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Final Major Project temple n. building dedicated to the presence or service of god(s).

Samuel Barran

Proposal For my Final Major Project I will be producing a Festival that is showcasing House, Dance, Electro and Electronica Music. After producing material for the Enterprise Festival which I thoroughly enjoyed I decided I would like to do a full branding package for a festival of my own. In this project I will be producing a Logo, A line-up poster, 3 advertisement posters for the festival, A program, Lanyard, Photography, Flyers and Various Merchandise including T-Shirts, Wristbands etc. All while presenting my design process in a 32 page booklet on the project. I will be producing nearly all of my work on a computer using PhotoShop, Illustrator and InDesign for the appropriate things (Indesign: Program, 32 page booklet, flyer, Posters, Line-Up Posters, Lanyard, Illustrator: Logo, PhotoShop: Photography and developments of the before mentioned). For this project I will need a Computer, Camera, Sketchbook and the Adobe Design Packages. I want my project to look extremely professional and just like any other successful festival. So in my research I will be looking at already successful festivals (Leeds Festival, Creamfields, Beacons, Holy Ship etc), and looking at how they advertise/present their festivals to the public and the image they want people to perceive their festival as. This is crucial in making my festival work and look appealing to my target market. My Festival will be called “Temple Festival” this is due to the fact that the festival will be held at Temple Newsam. I also like the word as it’s many connotations can be used as an advantage in the design process, for example, in Logo Design and my advertising campaign. Health and safety concerns are minimal but some things I should be wary of is the amount of time I’m on the computer and the way I position myself when I’m using it, for example, having a space in front of the keyboard to rest my hands and wrists when I’m not keying. When using the mouse I need to have the mouse within easy to reach, support my forearm on the desk and not to grip the mouse too tightly etc. The main risk I identified in this workplace is arthritis, so following these health and safety guidelines should help prevent that risk.

In Short: Inventing a Festival called ‘Temple’ showcasing House, Dance, Electro and Electronica Music. Logo, A2 line-up poster 2 x A4 magazine advertisement posters (with own photographic images) A4, 20 page programme, Web Banner Possibly: T-Shirts, 1 colour

Festival Research Leeds Festival 2014 I perceive Leeds festival as a very successful festival, not just because of it’s impressive lineup but the incredible trademark they have and their easy to recognise brand. Leeds Festival use Yellow and red, two primary colours that are very bright and catch peoples eyes. Their clean graphic design layout for their lineup is also impressive and something I would like my lineup to look like. The Logo is also simple but effective in getting across the fact that its a festival, the sort of faded “muddy” look to the logo really helps sell the fact that its a festival. So overall Leeds Festival have a clean and effective branding package, that uses bright colours and easy to read fonts to really appeal to the younger generation.

Holy Ship!!! 2014 Holy Ship is a better example of the music that will be showcased at my festival. Holy Ship is a unique festival that takes place on a cruise, it has gained notoriety among the dance music scene and is becoming increasingly popular. Their branding is also a lot of bright colours and shapes, which is also very eye catching and interesting. The line up poster is also set out differently, with this years looking like a wave in the sea to add to the theme of the festival. I think it works well but could be quite hard to read. The logo is also quite simple, with it mainly being text like leeds festival, but as you can see, it definitely varies each year, which is something I’m not fond of. I love the graphic imagery that Holy Ship have but it’s something I don’t think I will be using in my project.

Festival Research Creamfields 2014 Creamfields is another example of the type of music that will be at my festival. I like creamfields use of black in their line up poster and it’s something I want to include in my line up. The black with different neon colours makes the poster more nightclubby. which is the impression I would want to give with relation to the music playing. Even the use of black the names of the artists and djs are still easy to read and understand. The logo is also interesting. Made up of a bold and light font it’s clean and easy to read. It also has a symbol which is “Cream” nightclubs symbol for obvious reasons. Interesting shape and nice clean graphic makes creamfields successful in it’s branding.

Beacons 2014 This is beacons, another local festival. The lineup is shown in a different format than the others, it actually uses photography to advertise. This is something I may look to use. The photograph is clean and looks bright and summery, next to a very simple easy to read layout of the lineup. I really like this poster it’s jovial and upbeat, just like a festival should be. I think this layout might not be right for my festival though, Beacons festival is a mixture of the music I want to play and indie rock which is quite chilled so in that way the lineup set up is really effective but I would be different for my festival. I also like the logo, I think the font used for Beacons is really nice and very symbolic of festivals for a reason I can’t pinpoint. The imagery of mountains also adds to a secluded environment where people can just listen to music and have fun.

Logo Research Logos are very important in any successful business/event, and it’s no different with festivals. Festivals have become quite popular over the years with nearly every genre of music represented in some sort of festival, for example, for Electro music there’s “Creamfields” and for Indie Rock theres “Leeds Festival”. To have a successful festival you need the genre of music to be represented in the logo and appeal to the target market that likes that music. We’ve already looked at Leeds Festival, Beacons, Holy Ship and Creamfields logo and how they represent their individual festivals. Since there are so many festivals nowadays a good brand and design could be the only reason someone decides to go to your festival rather than someone elses. When creating my logo it’s very important that I look at my research and decide what works with other peoples festivals and try and incorporate that into my festival.

Leeds festival is a very popular, well known festival that has been running since 1999. over 15 years the branding has changed and has become better and more modern. I like the rugged patchy style to this logo, this sort of suggests the muddy, dirty-ness to the festival. The colours also help to inform the viewer what music will be played and the use of bright colours help to attract the target audience; Teenagers and young adults. Hangout Festival 2013 was a festival located on a beach in florida. The shape is a hand making the phone gesture. This is to symbolise the hang out name. It’s a really funky and cool design but it does make the lettering quite hard to read. The use of music symbols and notes reinforces the idea of this being a music festivals. Again bright colours are used for the logo, yellow could be used to symbolise the sand. Party in the park is another Leeds based event in conjunction with radio aire and leeds city council they put on a one day festival at temple newsam. The colour bright pink is used because of the relation with radio aire but its also bright and catches the eye of the target audience which is the younger teenagers. the logo is simple yet effective.

Creamfields is the closest example of the sort of music festival I want to produce. Their logo is extremely simple since it’s just creamfields in a thick sans serif font with the cream logo. I like the use of the shape, it makes the festival more recognisable and gives it a symbol for people to associate it with. I want to include a shape like this in my logo.

Line-Up Research Line Up posters are very informative for every festival go-er and the design is as important as the actual artists going. The lineup posters need to be legible, interesting, sleek and enticing to the target audience. Through my research the colours used on the line up poster shapes the rest of the colour scheme for the festival. Some use bright colours in coherence with the theme and music of the festival whereas others are darker for the same reason. Most of the text used apart from the logo is normally black or white, to be legible and is normally unedited so that each artist is easy to read. Layout is also extremely important to make the line up poster effective in informing and exciting the target audience. My festival is a dance/electro/house and from my research I have found that colours associated with this music black with white text. Creamfields for example, used a black background with neon colours infused with it to reinforce the idea of nightclubs and night partying.

Creamfields line up poster doesn’t look very organised because theres a lot of stuff going on in the background. This sort of takes away from the text and it’s all very irregular and unorganised. I do like the use of black and white text with a slight touch of colour. I will definitely be considering using black, white and one colour as a scheme for me festival. The line up is designed to the left in-suit with the logo design.

Bestivals line up poster is very central and uses bright colours and interesting graphics for the background. The text is black against this background which makes it easily readable. I really like this design and is very funky and fresh. This is more of a electronica festival but it does feature a lot of the artists I want to feature in my festival. I really like the separation of the names using this diamond shape and think it’s really well presented. The only gripe I have with this poster is in the second paragraph the text is quite close to the graphic at the sides. this is more of a central line up also. The main difference between this and the creamfields poster is that the artists are prioritised using text size. This so that the festival can promote the artists that are more likely to appeal to everyone. I want do something like this but more like Leeds Festival poster (using the artists logos) instead of text bigger but its a nice clean way to present the djs/artists. This is put on the front of a photograph of clouds with purple and blue colour scheme. I don’t like the placement of the date and place, it seems different from the rest of the design.

Logo Development TEMPLE



t e

p l e



t e

p l e

I enjoy creating logos and value their importance within the festival. While creating the logos I thought that it needed to be something that actually said the word temple but had a symbol with it so that they could be used together and separately. To come up with that I just started with the word and used some effects on it. I ended up using this effect in my final logo. I then started focusing on the religious side of the word temple but decided against it since my festival has no religious ties and it wouldn’t be an accurate representation of what the festival is about. I ended up getting transfixed on two designs which I ended up developing further. I couldn’t decide between the two and ended up merging both into one. I really liked the final outcome but after some preliminary responses from the class and tutor I was told the shape looked too much like an “M” and wouldn’t be conceived of as a shape. But because I didn’t want to abandon the shape, I made a new illustrator file and started to come up with different shapes using bits of the “m” I already created. I ended up designing what goes into the logo today. It started off as a long shape on the left side of the word which I was extremely happy with but with persuasion I changed it into the logo you see today. I am extremely proud of my logo and think it works really well to show a dance/electro/house festival at Temple Newsam. It’s dark, sleek, mysterious and most of all dirty.

Line Up Poster




N E W S A M ,











I was extremely excited about producing my line up poster. It was, in some respects, why I chose to do a festival for my final major project. I was pretty dead set on producing it in a certain way. Taking heavy inspiration for the leeds festival line up which is my favourite example I created my poster with three columns in correspondence with the date. Then within each column I separated into three stages (loosely). For the first few rows I used logos of the bands headlining. This helps with the order of importance. Their logo is recognisable by the fans and easier to read than the rest of the poster. After making all the logos black and white I started adding in the rest of the artists with the festival font (Helvetica). Splitting off each stage with a stretched version of the shape used in the logo to keep consistency and colour scheme. Getting down to the bottom of the poster I decided to use Lines to separate each artist. I thought this looked cleaner and more in-keeping with the rest of the design. I then put in the festival sponsors and made all their logos black and white. Finally finished with my poster I felt it looked really professional and cool. While asking my friends to critque my poster one suggested that my background was a bit boring because it was just plain black. So I stretched the shape out and lowered the opacity so it was so intrusive on the text but could still be seen clearly. From that my final line up poster had been created. Another part of the final major project I’m extremely proud of because I think it works as an informative piece but also a cool sleek interesting design that would entice the type of people interested in the music that would be playing. I think it’s my most professional piece of work so far and if anything got my extremely motivated to keep up the professionalism in the other aspects of the project, especially the programme.

Web Banner

The Web banner was quite easy to produce and I wanted something that was minimal yet effective in giving key information about Temple. After using Spotify and realising that I had seen festivals being advertised on there before and thinking it would be a good way to advertise my festival I decided to create a banner that would specifically fit into the spotify advert space. I ended up using a photograph I took of my friend wearing my t-shirt design. I wanted the banner to be quite minimal, with just the logo, date and place something that looks intriging, after all it is something people have to click to be taken to a website with more details. I was pleased with my design and think it works well to be informative and also persausive.

T-Shirt Print

My T- shirt print was created using the process of screen printing. My design was developed onto the emulsion covered screen. This then allowed me to print the design onto two T-shirts. The symbol is from my old logo, I decided to use this because I thought it worked better as a design and would still be in keeping with the shape used in the logo. I was really impressed with both prints and think they would be a valid product to sell at the festival. I’m glad I could involve a different disacpline into my project and found it very enriching.

Magazine Advert

This was my first advert design. I used a photo from a residential I went on previously in the year. The image was taken by mistake with a long shutter speed, which created this smokey effect. I thought this could be used effectively as an advertisement poster but as the project wore on I ended up deciding against it and using the other half of the image which you will see later. You can tell its an older design because it features my old logo and I never went back to work on it.

This is the other half of the photo that I used for one of my final adverts for Temple. I used the smoke again and infused it with my logo. The advert mainly focuses on the two people walking and because of the accidental light trail it makes it look quite nightclubby and mysterious. At this point in the project I decided I wasn’t going to use any other colour apart from red to keep consistency. I think this poster is effective in being an interesting, eye catching advertisement. The main criticism I have with this poster is the lack of information about the festival itself, for example it does not feature the word festival or have any inclining of music or a genre. But this advert would probably serve as a teaser to the festival. The advert will be featured in Mixmag, a music magazine so it’s sort of implied that it is a music festival.

This was another possible advert design for Temple. This was a more infomative advert, it gives a better insight into what the festival is “about�. I again used a photograph from the residential of my friend Shaquille. His face makes the advert more fun and entertaining than serious like the others, so in that respect it works really well. I decided against using this one of my final adverts because I didn’t think it fitted in with the theme and it looked out of place with the rest of my project.







This is my second final advertisement. I used my favourite discipline; Scanning. I scanned a crumpled piece of paper and edited it in photoshop, moving the levels so that the creases are visible. I then placed the older shape from my logo (the same one used on my t shirt print) and changed the opacity setting to “overlay� and then turned the opacity down to 60%. This created the illusion that the shape is on the paper. I then made a small banner at the bottom and included the place, time, festival sponsors and my logo. This is another effective layout that is commonly used in magazine advert. Again the only concern I had with the advert was the disconnectivity to a festival or music but again when you think about where the advert would be featured people can connect the dots. This again means this advert is a teaser.


This is my advert for the T-Shirt. I Used the photography of my friend wearing my t shirt design. I made the photo black and white and made it so that the design looked nice and crisp on the shirt. This is a very simplisitic design, it only features the logo, image of the t shirt and the price. I’m really proud of this design, when I was taking my photographs I pictured what I wanted it to look like and it came out exactly that way. The image is exactly what I wanted and I think the advert is really professional and works well to advertise the poster.

This is my exhibition advertisement. We were told that the festival was called Glitch and the text that needed to be featured on it with a glitchy theme, it also had to be a scannergram. my poster is a compliation of two parts of two scans. The first is the Glitch word at the top. This was created accidentally. While I was dragging all the keys from the keyboard down the scanner I let go of them at the bottom and they all stuck to my fingers so when they came off it was irregular. I thought this perfectly encaptulates the Glitch theme. I then put the shape made from dragging the keys down (from a different scan) into the poster just below. I really liked the effect made and think it works well, this shape then left space for text. The poster is really simplistic but in my opinion really professional and effective. Unfortunately it wasn’t chosen to be the official exhibition poster which I was really disappointed about.

Evaluation I started of my project very postively, I was extremely motivated to do well and was extremely excited about the prospect of what I was going to produce. I first started with my proposal, I set down exactly what I was going to do. I then did my research on 4 festivals, 4 festival logos and 3 line up posters, this was extremely enriching and really helped me set the standard for the project. I started with the name which was difficult to come up at first until I decided on Temple. I started to produce logos and kept producing some until I found something I liked, after two pages worth of logos I had two main designs that I liked, I developed them further, merged them and finally came up with something I liked. As I started my line up poster, it became clear to me that my logo could look better more professional so I went back and created a shape I was extremely happy with. After designing the entire line up poster, and a quarter of my programme I again received criticism over my logo and how it was a left sided design and most of my work was quite central. So I changed it again. So half way through the term I had changed my final logo three times but finally I was happy and my tutors were too. I had finished my line up poster by this point which was the thing I enjoyed most about this project. I felt that I listened to the research and added my personal design to it. My programme was the biggest part of my project and I felt it was crucial to keep consistency with the rest of the project (something I found difficult in other projects.) the programme was on going from when the line up poster was finished to the last week. I am extremely proud of it as well and felt it worked well for it’s purpose despite the criticism it received about the colour scheme being cold and uninviting.

I then started on the advertisements, another part of design I pride myself on. I tried to incorporate my favourite technique (scanning) which I did successfully with one of my advertisements. My other advertisements used photography to convey the message I wanted to give. I really like my advertisements especially the t shirt one, but to be honest they could of looked a lot better and I could of used designing my posters as an opportunity to show my other skills. Unfortunately I was so caught up in keeping consistency that I found it difficult to introduce those skills. My T Shirt print was a fun side project all most. I originally said that a t shirt would be additional if I got all my other things finished but an opportunity arose and I was able to print a design. The process was extremely interesting and fun to do and I was quite happy with the outcome. it also meant I didn’t have to photoshop a design onto a blank t shirt but I had the real thing instead. It was nice to involve screen printing because I enjoyed the process last year. My web banner was another small part of the project that didn’t take up too much time. I produced this after I had the photoshoot for my t shirts so I thought it would be a good idea to use one of those photographs to advertise my festival like I had seen on spotify before. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this project, despite having to keep change my logo which really stressed me out but I in the end the changes were made for the best and I think look really good now. I also wanted to display my time management skills. It was something I was told to improve on for the entire two years and I never really did until now. I tried to extremely organised and I think was pretty successful despite some setbacks I had. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Leeds City College and found many friends and colleagues, not just with the students but the tutors too. Tony, Sharon, Howard, Andy and Tom have all been a huge inspiration to me and helped me to improve my skills and make me a better student and hopefully my final major project is a testament to that. So I wanted to say Thank you to everyone, especially my man Tony Shake and Bake.

This is my final major project. I created a fictional festival called Temple; created a logo, line up poster, 2 magazine adverts, a T-Shirt, a T-Shirt advert, 24 page programme and a Web banner.

Final Major Project  

Everything from my final Major Project about from my Programme.

Final Major Project  

Everything from my final Major Project about from my Programme.