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How Best Mobile Development Companies approach audience segmentation? Apple’s new Kids App store initiates a revolutionary trend for Best Mobile Development Companies towards audience segmentation.

Best Mobile Development Companies recognize the power of designled thinking in mobile app development. The mobile app development process involves a mix of technology, Design and Marketing principles. Thus while design and marketing set the roadmap, Technology expertise makes engagement and value addition a reality. Even the major app stores like Google Play, Apple’s Appstore or Windows Phone 1

follow design-led marketing approach towards Appstore layout. However Apple has taken the lead to take design-led marketing approach a notch higher. Apple has recently launched a new App store ‘Kids’ category to better cater to the children for ease-of-use. The iPad as the family device has majorly been instrumental in the growth of kid’s category over the last few years. Apple’s ‘Kid’ category meant specifically for children 11 years old and younger features apps broken down by ages. This section of the store has been sub categorized into three age ranges namely ‘Best for Age 5 & under’, ‘Best for Ages 6-8’ and ‘Best for Ages 9-11’. Apple has also ensured kids-friendly measures such as updating its app review guidelines to reflect Children’s online Privacy Protection Act. Moreover, the kids’ category cannot use ads and mandatorily needs the parent’s gating consent before linking to outside the app or other software. Thus apart from a customized experience, It also help avoids such issues where kids accidently spent thousands of dollars through tricky in-app purchases. Taking cue from the fundamental marketing principle of Audience Segmentation, Apple has in one stroke given a whole new perspective to the app store layout. Now, with the kid audience clearly defined, the apps ecosystem can be more appropriately tailored to suit their age. It can also be promoted more effectively to drive higher conversions. The touch screen technology enables children to play and learn productively through age appropriate apps. The major genres of apps for kids include Game apps, Learning App and Building App. With both parent and educationalist in favor of iPad and tablets as a great educational device, Apple expects a positive response. Recent reports have also shown that there occurs multi dimensional learning for kids during app 2

play. Apart from the tacit learning of game app, The Child also builds on various crucial skills through the rich interactive experience. The Best Mobile Development Companies and Best Web Development Companies are aware that kids of ages 3 to 10 are among the fastest growing segment of iPad users. This segment is also the biggest revenue churner across the app stores. According to a new study by the NPD group, nearly 80% of the parents with children ages 2-14 report that they or their children own some type of device. Also among the apps, Gaming apps remain the favorite types (87%) among children ages 2-14. Looking at the big picture, it sets a new benchmark towards audience segmentation. Such an approach will help to create customized experience and promote it effectively. Eventually the apps can be tailored effectively within the app to result in higher conversions. In the newly introduced Apple Kids app category, the mobile app developers are already seeing very positive growth and increase in downloads. Thus this remarkable trend is destined to lead other app marketplaces to tread the same path. This further propels the Best Mobile Development companies and Best Web Development Companies towards audience segmentation paradigm more inherently focused during the mobile app development.


How Best Mobile Development Companies approach audience segmentation?