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07 BAMBOO X BIKE TRAIL X COUNTRYSIDE The Rural Mist Trail_ Bike Trail and Natural Sauna Academic : 2006 Fall

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Yilan County Government

River Yilan is a beautiful rural county of Taiwan. People visit here while holiday for a relaxing country vacation, and riding bicycle is the most popular way for both visitors and local residents. This design started as a renovation project of a 2 km long abandoned bicycle trail under the high rail structure. By planning the landscape with local vegetation, the design has returned the natural quality of the site, and created layers of riding experiences on this monotone and straight bike trail.

1. High Vegetation / Block the Intervine from the Road

2. Medium Vegetation / Extend the View of Farmfield

3. Low Vegetation / Seasonal Landscape Planning

Dent, Yu-Sheng, PennDesign, MLA 2014  
Dent, Yu-Sheng, PennDesign, MLA 2014