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1990’s “The Good Decade”

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Education Education in the 1990s was a time to educate and nurture the youth. Teachers had a big role in school management which allowed them to pick materials and what they teach the students. They contributed to the learning environment and they can create more time to educate more kids in school. With the changes, people believed that teachers will be able to teach children more effectively during the school day. Also, schools were being more flexible allowing kids to tend school even if they are less fortunate, and if any situations occur within their families. Teachers believed with their new responsibility they can create a better learning environment where kids can succeed at a very high level. There are new policies on being able to graduate which require certain classes. All students were required to complete courses in math and science, even though levels of difficulty in courses existed.


Fashion The 1990s were the time for go bigger or go home! This time men and women were redefining fashion in their own homes with bold, rebellious outfits. Women were wearing shoulder pads like there was no tomorrow. Denim! Denim was worn as everything. Jackets, shirts, pants, and whole suits. Oversized was a trend most With the rebellious nature of people enjoyed since it hides the true teens being exerted on to media, figure. everyday more and more scandalous outfits were a new normal. High waisted pants with crop tops were most popular for the female teen audience. Men were seen wearing oversized button downs. A fashion statement worn was the traditional white The international pop stars Spice Girls, Calvin Klein briefs, Will Smith formed in 1994, were fashion icons with made men around the Western their scandalous, extravagant, outfits. Hemisphere, begin wearing Juicy Couture was branded the go to Overalls with straps down. brand as a staple fuzzy jumpsuit piece. And Air Jordans made their ways into every boy’s little hearts. Overall the 90s were the time for electric youth to shine bright into people’s hearts with “extra” outfits and oversized goodness. In 2018 we are seeing many of this trends make a full circle and come back.

Film and Theater

During the 1990s Disney dropped many films in the space of 10 years‌ It is incredible. The three movies that came out were Aladdin released on November 25, 1992. The Lion King on June 24, 1994. Also Tarzan on June 18, 1999. Not only were films released, but also the famous play, Rent in 1994.

This movie is about a homeless man with a pet monkey, which would get into trouble sometimes. Later he meets a women named Princess Jasmine, this slowly leads her to thinking he is someone he isn’t.

This Disney animated feature follows the adventures of the young lion Simba, the son of his father, Mufasa. Simba's evil uncle, Scar, plots to usurp Mufasa's throne by luring father and son into a stampede of wildebeests. The rest of the movie is about love and heartbreak, and is a movie one would like to see. Tarzan is young boy that is born in the jungle raised by apes needs to find a way to survive in this dangerous world. Through his journey their will be obstacles and hungry animals ready to swallow him whole. Will he survive or will he get eaten like a mid-night snack.


Food Bubble tape - invented in 1991 and is still used today. Now a days bubble tape we still have but they call it a different name.This was the most popular gum throughout the whole entire 90’s era. Bubble gum can still be found in most drug stores or your local Publix.

Lunchables - one of the most successful food items made in the 90’s. You can find these almost anywhere. Invented in the mid 1990’s these things have been around for awhile but are still being bought and purchased everyday to this day. These come in small packages with cheese crackers and a meat. These are still very popular today.

Push Pop and Ring Pop - These two candies are so popular that they are still one of the top selling candies in the world. Guaranteed that every CVS and Publix will have these. They are like lollipops but they have a twist one you push and ones on a ring, im sure most everyone knows what they are.


A man by the name of Douglas Coupland calls the 90s Generation X. People in the 90s built bigger homes and drove more extravagant vehicles. Americans would spend more money, borrowed more money, and were more in debt then they should have been. People would often gamble and smoke a lot.

Kids would act different than they did today. Some kids would have to deal with their parents and being exposed to things they shouldn’t have been exposed to. Also teenagers would sometimes go on deadly shooting rampages killing others and leaving many wounded. Gay marriage has slowly become legal today, but people in the 90’s weren’t to fond of it. Gays and Lesbians would face violent assaults do liking the same sex. Today things are more tolerable and accepted than in the 90s.


The 1992 Olympic Basketball Team also known as the ‘Dream Team” was ultimately the best basketball team ever. They were the most dominant basketball team ever made winning every game by about 50 points. Every players who was on this Dream Team is now in the NBA Hall of Fame.The Dream Team was made up of 12 NBA players who led the NBA is almost every single category. These plaers won the 1992 Olympics by averaging 127 points a game. Every one knew that they were going to win but no one thought by that much.

Cal Ripken Jr broke the record for the most consecutive baseball games played. Through a 16 year career ending after his 2,632 games played in a row. He was playing for 16 years without stopping, meaning he was never injured or had a different conflict for any game. He beat Lou Gehrig's record of the New York Yankees when he had 2,130 through a 56 year carrer. He was called the iron man because he never missed a game and never had an excuse to miss a game. His streak ended in the late 1990’s. Buster Douglas knocks out Mike Tyson in the 10th round. Mike tyson before all of his tatoos and his criminal record has an amazing boxing career. Mike tyson was the heavyweight world champion knocking out 12 of this 2o opponents in the first round. Bster Douglas was a not as known boxer until he knocked out Mike Tyson in the 10th round. Buter was older not as fit but still came out with a victory over the legend.

Music Music is a staple of every generation. In the 1990s romance and breakups were roaring as a genre of music. Pop, Rap, and R&B were given the most recognition and popularity.

Michael Jackson career had been growing since he was a child from the late 50s. “Black or White” released 1991 was awarded for a Grammy and broke racial barriers, just like Michael Jackson attempted to achieve throughout his lifetime.

“Wannabe” released by the Spice Girls in 1996 is an anthem for Girl Power and friendship. The group rose to stardom in the early 90s but this song put them on the spot. This song was nominated for the Brit Award for British Video and MTV Europe Music Award for MTV Select .

The Backstreet Boys was a boy band that was raging in the 90s for teenagers everywhere. Their song “I Want it That Way”, became an anthem for rebellious teens as a love song. It won the Grammy in 1991 for the Song of the Year, Music in the 1990s was a time for rebellion for young people and devotions of love. With songs breaking barriers, music was a great influence to change minds at the time.

Way we lived

During the 1990s people lived completely differently than people lived today. Since there was no internet, your parents and teachers, and library were your source of information. There was no social media so if people wanted to communicate using technology it would be using a home phone. Even though kids did not have phones they were still able to play games. At this point the Gameboy was huge and kids would immediately get out of school and play Pokemon with their friends. Now imagine being on a road trip and you try reaching for your phone to play a game or listen to music. Well that’s not how road trips were back then, Parents would hand their kids books and have them read the entire road trips. So back in the 90s no one have Xboxes or Playstations, they would be reading books, playing outside, or spending time with their families.


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Government - politics

The the span of March 11th, 1990 to December 25th, 1991 the Soviet Union’s oil and gas revenue dropped greatly and the United Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) started to lose control of Eastern Europe. The current leader of the USSR, Gorbachev started to struggle to keep the country together. He accelerated the fall of the Soviet Union until resigned in December 25th, 1991 which became the day of the collapse of the union.

The 42nd president of the United States, a democracy, Bill Clinton, ran from 1993 to 2001. During 1978 he became the youngest governor in the country when he was elected governor of Arkansas. He enacted legislation including the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Law and Justice

Passed by Congress in 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is the nation's first comprehensive civil rights law addressing the needs of people with disabilities, prohibiting discrimination in employment, public services, public accommodations, and telecommunications. EEOC was given enforcement authority for Title I of the Act, the employment discrimination provisions. Congress provided that Title I would not take effect for two years in order to allow the Commission time to develop regulations and technical assistance, time to conduct comprehensive public education programs on the new disability law, and time for employers to adjust to the new requirements.

On November 21, 1991, Congress enacted the Civil Rights Act of 1991. Congress acted to address a series of no fewer than seven decisions by the Supreme Court, some of which were regarded as changing the well-established landscape of discrimination law, and calling into doubt existing precedent. Among the decisions that Congress addressed were Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins (1989) and Wards Cove Packing Co. v. Atonio (1989). In Price Waterhouse, the Court provided that, even where a plaintiff demonstrates that an employer was motivated by discrimination, the employer can still escape liability by proving that it would have taken the same action based upon lawful motives. Wards Cove reinterpreted the disparate impact method of proof, and held that an employer can avoid liability merely by showing a business justification for the practice causing a disparate impact, and that the plaintiff has the burden of proving a lack of a business justification. Both cases were seen as having made it more difficult for plaintiffs to prevail in employment discrimination lawsuits.


The new 16-bit Sega Genesis with BLAST PROCESSING* blows the Super NES out of the water.



The Genesis games are faster and with its advanced 16-bit graphics, the Super NES does not stand a chance. *Blast processing was a marketing term used by Sega in the 90s to say that the Genesis was a faster console.

Foreign Affairs ● 1991 The Gulf War War in Middle East by USA , England and 34 coalition nations against Iraq code named Operation Desert Storm. Operation Desert Storm was against the president of Iraq Saddam Hussein’s invasion of the neighboring country of Kuwait.

● 1991 Cold War Ends The Iron Curtain fell when in 1990 the Berlin Wall came down and borders opened to eastern Europe. Free elections quickly spread and the Soviet Union was no more. USSR falls apart into independent countries ● 1993 World Trade Center bombed There were no persons killed when Radical Islamic Terrorists drove a truck full of explosives bombing the World Trade Center in New York City.

Foreign Affairs

● 1994 NAFTA President Clinton signs the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico into a three way trade group. ● 1996 Khobar Towers bombing 19 American servicemen killed in terrorist bombing of American military base in Saudi Arabia. ● 2000 USS Cole bombing The naval destroyer ship USS Cole bombed in Yemen by suicide terrorist bombers while it was being refueled in the harbor. The terrorists were later identified as part of the al-Qaeda network.

Domestic Affairs The 1990s were times for growth since the Cold War had ended in 1991. It was filled with racial controversy, sexual controversy, and presidential lies. The Rodney King Trial was part of the racial controversy of the 90s. Rodney King was an African American taxi driver that was detained by white police officers. During his arrest the police officers beat the man up as torture. His case was build up but only because of cameras recording the incident. The police officers were indicted on charges of assault with deadly weapons and excessive use of “Read my lips, no new taxes� is a force. The cruel men were not charged quote spoken by George H. W. for any crimes as the predominantly Bush in the Republican National Convention as he was elected the white jury, agreed with their innocence. This racial injustice caused to run for presidential elections. After being elected in 1988. He deadly riots in Los Angeles. won the election but he did not do as promise and instead raised taxes. The people trusted him but he lied. In the presidential elections of 1992 Bill Clinton used that lie as part of his campaign and won the presidency.


Domestic Affairs The “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy was used as it was illegal to be a homosexual in the army. Before with little research people in the 1990s thought that homosexuality was a disease that determined to death known as HIV and only homosexuals could have this deadly disease. In the army the strongest men and women are placed to battle for the American People. Since a disease would indicate strength rather than weakness, homosexuals were not allowed to be part of the military. This sexual injustice led to the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. This policy stated that in applications for the military, the candidates would not be asked about their sexuality. If there was any proof or indication of homosexuality, the individual would get kicked off ot the army. The sexual revolution began were LGBTQ+ and their allies would be fighitng for equal rights since there was no indication that HIV Aids and Homosexuality had a relation. The law for homosexuality to be legal in the military was not revoked until Barack Obama’s presidency that began in 2008.

Book Review

This movie became so popular that two years later it was made into a movie. The movie shows in film the meaning of the book and the real story behind it. Available on Netflix for watching.

Stanley Yelnats, a boy who has bad luck due to a curse placed on his great- great-grandfather, is sent to Camp Green Lake, a juvenile detention camp, for a crime he did not commit. Stanley and the other boys at the camp are forced to dig large holes in the dirt every day. Stanley eventually realizes that they are digging these holes because the Warden is searching for something. As Stanley continues to dig holes and meet the other boys at the camp, the narrator intertwines three separate stories to reveal why Stanley's family has a curse and what the Warden is looking for. This book became so popular that it is now a movie.

Game Slide

Celebrity Gossip After attending Lewis and Clark College, student Monica Lewinsky worked as an intern for the chief of staff’s office of the White House. After the White House staffers were let go during a federal government shutdown, some interns stayed because they were not on the payroll. They were moved to do tasks and answer phones. Monica Lewinsky took this time to flirt with President Clinton. They had their first sexual encounters during that year. She was later given a paid job in the Office of Legislative Affairs. The President and Monica continued their relationship in secret for months to come. Her visits to the Oval Office drew people’s notice and she was transferred in the 1996 to a paying job in the Pentagon. During Monica’s work in the Pentagon she trusted her coworker Linda Tripp about her affair with the president. It was a recorded conversation. This tape was sent to Paula Jones’ legal team because she was working on her lawsuit against the President for alleged sexual misconduct in 1991. Kenneth Starr was investigating Hillary Clinton for her failed business called Whitewater when he stumbled upon the Tripp’s tape. Then, the FBI fitted Tripp with a hidden microphone so she could tape her conversation with Monica Lewinsky. Under oath Clinton lied to the American people. On January 1998 he took the now famous statement “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.” He lied under oath which got him impeached and acquitted in the House of Representatives. He paid $850,000 in settling the Paula Jones lawsuit but admitted no wrongdoings.


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