading lifestyle, and sporting event will attract competitive and social sailors from around the world. The five-day regatta is one of Asia’s most glamorous sailing events, and this year will reach even greater heights, as it captures a true carnival feel with the addition of some new and exciting events that include golf, jazz and ‘Asia’s Biggest Boot Camp’! While competitive sailing lies at the heart of the Regatta, the blend of sport, lifestyle, and adventure, adds an extra dimension to this already established event. Teeing off for the first time is the ‘ Regatta Open’ at the Santiburi Samui Country Club, a championship landscaped golf course with each of its 18 holes having their own unique character and challenges. Featuring steep uphill and downhill slopes…to winding fairways that cut into the coconut forest, cliffs, and mountain creeks, the tournament will offer an off-water challenge to add to the fiercely contested on-water action. The regatta’s link this year with the Samui Jazz Festival, is something not to be missed by jazz fans. The festival has built up a reputation of hosting great nights on the island, bringing in some of today’s finest jazz musicians to entertain both tourists and locals alike. Smooth jazz vibes, following exhilarating sailing, will be the perfect way to end a day. Competitive sailing, and partying late into the night may leave some a bid wornout. However, this can be remedied by joining some of Asia’s leading fitness experts for a new and thrilling fitness event happening during the regatta. ‘Asia’s Biggest Boot Camp’ will be held with like-minded and motivated professionals from around the region, who will come together for an event that includes foam roller workshops, nutrition seminars, and 3 fitness boot camps, all over three action packed days. The boot camp takes place from May 28 – 30, and is a great way to get in shape ‘Samui style’.


Spectators, that arrive from all corners of the world , will be able to board spectator boats on each day of racing to follow the sailing action. This ‘up-close and personal’ opportunity, not only allows for great viewing, but also the chance to spend some time out at sea with good company, good hospitality, and to see the very best that Koh Samui has to offer. Christian Lukey, Chief Operating Officer for, understands well the impact of the regatta on the tourist hot spot of Koh Samui. “This idyllic little island holds a strong position as a unique holiday destination, both in terms of long haul, and regional visitors. The island has indeed become an up-market destination that attracts returning visitors year after year. Its easy access to islands like Koh PhaNgan and Koh Tao, also make it an excellent vacation centre. The Regatta brings much to the island, especially for the visitor who can enjoy all of the on-shore activities and fun, and then be out on the water experiencing world-class sailing action.” Anyone that has seen yacht racing at this level, will know how stunning it is to see a full regatta fleet heading out at sea, and ready for the challenge. The Sawadee. com Regatta will likely feature six sailing classes in 2010 – Racing, Sports-boat, IRC, Multihull, Bareboat Charter, and Cruising. A mix of bright sunshine, blue skies, and strong winds, will allow spectators to see these boats in all of their glory. In 2009, sailing legend Neil Pryde and his crew on ‘Hi-Fi’, came out on top in the Racing Class, and will no doubt be looking to bring it home again in 2010.

The Centara Grand Beach Resort is synonymous with the regatta, having been its home-base since the first event in 2001. Martin Heiniger, the resort’s General Manager, comments; “We’re already seeing bookings at the resort for those attending the regatta. The weather in Europe has been brutal this winter, and many Europeans are turning their thoughts, and travel plans to warmer climates. I can’t say I blame them! Samui is high on the list of warmer climates for many sun and adventure seekers, and we know we’ll see a lot of returning tourists this year. The regatta now has the awareness, and reputation, that sees it contribute significantly to the island’s reputation as a leading tourist destination.” For more information and racing details, visit:





I had been honoured with a very special treat. The ‘VIP Preview Day’, at the 31st edition of the Bangkok International Motor Show, the Kingdom’s largest automotive exhibition, offered me and a few hand-picked car lovers the unique chance to come and ‘play’ with the two- and four-wheelers, two days prior to the official opening on the 26th of March. We were amongst the first in the world to see numerous new vehicle debuts such as the ‘Eco Car’ by Nissan March, the latest innovation in green solutions, as well as being treated to moments of pure spectacle, including the revelation of the stunning Mercedes SLS 63 AMG, accompanied by incredible acrobatics of the show’s stuntmen. It wasn’t difficult during the following 12 days to slip into top gear, as visitors were given the opportunity to get up-close-and-personal with the latest concept and production cars and motorcycles.


The annual International Motor Show, held from March the 26th until April the 6th, at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center, has grown at an unprecedented rate since it was first conceived in the mid-seventies. “For this year, the show received approval from OICA (Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobile), the governing body for international motor shows, which would also be included in OICA’s calendar of events”, said Dr. Prachin Eamlumnow, Chairman of the event’s organising committee. He also stated that “despite the recession, the automobile industry has been growing stronger, showing positive numbers since the beginning of the year.” In order to ensure that the event complies with world standards, organisers raised the marketing budget from 40-million Baht to 60-million Baht. “This shows that the standards carried by the Bangkok Motor Show are on par

with other major auto shows, like those in Frankfurt or in Tokyo.” In an exclusive interview with select foreign media guests, Dr. Eamlumnow also revealed that next year’s show would be staged in its new 60,000 square-metre venue at the IMPACT Challenger, in Muang Thong Thani. “Ecology Driving - Save the Earth” was the theme of this year’s show, aiming to show solutions for sustainable mobility. Nissan Motor (Thailand) celebrated the world debut of the Nissan March, which already received a 5,000-unit pre-order in its first week. This global compact vehicle is the first model offered for sale under Thailand’s ‘EcoCar’ program, created by the Ministry of Industry’s Board of Investment (BOI), to encourage the development of energy-efficient vehicles. “To receive eco-car designation, requirements for low fuel consumption and emissions must be met, as well as passenger safety standards for

front and side impact, under the stringent standards of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe,” explains Roger Immel, Vice President Sales of Nissan Motor (Thailand). “Our Eco Car is priced from 375,000 Baht to 537,000 Baht, and offers great value for money.” Nissan is the first of six global car makers to obtain generous Thai government incentives to produce small vehicles under the country’s ‘Green Car Projects’. The BOI offers these companies corporate tax exemption for at least five years, provided their production reaches 100,000 a year within the first five years of operation. Other major highlights, at the Bangkok Motor Show, were the sleek Lexus LF-CH, the eco-friendly Toyota RIN, the BMW X1 and the absolutely stunning Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. This awe-inspiring winged car is an unparalleled combination of high


technology and fascinating design. Opening the gull-wing doors upward reveals the stylish dashboard, which was designed to resemble the cockpit of an airplane. Chassis and body are made entirely of aluminium, and the 6.3-liter front-mid V8 engine makes the SLS AMG one of the most powerful vehicles in its class. This super-sports car is the first vehicle that AMG has developed independently in the company’s more than 40year history, and represents a reinterpretation of the Mercedes-Benz legendary gull-wing automobile. I simply could not resist the lure of the red multi-horse powered beauty that stood before me, and I slipped behind the steering wheel to play the role of a ‘modern Grace Kelly’. For the moment, it didn’t matter that Mercedes Benz will be retailing this dream car for 25,000,000 Baht! Yes, that’s MILLION! Nor did it matter that there were no keys in the ignition for me to hear her purr with the rhythmic vibrations of a cheetah, but the future belongs to those who believe in the power of their dreams…

NATHALIE GÜTERMANN It is with an eclectic mix of high-powered energy and down-toearth values that our Lifestyle Contributor, Nathalie Gütermann, provides the Samui Holiday reader lifestyle experiences in Bangkok and the surrounding areas in Thailand. Visit, or contact Nathalie for your special events at:



Mongolia spreads across the vast ranges of the central Asian plateau, covering around 1.5 million square kilometres. This is in steep contrast to its relatively low population of only 2.7 million (UN, 2009). Despite having some of Asia’s richest mineral resources, Mongolia’s prosperity remains amongst the poorest of nations in the world, with the gross national income per person a mere $US1,680. Recent extreme weather conditions have now put an already overwrought population under increasing pressure. The Mongolian people are currently in the midst of a weather pattern, locally known as the Dzud phenomenon. A Dzud occurs when dry summers are followed by particularly bitter winters, often dropping below -50C (-58F). The dry summers hinder the stockpiling of fodder needed to sustain livestock during the coldest months. Although Dzuds normally occur every five to ten years, there have been four in the past decade. The current one has broken weather records, having brought the most severe drought in 60 years, followed by the harshest winter recorded in over the past 30 years. This has resulted in the deaths of more than 5 million livestock, with more expected to perish before the thaw arrives in June. More than 40% of Mongolians herd livestock for a living, and as such, many have lost their direct income and, consequently, their own food supply. The United Nations Development Programme has now responded to appeals from the Mongolian government, who have requested $4 million for the clearing of frozen carcasses. An initial allocation of $300,000 has been made while on-going fund raising efforts are undertaken. The UNDP, which usually helps in disaster relief operations, such as tsunamis and earthquakes by paying locals to clear rubble, has adapted its strategy to deal with dead animals by paying herders $4 a day to clean and bury carcasses.


Photo by Samuel De Jaegere

“While immediate needs of food, shelter, heating, and health care must be met, this approach would prevent the spread of diseases, and also help herders to feed their families during the Dzud,” said Akbar Usami, the UNDP representative for Mongolia. The main objective of this programme is to prevent the spread of diseases, such as salmonella and anthrax, as a result of the decaying carcasses, particularly when the summer months arrive. The programme expects to minimise soil and water contamination, and to provide some of the more affected families with an income, particularly focusing on herdsmen with less than 200 animals. Other organisations are also working in unison with the UNDP, such as the UN Children’s Fund, amidst reports that some children, babies, and pregnant women had perished due to lack of medical treatment and supplies. Over 20% of the population already suffer from chronic malnutrition, with this figure expected to rise. The effects of the Dzud are not only being felt by the nomadic population, but also by those living in the nation’s capital, where prices of meat have already began to soar. Desperate herdsmen have begun to filtrate into Ulan Bator, looking for work and government aid, which is adding further strain on the capital’s social services. This crisis, unfortunately, instigated uprisings, and is a contributing factor behind a recent protest of more than 5,000 people in Ulan Bator, bolstering demands that parliament be dissolved. With one-third of the population already living below the poverty line factored into recent predictions from the International Panel on Climate Change, which indicate that Mongolia will continue to experience rising temperatures and increased precipitation, it will come as welcomed news by the Mongolian people that an organisation known as the National Emergency Management Agency, (NEMA), have begun to develop an early recovery plan for their country. This programme is focusing on restoring livestock, improving pasture management, as well as providing training and alternative livelihoods for herders, while strengthening forward-looking disaster vigilance within the country. For the herdsmen, and animals, of Mongolia, the melting of the snow simply cannot come quickly enough, and all hope is pinned on summer rainfall bringing lush grasslands once more to her now barren lands of discontent. For more information on how you can help, contact the United Nation’s Volunteer program division for Mongolia at: or





By Margaret Rankin

At Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa Resort, on Koh Samui’s southern coastline, the first entry on your agenda for self improvement is a complimentary and private wellness consultation with one of the Spa’s holistic health professionals. Not from a book, or from some distant person via the Internet, but standing right in front of you, able to answer direct questions, you will hear the results of where you stand with your health, and what you should facilitate in order to get the best results. “It’s the best way for us to obtain a clear understanding of our guests’ health and the goals they’re hoping to achieve,” says Joanne Riley, an Australian naturopath and oriental health practitioner at Kamalaya, since September of 2008. “When it comes to personal health, one size definitely does not fit all, and we want to establish an accurate baseline as soon as possible.


This way we ensure your visit to Kamalaya is of the most benefit in helping you to achieve your goals.”Accordingly, early in your Kamalaya stay you’ll spend an hour in the pleasant company of the Wellness Sanctuary nurses, and either Joanne or one of her three holistic health colleagues. They’ll measure your blood pressure, height and weight – don’t worry, they won’t show you the number if you ask not to see it. Then you’ll undergo Body Bio-impedance Analysis (BIA) – a procedure in which electrodes measure your ratio of body fat to lean muscle mass, and assess your cellular health, metabolism and vitality. This is the starting point from which you and your consultant will co-create your optimal wellness program. It might sound a bit like going to the doctor, but it’s never a hard sell for Kamalaya guests. They praise Joanne, who has also been a nurse since 1987, and her

teammates for their gentle yet unobtrusive way of offering solutions at this stunning five-star resort. “It’s about respect,” she says, “People don’t want to be told what to do. They want to be heard as an individual, and then provided with guidance on how to help themselves.” This respect for diversity is a prevalent theme throughout Kamalaya, which espouses an integral wellness approach that is a synergy of healing therapies from East and West, offered in a sublimely beautiful natural environment, and complemented with inspired, healthy cuisine, as well as holistic fitness activities. But it’s particularly noticeable on the holistic health consultant team, where each member contributes unique talent and perspective. American Andre Tse, is a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), whose father is Chinese and a doctor of Western medicine. Samantha Van Dort is an Australian counsellor and naturopath, who accredits part of the inspiration for her profession to the Ayurvedic practices in her father’s native Sri Lanka. Lily Hoang is a naturopath and acupuncturist, whose family moved to Canada from Vietnam. Together this team finds ways to address whatever issues you would like to change, in a way that is comfortable for you. They’ll choose, with you, from the spa menu of 10 core holistic wellness programs and individual treatments, ranging from Ayurveda and homoeopathy to acupuncture, body and mind balancing, hypnosis and massage. Kamalaya co-founder, Karina Stewart, who designed the resort’s wellness offering and approach, points out “There are very few people who are experts in the over 70 treatments that we offer. In order to co-create your health and wellness program, we offer an expert to help inform your choices, and guide you in seeking solutions.” For Andre Tse, the initial wellness consultation also provides a valuable chance to set an achievable target with his guests. “My intention is to help our guests to understand exactly what we’re doing during the treatments, and how each one of them works,” he says. “It’s the best way, I know, to create the necessary energetic shift that will unlock an individual’s own healing potential.” For more information on Kamalaya’s wellness programs, facilities, and practitioners contact: Telephone: 0 7742 9800 Margaret Rankin is the Director of Media and PR at Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa, a five-star resort on Koh Samui’s southern coast. For any inquiries or media related information, contact her


DANCING CRAB Dancing Crab seafood restaurant is located right on the water’s edge overlooking Big Buddha. Ideal for that casual lunch or romantic sunset dinner with a wide selection of fresh seafood including their specialty - Singapore style Chilli Crab or Black Pepper Crab. Tel.: 0 7742 5519 Web: For Taxi: ตัง้ อยูบ ่ ริเวณใกล้ วัดพระใหญ่ เกาะฟาน

CAPTAIN KIRK If you desire something truly unique, try this roof-top garden restaurant. Almost hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the busy streets, this is a surprising oasis in the heart of Chaweng Beach. Highly recommended is the mixed seafood plate fresh from the grill, and the Australian beef tender loin. Desserts are abundant and delightfully prepared. Complement your dinner with a fine selection of wines at reasonable prices. Tel.: 0 812 705 376 Email: For Taxi: ตัง้ อยูช่ น ้ั บทของร้านสปอร์ต สเตเดีย้ ม


VILLA BIANCA RISTORANTE ”EXCLUSIVE” ITALIANO Tastefully designed, and located at the beach, Villa Bianca features lobster specialties, and other superb cuisine prepared by its own Italian Chef. Excellent wines and French champagne complement all dishes. A unique experience that leaves diners wishing to return for more. Villa Bianca is nestled in amongst the converted old Chinese shop-houses overlooking the water in Fisherman’s Village. Tel.: 0 7724 5041 Email: For Taxi: ร้านตัง้ อยูท ่ ถ่ี นนหาดบ่อผุด

BIGBUDDHACAFÉ As you approach Koh Samui from the air, a golden statue of the Lord Buddha, sitting on a high platform at the top of a wide staircase decorated with dragons, dominates the scene.

HAVELI This latest addition is making an impact on Samui’s fine dining scene. Tantalising ingredients, used to prepare this North Indian Mughlai Cuisine, have been imported from India for a truly authentic culinar y experience. Many patrons insist that once you’ve experienced Haveli, you’ll keep coming back for more. Tel.: 0 828 183 416 or 0 828 183 417 For Taxi: ตัง้ อยูท ่ บ่ี างรัก

This large statue of Big Buddha, located at Wat Phra Yai, has been a landmark on Koh Samui since it was completed in 1975. Venerated by the locals, the Big Buddha is also popular with foreign tourists, many of whom join in celebrating this shrine by lighting incense, and praying during their visit to the grounds. It is believed that over 90% of Samui’s tourists visit the Big Buddha, and although it is not a major religious temple, it is still considered sacred. Big Buddha is 15 metres high and 12 metres wide, standing on a platform of approximately 25 metres in height as well, combining the total height of the statue to nearly 40 metres above sea level. At night, the image is lit up in a brilliant display, and to many people, it then takes on the appearance of a guardian of the island. Big Buddha Café, or BBC as it is locally known, is located less than 200 metres from Big Buddha. BBC has been a landmark on Koh Samui since 2002, and just recently completed extensive renovations. The BBC location has always been fantastic, and we believe you will like what the BBC team


has done with the new design concept. There are expansive views across the Bang Rak bay toward the sunset, and now there is a more open view of Big Buddha itself. There is seating for 300 people, including an air-conditioned VIP room, and open decking. This open plan arrangement, set around a large Tamarind tree, allows the opportunity to have a romantic dinner on the water’s edge, a family group dinner, a business meeting over lunch, a private party for 30 or 40 people, and even a celebratory function or wedding for up to 300 people. While the traditional BBC favourite dishes are back, they also have an Australian chef, whose extensive experience of working in large hotels, adds to their quality of service, and ensures that consistency is maintained. The first addition that has been included is a large barbecue, placed in the centre of the restaurant, to allow you to select your own meat, or seafood, and then have it cooked the way you like it, right there in front of you. The wine list has also been expanded, to offer a more broad range of southern hemisphere wines. The owners are a Thai - New Zealand family, who enjoy the quality of southern wines and meats, as well as using the best that Thailand has to offer. BBC is open every day from 9am to late (generally the kitchen is open until 10pm, with a bar snack-menu available after 10pm until closing). For information and reservations, contact: Telephone: 0 7742 5519 or visit their website at:



NATURE’S NIBBLING PHYSICIANS The first, and original DR FISH on Koh Samui, is an innovative and unique location where you can enjoy the mystery of nature, as well as experience an amusing and revolutionary skin treatment. Thousands of genuine Garra Rufa fish nibble at your feet, or full body (but don’t worry, they have no teeth!), providing a natural exfoliation of your skin and stimulating your senses. The phenomenon is amazing, invigorating, rejuvenating, and relaxing. You could compare it to a massage with dozens of mini Jacuzzi-jets constantly moving over your entire body. For some visitors the experience is ticklish, while others simply laugh with delight as the fish gently go to work. Everyone eventually succumbs to a state of deep relaxation, inspired by the wonderful touch of nature’s nibbling fish. Following the movements of the fish is captivating, their mission fascinating and, while sitting on a comfortable pillow with a pot of premium Thai green tea and the latest magazines, whether you are alone or with friends and family, 30 minutes goes by all too quickly. Native to the hot springs of the Kengal Valley in Turkey, the authentic Garra Rufa fish have the unique ability to not only feed on dry skin,


ROCKY’S Rocky’s Restaurant is an award winning Thai and international cuisine restaurant overlooking the ocean. Featured on the cover of Dining in Paradise, the restaurant is stunning and picturesque, and a perfect place for a romantic dinner by candlelight. Often described as one of the most beautiful restaurants on the island, Rocky’s offers weekly beachfront barbecues, live entertainment, music, great food and excellent service. Located between Lamai and Hua Thanon. Tel.: 0 7723 3020-4 Email: For Taxi:

SUSHI 2 This original sushi restaurant offers a choice of more than 100 different dishes.Teppan Yaki,California Maki,Nigiri Mori,Tempura Mori,Okinawa Maki, Udon and Soba all utilise authentic Japanese ingerdinets, as well as the freshest local products expertly prepared by highly experienced chefs. Daily opened from 2:30 pm until 11:00 pm. For Delivery: 0 7742 2100 0 840 579 474, 0 819 178 452 For Taxi: ตรงข้ามโรงแรมเทรดวิน ถนนเลียบหาดเฉวง ใกล้


BIKINI BAR BQ Home of the annual Miss Samui Bikini contest. Located at Beach Central, directly behind McDonald’s in the heart of Lamai. Locals claim that they have the best food around. Featured on their menue is Jamaican Jerk Spareribs, Jerk Chicken, Unbelievable Cheeseburgers, Cuban Sandwiches Burritos, Rib Eye Steak Sandwiches and “Great” Thai Food. Open from 11:00 am until 9:00 pm. Enjoy “Real” oldies and Reggae music during your dining experience. Tel.: 0 878 897 374 For Taxi: ร้านตัง้ ทางลงหาดสาธารณะละไม

RADIANCE This is the original health destination on Koh Samui offering only the best Vegetarian, Raw and Healthy Thai Food. Over 17 years serving the freshest mouthwatering healthy food. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Daily @ both locations 7:00 am until 9:30 pm.

but to secrete a therapeutic enzyme that reduces the over development of skin cells. The Garra Rufa fish offer a natural pedicure and full-body exfoliation, also providing an effective healing treatment for the symptoms of many skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis. The therapeutic enzyme takes care of the dry skin cells and bacteria, clearing the pores and cleansing the skin, while the nibbling provides the micro-massages that relax the body, improve blood circulation, and ease fatigue. What you will enjoy is nature’s perfect, healing cure for regaining smooth and healthy skin. We invite you to pamper yourself with a 30-, or 60-minute, ‘Feet’ or ‘Full-body’ session at Koh Samui’s original DR FISH, one of the largest and most advanced fish therapy pools in the world. Located on Chaweng Beach Road (Opposite Top’s Market and Al’s Resort) Telephone today for an appointment: 0 7796 0511

Tel: 0 7723 0855 Lamai Valley: 0 7742 4666 For Taxi: ร้านตัง้ อยูท ่ ห่ี าดละไม

ZAZEN RESTAURANT If you are looking for something wonderful and different, Zazen restaurant is the place for you to discover. Their Master Chef, Cyrille, emphasises the use of healthy organic ingredients while infusing dining participation. Zazen is truly one of the most romantic and serene beachside dining restaurants on the island. Every night this charming establishment lights up over 100 candles to set the ambiance for you to experience. Tel.: 0 7742 5085 Email: For Taxi: ใน ซาเซ็น บูทคิ รีสอร์ท แอนด์ สปา บ่อผุด


PURE COMFORT CHAWENG BEACH RESORT AND SPA By Jason Wilkerson If you haven’t already been surfing the Web, looking for accommodations for a nice and cosy place to stay on Koh Samui, then I must warn you, you are in for a treat! The island provides an enormous mixture of resorts, hotels, bungalows, and houses for rent, so many in fact, that it’s difficult to know where to start. So this is what I did. I figured that I am not in the tax-bracket of being able to afford real 5-Star luxury, although I did see some pretty good deals on a few of the more well-known brand-name sites, however, eating there might make my stay only a few days, instead of the weeks I had planned. Fortunately, for me, I knew that what I wanted was some excitement, and that for the holiday of my dreams I needed to be in the centre of what’s happening on this tourist island. So, I chose to stay in Chaweng, the heart-beat of Samui. This narrowed my search, but still the vast array of resorts puzzled me. I had to ask myself the question, “What exactly are the star ratings?” The European Hotelstars Union created a profiling system that has widely influenced the hotel classifications in central Europe. This rating system is used world-wide today. The main criteria are in quality, management, wellness, and sleeping accommodation. I found that in addition to the standard star hotels, that a ‘Comfort’ 3-Star hotel, or resort, has added amenities that are not essential to your stay, but are in fact added comforts, and provided at very reasonable prices. This little bit of information helped me to consider what exactly I needed, and more importantly what I wanted during my stay. Based on the fact that I would be spending most of my time on the beach, at the pool, getting long-awaited Thai massages, and running about the island, I concluded that a 3-Star location was perfect. My Google search ended with Baan Chaweng Beach Resort and Spa.


P. CHAWENG GUEST HOUSE Located at the end of Soi Collibri, off of the Chaweng Beach Road, opposite Centara Grand Beach Resort. A five minute walk to Chaweng Beach and close to many bars and restaurants. P.Chaweng was established over seven years ago, and remains today Thai owned and managed, offering the beauty of Thai style architecture combined with European comforts. Tel.: 0 7723 0684 Email: For Taxi: อยูใ่ นซอยโคลิบลี (สุดซอย)



100 ISLANDS RESORT This is the first boutique hotel established in Suratthani, and is the only hotel situated within a beautiful natural setting that is old, romantic and comfortable, while harmoniously blending art and culture of both the old and the new. Reasonably priced with friendly service and a family atmosphere. Relax in a garden setting by their pool in the shade of the trees, or take away your troubles and tensions at the luxurious spa. Tel.: 0 7720 1150-8 Email: For Taxi: อยูใ่ นจังหวัดสุราษฎร์ธานี

The Baan Chaweng Beach Resort and Spa, is an excellent choice for those who are looking for luxury comforts, at 3-Star prices. The rooms are decorated in the traditional Thai style of wood furnishings, combined with all the modern amenities required for supreme comfort. All rooms come with individual air-conditioning controls, private balconies, satellite-televisions, mini bars, international direct dial telephones, personal safes, hair-dryers, and complimentary coffee and tea-making facilities. Located near the airport, and close to all the shopping and amenities I could possibly need, Baan Chaweng Beach Resort and Spa offer detached villas, bungalows, or superior building rooms to choose from, certain to have a room that suits any mid- to high-range budget traveller’s requirements. This beach-front hotel offers exceptional value for such an elegant space. Whether I wanted to simply lounge by the pool or relax at the spa, I found that this resort has it all. Baan Chaweng is also extremely well-situated. Only a few steps from my room I found myself on the beach, and about a 3-minute walk away, all the action of Chaweng’s shopping scene, and one-of-a-kind night life awaited me. There was no need to leave the resort for dining, as the Leelavadee Restaurant boasts some of the finest international food, as well as mouth-watering Thai cuisine on Koh Samui. It proved, during my stay, to be a wonderful space for a romantic dinner as well, while the staff provided helpful service in an authentically friendly manner. And when it came time for my self-indulgence and pampering, that I had dreamed about back home, the peaceful sanctuary of the Rachawadee Spa was the answer to relax and restore my body and mind. The on-site spa, inspired by Asian healing philosophies, uses a combination of natural ingredients, such as tropical fruits and flowers, to balance physical and psychological well-being. I had discovered paradise. I recommend this resort to everyone who comes to Koh Samui and, if you book on-line, they have special Internet deals that will give you a few more Baht in your pockets to either go shopping, or as in my case, partying with! Live the dream! Baan Chaweng Beach Resort & Spa Telephone: 0 7742 2403, 0 7723 0310, 0 7741 4126- 7 E-mail: Website:


CAMBRIDGE ACCREDITATION When Samui Centre of Learning opened in January 2004, it was the vision of its founders that the school would be a place where children could receive the highest quality education, delivered by qualified teachers in an environment that would provide each child with the opportunity to confidently build on their individual talents; hence the school slogan “Educating the Mind - Nurturing the Soul.� This ethos has remained a constant throughout the development of the school and is a testament to its success. From its humble beginnings in a Thai style wooden house with only two students, the school has now moved premises, and has over 130 children. The new school premises, which opened in September 2009, brings a new dimension to the school. In addition to being purposely built, the facilities include a science lab, gymnasium, swimming pool, sports field and two playgrounds. There are 12 modern, well equipped classrooms, a library, computer suite, Thai language room and a first aid room. All in all, the facilities now match the level and quality of the teaching staff and the curriculum offered to pupils. The development of the school does not, however, end here. The school has recently been accredited with Cambridge International Examinations, is now a CIE Centre


and, as this goes to print, is in the final stage of attaining international school status. The secondary part of the school, which currently goes to Year 7, has been a great success this year, and plans are firmly in place for its continued development with a Year 8 class opening in September of this year. The owners of the school are excited about the future, but will only introduce the new stages of education when the facility is fully equipped to run them at the professional standard required. A facility such as this relies heavily on parental confidence, and therefore, the owners will never make promises they can’t keep. By continuing to employ teaching staff of the highest quality, ensuring that the school’s employment policy is the same as in the UK when looking at the qualifications of potential staff, the school is going from strength to strength.

With the recent Cambridge accreditation, continuation of policies such as keeping the class sizes small, ensuring each child has an individual education plan, and maintaining the family atmosphere, the future of not only the school, but most importantly the futures of the children attending the school, are looking very bright indeed. For Information about Samui Centre of Learning, or to book an appointment to view the school; Telephone: 0 810 910 714 - 0 7741 8789 - 0 7745 8576 Email: Website:


OCEANS ELITE We specialise in customised, all-inclusive charters onboard our luxurious Princess V45 sport cruiser to some of the most exquisite destinations throughout the Gulf of Thailand. We tailor our charters to suit individual requests; whether exploring remote beaches, hooking into some big game or diving with whale sharks. There is no other experience more invigorating than being a guest onboard our luxury yacht. Tel.: 0 892 886 404 Email: For Taxi: สำ�นักงานตัง้ อยูห ่ าดบางรัก

RUM DISTILLERY Visit the only rum distillery in Thailand and taste the highest grade of ‘Agricultural Rum’. You will learn about the process that involves removing all the impurities and using the finest ingredients, such as 100% pure sugar cane juice and natural fruit for flavourings. Lastly, your visit won’t be complete until you have sampled the results! Natural, Lime, Orange, Pineapple and Coconut Rum are available to buy and to take home. Tel.: 0 862 826 230 Web: For Taxi: สีแ่ ยกโรงเรียนวัดกลาง บา้ นเกา่

ASIA HYDROSAIL SAILING Sailing should be for everyone. With Asia Hydrosail it’s now possible. From Lamai, Bo Phut or Chaweng Beach you can rent, take a tour, or lessons in a fast open trimaran. Be your own skipper of a fast Beachcat, even without any previous sailing experience. Special-sized trimarans are also available for the smallest kids to sail fast, and safe. Tel.: 0 892 956 729 Email: Website:


A GRAY MAY Dear Diary I’ve been on the island of Phuket for the past three weeks, and all I can say is…HELP!!! Every time I turn around, there is always someone asking me, “What’s the matter Gray?” I really don’t understand. I must have done something really bad in my previous life to have all of this bad luck following me around. Perhaps I was a politician, or more probably a comedian! My answer, to those of you who ask what’s wrong, is this… Just about everything! Luckily, I escaped the island of Koh Samui with my ability to still smell intact, after being punished by the courts to complete a community service of picking up after the elephants (yes picking up dung), and I ran away under the cover of night to the beautiful shores of Phuket, before my sentence had expired. Phuket brought fantastic adventures for me, and despite the odour of elephant poo, which followed me for more than a week, I was able to meet an intoxicating Thai girl.

The primates from the Samui Monkey School have something AMAZING to show you! Spend an afternoon, or your morning, watching Thailand’s award-winning monkeys that have been taught by renowned teacher, Mr. Prawat Rukduang, performing at their best. Visit the School, or the Theatre daily, shows beginning at 10:30am, 2:00pm and 4:00pm. Located on the soi of the Bandon Hospital, 1km on the left-hand side. Tel.: 0 7796 0128-9 For Taxi: โชว์ตง้ั อยูใ่ นซอยโรงพยาบาลบ้านดอน

SAMUI BUTTERFLY GARDEN The Samui Butterfly Garden is located on the side of a hill at Laem Natien, and features an enclosed tropical park containing hundreds of butterflies, a display of insects, moths and beehives. There is also a hillside observatory, as well as observation platforms offering breathtaking views of the coast. For those more interested in the sea, take a tour with our glass-bottomed boat available for viewing the local coral reefs. Tel.: 0 7742 4020 Email: For Taxi: ตรงข้ามกับโรงแรมเซนทารา วิลลา หาดนา


Yet again dear Diary, trouble found me unaware. I have discovered a specific Thai tradition that I never dreamed could be true. Over the past week, I have been visiting this captivating Thai girl in the world-known, first-class culinary location, where she works as a waitress, called McDonald’s. Her captivating smile, and the twinkle in her eye, took me by the heart at the very first sight of her. I was drawn by her stunning beauty to continue to visit her, until I finally gained enough courage to ask her out on a date. Her name is Hi-w-jat, and it is not until recently that I truly understand the meaning of why she bears a name that means ‘ravenous’. At first, I was amused by her name, I even shortened it to Jat, making it a cute little name for such a cute little woman. I went so far as to think of her as ravenous in the sense that she was ravishing. Once again dear Diary, I am sadly mistaken. For our first date, she instructed me that it was a family tradition that I come to her home for dinner, where her family would be introduced to me, and we would enjoy an authentic Thai meal.

I am an avid fan of Thai cuisine and, being the gentleman that I am, I agreed to this as an appropriate first encounter. I am a foreigner after all, and it is only right that she feel comfortable during our first date. So I met with her family, ate a healthy and superb dinner with her aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, and nephews, enjoying stories of Jat’s youth and looking through picture albums from her past. It was a perfect evening that was about to end in a thunderstorm of fear. As the family gathered to see me on my way, after the date had come to a conclusion, I thought that it would only be fitting that I give the beautiful, and ravishing Jat a goodnight kiss on the cheek. As I did so, a sudden hush fell over the family, and then an excited and ecstatic cheer rose up from the crowd gathered at the doorway. Jat was whisked away by the women of the clan, and I was taken out to the back yard, led by the men. Here, a great honour was bestowed upon me as we drank an incredible amount of whiskey and beer, and I even ventured to smoke banana-leaf cigars into the night. Before I knew what the celebration was truly all about, Jat appeared in a full-length pure white dress and veil, followed by a procession of more than 100 people. I was being married! Panic struck me…I broke away from the crowds…jumped onto my yellow motorbike…and once again was making a great escape from the twisted hands of fate! Apparently the name Hi-w-jat has the implication of ravenous in its true sense of the meaning. Hungry, starving, and most notably famished for ME! I have had enough of the southern hospitalities that I have been blessed with. I know that you are probably smiling dear Diary, and I also know that you think that perhaps it is time that I finally do settle down and get married, but I am not ready to fill that roll just yet. Not only that…it was only our first date!!!! I am off to the North, where I can only hope that the colder climate will be more appealing to me. I hope to live long enough to see the end of my gray days. I will write soon, to let you know of my travels. Gray




Fitness and the tropical paradise resort go hand in hand. You will find, at almost every holiday resort or hotel, gyms and swimming pools available for your extraholiday amenities away from the beach. The island of Koh Samui, however, has become a haven for those who are in search of a more precise art of getting in shape. The technical and fine art of Muay Thai kick-boxing is definitely one of the Kingdom’s favoured sports, and Koh Samui is a destination for those who have the determination to learn from the best. Superpro Samui distinguishes itself by combining European luxury with Thai tradition. Established as a unique Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) resort, it offers 24 hotel rooms, four apartments, and a master house, as well as the complete package for learning and fine-tuning your choice of these traditional sports. Located on the outskirts of Chaweng, near the Bangkok Hospital, Superpro Samui features a professional and complete training centre, consisting of two boxing rings, an MMA cage, a punching bag area, a broad fitness room, and a cardio zone with swimming pool. With the intention of targeting people who desire to combine sports and holiday, what could be more inviting than a heavy workout in the morning with a Muay Thai master, and then eloping into the afternoon at one of the beautiful beaches on Samui?


Superpro Samui offers more than only die-hard Muay Thai and MMA training. They reach out to a diverse market, making the sport available for any level of expertise, and to trainees with many types of goals. Aside from professional and amateur fighters, they now cater to more and more people with an interest in these sports. Over the course of time, these sports have lost the trepidation of being something reserved only for the professional fighter. Some people come to learn the basics of Muay Thai, or MMA, while others use the training methods to simply get fit or even to lose weight. Muay Thai is not only a fighting style, it is a way to improve your life. It develops your breathing, makes you lose weight, and enhances your balance and, even more importantly, your self-confidence. Superpro Samui currently utilises seven trainers and is constantly expanding. These trainers have fought at high-levels in Thailand, some actively competing on Samui. Superpro Samui also hosts a fighter that competes at a world-class international level. His name is Pajonsuk, and he is a former Lumpini Champion. Through the efforts of Superpro’s manager, Robbie Timmers, he dominated the fight-ring in Holland, becoming practically unbeatable. Putting a pause in his life-long career of fighting, he joined the army, where he got in touch with amateur boxing. In 2008, he competed in the Olympic Games in Beijing,

representing his home country of Thailand. One year ago, however, the draw to regain his position in the Muay Thai ring was overwhelming, and after a quick phone call to Robbie, he joined Superpro Samui. Robbie introduced him to the world’s leading promoters ‘It’s Showtime’, and this year he will join the finalists of 16 fighters for the very prestigious K-1 Max World Grandprix Tournament. Slowly the goals of Superpro are being reached, displaying the quality of fitness available from training for these sports. The comprehension that Muay Thai and MMA are not only for ring-fighters is beginning to spread world-wide. People from around the globe are now holidaying at their gym, to get a taste of their exceptional methods of teaching. Featuring trainers who travel the circuits, to improve their insight and technique, they are among the best as they continue their own personal quest to learn and improve the sport. As a result, they have welcomed many champions into their gym. K-1 world champion Remy Bonjasky and Albert Kraus, MMA and kickboxing champion Melvin Manhoef, as well as many other famous fighters have become regular guests. Superpro Samui is not designated for the tourist alone. So if you live in Samui, and are curious about this sport, or just want to get fit, feel free to stop by their gym where they will surprise you with an amazing neighbourhood offer. In fact, they challenge and welcome all readers of Samui Holiday Magazine to give them a try. And best of all, there will be a Samui Holiday Magazine discount to help get you motivated! For more information and bookings, contact: Telephone: 0 7741 4393



DISCOVERING A CIVILIZED STATE OF BEAUTY When people come to Koh Samui on holidays, the last thing that they want to do is have to carry home some enormous piece of furniture, or a delicate keepsake, that they just had to buy. With the close proximity to regions where these items are made however, it’s understandable why some people shop incessantly while on vacation. And, for those who fear the price tag, or for those who know that the purchase will be nothing but cumbersome, I have the solution to this dilemma. At Oriental Living I have expanded the furniture showroom with a new Gallery space to contain an array of pieces that I have collected over the years, with many more catalogued that are easily accessible, for a plethora of budgets. We have moved far beyond providing attractive furnishings and design ideas, to include an exclusive and original Asian art collection, consisting of paintings, sculptures, lacquer ware, and carvings, you simply will not find anywhere else. These breathtaking creations are the works of celebrated Asian artists, ranging from abstract oil paintings through to Burmese Stupas, Betel Nut boxes, and Buddha statues. Each piece personifies the creative spirit that drives modern Asian culture, merging past and present to guarantee the perfect finishing touch. If you are looking to furnish your outdoor spaces, it’s relevant to know that they have an important influence on the overall feel of your property, or home. Outdoor furnishings must not only have the durability to withstand climate changes, but also exhibit style and ultimately comfort. Oriental Living is the exclusive importer of the Tipota Outdoor Furniture Collection from Indonesia, which features unique designs in a wide

range of weatherproof materials, with attractive, coloured fabrics. This versatility allows you to enhance your space’s general theme with sofas, loungers, chairs, and day beds that add distinctive and appealing touches to gardens, terraces, and balconies. Our selections of outdoor furniture can be shipped direct from the factory in Indonesia around the globe. Express-shipped from the factory customers will also obtain a 30% discount from our regular prices, something that will compensate partially, or in full, for your shipping expenses, depending on the volume bought, and the destination. We provide outdoor furniture that is weatherproof, made of powdercoated aluminium frames, and finished with Rehau Resin Wicker, imported from Germany and is available in 12 assorted colours. We can also combine your shipments of outdoor furniture with pieces of our indoor furniture collection, made by Box Furniture, also in Indonesia. Oriental Living is Thailand’s exclusive importer of Box furniture - a unique, award-winning, handcrafted collection that redefines furnishing to suit modern global sensibilities. Drop in to our expansive showroom in Mae Nam, where we showcase some of the best furniture, art, and accessories, in our vast collection. My staff is also available to discuss interior design concepts, and help you to create custom made pieces. For clients unable to visit us, our website features photos and detailed descriptions, as well as examples of our completed projects and information on our suppliers. Michael A.J. Dietvorst

We are more than happy to prepare a quotation free of charge for your selections with no strings attached…

Order Top Quality Outdoor Furniture Straight from our Factory to Your Garden Call for FREE Pick Up

Come and Visit the New Gallery Space with Michael’s Private Collection YOU SHOP WE SHIP

Showroom located in Maenam | Tel: +66(0) 77 247 675 | |


THE HOUSE OF SILK EGO is your number 1 choice where you can find all kinds of Thai silk products, as well as the best quality of classic and elegant designs. We specialise in the manufacturing of pure hand-woven traditional Thai silks and cottons, cashmere and pashmina. If you are looking for products that will stand the test of time, and add to your wardrobe a taste of elegance, be sure to visit us! Tel.: 0 7723 0138 Located: at Chaweng Villa next to Chaweng Regent Beach Resort For Taxi: ถนนหน้าหาด ถัดจากเฉวงรีเจนท์รสี อร์ท

CLICK STUDIO Rung Jirapol first started mastering photography at the age of 11 and then went on on to study becoming an artist and photographer. Now specialising in photography, he states that each of his photos is always chosen with art in mind. Rung has received photography awards from the Photographic Society of America, the Tourism Association of Thailand (TAT), and also from the Prime Minister of Thailand. Tel.: 0 7724 7169 or 0 817 977 839 Email: For Taxi: คลิก๊ สตูดโิ อ ตัง้ อยูแ่ ม่น�ำ้ แถวสันติบรุ ี กอล์ฟ

B SMART B Smart Sys. Co., LTD has been providing top level security solutions, lighting control systems, CCTV systems, access control, fire alarms and WiFi solutions since 1999. B Smart has quickly earned the reputation for being one of the most progressive and innovative system integrators in Thailand. Along with high quality products and a very knowledgeable work force, you can be confident that B Smart Sys. Co., LTD will meet and exceed your expectations. Hotline: 0 815 631 685 Email: For Taxi: อยุแ่ ม่น�ำ้ ตรงข้ามโรงแรมนภาใส

DECKCHAIR ASIA A CREATIVE TEAM OFFERING YOU PROFESSIONAL: Creative Web Design Search Engine Optimisation Hosting & Email Services Social Media Graphic Design Branding & Logo Creation Advertising & Print Services Brochures / Magazines / Books Deckchair Delivers Deckchair Asia Tel/Fax: 0 862 828 872 Email:

BRITE SMILE The Original BriteSmile Centre from Hollywood’s Professional Teeth Whitening. . One Hour . One Visit . One Dazzling Smile Offering other new services: Painless dentistry, depigmentation with laser and dental implants, as well as a wide range of dental hygene and care. Tel.: 0 7742 9500 Website: For Taxi: โรงพยาบาลกรุงเทพ ตัง้ อยูท่ ถ่ี นนรอบเกาะ เฉวง



By Claudio Cerquetti My profession escorts me through a variety of areas on the island, and I have to admit, the district where you find Villa Samara is one of the most enchanting. Villa Samara is one of three beach villa developments (together with Villa Ayundhra and Villa Alana), managed by the renowned Kalara brand, and is conveniently located between Lipa Noi Beach and the village of Nathon, featuring a quiet and visually stunning background.

perspective and simply watch the gentle breezes drift through the palms from your upper floor balcony. Photographically speaking, the sun lit the whole property with immense uniformity, creating a wonderful experience not only for us working with the light, but for those here to enjoy it. In fact, these ideal photographic conditions allowed our cameras to capture all the subjects in view, without having to deal with dark shadows interfering with the visibility of details.

Our assignment was to create a marketing photo package, in order to show the most important features of the development, to be used on the Kalara website.

Nevertheless, even with such accommodating lighting, we had to execute several photographic sessions. In the early morning, until mid day, the sun lit every bedroom’s view with a complex visual experience. The garden colours blended harmoniously with the pool’s hue, defining with clarity and high quality the exterior materials finishing textures.

Technically speaking, one of the main issues that an architectural photographer faces is to acquire well-calibrated brightness on all parts of the subject. The human eye is a perfect tool. It can distinguish heightened contrasts between light and shadows, keeping in view all areas at the same time, and does so with few limitations, As the day proceeds into late afternoon, the garden assumes every possible tone of regardless of the position of the sun. The photographic camera, however, even green, and the sea view shifts in its spectrum from light cyan, to turquoise, to blue, the most expensive one, is only a tool, and it has to be ‘helped’ when variations before beginning its decent into the last and more colourful phases. From within and flexibility of light come into play. In order to capture wide angled scenery, the three villas you can enjoy the sunset spectacle until it disappears into the sea. an optimal shooting timeframe of minutes needs to be calibrated. Often, there is “A winning commercial photograph, published on paper or on One of the great photographic even the call for added external lighting, the web, must communicate to the audience a strong impulse to points of Villa Samara is that to eliminate areas that are too dark or buy. Executive people, who invest in their own image through guests can enjoy a great view of hidden in shadow. the property itself, practically from our services, increase the volume of their every angle. Villa Samara boasts business. This is a fact.” Before our team begin dynamic features, concentrated in a professional photographic assignment, a very rationally organised space, we visit the property several times in order to understand the different lighting somewhat more brilliant than that which a full-sized resort has to offer. From the effects that occur during the course of the day. We record the sun’s movements on upper floor of the main building, where a massive living room with a fully equipped our subject, as well as the dissipation of light on the ground. With these relative hi-class kitchen await your gastronomic creations, the sunsets are a vision of movements understood, we are able to produce the optimal balance of colour and perfection. The same apparition comes to life while you are sipping on an aperitif light for the camera’s visual world. It becomes necessary to accurately schedule outside the main bedroom or, in the sala a mere metre from the beach. Even from every shot, to get the most out of our business day. the bathroom you can enjoy a full property view by opening the enormous sliding wooden doors, displaying a very pleasant garden and pool view. In this particular case, our shooting plan was easier than our usual projects. In fact, the orientation of the property was accurately calculated by human design to obtain After having completed the still shooting, we followed up with our Panorama Virtual the most stunning visual effects during every moment of the day. You can enjoy all Tour Production, which involves shooting a 360-degree view with a final interactive of your villa’s facilities in photographic splendour from sunrise to sunset. Each area effect, which can be seen as a still panorama on our website. To recreate the stimulates the senses with an aura of ‘holiday’, from walking out of your bedroom in natural beauty of this scenery, we chose to shoot with three camera units of 21 the morning, strolling across the grass to reach the pool, stepping down and into it, megapixel files, often reaching image sizes of several hundred megabytes. This or sitting under the shade of the pool bar. Within a few more steps, you are on the opportunity also creates increased value, as you are able to print the same image beach or, if you have chosen to laze throughout the day, you can enjoy the garden from web-size up to ten-metre long billboards.


Claudio Cerquetti is a professional photographer working in the area of advertising for hi-end resorts and real estate projects, supporting sales and marketing for more than 120 brands in South East Asia. Over the last eight years, Claudio has been working for the Tourism Authority of Thailand, in the chapters of Koh Samui and Phuket, provided images for the main resorts and booking agencies. Monthly, we travel with Claudio on one of his photographic journeys, expressing both the technical aspects of his work, and the beauty portrayed by the resort entrepreneurs of Koh Samui.


MIND YOUR LANGUAGE Learn To Speak Thai The first Thai Language School on Samui • We offer a variety of practical learning methods • Beginner to advanced courses • 10 Levels of conversational Thai • 5-day short course for tourists • No more than 6 students in a class • Private tutoring available on request • New Reading and Writing Courses Tel/Fax: 0 7796 2088 Web: Email: For Taxi: อยูซ่ อยมังกีเ้ ธียเตอร์ บ่อผุด


Often said to be ‘the highlight of many visitors stay on Samui’, is the restaurant’s private long-tail boat tour of the Five Islands. “Let us transport you through the most exotic, adventurous and elegant experience available. Join us on a private tour by traditional long-tail boat to view the mysterious world of the five islands’ bird nest hunters, followed by a sunset meal on the beach at the unforgettable Five Islands Restaurant.” Tel.: 0 7741 5359, 0 814 775 371 Email: For Taxi: เดอะไฟว์ไอร์แลนด์ บ้านตลิ่งงาม

ASIA TRAVEL Asia Travel is the most popular travel agency on Koh Samui. Established 15 years ago, they are well known to provide updated travel information reasonably priced for all international and domestic needs. Their second to none consultancy service will help you with all aspects of long or short stay requirements such as visa, work permit or company registration and finances. Asia Travel is well known for their quality services as mentioned in The Lonely Planet.

Simply the best

Tel.: 0 7723 6120, 0 7742 1342 Fax: 0 7742 1185 Email: For Taxi: ตั้งอยู่ที่ถนนหน้าทอน

SAMUI CENTRE OF LEARNING Bilingual Education for children aged 2 to 12 years Educating the Mind Nurturing the Soul With small classes, individual education plans and a family atmosphere, it’s not hard to see why the children at Samui Centre of Learning are achieving so much. A warm welcome is extended to anyone who wishes to come and visit our school. Tel.: 0 7741 9104, 0 810 910 714 Website: Email: For Taxi: สมุย เซ็นเตอร์ ออฟ เลินนิ่ง ตั้งอยู่ที่บ้าน


FANTASYATWORK.COM Claudio Cerquetti leads a professional photographic company, which provides imaging services to support sales and marketing of top resort groups (architectural, food, spa, lifestyle) and hi-end real estate projects: photography, video presentations, virtual tours, design and printing. They are the only foreign photographic company in Samui with 25 years’ experience, state-of-the-art equipment and 120 returning clients. Tel.: 0 872 704 972 - 0 835 681 770 Website: Email:


PUPPETRY à la CARTE By Jason Wilkerson

I have been living on this paradise island of Koh Samui for nearly two years, spending my free time doing what most tourists do, going to cabaret shows, the monkey theatre, elephant trekking, drinking myself blind at the Soi Green Mango, and trying to visit every single beach bars there is. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered, what I would consider, some of Samui’s truly fascinating culture. Now I have to admit, I am not one to get all excited about the shape of some natural phenomenon, nor by any means am I amazed with animals doing tricks, but I am a fan of the puppet plays of Punch and Judy. This leads us to my discovery. If you would like to do something different, involving yourself in some true Thai culture, the Baan Boran puppet shows, and classical Thai dancing is something to see. Baan Boran is an exclusive venue that is nothing shy of emitting authentic Thai culture. Set in an Ayutthaya style building in the heart of Chaweng Beach, and serving some of the best genuine Thai cuisine Samui has to offer, the curators of Baan Boran have preserved a part of their culture that is definitely unique. Thai puppet shows, complemented with a fantastic set, or à la Carte menu, has given me a choice away from the usual to bring my family and guests to spend an evening, enjoying a truly unforgettable experience. These shows are performed by a troupe of traditional Thai puppeteers who have learned the art of puppetry from Thailand’s premier puppet-master, Sakorn Yangkhieosot, one of the most distinguished artists in the performing arts. It takes 1-2 years of training to perfect the art form at a novice level.

At Baan Boran, they preserve the original structure and style of the puppet plays, using finer and more complex techniques than most puppet dramas. Each puppet requires the synchronized efforts of three puppeteers, who, dressed in black, control the puppets spindle, arms, and legs, to produce highly animated and life-like movements. The harmonized gestures are gracefully performed in conjunction with a lively medley of different stories from the Ramekin epics, Japanese, and Korean songs, with lively Thai folk dancing incorporated. There is a remarkable amount of history behind these puppet plays. The story of Thai puppetry began with the creation, and early days of this art form, combining the presence of the puppet master into the show as an accepted, yet invisible figure. As with most art-forms, Thai Puppetry was challenged over the course of time, facing a premature loss of popularity through war and social changes. Its preservation against the odds was attained by the sole surviving exponent, puppeteer Sakorn Yangkhieosot, who transmitted the art to his children until, with the recognition and blessing of His Majesty King Bhumibhol of Thailand, and the support of other senior members of the Thai Royal Family, the art was revived, and finally attained international fame. Without hesitation, I would recommend spending an evening at Baan Boran to any age group of visitor, no matter what their taste of strange land formations are, and whether or not they too are Punch and Judy fans. The synchronicity of the dance that these puppet masters undertake is fascinating, and exhilarating to watch. Tear yourself away from the ordinary, and experience a taste of Thailand’s culture and cuisine!

For more information and reservations, contact: 0 7796 2001-5 email: www.




By Daniel Coutts

Tell us a little about your personal history, where you come from, and what brought you here? I first stepped onto Samui in November of 2009. Prior to that, I was in Phuket for two years at Laguna Phuket Resorts & Hotels, our sister properties. I originally hail from Malaysia, and am now posted here to open up Banyan Tree Samui. I’m extremely excited to be here, as I see so much potential on this island! Why was Samui picked as the third Thailand destination? We were very fortunate to work with the owner of Samui property – TCC Land Co., Ltd. We were given the property in 2005, and that’s when we started the planning, architecture and the design. We simply said “let’s do it,” and we certainly have no regrets. Sitting on 90 rai of land, 88 villas nestled on a hillside and 70% of which is offering ocean view. The property features a stunning bay of Tong Krok, an offshoot of Lamai Bay with a private beach. In what way does the Samui resort differ from Banyan Tree in Phuket, and in Bangkok? Compared to Bangkok, it’s pretty straight forward, in that it’s a city and this is a resort. Samui and Phuket are two main island destinations in Thailand. Banyan Tree Phuket is significantly larger, in land size. Banyan Tree Samui has an incredible ocean frontage over the Gulf of Thailand, and also its first and only hydrotherapy facilities, called ‘The Rainforest’, on the island. For our readers, who have never experienced the Banyan Tree concept, what can they expect? Like we have printed on our t-shirts, which say “Live your dreams,” the one thing you must experience in


The highly-anticipated Banyan Tree concept will soon unfurl upon our paradise haven of multi-star resorts, set to be another landmark destination here on the island of Koh Samui, helping to raise the standard even further in building an international profile as a luxury destination. With global expansion plans taking place, and whispers of “what recession?” at the Banyan Tree headquarters, I spent an afternoon eating coconuts with Fredrick Arul, the highly-acclaimed GM of Banyan Tree Samui, in the hopes that I might find out what all the hype was about, and what the secrets are behind Banyan Tree’s success.

your life is a stay at Banyan Tree! Honeymooners, young couples, and retirees, these are the people who invest in spending holidays with us. We are focused on our sensuality and the intimacy of our villas. They are, without question, very romantic. We provide luxurious, ecological, and cultural experiences, rest and relaxation with attentive, yet discreet associates. Samui is fiercely competitive, and new resorts seem to open all the time. What is unique about Banyan Tree, in your opinion, that sets it apart from being just another luxury resort? We are very strong in our pool-villa and spa concept, for instance, we are the first and only resort to offer hydrotherapy experience, and our villas have the largest pools on Koh Samui. We are also located on a private-hill cove, and as I already mentioned, the view is breathtaking. I’ve heard the resort will include three restaurants and a ballroom. Can you tell our readers about the type of cuisine you will be serving, and should we assume that Banyan Tree would have plenty of events and entertainment on offer? We do in fact; have three restaurants and two bars. ‘The Edge’ will have all-day dining, mostly international cuisine. Then you have ‘Sands’, right on the beachfront, where we will be serving barbeques, wood-fired pizzas, daily catch, fresh salads, and every Sunday we will be hosting a Sunday Brunch. Our third restaurant is ‘Saffron’. This is our signature restaurant that you find at many Banyan Trees’, which serves contemporary Thai cuisine. In addition, we have the ballroom and two private rooms, which would be perfect for boutique weddings. We’d also like to welcome the local community on Samui, for

events and special offers in the restaurants. Through our Destination Dining, we aim to offer an intimate retreat experience that blends romance, and Asian sensuality, that is unique only to Banyan Tree Samui. Are there any special promotions on offer as part of the celebrations for Banyan Tree Samui? Definitely, celebrate Banyan Tree Samui’s opening with minimum two nights’ consecutive stay, and enjoy a complimentary hotel credit, on in-house food and beverage, our award-winning spa programs, and gallery shopping. When will the Banyan Tree open, and what do you have planned for the grand opening? We’re planning to open in July, but the grand opening will most likely be two, or three months after that. We’ll be finalising the plans closer to the announced time. The green island approach and the necessity to give back to local communities have been at the forefront of many resorts over the course of the past few years. What initiatives is the Banyan Tree implementing? Our initiated programmes; one of these is the ‘Greening Community’ programme, where Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts are aiming to plant 2,000 trees. We began this programme in 2007, and we plan to complete our goal over a ten-year period. We also have the ‘Seedling’ programme, which is an educational programme for unfortunate kids, and technical trainings for the children of our staff, preparing them for hotel industry. There is also the ‘Green Imperative Fund’, which began in 2001. This provides financial support for environmental initiatives, and community-based projects in areas where we have a presence. We encourage our

guests to participate in our support. Guests may make a US$ 2.00 contribution, under an opt-out arrangement, for each night they spend at the resort, and Banyan Tree will match this contribution, dollar for a dollar, to develop the fund. What do you think is the main draw for people to come to Samui? An island of great natural beauty and variety, coconut-tree fringed shorelines, and the turquoise blue coastal lowlands rising to slopes cloaked in a tropical rainforest. The third largest island, after Phuket and Koh Chang, is so developed with a curious mix of luxury hotels, backpacker guesthouses, and a hip nightlife, is a fantastic draw for a wide variety of people. Interestingly, I just returned from India and Russia, as part of our business plans, and everyone I came across knew of Koh Samui, a very motivating reality for me while taking the lead at Banyan Tree. The Tourism Authority of Thailand definitely does a remarkable job in promoting Samui. I’ve been told you are a keen gardener. Growing your own is very much the ‘in thing’ in much of Europe, and particularly in Britain. Will you grow your own here at Banyan Tree? Yes! A 90-rai piece of land, and we have many plans for it, and you are correct

that I do love gardening. Greenery and flowers are my passion. One of the plans is that we’re setting up to create a natural culinary herb garden. You will learn from our chef’s culinary coaching, and feast on your own cooking amidst the garden. Do you have any additional information that you would like to share with our readers? Koh Samui is Southeast Asia’s top emerging destination. In comparison to other locations that I have worked in, I see unfathomable potential here. Today, the island is already a well-equipped resort destination with water sports, tourist escapades, and family attractions. It’s furnished with modern facilities; international-standard hospitals, tourist help centres and international-branded hotels. Its natural resources are still charming and very much kept intact. If Samui is given quality campaign, effort, and care, I am confident that Samui is among the luxurious travel destinations. I have every intention of being a gardener for Samui.


Laurent, Virginie, and Vincent had a grande idea. They would combine all the elements of a holiday vacation into one location, a wonderful and first-rate venue, and create it within the ambiance of a garden restaurant theme. But there would be much, much more. These partners met in a discothèque in France some 20 years ago, and instantly became friends, parting as all friends do, with the hopes of seeing one another again. As fate would have it, they ran into each other decades later on the streets of Samui, and began to focus jointly on the possibilities of creating a perfect business ensemble on the Chaweng strip. They would incorporate distinguished ideas and inspirations that were unlike any other combination that had been put together on Samui for after-dark entertainment. They would call it… ‘Good Karma’.

By Daniel Coutts



The space that they assumed was unusually large in dimensions, previously a combination of businesses, one of which was a salon for massages, which still has the facilities in order. Despite the fact that the direction was in developing a restaurant, what has come to fruition is an exciting range of entertainment and leisure possibilities for the holiday traveller. On the 17th of January 2009, their doors were unhinged to display an establishment well planned out, and the amenities developed to an extreme and notable degree. Its distinctive decor sets the venue apart from being just another lounge bar and restaurant. As you enter, you’re welcomed by the warm interior, which is vibrant and heavily influenced by Balinese furnishings, giving an overall ambiance of Asia meets the Mediterranean, with a funky, hippy, and chic, twist.

Well-known as an ideal place to start a night out, the private bed-booths draped in soft furnishings are perfect for small groups, or an intimate dinner-date, and the rest of the venue is spacious with plenty of room on the over-sized cushioned sofas for company intent on a more lively time. The space that hosts the Good Karma facilities is no less than capacious, stunning, and diverse. A front-end dining room faces onto the street of Chaweng, allowing for some people-watching, and catching the sounds and scenes of passers-by. The internal facility takes a completely different turn. As you pass into the lounge area, you experience a style that combines elements from Persian, Ottoman, and Indian architectural styles, simulating one of the noble and lofty, charismatic great-rooms of the Taj Mahal itself. Located in the centre of this secret garden area is a tiled Jacuzzi pool, bubbling languidly, inviting guests to kick off their shoes and to rest for a while. Menu choices for dinner include, dishes such as feta cheese and tomato salad served with Karma dressing, linguine pasta in almost every way imaginable, honey and mango duck breasts with balsamic vinegar glaze, king prawns Provencal flambéed with pastis, as well as traditional Thai food. Throw in their cocktail list that would put Tom Cruise to shame, and you can begin to understand why Karma has carved out such a strong reputation on the island. The owners of the Good Karma are a fun team, and they have devised an itinerary to fill the week with electrifying entertainment, from the casual to the unusual. In short, if you’re looking for some sophisticated, yet casual dining, a few (or too many!) drinks on your way to an all night dance off somewhere else on the island, then Karma has everything you could want! Finally, in case that’s not enough to tempt you, there’s always the option to drop in for an après-party on your way home. Doors open at 8:30am where the Karma Jacuzzi waits, and my personal preference of a Bloody Mary! For Reservations & Info: 0 800 734 174 or 0 869 758 074 IM. goodkarmasamui Located across from the Centara Grand Beach Resort on Chaweng Beach Road



The new Kirin Spa invites you to embark on a dazzling trip into the world of the Lotus Flower. Featuring six professional therapists, four private rooms, as well as four exclusive rooms for couples, the beautiful and tranquil Kirin Spa is located within the equally stunning, and exclusive, Kirikayan Luxury Pool Villas and Spa in Mae Nam Soi 1. ‘Kirin’, is the ancient, and traditional name that the Thai people have given to the visually striking and healing Lotus Flower. At the Kirin Spa, the focus is on up-keeping with the tradition of using this healing flower, and to include it in many of their exclusive spa treatments. These traditional therapies include the Lotus oil massage, Lotus body scrub and their most romantic treasure of the Lotus Flower signature massage for couples. Khun Pichaya Seenamuang, warmly invites everyone into the chambers of pleasure at Kirin. “Here at Kirin Spa you will find true relaxation! De-stress and recharge yourself with our exclusive spa treatments, simply unwind and allow our highly trained and attentive therapists to pamper you in the warm, friendly, and exotic atmosphere. Our treatment programs are tailored to your individual requirements, providing you with ultimate relaxation, and a greatly enhanced sense of well-being. We guarantee your time here at the Kirin Spa will be an unforgettable experience.” Enjoy the privacy, and the no-rush atmosphere at Kirin, where you are encouraged to take your time, enjoy the after-glow of your massage, and pamper yourself in their steam-room, and your own personal Jacuzzi. For the ultimate massage, take an afternoon away from the chaos of your busy life, and spend four-hours in the hands of professionals, teaching your body to dance with the fragrance and oils from the Lotus Flower. When your treatments are complete, and you have emerged from your blissful dream, enjoy a refreshing and soothing cup of white lotus flower herbal tea, a wonderful complement to any of Kirin Spa’s extraordinary treatments. For more information and reservations, contact: Kirin Spa Telephone: 0 7733 2299 ext.400 E-mail:



RECEIVE SUPER-COOL GIFT The juniors of Samui’s Yacht Club recently received what they consider to be a “super-cool” donation from one of Thailand’s most renowned sailors. Creating a tremendous boost to their program, Charlie Dwyer, Skipper of the super yacht Yanneke 2, donated his 4.5 metre RIB to the club. Featuring a centre console, big engine and a shade fitting, the coaches can now enjoy a bit of comfort while on the water working with the junior sailors of Samui. Everyone sends out a big “Thank you heaps Charlie!” for taking the time and for donating the resources to making this program a success. The members of the club, and coaches also would like to thank Jock Cromie, owner of charter yacht Fi Tuen, for towing the boat over from its home location in Phuket. For more informationon how you can get involved with the Yacht Club, contact: Coach Khun Yod: 0 814 299 991 or E-mail:

BRITISH DEPUTY AMBASSADOR VISITS SAMUI Mr Daniel Pruce, Deputy Head of Mission (DHM), at the British Embassy in Bangkok, visited Koh Samui and Koh Pha-Ngan between the 1st and 5th of April. The purpose of the visit was to enable Danny to understand the geography involved, when consular assistance is required anywhere in the archipelago, and to enable him to meet the British expat community on both islands.The British have 274 honorary consuls in remote areas around the world, supported where necessary, by a network of wardens or consular agents. Hon. Con. Samui, is supported by Consular Agents on Koh Pha-Ngan and Koh Tao, because weather and ferry timetables can prevent him travelling to the islands in a timely fashion. Their wives are equally crucial, due to language skills, and those times where female support is necessary, there being no female police officers anywhere in the archipelago. Their work includes contingency planning. All are carefully selected and vetted by Her Majesties Government prior to appointment. Photo (L to R): Dave Covey, Danny Pruce, Rachael Morgan, Liz Luxen For more information visit:


2.65 MILLION BAHT RECESSION - BUY NOW This is your chance to buy land (400 sqm) and house (71 sqm) through 0% interest financing. Only 40% down-payment and 60% over 3 years. The ONLY broker with a money back guarantee. Tel.: 0 822 773 069, 0 819 790 432 Email:


ZICO’S SAMUI LAND DISCOUNT RECESSION - BUY NOW All plots are located in the Mae Nam and Ban Tai area and have road access, water, electricity, construction permission and legal ownership rights.

Three Year Money Back Guarantee. * If after three years, for whatever reason, you are unhappy with your investment, then you can hand the land back and have the purchase price returned in full. Tel.: 0 822 773 069 - 0 819 790 432 Email:

Comprised of 57 plots between 335 sqm. and 802 sqm. located on quiet garden land, walking distance to the beach with all utilities included. Starting price 390,000 Baht.

Forriva Sale te by p


Zico’s Brazilian Grill & Bar led by General Manager Martin Heiniger recently organized a birthday celebration for Zico’s 7th Anniversary. Commencing the celebrations with pre-dinner cocktails, the party lit up the Chaweng Beach Road with a deluge of fun and entertainment; including exotic Samba dancers from Brazil, and the rhythmic vibrations of Asambai. Sakchai Jor Palit, Samui’s District Officer was present as their special guest of honour. Completing the birthday dinner with Zico’s culinary specialities of grilled beef, shark, Thai pork, seafood, chorizos, lamb, and a variety of salads and fine desserts, VIP guests were filled with the best that Zico’s has earned its reputation of delivering. Picture shows: (from left): Eveline Rosa Dos Santos, Mr. Heiniger, K. Sakchai, Luana Da Silva Nascimento Campos, Pattavee Pongnontakul - Executive Assistant Manager

The actual view from this house is the picture above. This 4-bedroom house has been built according to European standards on 972 sqm. It is centrally located near Nathon and only 500 metres from the main road in a small, warm and tidy community. Wide roads and nice surroundings are guaranteed to impress. Priced very competitively, this house is ideal for couples or young families ready to live in paradise. 8 Million THB only Tel.: 0 819 709 632 Email:

SUPER HERO COCONUT VILLAGE FURNISHED BEACHFRONT VILLA 150 sqm. of internal living space, with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living-room, kitchen, terrace, Jacuzzi on the terrace, and a village swimming pool.

Price thb: 9,200,000 NOW: 8,100,000 Tel.: 0 822 773 069 - 0 819 790 432 Email:

It’s good to know that while you are on holiday, on the tranquil and tourist riddled island of Koh Samui, that not everyone is looking the other way when people are in need of help. So often, we hear of stories where bystanders are too afraid to stick their noses in, or to give assistance when people find themselves in dangerous situations. This is not the case for the staff members at Centara Grand. Martin Heiniger (left), General Manager of Centara Grand Beach Resort Samui, recently led management of the hotel in presenting a very honourable reward and certificate to Nimith Jommoon (3rd left), from Centara’s Sports and Recreation Department. In the act of exceeding his job duties, and going above and beyond the call of duty, this young man is responsible for demonstrating the ultimate human behaviour. In appreciation of his awareness of guest safety on the beach, and for rescuing a distraught guest from the sea, we at Samui Holiday Magazine send out to Khun Nimith Jommoon, a proud thumbs-up! For information on the Centara Grand Beach Resort Samui, contact: Telephone: 0 7723 0500 E-mail: Website:

THE MAGIC OF RUM There is nothing more charming than taking a drive off of the beaten path, when touring through the southern parts of Koh Samui. Here, the distinct feelings of authentic Thai life will satiate your vision, and the spacious areas will allow you to breathe once again, after managing the hectic and somewhat loud pace of the inner island centres of Chaweng and Lamai. What you might find even more charming is the fact that there is a rum distillery on the southern shores of Samui, just waiting for you to come and taste-test their incredible products. The Magic Alambic Rum Distillery is a family business that opened in 2003, by entrepreneurs Elisa and Michel Gabrel, and due to the dedication and competence of their Thai manager, Mee Sak Diewwanich, and the cooperation with the Thai authorities, they have been able to open the one and only rum distillery in Thailand. The distillery brews 5 flavours of rum, natural (sugar cane), lemon, orange, pineapple, and coconut. They also have a delicious mixer to serve with your rum, consisting of lime juice, cinnamon, and other spices. This is a must stop and see location on Samui! Well worth heading to if you happen to be in the area, or simply for the novelty of sampling authentic Thai rum. And just in case you want to take some home with you, they also provide shipping to almost anywhere in the world. Telephone: 0 7741 9023 E-mail: or visit

AND THEN THE LIGHTS WENT OUT... ALL OVER THE WORLD There are many resorts on the island, which are today following a Green Island way of life. There are even those who have changed the way in which they do business, who they purchase their supplies from, and to which organisations they proudly sponsor. There are also those, such as Anantara Bophut Koh Samui, who take the time to join in some of the events that are occurring around the globe in unity of saving the planet, and its resources. When the Earth Hour campaign spread world-wide, Anantara was one of the first to take advantage of doing what they could to join in, and set their sights on an evening that would make the event one to remember. A record 128 countries, and territories, joined the global display of action for Earth Hour 2010, making it the world’s largest ever global climate change initiative. Anantara proudly participated during the one hour of darkness to contribute its full support and the following initiatives were taken during the Earth Hour. • All areas including back of the house stood in darkness to join in the celebration of this event from 20:30hrs to 21:30hrs. • A special candle light Gala Dinner was organized on the beach for the guests to join in the celebration. • Fire-dancers and an amazing spectacle was presented to all of the guests who stood in the darkness of the resort, paying tribute to the global efforts of a united Earth Hour. For more information on Anantara Bophut and future events contact: 0 7742 8300-9 or go to :

SAMUI BULLETIN BOARD To place your free island related announcements or classifieds call us at 0 843 314 653 or e-mail ART COMPETITION - KOH SAMUI


Join in raising funds for Samui with ROCKS on the19th of June, from 12 to 8:30pm, at the Imperial Boat House. For the Samui Talents/Art Competition Day, 20 local Thai artists will compete in creating one painting each. They will arrive at the hotel by 11am with their gear (except the canvas which is offered by a sponsor) and, after having a light lunch offered by the resort, they will start to create a painting from their fantasy (not copy work this time!), to be judged by a jury and the public at around 7pm. An Auction will follow! Moreover, all the money raised will go to the main Rotary charity project for this year.



Do you have a snake or wildlife problem ? Snakes in your home or place of business ? I safely catch snakes and relocate them to undeveloped areas of Samui. I can also deal with any other wildlife concerns. I’ve been called on to rescue and relocate many animals on Samui... Slow Loris, Pangolins, Civet Cats and Owls to name a few. Staff training in snake safety, and snake handling, as well as snake education workshops, are also available. This is a free service, but any donations are appreciated. Call me 24hrs at: 08 9663 5085 or contact:



Children Painting for all Nationalities (not a competition, just an enjoyable playing time), will be also be organised. Every child from 2pm, who creates artwork on the nature of Koh Samui, will have their piece donated to Rotary for a future exhibition. In compensation for their donation, they will receive a family portrait done on site, by Claudio of There is FREE admission to enter the competition for artists, either adults or children. Being a full day’s event, it will be organised with a dinner, and a great raffle at the end of the events. Photo shooting of all the paintings will be sponsored by Fantasyatwork, and also be part of a catalogue for printing and framing, for future shows on local art. The aim of this project is also to find ‘hidden’ local talent on the island, and promote the creation of an art production for the island itself (a real Samui Art Gallery of original ideas). Subscriptions are encouraged for child applicants! For information contact: 0 872 704 972 or E-mail:



This is a perfectly stylish Media Center/ Computer. Watch DVD, movies and all of your pictures in high resolution on your living room TV. Organise and listen to your music collection. Check mail and Skype, or use it as an ordinary computer. Your friends will envy you. Thb8,000. Hurry, only one left. Call 0 866 900 444



The next Samui Skal meeting has been ischeduled for the 4th of May at 6:30pm. This event will take place at the Prana Resort, within their Amala Restaurant, known for it’s Vegetarian fare - with a twist.


SOS MAY LUNCHEON Wednesday, May 19th at The Tara Restaurant The Imperial Samui, Chaweng Noi from 12 noon onwards. Price Thb400 Please confirm your reservation and dietary needs to Sue at: or 0 819 681 277 by the 17th of May. For further information and photographs, log onto:

For info: Call Nigel Tovey at 0 7742 9100




LONGTAIL THAI BOAT & MOTOR FOR SALE Nicky from Creature Comfort Samui is hoping to help all pet owners on the island.

A must see! Antique Burmese Buddha statue. A collectors item that has stood in a temple! Size: 55 x 110 x 150 cm. Fixed Price: Thb100,000. Contact Mike at: 0 879 080 907


Whether you need to go on a Visa run, holiday, business trip, or are simply working long hours, we can help ensure the wellbeing of your pets in the comfort of their own home. For details of home visiting packages contact Nicky 0 833 923 072 or visit

This beautiful and authentic Longtail boat has been rebuilt and restored only one year ago. Now only in need of a new paint job, it is being sold for a mere Thb35,000. A 5.5Hp Honda motor accompanies this masterpiece, with only approx. 80 hours of use. Buffalo not included. Please contact Glenn: 0 843 314 653



Martin Heiniger (Left), General Manager of Centara Grand Beach Resort Samui, recently visited Wuttichai Phaoenchoke (Center), Managing Director of Sinthoranee Property Co., Ltd. and Mana Srathongoon (Right), Resort Manager of Le Bayburi The Sea Samui, after signing contracts and changing its name to ‘The Sea Samui Vacation Residences, Centara Boutique Collection’ managed by Centara Hotels & Resorts. For further information, please contact: Sales& Public Relations Department Centara Grand Beach Resort Samui Telephone: 0 7723 0500 E-mail: Website:


THE SAMUI FILM FESTIVAL 2nd Annual Samui Film Festival (SFF), 6-8 August 2010 The Samui Film Festival grew out of a pure love for meaningful independent filmmaking. Additionally, we are world travellers who rejoice in the cross-cultural expansion that subtly transforms all those who wander far and wide, and we embrace film as a medium for this soul-level evolution. 2010 marks SFF’s second editon, and we are delighted to celebrate with you by sharing this year’s roster of inspiring and exquisite hand-selected films from around the world. The festival themes are NATURE and SPIRIT, two widely cherished and intimately related subjects, which bear increasing relevance for all of us, both at the local, and planetary levels. We hope that this initiative will profoundly touch festival-goers, stimulate thoughtful reflection on our own ways of life, and help bring about appropriate changes in attitude and responsible action. For the community, we wish to open the doors to spiritual activism, and ultimately contribute to the harmonious development of Koh Samui, for all of its inhabitants and visitors. Visit our website for sneak-peeks. The SFF location will be announced in May. Telephone: 0 833 939 021 E-mail:


SUNDAY JUNE 9 AT 6:30PM AT JUNE’S CAFE Peruvian Singing Vessels with Denis Casarsa An Invitation to a Sound and (blow your) Mind Experience on Koh Samui Denis says “The Peruvian Whistling Vessels are replicas of pre-Colombian double-chambered vases, emitting high pitched sounds, and related harmonics to the rebirth of their experience. They enthusiastically re-awaken the gates, to blow the winds of mind and soul, taking you to a subtle realm of experience, beyond the conceptualising mind. The experience in itself could be described in different ways, as energising and empowering, emotionally coloured, or spiritually enlightening. Sessions are limited to 16 blowers of whistles made of clay, available to all who want to share, and last as long as necessary, to let you enjoy the body-senses of your own presence among others. Everyone is welcome, but anyone attracted to unknown and unusual experiences are especially welcome to enjoy...” For more info on The Peruvian Whistling Vessels: June’s cafe closes at 6:30pm, so there’s still time to place your order for an early dinner if you come early.

SAMUI BULLETIN BOARD To place your free island related announcements or classifieds call us at 0 843 314 653 or e-mail





B Smart Sys Co., LTD has been providing top-level security solutions, lighting control systems, CCTV systems, access control, fire alarm, and Wi-Fi solutions since 1999. These experts have earned the reputation for being one of the most progressive and innovative system integrators in Thailand. A Commitment to You At B Smart Sys Co., LTD, your security is their priority they’re committed to providing you the best possible security solutions within your budget. Even more importantly, they treat the security of your facility as if it was their own. B Smart is now offering Insurance on stolen property captured on purchased camera and equipment... Available for up to Thb300,000. For information and all inquiries, contact: 0 7724 8362 or 0 815 631 685

TUK TUK for sale. Looking for a new home and some serious TLC. Very affordable, a great toy, or promotional tool. Call 0 866 900 444


ECOPEST SAMUI, ARE PROUD TO PRESENT THEIR NEW LOGO We offer a reliable, competitively priced, safe, non-odour products which are all eco-friendly, and safe for the whole family, even for your pets. English e-mailed reports are sent after each pest control visit, to give you continuity of care, and to keep you fully informed. No-obligation quotes given. We aim to keep your homes pest-free and our beautiful island of Samui GREEN! For more details view our website: Telephone: 0 857 912 496 for an appointment.


Sail boat for Sale. Sail away in your very own San Juan 21. This boat has been priced at Thb499,000, but now you can own it for only Thb330,000. Fun guaranteed. Call: 0 866 900 444



Hello, I am Rino. I came to the DRCS in really bad condition. My face had been cut open from eye to ear, but Doctor Sid did such a great job, that now you can barely see the scar. I’m a bit weary of people, but once I trust you, I will give you100% love and attention. Rescue Me at: 0 7741 3490


ROTARY CLUB OF KOH SAMUI Rotary International is the world’s first service club organisation, with more than 1.2 million members in 33,000 clubs worldwide. Rotary club members are volunteers who work locally, regionally, and internationally to combat hunger, improve health and sanitation, provide education and job training, promote peace, and eradicate polio under the motto ‘Service above Self’. Locally, the Rotary Club of Koh Samui supports the welfare and needs of the local community, by helping to fund much needed hospital equipment for the state hospital in Nathon, supplying computers, and other educational needs to the local Temple Schools, and assisting local charitable organisations such as the Emergency Response teams. The club meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month at the Renaissance Resort and Spa, in Lamai at 6.00pm. Anyone interested in understanding more about our club, or having an interest in joining, please come along to one of our meetings. Please contact the Secretary, Peter Breaks at: 0 814 158 112 or E-mail:




SELL-OUT SALE 15 - 40% discount on all mattresses such as; non-spring, spring, pocket spring and latex matresses at Rainbow Assets Co., Ltd., located in Lamai. Please call Carmen at: 0 841 872 170


NATHON BOOKSHOP CATERS TO TOURISTS As you exit from the ferry that delivers you to the Nathon Pier, just up the street into town on the left hand side, is one of the island’s most sought out, and diverse book shops. Featuring books in over 10 languages, if they don’t have it, don’t be afraid to ask, they will take the time to find it for you! Trade in your used books, or buy yourself the newest releases on the market today.

The KAISSO KAIA is a stunning 63 ft, traditional wooden ketch called a Pinisi, built of teak, ironwood and bangkirai. She is set with every comfort and equipment to make your day on-board safe and comfortable. For snorkelling daytrips or a sunset sail, join the most charismatic Captain and crew that Samu has to offer. For more information and details on your personalised charters, contact: Captain Frank Walter: 0 872 632 323 or e-mail:



ARIES: March 21 - April 19

This month, you will find that your favourite attribute in a person, is their ability to tell you how fantastic you are. ‘Tantric’ is not a cuss-word you want to use around the office. It’s not even a cuss-word. It is, however, said to be very exhausting.

TAURUS: April 20 - May 20

Panic. Or at least, flail your arms about. The future does not look good, rosy, happy, or full of pixies dancing and prancing. The odds are that you’ll see something this month that you physically and desperately desire. However, it is similarly likely that you will fall flat on your arse trying to achieve it.

GEMINI: May 21 - June 20

SCORPIO: October 23 - November 21

This month looks like it’s going to be a great one. Full of vigorous situations, sweaty encounters, and dry, sweet smelling, stopover’s in arctic bunkers. This horoscope may not apply to all of you. In other news, scientists have found out that when the wind changes, your face doesn’t get locked in its current position - this knowledge may serve you well.

SAGITTARIUS: November 22 - December 21

Much of your body weight tends to be distributed in a specific place, but that may start shifting. Chasing cats and dogs around the streets after midnight is probably not the best way to endear yourself to new neighbours. Half of what I say is meaningless... the other half is pure gold; purer than any snow that ever fell. Purer than the white cover on that classic Beatles’ album.

CANCER: June 21 - July 22

CAPRICORN: December 22 - January 19

LEO: July 23 - August 22

To love, is to show someone how ridiculous you can be when you let your guard down. Some people find that attractive. Some people think you’re a lush who’s too damned easy. You tend to be less true to yourself at work, but this month you may let a little of yourself slip out at a most awkward moment. The stars predict rocky times for you and a loved one. Avoid making love in cramped places.

AQUARIUS: January 20 - February 18

Your mind is filled with thoughts of sexual inadequacy and hey, maybe you’re right. Speak slowly and you will be heard. People will think you’re being a dick, but people will definitely understand you.

While bad things can happen in quick succession, it takes an absolute genius to screw up an entire life within 30 minutes. The sounds of fairies in your head are brought on by the alcohol. Relax, break out the medicines and pills, and get funkin’! You may find solace in someone’s choice of underwear this month.

VIRGO: August 23 - September 22

PISCES: February 19 - March 20

Half of what you think you’re good at is actually a complete fluke. This month may see the end of your futile efforts to get good at something. Avoid low-level lighting this month, and any power lines that you might have to pass under on the way to work.

Curvy, gorgeous, last 3 “Words of the day” that landed in my inbox. For you they will be associated with nothing. You claim that no-one is able to see the future, and yet I foresee that hope can solve nearly all of your problems today. Until tomorrow, when all of your dreams will be dashed to pieces.

Testing times lay ahead for you, if you expect your love life to be without its ups and downs. You must expect failure, or it will become your legacy. This miserable prophecy is brought to you in association with The Happy Clown League of Broken Dreams.

Admitting to shooting the Sherriff is not a good alibi when being accused of shooting the deputy. Your mother is proud of you. This month is a series of blunders that follow each other. If you’re missing an element to your life, why not choose tin?


LIBRA: September 23 - October 22

A potential mate will come to you this month and destroy your self confidence. Bizarrely, you will attempt a counter-strike by sharpening your pencils. Get used to seeing bruises over the next few weeks, as you and furniture begin not seeing eye-toeye. The way that aliens think is none of your business.

Samui Holiday Magazine May Edition  

Established in 1997, Siam Map Company is Samui’s premier publisher producing high quality, high performance advertising publications providi...

Samui Holiday Magazine May Edition  

Established in 1997, Siam Map Company is Samui’s premier publisher producing high quality, high performance advertising publications providi...