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==== ==== No longer will You be ashamed of your looks. Lose weight today. Click here--> ==== ==== How to lose belly fat We live in an error which we call the information age. This is because information is being beamed to us in real time and in so many variations that it is hard to keep up. One of the benefits of this blitz in information is the fact that we have come to know plenty especially when it comes to our bodies. One area is in belly fat which affects about 40% of the US population. Belly fat is brought about by various factors. One of them is cholesterol intake that surpasses the ability of the body to burn it and converts it into energy. The excess cholesterol is then converted to fat and stored in the belly. Another reason is obviously excessive eating and failing to watch what one eats. This is more so especially for this present generation which is hard-pressed for time. When one is pressed for time, they opt for junk food instead of a carefully prepared meal. Another reason is genetically related. There are people with a thyroid glad that malfunctions and causes the body metabolism to be below optimum. One great way to lose belly fat is to exercise. Since fat can be accumulated by the failure of the body metabolism to burn excess fat, this only makes sense and more and more people are realizing how important this is. Exercises such as sit-ups are crucial in the shedding of excess belly fat and they work regardless of whether one is a man or a woman. Many people claim they do not have time to exercise but 20 sit-ups every morning before going off to work can go a long way in getting fat belly down to where it should be. Unless one realizes that the problem lies with excess build-up, then they will not set time aside for exercise.

==== ==== No longer will You be ashamed of your looks. Lose weight today. Click here--> ==== ====

is exercise the best way to lose weight