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How To Find The Right Mobile App Development company For Your App Idea You believe in your stellar app idea’s potential and now, are you looking for a best mobile app development company? How do you figure out the right app developer who can transform your app idea into a successful app? The app idea is great, but apart from an app idea, its execution is equally critical for building a successful app. Finding the best mobile development companies or the right mobile app developer with efficient skill who can be both a strategic and technical partner is the biggest challenge. With so much at stake and given the hyper competitive marketplace, you can just not play to chances. Moreover with various factors that go to make a successful app, how do you ensure that a developer will be able to deliver the goods just in line with your need and requirement. Taking it further, what about the support, maintenance and challenges to constantly release the updated version. There exists a continuum of developers from the amateur budding developer to the ‘ we also make apps’ companies to the experienced and specialised mobile application development companies. The lucrative and highly evolving app economy attracts new developers and run of the mill mobile development companies. Choosing consistent performers who deliver the best practices in mobile app development in this huge marketplace is a big challenge. You must therefore ideally hire experienced app developer who can are up-todate on latest technologies and deliver more value. Its best to avoid the amateurs and newbie companies who may be training in application development at your expense and are likely to end up wasting your time, money and still not offer much. The following then are the crucial resources and guidelines that will guide you in your endeavour to become an appreneur so that you can optimise all the resources at hand. Background & proven track record: An experienced mobile application development company or developer will have a proven track record and long list of clients. They will have testimonials, examples of real world apps. In the rapidly evolving industry, domain/ framework specific experience and core competency ensures that the developer is constantly up-to-date with latest technologies and new versions of SDKs. Thus the mobile app development company as a partner can guide and offer optimum suggestions that add more force to your app idea. Therefore a background check is instrumental to help gauge the ability of the mobile app developer to fully understand the app idea and transform it into an app. The added benefit is that the developer’s core competitive area strength will help bring more than just coding, you will be benefitted by their skills and knowledge that will propel the app idea even stronger. You may refer testimonials and references from customers, clients and business along with real life apps. While choosing search engine or references is one way to find a developer, Utilising an online directory of best mobile development companies like BDC (Best development company) is a more effective way. They offer a more comprehensive listing of mobile application development companies across leading platforms along with their portfolio and profile. Thus prospective clients can review the app maker’s skill, competency and vision all at one place.

Industry core competency: It is always beneficial to choose those app makers who posses the industry framework/domain core competency and experience.Thus by leveraging the experience and resources of the mobile development company, Not only can the app maker provide new insights and feedback, moreover they can offer a quicker app development cycle. The industry is constantly evolving and demands up-to-date skilled force, Thus this ensure that you do not just pay for the coding, you also have the benefit of leveraging on the developer’s skill, experience and knowledge. Agile or Fixed build model: In most cases the duration to build an app takes around at least 12 weeks for a basic app and the time frame may extend to almost an year for graphic intensive apps or with the increase in its scope. As there are many variables in the app development process, choosing a fixed development methodology will greatly affect the budget and application development process. This may escalate the costs, extend the app development time duration. Agile development on the other hand is an iterative and team based approach to development that encourages rapid and flexible response to change. You will have a greater degree of involvement, as also be able to take decisions throughout the app management project. The agile development methodology offers a stronger sense of ownership through extensive collaboration with project team throughout the journey of app development. Additional services on offer: The experience and industry competitiveness is further reflected in the host of critical services in mobile app development. Choosing a strategic and technical app development partner who offers a comprehensive app solution has tremendous advantages. A holistic and integrated approach to app development apart ensures that the development process is more streamlined. This helps in preparing a fertile ground to create innovative and useful features within the app which helps in app discoverability. App ownership: A written document must establish the confidentiality and state the non disclosure clause, which entitles you as the owner of app’s source code and design elements. Good app developers have a proactive approach and themselves offer to take appropriate measures and reassure the client about ownership of the app idea. This also serves as an indicator of the future approach of the app developer in other areas of app development. The written document must further mention that the ownership is assigned. Moreover, you must ensure that before including any pre-existing code or IP into your app, the developer identifies it in writing and gets your permission. Thus the developer’s approach to app ownership issues can at times come across as a litmus test about the developer’s authenticity. Constant Communication & updates: In the tedious and extremely detail oriented mobile app development process, it is foremost that you can keep a check on the progress and be approached easily. There must therefore be an open channel of communication between you and the developer. This becomes all the more crucial in case of an offshore app development company. Discuss with the app maker about a dedicated project manager and team who will be constantly accessible. It shall be the duty of the project manager to keep the client constantly updated. A good mobile application development

company is well aware of the potential issues and guides you through the app development process even before the process has begun. A telltale sign of an effective company is that they guide you through each step of app development process and suggest appropriate measures, well before they have even begun with the app development process. The above mentioned are just few of the basic issues that must be taken care of when scouting for a mobile app development partner. A major advantageo of BDC have is that clients can simply shortcut this process and leap the learning curve to find their best development partner. As all companies are listed on one common platform with portfolios, profile and recommendations/ testimonials, finding the best mobile app development companies becomes easier and more effective.

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