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Brief Encounters, is a an ongoing project that started at University when I first started taking pictures in a studio environment. At the time I was practicing a few set ups and would grabbed friends, teachers and people I liked the look of from around campus and sat them for a portraiture session trying to capture their beauty, charisma and personality with only a few minutes to work with each of them. Now I’ve left university I have chosen to continue this and use this series as an outlet to focus on producing more classic and traditional forms of portraiture, making it more about technical construction of a scene and subtle lighting.

BREIF ENCOUNTER Adding to my Brief Encounters series. Sitting this time is the talented singer songwriter Daisy Ferreira. After a few months it seems not taking a single photo I thank her for helping me get the camera back in my hands and helping me try getting my eye back in.



Mamiya RZ67 with Kodak Portra 800 @f/5.6

Even on medium format this film is surprisingly noisy. I think it would perform better in an inverted scene to this with a black backdrop and light clothing. It reminds me more of 35mm medium speed such as Ilford XP2 or HP5. Not sure if I am happy using it without developing it myself as I suspect this film has been incorrectly developed which may have added to the noise. Much like any black and white film development is incredibly importnat to the outcome and quality of the images. Mamiya RZ67 with Iflord 3200 @f/8.0

Using colour for black and white is not something I enjoy doing but with developers not making a good job of hand processing black and white and the lack of people who actually offer the service now, together with the fact it’s more expensive and even if I hand developed it myself, I don’t really trust myself to do it anymore since not doing it regularly enough as I shoot most colour. There is also not many opportunities where I feel I can waste a roll of film to practise enough to be as proficient as I would want to be. It’s a difficult compromise and sometimes it’s actually a good compromise and before you say, no XP2 isn’t nice. Olympus OM10 with Kodak Portra 800 @f/2.8

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Daisy Ferreira  

Breif Encounter - Daisy Ferreira

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