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Is a mediator appropriate for my divorce or family dispute? Mediation represents one of a number of solutions for conflicts in a family as a route to resolving the dispute in an amiable way. It is the process whereby an impartial person will mediate between the parties involved with a view to resolving the issue or finding a solution that both parties are happy with. The third party will have impartiality, confidentiality and neutrality on their side. At the same time, the mediator must have the approval of both parties involved in the dispute. The mediator is the individual who can resolve an issue that could have taken you to court with a maximum level of discretion. You may either solve a problem in businessor divorce from your husband or wife. Things are not always that easy though, hence the necessity of family law advice from Simpson Millar LLP solicitors. The solicitors can step in when you cannot find a middle solution with your partner. They are unique in the fact that they offer both mediation services and legal services so you can find a solution that is right for you. The advantages of mediation are usually compared to a team of law solicitors. First of all, the processis way shorter compared to a regular court hearing. Of course, everyone would prefer the option of mediation, but the two parties also want to gain as much as they can. The problems show up when one of them is not happy with the result. What you discuss inside the mediation sessions stays behind the closed doors and is not public. It is very important to go through this process, only to establish a relationship between the two parties. If you are not fully confident with the result, at least you know where you are and how far you can go. When both parties agree, the solution is durable, mostly because it is directly created by the two parties. All in all, the procedure is voluntary. The parties may also negotiate or give up the mediation without any judicial consequences. With a mediation, you save money and time, but you also get over a lot of stressful situations. It may be that mediation is simply not an option and so you look for a team of family law solicitors to act on your behalf instead. The situation is stressful enough so want a strong lawyer on your side to make things a little easier.

Is a mediator appropriate for my divorce or family dispute