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Bamboo Dome The hollow bamboo dome on top captures light in the bamboo bucket, and allows the steam mild releasing from the hollow structure. The releasing stream would become mist in the air, and will add a layer of the poetic and mysterious atmosphere for this wild natural trail.


Fall Metal Frame Summer Bamboo Panel The gaps between bamboos will apply with concrete and mud mixture , which will reinforce the structure and prevent stream leaking from the panel aside.


Bamboo / Sauna

The Bamboo made sauna bucket will give cyclists another surprise while riding on the trail. Using the bamboo and saccharum spontaneum as barrier, these buckets allow visitors have privacy while using the sauna installations. They can take a temporary rest by using the sauna service, and enjoy the natural and wild lifestyle in the countryside of Yilan.

Tamped Mud Base

Dent, Yu-Sheng, PennDesign, MLA 2014  
Dent, Yu-Sheng, PennDesign, MLA 2014