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Ma rquee plus 6 x 12 m PVC Grey/White! Author : Samuel

Marquee plus 6x12 m PVC is one of the most suitable sizes of tents for any kind of parties and social gatherings. It is also perfect for product promotion, presentation and business meetings. They have large windows which offer a comfortable inflow of light because of which you will be able to enjoy the light of nature inside the tents. The windows also play a great role to enhance the overall beauty of the tents. Marquee plus 6x12 m party tents are one of the most useful tents that come with a stunning look. It almost looks like a house. It can be used at any of your favorite spot which has enough space to fix the tent.

Featu res of Ma rquee plus 6 x 12 m PVC Grey/White 6x12 m PVC tents are made of strong steel frame that gives you the safety to stand firmly against heavy wind. Although they are made of strong steel still they are not much heavy in weight and perfectly easy to carry. The tent or teltta (Finish word for “tent”) are delivered with a ground bar set and ground pegs for increased stability. The exclusive use of quality materials makes the roof cover, end walls and side walls of these party tents very strong and waterproof. The roof covers of these marquee party tents are made of extra strong PVC quality. The side walls of these shelter / katos solutions are crafted with the combination of elegant white and grey color. The 6x12 m PVC grey/white has a built-in rip function that prevents the tents from tearing. The tents have an entrance door at each side of the end walls. 6x12 m PVCs are also available in a combination of white and blue colors, white and red colors and white and green and plain white. 6x12 m PVC is a very good quality product which is widely available to deliver on rents. They are definitely the most suitable and low priced alternatives to celebrate any kind of professional and casual parties. The 6x12 m tents are also flame retardant and fire resistant. The side height of the tents is 2.00 m and ridge height is 3.05 m. Address Dancover A/S Nordre Strandvej 119 G 3150 Hellebæk Danmark Tlf.: 0 931 581 720

Marquee plus 6 x 12 m PVC Grey/White!