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Acne cannot be prevented from occurring, especially at an adolescent stage, more so if it has to do with hormonal changes. However, when it does occur, it should be treated in a proper manner. Attacks of acne can be categorized into mild, moderate and severe. It is good to treat any noticeable attack at the first stage of formation and in the right manner it should be treated. This will save you lots of embarrassment and complications. If acne is allowed to develop from mild to moderate and then to severe, this will be an open invitation to scars on the face and all over the body. Scars on the face can be much more embarrassing. Mild attack of acne indicates the presence of pimples, either blackheads or whiteheads, on the face. To treat this, over the counter medication which consists of benzyl peroxide or salicylic acid can be used. Before the use of these tropical drugs, wash your face with warm water and acne supportive gentle lotion cleanser. Wash twice daily. Avoid over scrubbing the surface of the skin. It can lead to over reaction and cause more harm to the skin. Remember; do not use hard soap on your face so that the healing process will not be jeopardized. Be patience with your treatment, it takes some time. If you experience dryness, redness and peeling, there is no need to worry. It may be that the drug is trying to understand and adjust to your body system. Continue with the use of non-oily and greasy free moisturizer to combat the peeling. The treatment of mild acne normally takes eight to nine weeks. If after the ninth week you still have acne, it is advisable that you consult your dermatologist for further guidance. If however, your acne gets cleared, continue with your medication for about two weeks or more. This will enable the problem to disappear completely and acne not to form again. Consult your doctor to know the type of acne that you have before embarking on some certain forms of treatments. Your doctor has the better judgment and right eyes for any possible consequences acne can cause. However, if you are sure of your choice of medication you can use it. But note that self treatment is definitely not the best. When you discovered that the line of treatment you chose is not responding to your problem as it is supposed to be, consult your dermatologist who will tell you what to do or prescribe one or more combination of drugs for you. Normally, your doctor may prescribe Retinoid or Antimicrobial, which are also good. However, factors that cause acne are many and are different from one individual to another. Normally, treatments depend on certain fixed and variables factors such as skin type and age. Whichever the type of treatments consult your dermatology for guidance.

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==== ==== Treat Your Acne Today With Acne No More : ==== ====

How to Cure Mild Acne Using the Right Method  

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