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Selecting the top 10 soccer goals is tough but check out the list below of 10 great soccer world cup goals. 1. Carlos Alberto (Brazil) Brazil vs Italy (4-1) 1970 This goal was a fitting end to the world cup winners Brazil campaign as they swept from one end of the park to the other without an Italian touching the ball. And the goal was scored in a world cup final ! 2. Saeed Owairan (Saudi Arabia) Saudi Arabia vs Belgium (1-0) in 1994 Known as the Maradona of the Arabs, I remember watching his amazing run form his own half and thinking he would be tackled but somehow he beat about 5 players and scored ! 3. Diego Maradona ( Argentina ) Argentina vs England (2-1) in 1986 Many soccer fans argue that this is the greatest ever goal as Maradona ran over 50 yards beating several English defenders and rounding the keepe to slot home. Maradona also scored the infamous " hand of god " goal in this game. 4. Pelé (Brazil) Brazil vs Italy (4-1) in 1970 Pele scored with a brilliant header and this was the 100th Brazil goal in the world cup. His amazing leap to win the header illustrated what a great player Pele was. 5. Roberto Baggio (Italy) Italy vs Czechoslovakia (2-0) in 1990 Baggio was a class player and he went on a mazy run beating several players to cooly slot home a great individual goal. All was forgiven for that ponytail !

6. Dennis Bergkamp (Holland) Holland vs Argentina (2-1) in 1998 Bergkamp always shows great skill and he showed majestic control to bring the ball down and beat a defender in one turn before slotting home. 7. Diego Maradona (Argentina) Argentina vs Belgium (2-0) in 1986 There is no doubt that Maradona virtually won the world cup with his brillaint displays in 1986 . Four Belgians were left for dead with pace and strength before Maradona slotted the ball home past goalkeeper Pfaff. 8. Archie Gemmill (Scotland) Scotland vs Holland (3-1) in 1978 This goal was voted goal of the tournament in the 1978 world cup finals. Gemmill beat three Dutch defenders including a cheeky nutmeg before chipping past the keeper with his left foot. Class goal ! 9. David Narey (Scotland) Brazil vs Italy (4-1) in 1982 Ok you can tell I support Scotland but I always remember this superb goal that put Scotland 1-0 up, unfortunately Brazil stepped up a gear and turned on the style to win 4-1 ! 10. Manuel Negrete (Mexico) Mexico vs Bulgaria (1-0) in 1986 This was truly a magnificent goal. An acrobatic and well executed scissor kick volley from outside the penalty area. Many youngsters would try and copy this goal over the years ! No doubt we will have a few more top soccer goals to add after the 2006 world cup in Germany.

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