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BIBLICAL & THEOLOGICAL STUDIES (BIB/BTH) BTH 111 - *Introduction to Theology / Church History - 3 units An introduction to the major theological themes of the Bible. This course is designed to help the student connect "what we must believe with what we should do." Introduction to Theology helps the student (1) differentiate true belief from false teaching, (2) gain a firm grounding in the Christian faith, and (3) apply what the Bible teaches about God and the world to our lives. Students will also get a glimpse of the history of the Church as it interacts with the Word of God. BIB 121 - *Old Testament Survey I - 4 Units The emphasis of the course is on mastering the factual content of the Old Testament books – Genesis to Joshua. The student is introduced to the historical, doctrinal, and spiritual backgrounds that make up the Old Testament period. God’s redemptive plan for man is introduced, and the coming of Christ as the promised Redeemer, while the student learns to appreciate God’s dealings with mankind by examining individual lives. BIB 122 - *Old Testament Survey II - 4 Units The emphasis of the course is on mastering the factual content of the Old Testament books – Judges to Malachi. The student is introduced to the historical, doctrinal and spiritual backgrounds that make up the Old Testament period. God’s redemptive plan is developed further, as students examine the place of Israel in God’s purpose, and the promises for a coming Savior and Messiah. BIB 131 - *New Testament Survey I - 4 Units Students develop an awareness of the historical, doctrinal, and spiritual backgrounds and dynamics that make up the New Testament period. The ministry of Jesus in the four gospels and the acts of the early church are examined. Students gain insight and a lasting appreciation for the messages of the New Testament writers and how they affect us today. BIB 132 -*New Testament Survey II - 4 Units The second part of this course continues developing the important themes of the New Testament writers. The books of Romans to Revelation are examined, as the student discovers the foundation for developing theologies and how they affect the life of the church and believer today. BIB 114 - *Biblical Research Methods - 5 units Students learn various research methods for proper exegesis and interpretation of the Scripture. Students will be challenged to analyze Biblical text based on analytical methodology for the purpose of accurate sermon preparation and lesson planning. BTH 214 - Biblical Theology of Love, Marriage and Sex - 3 units This course is designed to guide the student toward the construction of a biblical theology of love, sex, marriage, and family life. You will explore the biblical development of these topics for establishing a firm Scriptural foundation of ministry. These issues deal with some of the most common challenges a church leader will encounter. BTH 311 - Theology of the Church - 3 units This course engages the student in a theological reflection of the biblical purpose and mission of the church. The realities of church life and organization are presented in their kingdom perspective.

BTH 312 – Ministry of the Holy Spirit - 3 units This course provides the student with knowledge to access and honor the Holy Spirit in their daily life. The class is designed through discovery and discussion to help the student rely on the Holy Spirit as an essential element for successful leadership. CHURCH LEADERSHIP AND MINISTRY STUDIES (CLM)

Personal Development CLM 100- Life and Leadership Foundations - 3 units An entry-level course designed to build confidence in the student by establishing a solid foundation for success. Guided dialogue and practice of disciplines in the areas of finance, time management and communication will challenge the student to complete their education with excellence. CLM 101 - Future Forming Forces - 3 units This course will challenge the learner to take responsibility for every decision made and set the stage for a successful, prosperous life. Students will discuss God's gift of empowerment through the practice of making wise choices. CLM 102 - Proving Personal Potential - 3 units Achievers prepare for tests in life because they want to consistently succeed with excellence. This course will offer students an opportunity to identify and study for the "tests" life is guaranteed to present. Divine promotion results in the process of proving one's personal potential. CLM 103 - Leading with Prayer - 3 units This entry-level course provides the student with basic knowledge and exposure to the practice and power of prayer. Establishing a personal discipline of growing in intimacy with God as well as confidence in leading corporate prayer will be addressed in this course. CLM 111 – Leadership Development - 3 units Leadership Development studies the maturing process of emerging leaders. Students are challenged with the paradigm of nurturing, developing and investing in leaders with potential and promise. CLM 112 - Focused Living - 3 units Focused Living is a personal development process designed to help believers bring strategic focus to their life and ministry. Students will gain perspective as they evaluate their past, clarify their future by developing a personal mission statement, and identify resources to facilitate personal and leadership success. CLM 113 - *Leader's Interior Life - 3 units This course deals with the spiritual and interior life of the leader. Special consideration is given to studying and practicing the time-honored disciplines of the spiritual life. Students also engage in developing self-awareness for personal development and reflective learning. CLM 114 – *Leadership Focus - 4 units This course will challenge students to press in on the direction they believe God is leading them to pursue. It will require fine-tuning of their portfolio, designing their own web site and pre-placement advising.

CLM 115 – Servant Leadership - 3 units This course is designed to equip students to serve God’s leaders and to understand spiritual authority. To qualify as a leader who will be in authority over others the believer must experience a maturing revelation of the spirit of an armorbearer. This course will challenge you to “improve your serve.” CLM 211 - *Position of Strength - 3 Units Believers must be solid in knowing who they are and confident in exercising their God-given authority. This course emphasizes the importance of leaders positioning themselves in a winning posture for success.

Organizational Development CLM 121 - Leadership in Christian Organizations - 3 units This course provides a conceptual overview of church leadership. Students are exposed to various leadership styles with an emphasis on principle-centered leadership. The students will present the laws of leadership to their peers in the form of devotions and quizzes affording opportunities to plan and practice organizational skills. CLM 122 - Management in Christian Organizations - 3 units This course examines effective management practices for church and ministry. Students will be exposed to a systems approach to church management for organizational effectiveness. CLM 133 - *Marketing and Ministry - 4 units This course helps the student experience different models for promoting ministries. Students participate in gathering data and writing marketing plans. CLM 124 – Leadership/Management in Christian Organizations - 3 units This course discovers the difference between effective leadership and the management practices for church and ministry, both of which are needed for successful church ministry. CLM 221 - Pastoral Care - 3 units This course is designed to help you be more effective in pastoral care. This course also provides you with personal skills necessary for building a pastoral care system in the local church. CLM 223 – Finance and Ministry - 3 units In this course students are introduced to the fundamental principles of financial management for church and various ministries, including internal controls, raising support for ministries, and budgeting. CLM 323 – Philosophy of Ministry - 3 units This course is designed to teach the philosophy of ministry at Champions Centre. It includes practical ways to meet the mission and purpose through direct dialogue with the Executive Directors and staff engaged in growing the Church. CLM 324 - Vision Management - 3 units After a student has captured their ministry vision by defining specific goals and articulating their vision, they will be challenged with the implementation process of writing a strategic plan.

CLM 325 - Leadership Challenge - 3 units Leadership Challenge is a personal leadership development course designed to help the emerging leader experience the five practices of exemplary leadership; Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act and Encourage the Heart. In addition, this course will provide a meaningful leadership project to further develop these practices.

Ministry Skill Development CLM 130 - Ministry of Teaching - 3 units This course is designed to examine the basic principles of effective communication that is essential to teaching in a classroom or group setting. Components of lesson preparation and practical aspects of connecting will be explored with opportunities to teach in a classroom setting. CLM 131 - Ministry of Preaching - 3 units This course is designed to utilize the methods presented in Biblical Research by offering the student training in sermon preparation and effective communication from the pulpit. This class will lead to opportunities to speak in larger group settings. CLM 132 - Evangelism and Discipleship - 3 units This course is designed to equip the student with the necessary skills for effective personal evangelism and discipleship. The course also examines the discipleship process within the local church systems and structure. CLM 134 - Communications - 3 units This course will focus on skills that will equip the leader to plan their words and thoughts in an order that will successfully transfer and/or exchange information that create successful relationships. CLM 224 – Ministry of Preaching and Teaching - 4 units Building on the prerequisite of Biblical Research, this course offers the student training in sermon or lesson preparation and practical application of speaking and teaching opportunities. CLM 232 – Church Growth - 3 units After learning about God’s perspective on the Great Commission, students will develop a personal mission strategy that will contribute to their local church, impact their community, and affect Kingdom growth exponentially. CLM 233 - Ministry Team Building - 3 units This course is designed to train the student in effective group communication, specifically in the development of ministry teams. Students will learn basic elements of group dynamics and develop group-leading and teambuilding skills. CLM 234 – *Small Group Ministry - 3 units This course identifies the key elements of leading effective small groups. Group dynamics are explored. Students are trained to lead groups as well as to build a small group ministry within the church.

CLM 235 – Guest and Member Care - 3 units This course identifies the essential components for designing, implementing, and building a Guest and Member Care department in a church. Students will have an opportunity to interact with leaders who direct this muchneeded ministry for church growth. CLM 236 – Media & the Arts - 3 units Students will be challenged to integrate the character of Christ into a variety of venues in society through being “roaring lambs”. Some of the avenues to be considered are media, journalism, music, drama, the arts and business.

INTERNSHIP PROGRAM (CLM) CLM 150, 151, 152, 250, 251, 252 – Church Ministry Internship – 3 units/quarter Students in the Internship Program receive course credit for each quarter they serve as interns. Church ministry and department leaders provide coaching in skills application as well as evaluations for grades.

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