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How Best Mobile Development Companies marketers can optimize in-app advertising?


In-app advertising offers an exponential growth and challenge to Best Mobile Development Companies.

Best mobile development companies prefer the in-app advertising as the most popular and profitable model. Apart from being a major revenue source for app developers, it is seeing the biggest growth among all the online media. In-app advertising offers immense opportunities to easily bring compelling brand messages across mobile 1

devices and tablets. In-app advertising can be used either as a monetized model for revenue or for branding to attract more eyeballs. Although it is still a relatively nascent industry, In-App advertising is growing substantially in comparison to the traditional form of advertising. At the other end of spectrum, it drives a meaningful consumer engagement by offering the consumers premium feature rich content. Enterprises, Best mobile development companies and Best web development companies are thus venturing full throttle in to In-app advertising across the various industries. Even has recently announced Amazon Mobile Associates-the expansion and launch of its Associates program in apps for Android and Kindle Fire tablets. Similarly with the ever evolving mobile app landscape, mobile video ads and rich interstitials have replaced the tiny banner ads to create a better experience. For instance Vungle which offers a 15 sec HD videos, Voxel that makes mobile ads more exciting and engaging by bringing the ‘ try before you buy’ experience or even the Lifestreet Media’s REVJET revenue maximization platform help enhance the inapp advertising ecosystem. The micro blogging site, Twitter too has added to its stables, MoPub- A startup that helps clients monitor their mobile advertisements. It will further drive twitter’s vision to introduce real time bidding into its ads platform as also develop the native advertising ecosystem. It’s a fact that mobile in-app advertising enables to build powerful branding. However companies presently adopt a spray and pray mentality towards the integration of mobile app ads instead of tracking mobile in-app effectiveness. No wonder then that interaction rates between users and mobile advertisers are low and far. The step ahead 2

for the enterprises and mobile developers is to move beyond static banners and interstitials, towards more innovative and advanced media ad units. Thus employ images, videos, animations along with multiple calls to action. Moreover with the meteoric rise of the app economy, marketers and mobile app developers have even more pressure to make their ads as valuable as possible. They must therefore ensure to make in-App advertising a central part of their digital marketing strategy. The following guidelines will ensure an effective in-app advertising to achieve success Unlearn and Learn to Connect with the App Audience Simply imposing the learning from traditional advertising on in-app advertising has not yielded much for the digital marketers. Therefore keeping the challenges and the mobile/ Tablet customer in mind, the focus must be to enhance engagement experience for the user. Raise the Game The mobile ads must not play a spoil sport, especially in the mobile games domain. A successful model is the Brian Wong’s Kiip, Which strikes as the future of mobile advertising. Kiip-client brands pay developers to promote through them whenever Kiip offers the user a reward for their gaming success. A game changer indeed, It has been a big success already. Related to it is the presence of call-to-action buttons to further tap into the opportunities. Security Measures


The In-app advertising to be effective and successful must be simple, transparent and incorporate the rules and regulations. Ensure stringent protection towards privacy of user’s sensitive data such as location, Contact information and uniquely identifiable user data. AS app publishers, it is the responsibility to ensure that users are made aware of the privacy, security and usability implications. Utilizing web 2.0- technologies Web 2.0 technologies as LBS (Location Based services), Contextual mobility must be utilized in mobile apps development. Similarly in-app ads can also leverage the native mobile device features as gyroscope, the accelerometer or the camera. However to ensure success it is essential to keep the in-app ads simple and quick snappy response time. Test and Optimize the In-app Ads By utilizing the various powerful mobile analytics and insights, Mobile app developers and marketers can optimize their campaigns. A constant monitoring by analyzing the click through rates (CTR) and feedback from other crucial relevant metric parameters is essential. It provides crucial factors which if monitored can boost the in-app advertising strategy. Thus Best Mobile Development Companies and Best Web Development Companies must strategically invest time and resources to enhance the engagement and value addition to the consumer.


How Best Mobile Development Companies and marketers can optimize in-app advertising?  

In-app advertising offers an exponential growth and challenge to Best Mobile Development Companies.

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