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In this edition... a whole new world with stunning content ...The following will be offered to you. waiting for you. Screener film magazine want to give you what you want, when you want it. Perfection is unachievable – but we are close. We are the most sold film magazine in 1_NV_ NÄT to date. We strive to create an interesting magazine from which you can both learn and have a good time – a goal we are proud to have achieved. We offer our readers the best articles, reviews and information available, slightly mixed with humorous content to keep you interested. In this issue you will be able to read about Johnny Depp. He is one of the most successful actors in our time. He has a big role in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean film, which will be hitting cinemas this year. You will also be able to read about 3D in cinemas and how it works along with some personal reflections. We also offer you two stunning reviews and an introduction to some of the exciting upcoming films. We at Screener crew all wish you a happy winter’s holiday. Don’t break a leg!

3D in Cinemas

Upcomming films Johnny Depp

Samuel Grahn - Editor-in-chief



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3D in Cinemas I have a feeling all of you have heard of this phenomena before. You cannot call yourself a film fanatic if you have not. Imagine you are watching a film at the cinema and then all of a sudden there flies out a big sharp-teethed something that appears to be just a few feet away from your face. It has to be ideal to reach the horror-effect I just described, but really – how good is it? To be honest, I am slight against 3D films – for now. I often get headaches when watching films in 3D. Although less so in cinemas compared to the 3D-TV idea from Samsung, with those active 3D glasses. To start off – we need to get an understanding of how it works. What gives us the view of depth in real life is the fact that we have two eyes. The brain registers or headache, if I choose not to exaggerate. This requione image per eye, and then assembles those into a 3D res two separate and synchronized projectors – both image of reality. It’s as simple as that. But how do you projecting to the screen – overlaying each other – each with a different polarization. The glasses you are weaachieve this in real life? ring blocks one of the images, allowing one image per If you take two pictures with a camera, focusing on eye, which does about the same thing. This method is the exact same point, but as far away from each other using some kind of wave direction, I think – nothing as the distance between the eyes, and then bring those that I personally really understand, but that does not really matter at the moment. two up and cross your eyes, so that they intersect each other, and form an image in the centre, you will notice that the image has become 3D. That is the basic In the time of writing this article I am personally quite sceptical to the 3D-techniques used at the moment. concept. The major issue in my opinion is, as I mentioned In order to simplify matters and not make people at earlier, the headache it brings. With the active glasses the cinemas cross their eyes, several other methods method, I have figured that it has to be a side effect of the flickering causing your eyes to be unable to focus. have been invented. I will introduce you to the two methods that are used the most at the time of writing. When it comes to the method using polarizing lenses First and foremost I will present the method of active I would have to say that I really have not experienced the same issues with that. I have still had headaches, glasses Samsung use in their 3D-TV´s. but not as severe as with the active glasses method. The headache has passed by after blinking my eyes In this method users put on a pair of active glasses. The lens on the active glasses syncs with the TV and a few times and having a big gulp of soda, whilst the blackens about 60 times per second – varying, of cour- headache from active glasses have been persistent, se, so that when one eye is unable to see – the other lasting at least 10 minutes after just trying the 3D-TV is. The TV shows the picture supposed to be seen by at an electronics store. the eye currently seeing, and then quickly changes – so even though you never really see a 3d image – you Improve the methods, take away my headache, and see too “slow” to notice any difference from a real 3D I would be glad to support the concept. But for now – unless it is a film where it increases the effect draenvironment – apart from the headache. matically, such as a horror film – I rather stick to the The other method to describe is the method that uses standard 2D films. polarizing glasses. This is the method I think works Samuel Grahn the best in means of not causing severe brain damage,

Upcoming films

By Jonna Hillblom

2011 will be a year when the hours spent on cinematic film watching will shoot through the roof! Many popular films will be released and film fans all over the world will go nuts over the ones they longed for so long. A film many people have waited for is Pirates of the Caribbean 4 where we for the fourth time will follow Captain Jack Sparrow’s adventures. But this time we will follow through his seeking of the fountain of youth. The majority of the films that will be shown on our big screens will be sequels to other films that have been very popular among all different ages. For the younger ones will a sequel to Kung Fu Panda, the animated story about the panda Po, come out in June. I will now list some of the most popular films that will come out this year!

Sanctum 3D: What would you do if you were stuck in one of the world’s most unexplored underwater cave system? This is the third big film where James Cameron, one of the world’s most famous film producers, produces. Shall we wait in excitement for it to be shown for us in mind-blowing 3D, or just relax? No one knows if Sanctum will be James third masterpiece in a row, but one thing that we know for sure is that it will be hard to top Titanic and Avatar.

Black Swan: Ballerina shoes, tulle skirts and beautiful music are three things that constantly appears in the movie. A famous ballet academy in New York decides to do a production of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. One of the dancers (played by Natalie Portman) fits perfectly into the role of the White Swan while another dancer (played by Mila Kunis) fits into the role as the Black Swan. There is just one problem; in the original production there is just one dancer that does both of the roles.

Justin Bieber, Never say never: This film will guide you through the teenage pop phenomenon Justin Biebers carrier so far. It will be an adventure in 3D through his success with screaming girls and concerts with more than ten thousand people in the audience! Are you exited?

Pirates of the Caribbean: On stranger tides: Do you want to be immortal and forever young? That is one thing that the friendly face of Captain Jack Sparrow wants to be. In the fourth and last film in the Pirates of the Caribbean saga we will follow Sparrow and Barbossa through the seeking for the fountain of youth. But their way to the source of eternally youth is not a dance on roses, especially not when they get the knowledge of that the notorious pirate Blackbeard and his daughter are aiming at the same thing. You will also be able to follow this adventure in mind-blowing 3D!

Kung fu panda: The Kaboom of doom: Po, who is now one of the kung fu masters, will together with The Furious Five face a new evil, powerful and very dangerous opponent. His name is Lord Shen and he is an emperor peacock who owns one of the most powerful weapons in the world. Together with another group of kung fu masters Po and his friends finds a way to defeat him.

Transformers: Dark of the moon: This is the third and last film in the trilogy of Transformers where our beloved Autobots learns about an old spacecraft hidden on the dark side of the moon. That side of the moon have never been explored by the human race so the mysterious craft have been hidden in the dark. But the Autobots will now stand a test against time to travel to the moon faster than the Decepticons to secure the secrets that are trapped inside of the craft.

The twilight saga: Breaking dawn: The “oh so longed� for Breaking dawn is the fourth and ending film in the Twilight saga where the mortal girl Isabella Swan falls in love with the vampire Edward Cullen. Edwards only demand before he turns Isabella into a vampire is that she will marry him. After their wedding, the young loving couple travels to Rio de Janeiro for their honeymoon. Not long after their romantic and passionate vacation Isabella discovers that she is pregnant, and the baby she is carrying seems to be nothing but problems. It will soon be the trigger for a final battle between the Volturi, the council of the big vampire leaders, and the Cullens and their allies.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is featuring in the new film “The Tou- only plays the guitar in the band “P” on the side of his rist” where is is playing Frank. And the coming film actor career. “Pirates of the Caribbean: On stranger tides” where he is playing the pirate Captain Jack Sparrow. Today he has won a Golden Globe for “best actor”, at Johnny Depp is as we all know a very successful actor, the 2008 MTW Movie Awards he won the award for he has been in a lot great movies, including “Pirates of “Best Villain” for his role of Sweeney Todd and “Best the Caribbean”, “Edward Scissorhands”, “Alice in won- Comedic Performance” for his role of Jack Sparrow. derland” and “Charlie and the chocolate factory”. And he has also been announced as the “Sexiest man His first big role in a film was playing the part of Glen alive” twice by the People Magazine, once in 2003 and Lantz in the film “Nightmare on Elm Street”. But his then again 2009. And that’s always happened three big break through did not happened until he starred intimes before, the three other winners were Richard the show “21 jump street” Gere (1993 and 1999), Brad Pitt (1995 and 2000) and In an interview with SVT in Sweden, Johnny Depp George Clooney (1997 and 2006). talks about all his roles of an outside normal guy, like Johnny has two children with his present partner Willy Wonka in “Charlie and the Chocolate factory” the French singer Vanessa Paradis, they have been a and so he thought about try to play an normalized couple since 1998 and are still dating. The two childcharacter, and that’s why he asked about the part of ren of Johnny Depp is Lily-Rose Melody Depp, she Frank in his new film “The Tourist” but soon he un- was born in 1999 and her little brother John “Jack” derstands that not even he is very normalized, and he Christopher Depp lll, John was born in 2002. guess that no one Is really normalized. Except for Vanessa, Jonny have been dating other woJohnny Depp is today one of most famous actor in the men, and even been married once. world, and he is most known for the films. But as a fewHis former girlfriends are Sherilyn Fenn (1985–1988), people know about, Johnny Depp also had a short mu-Winona Ryder (1989–1993) and Kate Moss (1994– sic career. At the age of 15 he dropped out of school 1998) and his former wife is Lori Anne Allison (1983– to start his career as a rock musician. He was the front 1986). figure of a couple of garage band, including the band “The Kids”. “The Kids” later change their name to “Six Gun Method” and once opened for Iggy Pop. Today he Therese Frölich

Film Reviews New film

Alice in Wonderland:

venture with a lot of excitement. Will Alice be able to fulfil her destiny, or will she fail? Will wonderland be a peaceful and happy place again or will it fall under the feat of the Red Queen?

This is the sequel to the old Alice in Wonderland from 1951.This Film is directed by Tim Burton (Nightmare before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands). Burton has his own style when it comes to films, because of this the film There are a lot of famous actors in the Film. Mia Washistyle and the environment is a bit different from the old kowska (“The Evening Sun” and “In Treatment”) has the one. It hasn´t this shiny and happy colour´s everywhere roll as Alice, Johnny Depp plays the mad hatter and Helena like the old one, it more like a gothic style. Also the story- Bonham Carter plays the role as the Red Queen. line is a bit darker than and not as happy as the first film. In this film 19-years-old Alice returns to Wonderland but she can´t remember that she´s been there because she was so young at the time. But everything is different now; The Red Queen rules over the land with terror but the White Queen is ready to strike back. Many characters from the old film returns and fights on the White Queens side, they fight for a world free from terror and misery. When Alice meets up with her old friends they tell her about her destiny. Her destiny is to stop the Red Queen and bring peace to Wonderland. This is the beginning to a huge ad-


Battle Royale: “42 Students, three days, one survivor, no rules” Battle Royale was released in Japan in the year 2000, and was released in the UK 2001. The original title is “Batoru rowaiaru”. The movie is a one-of-kind film and something the US or UK would and could never do, the reason to this is the controversial content. Because of the main characters age and the violence they use this movie got a high age limit, in most countries above 18. Never be- they would react if they come into the same situation. fore have so many young people killed each other, and in so brutal ways. The film is based on the novel with the The film is about a Japanese school class, class 9B, in an alsame name. There also exist a manga with same name. ternative Japan where students have no respect for teachers and other adults. Because of this the government has In many countries they rate about the movie as the most started a new program to teach the students what real extreme and controversial film ever made. You may com- life is like. The program is called Battle Royale. The Battle pare it to “The lord of the flies” but in my way of seeing Royale program is a surviving program where the students things I do not agree with that opinion. I think it is a very are fighting against each other on an island to become the god film, and I think people in the same age as the main only survivor and win the opportunity to get back home in characters, 14 – 16, should see it and think about how one piece, not in a coffin like the rest.


Pontus Hansson

The Crew: Therese Frölich, Samuel Grahn, Jonna Hillblom and Pontus ”Perra” Hansson

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