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03 PEOPLE X THEATHER X CITY The Scenographic City_ Taipei Memorial and Performance Art Center

Academic : 2007 Fall - 2008 Spring Honor : Top 30 Nominated, Undergraduate Team Yong Talent Architecture Design Award 2008, Asia Award of Best Graduate Design, 2008, Dept, of Architecture, Chung Yuan Christian University

In this project, I was discussing the feeling of people toward modern city and the social problems which arises from urbanizarion. Ironically, the dense city space shortens the distance of people, but promotes isolation among individuals’ relation, and makes metropolitan has long been described as apathetic and remote. Inspired by this phenomenon, I embarked my research on the sensitive relation between city and its residents.

Dent, Yu-Sheng, PennDesign, MLA 2014  
Dent, Yu-Sheng, PennDesign, MLA 2014