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Receiving the Word Receiving the Word is widely recognized as a landmark work that goes to the heart of theological divisions in the church. Oxford University scholar Malcolm Bull and London-based journalist Keith Lockhart, describe this best-selling as playing a notable and successful role in the 1990s in the return of the church to the “plain reading of the Bible.” This probing book discusses how current views on the Bible are influencing the reinterpretationof traditional Christian beliefs and practices. Questions suchas these are addressed in Receiving the Word: Why are Seventh-day Adventist scholars and institutions divided into"conservative" and "liberal" theological camps? What is behind the perceived polarization between "the church of theWest" and "the rest of the church" on some divisive theological issues? How are inadequate and superficial answers to the following questionsundermining the faith of many youth and new believers, includingstudents studying in our own institutions: Is everything in the Bible inspired and trustworthy? Did the New Testament writers misquote the Old? How do we deal with apparent mistakes and discrepancies in the Bible? What about the debate over the King James Version Bible and recent English translations? Must the Bible remain our only authoritative norm? How should we interpret the Bible? "Principle" or "literal" approach? Higher-criticism or plainreading?

Receiving the Word