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There are mild, moderate and severe stages of acne disease. You can save severe amounts of effort and protect yourself from the agony of bad looking scars that form after the third stage of acne if you only treat it during that first stage. Don't let acne grow to the second or third stages; catch it in the mild stage. More intensive forms of treatment are not needed for mild acne. Over the counter medications are used by many acne sufferers to treat themselves. In order to protect themselves from more severe flare-ups of acne, some prefer at this stage to consult with a doctor. Let's talk about some of the more common treatments that are available for mild acne. Mild acne that is mostly whiteheads and blackheads can by control with benzyl peroxide or salicylic acid from over the counter. Wash acne prone skin twice a day with warm water and a mild soap while you are using these medications. This will ensure the removal of dead skin and excess oil. Dryness, redness or peeling may be caused by some of these products. If peeling is present, use an oil free moisturizer. Skin takes a little time in order to adjust to the medication that treats acne. You should consult your doctor if irritation occurs. It takes time for acne medication to treat acne so please be patient. Sometimes it has taken up to eight weeks to work. Wait for the results of cured acne and be patient. If after that you do not get results you should consult your doctor also. Other medications that treat acne may be prescribed at that time.

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Treat Your Acne Today With Acne No More : ==== ====

Taking Care of Mild Acne  
Taking Care of Mild Acne  

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