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How to treat acne is a very common question especially among teens. The problem goes beyond physical. More often times than not, it becomes an emotional problem, too. Young adults suffer from embarrassment, lack of confidence, and low self-esteem brought about by pimple breakout. Although millions of dollars worldwide have been spent in studying the cause of pimples and its treatment, the reason why people get acne is still not clear. Some say it is genetic, some would argue that it is due to what people eat, others claim that it is caused by hormonal imbalance and even stress. Regardless of what the causes are, we are fortunate that there are ways and means to get rid of them totally. Type "how to treat acne" in your Google search bar and you will come up with six million results. There definitely is an answer out there. Your only problem now is with that amount of websites to look through, your pimples will be six feet under the ground by the time you finish going through them all. So stick around, you might just find your answer here. The most efficient and inexpensive way to reduce pimple break out and eliminate them totally is with topical treatment. There are treatments that can virtually cure any types of acne known to man. Majority of these medicated creams you can get over the counter without the need for prescription. FDA has reported that active ingredients such as sulfur, salicylic acid, Benzoyl peroxide, and Resorcinol are very effective in treating acne. So when searching for an acne treatment cream, check the label and see if it contains these ingredients. However, if you are suffering from extreme types of acne, it would be best that you consult a dermatologist. A skin doctor would surely know what would be the best treatment for you. Usually, a doctor would prescribe a medication first. If your pimples are still that stubborn then you might have to undergo a clinical procedure. Nevertheless, how to treat acne is a relative question. A medication that works perfectly for one person may not be effective at all for another. Your treatment will depend on what types of acne you have; your skin (whether it is dry or oily); your diet; and so many other factors. There are general tips though that can be applied to reducing and curing pimples which are the following: wash your face thoroughly at least twice a day with an anti-bacteria soap; do not pop pimples no matter how small or big they are; tone and moisturize your face after each wash; stay away from fatty foods and nuts; and avoid using synthetic chemicals on your face (especially those cheap over the counter makeup). Don't despair, how to treat acne is not that complicated. Besides, that is just a phase you are

going through. Proper hygiene and a healthy diet will take you a long way.

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==== ==== If you knew this secret, would you still have ACNE? Check out--> ==== ====

How To Treat Acne - What You Need To Consider  

If you knew this secret, would you still have ACNE? Check out-->