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Issue 05 Winter 2011

Transforming lives through mentoring The impact of being a mentor or mentee

Welcome to the flood The Gray Family in Thailand

Ryan Venn-Dunn Interview with our recently appointed Young Adults Worker

Reviews Matt Redman’s 10,000 Reasons and Crazy Love by Francis Chan

Community at church@five Twelve months on – and what a year!

Dr Bernard Chan, Dental Surgeon

Providing high quality dental care for all the family with over 25 years’ experience.

David White Vicar, St Andrew’s, Chorleywood 7pm, Sunday 1 April


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A wide range of treatment, including whitening, cosmetic dentistry and minor oral surgery.

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From the Vicar

B Mag’ Issue 05: Contents

Mentoring Transforming lives through mentoring Page 04

Welcome to the Flood The Grays in Thailand Page 06

From the Vicar Almost all my childhood memories of Christmas are gratifyingly happy. An avuncular elderly relative snores in the corner rocking chair, while the fire crackles in the hearth. Turkey, brussels sprouts, Christmas pudding, chocolate, port, mince pies, cheese, sweets, more chocolate and too much to drink have all taken their toll. Over-excited children, high on saccharin drinks, rampage at high speed with screams of delight. For me, at least, this vision of Christmas, driven by my own happy memories, gives me heart-warming feelings. But that is simply not the case for many, whose experiences are very different from mine, and for whom Christmas can be a painful reminder of loneliness. Looking through a neighbour’s frosted window, glimpsing a happy throng, they feel excluded, alone, out in the cold. All of us want to belong, to feel at home, to have a safe loving inner circle of those who will never abandon us. But life’s reality is often very different. Many, if not most, have times of overwhelming feelings of loneliness. John Donne said “no man is an island” in his famous poem and it is true that we are all interdependent, whether we like it or not. Yet at the same time there is a sense that we are all essentially alone in the world. Of course we find co-travellers to accompany us on the way, but when the door of our private space closes we find ourselves isolated. This is not dependent on whether or not we have problems making relationships, but is part of the universal human condition, a consequence of our separation from our Creator.

We are to be called children of God and are enveloped in the loving arms of our heavenly father

When Jesus became a human being just like us, he entered into our experience of loneliness. This had its lowest point as Jesus hung on the cross and uttered those fateful words, “My God my God why have you abandoned me?”. But at that very moment a miracle was unfolding. As Jesus embraced our loneliness, he opened a way for us to take hold of his togetherness. We are to be called children of God and are enveloped in the loving arms of our heavenly father, reversing the destructive breach from our Creator. The Son of God became the Son of Man; Immanuel – God with us. Even more extraordinary still, Jesus promises that the Spirit of truth “lives with you and will be in you” (John 14:17). With Jesus we need never be alone.

Interview with Ryan Venn-Dunn Our new Young Adults Worker Page 08

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CD and Book Reviews By Andy Yeates and Katie Storey Page 09

I saw God at Work Real life stories Page 10

Missional Communities The story so far Page 11

Growing Community Henry Kendal

Church@five one year on Page 12

B Magazine Issue 05 Editorial Team: Editor: Kate Wong: Henry Kendal, Margaret Peach, Sam Whittington, Katie Storey Photography Coordinator: Phil Rogers Art Direction: Hannah Knight:

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Transforming Lives Through Mentoring

Transforming Lives...

Through Mentoring >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> By Sam Whittington

When we consider the ways that lives might be transformed, we may not immediately think of mentoring. Perhaps it sounds like something that happens in the workplace or in social work … but not church. Yet as Becki Williamson, a Trainee Kids Pastor at St Bs explains, mentoring can have a profound impact in the life of a Christian – “Mentoring builds up trust with somebody else, meaning they can have a positive impact on your life.” Without her mentor from her previous church, Becki asserts, “I wouldn’t be here now. She knew I wanted to be a kids’ pastor and she kept hold of the bigger picture for me when I could not see a way that it would happen.” Becki’s mentor not only enabled her to hold on to and eventually step into the calling God had for her, but also encouraged her daily relationship with God. “Before I worked for a church it helped increase my awareness of God in day-to-day life. Knowing that someone will [regularly] ask, ‘What is God doing or saying to you in your life?’ helped me to be more attentive to what God was doing every day.” And because Becki’s mentor was older, with greater life experience, she also helped Becki, “to avoid making fatal mistakes.”

The potential offered by mentoring relationships is thus significant. At times we all face tough situations or crucial decisions and, like Becki, this will include how we choose to pursue God’s calling on our life. Not only this; we also need to handle the day-to-day pressures of living in London. This can mean we struggle to find the time or energy to reflect on the direction in which we are heading in our important relationships, our work, or church life. As Becki experienced however, a mentor can be someone who God uses to help us see the bigger picture, and to face the challenging situations and decisions that shape our lives with a sense of faith, not fear.

How does mentoring work then? A simple way to define mentoring is as an intentional relationship, where the mentor offers a place for another person to reflect honestly on their life, with the mentor offering their experience and other resources to invest in the person in order to see them develop and grow. And a relationship where a person is given a safe place to reflect on how life is going by someone who has more life experience, and is more mature in their faith, is clearly something God can bless. Although a mentor is not there to make decisions on the person’s behalf, their support, experience and prayers may be vital in enabling that person to trust in God through the challenges and decisions they face. Before reading this you may already have heard people talk about having a mentor and thought sounds great, where do I sign up? However, as mentoring is a relationship that is based on your willingness to trust in and be challenged by someone else, a mentor needs to be someone you both respect and get along with. Therefore the best way to find a mentor is to think about people at church who you look up to and perhaps already go to for advice and support. Have a pray and if it still seems like a good idea, then be brave and ask that person whether they would consider mentoring you. Of course, you need to be willing for that person to say no, but hopefully God will lead you to someone who is willing to offer you their time and support in this way.

a mentor can be someone who God uses to help us see the bigger picture ...





You may be thinking, mentoring sounds great, but I am not sure I have ever seen the word mentoring in the Bible! That may be true, but there are plenty of examples of mentoring-type relationships through the Bible. You may want to check out: • Moses and Joshua (Deuteronomy 31:1-8) • Elijah and Elisha (1 Kings 19:16-21) • Jesus and the disciples • Paul and Timothy (1 & 2 Timothy)

“It really is quite humbling, but very encouraging, when people ... get involved in ministry, or go on mission for the first time, or overcome a significant problem ... and then tell you that they felt able to do that because of your input into their lives.” The need for mentors For this to happen though, there is a need for us also to consider whether we might be in a position to become a mentor ourselves. There may be reasons (some valid, some not!) why we think it’s not possible; however, if you have been a Christian for some time and have seen God working in your life, then it could well be that you can offer something to others through mentoring. This will require a willingness to invest time and energy in another person, but for David Brown, the Discipleship Pastor at St Bs, and an experienced mentor, the investment is well worth it. “It really is quite humbling, but very encouraging, when people start to get involved in ministry, or go on mission for the first time, or overcome a significant problem, or move on into a more senior role, and then tell you that they felt able to do that because of your input into their lives.” And, where we might expect investing this way into just one person to be rather limiting, instead David insists that “as I have mentored people I have come to see that investing time in the lives of others … actually achieves more for the Kingdom of God.”

Of course this does not mean that mentoring is always straightforward. A person being mentored should hopefully receive plenty of encouragement through being mentored, but will also be challenged to grow by opening their life up to someone else. And as David explains, as a mentor you need to keep in mind that the goal of mentoring is, “to help someone become the person God has made them to be, and not just to try and make them more like me.” In fact, this is the goal for both the person being mentored and their mentor: to grow into the people God has intended them to be, either by inviting a more mature Christian to have input into their life, or by reflecting God’s love to someone by investing in them as a mentor. And so if you have not yet got involved in mentoring, perhaps you could ask God whether it could be time for you to pursue mentoring relationships, either to be mentored yourself, or to mentor others.

CES FURTHER RESOUR It may be that you’d like to read more in depth on mentoring. Perhaps you’re already a mentor, but would love to grow in this role a bit more. The below resources may be a good place to start!

Mentoring for Spiritual Growth: Sharing the Journey of Faith Tony Horsfall (The Bible Reading Fellowship, 2008)

Spiritual Mentoring: A Guide for seeking and Giving Direction Keith R Anderson & Randy D Reese (IVP Books, 1999)

In 2012 Hope House are hoping to roll out the COACH Mentoring Scheme for young people, young adults and families. Watch out for details of this scheme later in 2012.


Welcome to the Flood

By Malcolm Gray

The spectacular London Olympic Aquatics Centre with its distinctive curved roof, will be the first venue visitors see upon entering the Olympic Park in Stratford. And what does it hold? Ten million litres of clean water. As I write, 500,000 Olympic swimming pools of water from a flood basin the size of England and Wales is trying to drain into the Gulf of Thailand. Only Bangkok, the low-lying capital, stands feebly in its way. And the water is far from clean. We all experience different sorts of floods. Times when an unstoppable wave fills our little corner of the world. Sometimes we can see it coming in a distant foreboding swell. Other times we get swamped suddenly. At the beginning of 2010, I experienced a deluge. I was the national leader of WEC in Thailand, overseeing about 45 missionaries in 6 provinces. The relationship between the mission and the local church (a real challenge in the realm of missiology) was tense for various reasons. The political situation was volatile with the ‘yellowshirts’ battling with the ‘red-shirts’ on the then dry streets of Bangkok. On a quick family trip to Sweden for a sister’s wedding, Kerstin, my wife, was admitted to hospital for emergency surgery. At the same time, a 14-year old child of one of our missionaries fell into a lupus-related coma and was taken to an intensive care unit in the middle of embattled Bangkok. She was dying. Added to the torrent, the WEC world was about to descend on Thailand for its four-yearly international conference. This was all taking place months before our family had planned to return from Thailand to the UK for a home leave, which meant that our belongings had to be packed and moved out of our rented house. So, I left our daughter Amy and Kerstin in Sweden with her parents for convalescence, flew to Bangkok to comfort our missionaries in ICU, met with Thai church leaders to allay fears, prepared evacuation plans for the 220-strong WEC delegation and tried to move out of our house. 06

“The Central Thai remain one of the largest, yet most accessible, unreached groups in the world.” Paul Hattaway, author of “Peoples of the Buddhist World” and “The Heavenly Man”.

While travelling extensively during this time, I was shocked that I could still smile, despite having very little idea about what I was going to do at my various destinations. Jesus sitting in the car with me has never seemed more of a reality. Here is a poem that I scribbled during that time: We’ll work and ply with You We’ll weep and cry with You We’ll soar and fly with You Lift the Name high with You We will rely on You Wait for supply from You We’ll keep our eyes on You We’ll live and die with You God helped me through that flood. He was very, very close. And though I would never like to go through a season like that again, it’s a privilege to have experienced God in a flood. It helps during the current flood.

Malcolm, Kerstin and Amy Gray live in Tak, central Thailand. They were sent out by St Barnabas Church through WEC International in 2002. Their multi-cultural team of 45 includes missionaries from 16 different countries working among the Central Thai and Karen people groups. WEC’s primary task is pioneer church-planting in parts of the world where there is no church. Website: Email:

Kerstin and I are still the leaders of WEC in Thailand overseeing about the same number of missionaries. Praise the Lord, our relationship with Thai church leaders is positive and improving. In May 2011 churches, organisations and missions came together from all over the country for a unique congress.

God helped me through that flood. He was very, very close. And though I would never like to go through a season like that again, it’s a privilege to have experienced God in a flood. It helps during the current flood. The Lord gave a clear vision: 1 million believers in Thailand by 2015. Currently there are about 400,000 out of a population of 67 million. To see the Thai church filled with a passion to reach its own nation like this brings a tear to the eye. Last week, our network of churches even wondered how they would go about sending a Thai missionary to another country. I can’t describe how I felt. WEC has been planting churches here in Thailand since 1947 and to be here to observe this fresh mission-mindedness is such a privilege.

The task remains huge. There are endless towns and villages with no church or even a single Christian. Yet, there is a greater responsiveness to the message of Jesus than we have ever observed. We have teams working in villages, towns, in the hills among the Karen tribe, and recently in a large university community. Each team reports plenty of opportunities. We need to keep sharp to take the chances that come. We also need more people to help seize the moments. This is the time for Thailand. A specialist ministry we oversee is missionary children’s education. WEC helped found an international school which now has about 600 students, teaching kids whose parents serve in different parts of Asia. WEC provides teachers and staff and runs a hostel housing missionary children during term time. This is an essential element of mission strategy, enabling families to remain on the mission field. Amy is being taught at home by a German short-term missionary who has come as a home-school assistant. What a gift from God she is to us! A few weeks ago, before the flood waters had reached Bangkok, the large dam near us began overflowing and the authorities had to open all the floodgates. As a result, large fish that live in the huge reservoir

behind the dam entered the river system. Even though the river was bursting its banks and towns were being swallowed, fishermen were out catching the fish of their dreams! Without the flood, they would never have seen fish like these. I feel the same about this nation – flooded with hopelessness and fear, there are opportunities to catch ‘fish’ we could never before have imagined! Welcome to the flood.

Opportunities with WEC in Thailand LONG-TERM Urgent needs: • People willing to devote themselves to plant churches in unreached areas • People to strengthen existing Thai and Karen ministries (kids and youth work, leadership development, etc.) Other Opportunities: • Hostel parents for missionary children dorm • Teachers for Grace International School • Accountant or bookkeeper for field finances • Administrative assistant to the Field Leader SHORT-TERM • Hostel assistants • Assistants for home schooling, missionary children’s programmes, prayer and worship outreaches, etc.

If you would like to know more, or to support Malcolm and Kerstin, pick up a prayer postcard from the MTF noticeboard at St Bs.


Interview with Ryan Venn-Dunn

Ryan Venn-Dunn Young Adults Worker

Interview by Katie Storey

Ryan, you’re the new Young Adults Worker at St Barnabas. What does this mean? I am here to serve and lead the young adults (18s-30s) of St Bs. This basically means creating and facilitating opportunities for the young adults to gather together to worship, laugh, talk, pray, learn and serve as a community. I also consider my role to involve knowing the visions, dreams, strengths and weaknesses of the young adults community so that I can help facilitate its growth and development as we seek to do God’s will and spread the Gospel locally and internationally.

What does a normal day look like for you? I’m not sure if there is such a thing as a ‘normal day’! Each day tends to hold something different. So far my days have involved praying for the young adults at St Bs, seeking God for direction, planning future events and ministry opportunities, updating the Young Adults’ social media groups with interesting and useful material, hanging out with young adults at lunch or after the evening service, maintaining contact with students studying at various universities, attending various meetings and building the ‘Synergy’ (Young Adults ministry) leadership team amongst other things.

What is your vision for this role, within the church? We are so blessed to have such a large group of gifted, able, and passionate young adults at St Bs. My vision is to gather them together to empower and enable them to have ownership over this ministry, using their individual gifts and passions collectively to serve and love the local community. I believe God wants us to become so active in our community that we become a vital part of it, holistically spreading the Gospel in genuine, loving, caring, creative, practical and supernatural ways by the power of His Holy Spirit, just like Jesus did. I want us to gather together to seek God’s ‘face’ in such a way that He might bless us by enabling us to become His ‘hands’.

What were you doing before you started this role? I completed a Youth and Community Work & Applied Theology degree with Centre for Youth Ministry (CYM) whilst on placement as a trainee Youth Worker at St Bs and have been involved in Youth and Community work across Barnet ever since. I have been working for a charity named BCP (Barnet Community Projects) on various projects, such as a mobile skatepark called ‘Switch’. I still work for BCP part-time as a ‘Switch’ staff member. I also co-lead a youth work project on the Dollis Valley estate and a football project in the Chesterfield Road area of High Barnet.

How do you think that’s influenced the work that you’re doing now? My youth work training taught me about developing and sustaining communities through the principles of empowerment and ownership. I have learnt that in order for a community to develop and grow, everyone from that community has to be involved in the process in ways that enable them to have influence over its direction. My continuing work with BCP involves working in a community that is very different from the Young Adults community of St Bs. I feel like there is an ongoing ‘iron sharpens iron’ process in which I am constantly informed, educated and challenged by my experiences and work with one community, which then benefits and informs my work with the other.

What is your favourite thing about your job? That I get to be around and work alongside such interesting, challenging and inspiring people. I’m a very social person as it is, and now I have a job where my role is to be around people all the time! I am looking forward to all that I will learn and experience alongside the members of St Bs, and I am very excited about God using us to bless others.

What are your long-term plans? I am not really looking too far beyond my role here at St Bs, but I do have dreams of establishing a worshipping community/church plant of some sort in the distant future. My long-term plan is to trust in God and let Him lead - it’s more exciting that way! Plus, His directions are better than mine ...




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Spring 2012 programme & directory

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01 Synergy Young Adults Social


12 To the Church in Ephesus Revelation 2:1-7 19 To the Church in Smyrna Revelation 2:8-11 26 To the Church in Pergamum Revelation 2:12-17

04 Sense of Being Women’s Event 9.30am-1pm 05 Strawberry Vale Prayer Brunch

Fasting and Feasting Secrecy Submission Drawing near to God Hebrews 10:19-22



To the Church in Thyatira Revelation 2:18-29 To the Church in Sardis Revelation 3:1-6 Mothers’ Day Family Services To the Church in Philadelphia Revelation 3:7-13

19 Family Worship Gathering 9.30am & 11.30am

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5pm church@five at Strawberry Vale An informal service at the Green Man Community Centre



7pm Evening Worship

THE BESOM IN BARNET sweep away suffering

Want to make a difference but don’t know where to start? The Besom provides a bridge between those who want to give time, money, things or skills, and those in need. Just one of the ways you can give, is to come out on our van trips which are on alternate Saturday mornings, delivering donated household items to people in need.

with Communion on 8 January, 19 February, 11 March, 8 April

The next van dates are:


21st January 11th February 25th February

Fasting and Feasting Secrecy Submission Drawing near to God Hebrews 10:19-22

Hope House North London is a partner charity of St Bs, working particularly closely with St Bs’ Estates Ministry.

O THE 7 CHURCHES OF REVELATION 12 To the Church in Ephesus Revelation 2:1-7 19 To the Church in Smyrna Revelation 2:8-11 26 To the Church in Pergamum Revelation 2:12-17

Helen Shannon, Projects Director

Guest Speaker: Stuart Lees, Vicar, Christ Church, Fulham To the Church in Thyatira Revelation 2:18-29 To the Church in Sardis Revelation 3:1-6 To the Church in Philadelphia Revelation 3:7-13

Do you have a heart for the unemployed – particularly those who have been made redundant?

01 Guest Speaker: David White, Vicar, St Andrew’s, Chorleywood 08 Service of Baptism and Confirmation with Bishop Peter Wheatley



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Barney’s Toddler Group 9.30-11.30am

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12th May 26th May

Email:, call on Tel: 07531 645576 or speak to Sean and Hannah Knight

05 Guest Speaker: Mary Pytches, Author and Speaker

04 11 18 25

10th March 24th March 14th April

This is an exciting new project to provide support, advice, help with CV writing, job hunting and interview skills and general encouragement to those who have lost their job. If you have experience in any of these areas and can spare just a couple of hours a month, then please get in touch. Contact: Peter Sutton Tel: 07813 024585 email: Ray Worrell 07795 036853

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John Auton Hospitality and Shop Team Leader 020 8346 1200





CD and Book Review

CD & Book Review

10,000 Reasons

Crazy Love

by Matt Redman

by Francis Chan

Review by Andy Yeates

Review by Katie Storey

Matt Redman is an amazing songwriter and worship leader and his new, live, album 10,000 Reasons has been long awaited – his last album was released in 2004.

Since its publication in 2008 Francis Chan’s Crazy Love has sold over 1,000,000 copies.

True to form Matt has written some truly powerful and inspiring worship songs. ‘Holy’ and ’10,000 Reasons’ in particular are sure to be songs picked up by many Christian festivals and in churches. Not only are the melodies catchy, it is full of Biblical truth – a perfect combination, leading to true worship of God. As it is a live album it captures an amazing worship experience and when you hear the congregation singing you feel as if you are back at New Wine or Soul Survivor. This is a great live album and I have enjoyed worshipping to it and learning the songs. Matt has released a book in tandem with this album, called ‘Mirror Ball’, which is also a great read and carries an inspiring message.

This book and CD are available from the Book Shop in The Arch at the back of church Francis Chan will be the keynote speaker at New Wine LSE in July 2012

The reason for this might seem obvious, because the opening question: ‘Have you ever wondered if we’re missing it?’ and the central premise: ‘God is calling you to a passionate love relationship with Himself’ may be extremely attractive on first reading. However, this is a book of two halves. Chan’s message is primarily that of God’s radical and all-encompassing love for us, but in this book he also lays out in no uncertain terms the extent of the sacrifice that Jesus demands of his followers. The author’s challenge is to examine ourselves, as a Church and as individuals, and to not naturally assume that we are ‘good soil’. The chapter on the profile of a ‘lukewarm’ Christian may make for fairly uncomfortable reading for all but the most Saint-like among us, and many of the statements in this book will drastically disrupt our assumptions about how we use our time, our money and our gifts. However, although this may have a reputation as a ‘difficult’ book, Chan’s tone is never condemnatory or judgmental. He uses Scripture to back up every assertion about the sacrifices that Jesus demands of those who would follow him, and at every point he describes the benefits to living in the way that we were designed to live, and in experiencing the joy that comes from living fully in the Kingdom. He describes the closeness with God that comes from obeying his commands not from guilt or obligation, but from a deep love and gratitude for all that he has given us. In his own words: “the answer … isn’t working harder at a list of dos and don’ts - it’s falling in love with God”. This is a deeply inspiring book with a radical message, and not one that is easily forgotten.


I saw God at Work

God at Work

God is doing amazing things all the time, with many people’s lives being hugely impacted by divine encounters. Here are some stories:




Theresa Williams

Kids Church

Earlier this year, I spent six months travelling with the purpose of sharing the journey with Jesus. Spending spring in Kolkata with the Missionaries of Charity (the order of Mother Teresa’s sisters), I went in search of female role models and the courage to step closer to Jesus. I wanted to know if I’d let the cost of surrender become so great that I’d chosen to ignore it. It’s no surprise that what I took from Kolkata is more than I gave. When the sisters vow to the Missionaries of Charity, they do not put their belongings into storage, knowing that they will one day retrieve them. They do not book a plane ticket home, keep a blog or use hand sanitiser. They can’t escape to nice restaurants or stick on the a/c when the temperature becomes unbearable. They give up everything to gain even more.

While praying during Kids Church, one of our 6 year olds saw a picture of a fledgling eagle falling from its nest. Just before hitting the ground, it spread its wings and flew. She then saw a clown’s face and had a sense that all this was for someone writing a book. Later, her dad phoned the only person he knew writing a book. His friend explained how he’d been struggling recently and that this was the fourth time that week someone had contacted him with this eagle picture (from Deuteronomy 32 verse 11)! He went on to say that just moments earlier he had been talking about trying to remain cheerful - like a clown for Christ. He was extremely encouraged… as was the little girl!

I wanted to know if I’d let the cost of surrender become so great that I’d chosen to ignore it. A life of surrender may look different for all who choose it. For the sisters in Kolkata it means a vow of poverty, a vow that each year attracts hundreds of volunteers with the hope of catching something they have already found. Since being back in England, the things in my life that were shiny and tempting before I left still are. But my time in Kolkata, along with a wise tattooed nun, taught me that being called to the world isn’t an excuse to be seduced by it. 10

A PERFECT FIT Hannah Knight A day on the Besom van delivering furniture to those in need may sound quite ordinary - but when an extremely large chest of drawers fit perfectly for a single dad and his three year old who had been living out of suitcases; and then a mother, who had escaped domestic violence and who needed two single beds but didn’t have much space, was given a single bed with another that slides underneath donated that morning – you see God’s hand at work and it is such a joy to be part of that!

OUR SHELTER Peter and Pauline Sutton In April 2011 St Bs hosted the Winter Shelter for the Homeless for the first time… It’s difficult to be specific about the way God worked in the shelter, as we felt that He was providing for us all in every way possible. From providing the right volunteers who were so committed and generous with their time and efforts, through to the lovely guests who felt so blessed by being there. Our guests made many comments to us – such as “the only place I have felt safe is in the winter shelter”. Some actually wanted prayer and we had a prayer circle with them before bed on some of the evenings. It was amazing to see God so present there.

the only place I have felt safe is in the winter shelter The Winter Shelter Scheme encouraged us to show God’s love through Christian care and hospitality without pressure, and we need to be mindful of their guidelines, whilst always being ready to talk with people whose hearts are open to the Lord. St Bs will again be hosting the Winter Shelter every Monday from 2 January – 26 March 2012; to find out how to get involved, contact Peter and Pauline: Tel: 07813 024585 Email:

Missional Communities – The Story so Far


THE STORY SO FAR ... By Sam Whittington In the autumn of 2010, St Bs began the process of transitioning from our existing Barnabas Groups to developing more intentionally outward-focussed Missional Communities. Below you can find out more about what two of the established groups have been up to, as well as see some of the new ideas that are emerging right now…

UP AND RUNNING ... Justice Matters

ple who feel compelled to Justice Matters is a group for peo a community for activists, intervene in the face of injustice; ough members are optimists and ordinary radicals. Alth share a common interested in a variety of issues, they justice and defend the purpose – to ‘learn to do right, seek Republic in North fee oppressed.’ The group meets at Cof h month to explore eac of ay Finchley on the third Wednesd p are engaged grou the of various issues that members ssed on bringing justice with. Recent gatherings have focu and Sanitation. As well as through volunteering, and Water p, Justice Matters also exploring different issues as a grou lved in simple practical challenges its members to be invo just society in their e actions that contribute to a mor everyday life.

Prison Min istry

This group b egan meetin g together in goal of gettin September 2 g involved in 011 prison minis including th try in a variet with the rough praye r, y of ways, le tter-writing into prison to to inmates, get involved an d by going in to encourage the work pri inmates. The so immediate fo n chaplaincies are doin on two parti g cular project cus of the gr s. Firstly the oup has falle Angel Tree p group is coo n roject for N rd orth London inating the from HMP Pe , which will ntonville to enable inmat send presen Christmas. M es ts to their ch embers have ildren this also been in course calle volved in a re d the Sycam storative just ore Tree that from Luke 1 ic uses the sto 9 to introdu ry of Zacchae e ce inmates to order to hel u s a p them und process of re erstand the storation in they might impact of th turn and go eir crime, so in a new dir that ection.

SOME OTHER IDEAS ... Parish based outreach

Music Missional Community

Evangelism through football & curry

Creative outreach with drama, crafts & literature

Caring for and serving the elderly

Outreach through exercise and nutrition

East Asian Outreach

Got an idea or want to know more?

To find out more about all our existing Missional Communities or to share your own ideas, please take a look at the Missional Communities page on our website or contact Sam Whittington:


Community at church@five

Community at church@five By Liz Kovar

Church@five has just celebrated its first anniversary and what a year it’s been! Church@five is a congregation of St Bs which meets in the Community Centre on the Strawberry Vale Estate in East Finchley. It was started in September 2010 by Helen and Mark Shannon who moved onto the estate with their family in January 2008. Twelve months ago, the congregation consisted of one table of women, who came to pray faithfully for their community every week (and who still do). Now, there are five or six tables of both men and women, (half of whom are in their early twenties) and a bunch of toddlers and children in the groups provided for them upstairs.


So how did that come about? Word got round that something new was happening on the estate; that Mark, Helen and some friends were moving in to make a difference. So people began to ‘come and see’. One youth came and saw. He liked it, so he invited his brother, who invited his other brother, then his sister and her boyfriend, then their friends … And what did they see? Church as they hadn’t experienced it before: informality instead of ‘Sunday Best’: a good spread of food instead of the statutory cuppa and a genuine concern for the community, instead of a polite nod and a smile. Perhaps most surprising of all was the non-judgemental welcome they received. Everyone was welcomed in exactly as they were, because, after all, that’s how Jesus invites us all to come, isn’t it? Exactly as we are. By St Bs standards, the service is a relatively short one and there’s more chat, more shifting about and more mobile phones going off than you might expect; but there’s also a lot of hugging, a lot of praying for each other and a lot of tears. There’s also a lot of audience participation, with people chipping in, calling out and clapping. There’s always lots of clapping. Singing too. The service begins and ends with worship and there’s no doubt that praising together bonds together. Prayer has always been foundational to the service. At first, it was led from the front. Then a different member of the congregation was invited to report back each Sunday about what they’d prayed for in the week. This is still a regular slot in the service, with most people taking turns to share. Right from the beginning members of team offered to pray for others; but, now, everybody prays for everybody else and it’s not unusual for the tears to flow as the Holy Spirit moves around the Community Centre.

Church as they hadn’t experienced it before: informality instead of ‘Sunday Best’: a good spread of food instead of the statutory cuppa and a genuine concern for the community, instead of a polite nod and a smile. Where there are new Christians, there are always baptisms and Church@five has had a fair few. Yes, the water in the pool is a whole lot colder than the water at St Bs, but it’s done nothing to dampen enthusiasm. The whole church gathers around the pool and calls out what they feel God saying, both adults and children alike. The younger children have looked on with excitement as the twenty year olds, they’ve always looked up to, are immersed in the water and come up talking of new hope. One highlight of the year has to be the outing to the New Wine Summer Conference, where Venue One saw the whole of Church@ five go down to the front en masse to pray, to sing and to dance. I think that was the first time many of the congregation saw each other cry and it cemented relationships. Surely no coincidence that Mike Pilavachi was talking on ‘Community’. Of course, Church@five wouldn’t be Church@five without its tea. Everyone joins around the tables to eat, to talk estate news, to discuss the service and, often, to continue praying for each other. Not that it’s always peaceful. Arguments sometimes break out and there was once a fight, when someone gate-crashed the centre to cause trouble. Yet even then, everyone pulled together and joined hands to pray for peace and protection on the estate.

Then there are the children. Children’s work has always been a priority with special groups organised for them in the rooms upstairs, where they have their own worship, teaching and messy arts and crafts. They come down to join in as tea is underway, looking to see what they can scavenge from the adult table to add to what they’ve already eaten upstairs! But children’s work isn’t just confined to a Sunday. There are separate groups during the week for toddlers, boys, girls and teenagers, most of which have been full from the word go. It’s been exciting to see numbers grow and a real sense of family develop; but, of course, it’s not just been about Sundays. There’s a lot of hard work that goes on during the week supporting families through the various issues they’re facing. And, perhaps most importantly of all, there’s the mentoring. New Christians are learning to follow Jesus by example, by seeing the lifestyle and the attitudes of Christians whose lives have already been changed by the love of God. It’s all about an open invitation to join in and do life together and I think that’s what people value most when they ‘come and see’.


News in Brief

News in Brief A round-up of Who’s doing What, Where, When and sometimes Why Guest Speakers

Youth Cafés November saw the launch of the two new youth cafés: Café 66 for the 11s-14s; and The 5 Café for the 14s-18s. They are places for the young people to hang out and invite their friends. Open at 5pm every Sunday during term-time, they run alongside Y66 and The 5. They are already proving popular with the young people with about 30 in each group attending each week.

Impact Impact is the new once a month training evening for young leaders. Run by Liz Bewley and her team, with the help of guest speakers, the aim of these evenings is to teach, encourage and inspire our young people (aged 11-18) as they lead within the church and beyond.

The Attic

We are very fortunate at St Bs that, as well as our own great team of preachers, we are often able to welcome others to speak here. This term has been exceptional with no less than seven guest speakers! We were particularly honoured to welcome the Rt Revd Richard Chartres, Bishop of London, to our morning services on 16 October. The Bishop’s sermon, together with all our sermons, is available to download from our website,, or to purchase from the bookshop. We are looking forward to a great line-up of guest speakers this term too – see page 2

Building on the success of Our Place, the special needs venue at the New Wine summer conferences, November saw the launch of Our Place at St Bs. Run during the 11.30 service each week, the Tubeside Hall is transformed into a safe and welcoming space for children and young people with special needs, who often find the noisy and busy environments of Kids Church and The Sunday Session, difficult to cope with. It has got off to a great start and we are very excited about where God is going to take this ministry.

After many years and countless numbers of children coming through the doors, GAP and Mini GAP - the kids clubs which run at St Bs on Friday nights - have a new look and a new name. Now meeting as one club for all primary school aged children, The Attic will run from 5.30-7pm on Fridays during term-time. Running alongside it will be The Attic Café for parents and carers.

Update from Kenya Earlier this year we said farewell to Elliott and Jo Ireton and their family as they moved to Kenya to work alongside Bernie and Celia Mascher and their family, at the Helping Hands of Kenya centre in Naivasha. In October Henry and Jane Kendal had the privilege of visiting them to review the project and encourage them in this amazing work. To find out more about this project and all our mission partners, speak to Ros Pateman:

Men at St Bs This term has seen a number of events and activities specifically for men. In October, a large group of men enjoyed an evening of beating each other with large padded sticks! The church was transformed, for one evening only, into a giant gladiator arena with curry, beer and a lot of laughs. A great time was had by all with a possible repeat event in the pipeline. Then in November, a one-off GQ for Men evening was held at The Elephant Inn in Finchley. It was a terrific forum in which men brought some exceedingly Go(o)d Questions for David, Colin and others to tackle. And of course the first Saturday of the month Men’s Breakfasts continue to draw a regular group of men to the Tally Ho pub.

Go Deeper In February (24th-26th), for the first time St Bs are organising a special weekend conference for anyone from St Bs who wants to go deeper with God. We are looking forward to a great weekend of teaching, worship, good food and time together. For more information and to book your place, make sure you get a copy of the publicity leaflet and booking form, or talk to Margaret Peach.

Award for St Bs Mission Partner Congratulations to Ann-Marie Wilson who was runner-up in the Inspiring Individual category of The Inspire Awards, run by Inspire magazine in collaboration with the Evangelical Alliance. Ann-Marie received her award in a ceremony in Parliament for her work setting up 28 Too Many which campaigns to end female genital mutilation.

Hope House Comedy Night

Hope House Christmas Lunch on Jesus Once again this Christmas has seen a great response from St Bs members to the Christmas Lunch on Jesus project. This has meant that Helen Shannon and team have been able to deliver hampers filled with all the essentials for a full Christmas dinner to many of those struggling financially. In addition, enough money was raised to give a mini hamper to every family on the Strawberry Vale estate.

Hope House North London, St Bs partner charity, has a new chairman: Tim Overton took over from Steve Craggs in September. Tim is no newcomer to the charity as he has been treasurer for the past year; the role of treasurer has now been taken on by James Parker. We are very grateful to Steve for his great contribution as chair over the past 4 years and are very pleased that he is continuing as a trustee.

Parenting Young Kids

Staff News

bb Luke Te

In October, Colin and Natalie gathered together a group (of mainly parents) wanting to be resourced and reassured in bringing young kids up in the Lord. The day was full of fun and inspiring stories with lots of time for sharing and praying together.

Luke Tebb: after six years as our Worship Pastor, Luke will be leaving his post in January. Responding to the call he feels God has placed on him, he wants to move into church leadership and he and Aimee would value our prayers as they explore this. We are so grateful to Luke for all that he has contributed to the life of St Bs through his inspirational worship leading – we will miss him greatly and pray God’s blessing on him and Aimee as they start this new chapter of their lives. Jess Mariano and Ros Pateman: Following the birth of Jess and Marcel’s first baby, Dominic, in August, Jess has decided to extend her maternity leave to April. We are very pleased that Ros Pateman, who has been covering the post of MTF Coordinator in Jess’ absence, is happy to continue until Jess returns.

Women at St Bs The women have also had their own event; in November, Oasis (part of St Bs women’s ministry) held its first Saturday morning Workshop. More than 20 women met for worship, and teaching on Confession and Forgiveness, followed by time to pray through some challenging issues. With one-to-one ministry and a tangible atmosphere of peace and healing, many women went away blessed and released from past hurts. (The morning was of course washed down with plenty of coffee and biscuits!) The next workshop will be on Saturday 4 February, when the subject will be Sense of Being, looking at identity and who we are – get the date in your diaries now!

In order to help raise funds for its work with children and young people, Hope House put on an excellent Comedy Night at St Bs in October. Hosted by our very own Liz Bewley, Stew Bewley and two of his friends, Jon Howard and Nadia Albina, entertained a large audience with a Whose Line is it Anyway? style evening of comedy improvisation. Not only did everyone have a great evening, but the event also raised over £1000 for Hope House.




Kids Work: we are very excited that Hannah (our Children’s Pastor) and Adam Feery are expecting their first baby in April. Hannah has now reduced her hours to three days a week (Monday to Wednesday, plus Sundays). And we are very pleased that Susie Yeates (a former trainee here) has joined the staff as Assistant Children’s Pastor and is working two days a week. 15

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