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St Gallen Model United Nations



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MUN’s Genesis

If the United Nations does not attempt to chart a course for the world's people in the first decades of the new millennium, who will? - Koffi Annan

What are MUN about? A Model UN is a simulation of the United Nations aims to provide the students a strong introduction to the world of inter national politics and diplomacy. It gives them the unique opportunity to play the role of a UN ambassador during a few days and represent a given country in a committee (UNESCO, WTO, HRC, ...) of the United Nations on pre-worked topics. The participants have to make deep researches on their !

country’s policy and defend it through positions papers, debates during the sessions and their communication, lobbying and negotiation skills. The whole conference goes through the real UN process: from the opening statements to the writing and adoption of a resolution.

around the world gathering more than 5’000 people.

MUN’s history The first Model United Nations has been created in 1955 by students from the university of Harvard. Today, there are about 100 MUN Page 3


The Association Why an MUN Team in St Gallen?

Structure and Organisation

The University of St Gallen gathers students f r o m d i v e r s e fi e l d s o f s t u d i e s ; f r o m management to international affairs to economics to law. With its international atmosphere and its impressive growth, the HSG has now became a centre of reference in terms of research and education in the areas mentioned above. Therefore, it is all the more surprising that there is no MUN association within the University as almost all the other universities of Switzerland have one.

The MUN Team of the HSG would be an association within the University and would be comprised of an executive board which would lead and manage the activities of the association. The members of the association would be recruited on an annual basis by the executive board, following a selection process including cover letters and interviews. The preparation for the MUN would take place each week in the form of intern debates of 2h30 and following the sequence of an MUN. Besides these sessions, the association will organise specific workshops to focus on the most useful skills the students will need, and a few conferences and events in order to emphasise the importance of the United Nations to the public. A yearly programme of the association has to be prepared by the board and should include the MUN conferences for which the delegates will be prepared, the planning of the workshops and conferences, but also the budget and fundraising plan. The board will compose delegations for each MUN planned in the programme. They can set another selection process depending the type of MUN and the number of members who wan to participate. The fees of an MUN are partly payed by the association in accordance to its means which come from the fundraising and the events organised during the year. The specifications of the EB, the statutes and the intern rules can be found in the annex.


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MUN Conferences programme Oxford International Model United Nations (OxIMUN) OxIMUN will run from Friday 28th October until Sunday 30th October, 2011. Set in several of Oxford's most beautiful colleges and the worldrenowned Oxford Union, the Oxford International Model United Nations Conference offers delegates a unique opportunity to debate in the historic surroundings

and rich cultural environment of one of Europe's oldest universities. OxIMUN is internationally renowned for its high standards of debate and its extremely well-organised program. For this year's conference, approximately 450 delegates are expected from across the world, bringing with them an unrivalled diversity of views and backgrounds. OxIMUN aims to provide ample opportunity for debate and maximum participation for each delegate. With its committees ranging in size from 15 to 65 delegates, OxIMUN is tailored to the experienced delegate as well as to those new to MUN.

Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN) Founded in 1955, only a decade after the creation of the United Nations, HNMUN is the largest, oldest, and most prestigious conference of its kind. Staffed entirely by Harvard College undergraduates, HNMUN brings over 3’000 students and faculty together from

will take place just before in New York; which will be the perfect occasion for visiting the UN headquarters!

colleges and universities around the world and offers them a unique opportunity to experience the challenges of international negotiation and diplomacy. Maybe more than any other MUN conferences, HNMUN reflect the reality of the United Nations with very large committees, intense informal sessions and certainly the most high-level MUN. The sessions are held at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel in mid-February. Normally, a preparation week


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JUNESMUN JunesMUN is the only MUN in Switzerland tailormade for all the MUN teams of the country. It gathers more than 100 delegates from Geneva, Lausanne, Freiburg, Bern, Basel, Lucern, Zurich... and soon St Gallen! The conference is organised each year by a different swiss university and take place during the last weekend of February. It is un impossible MUN to miss since all the MUN spirit of Switzerland is concentrated

during two incredible and keen days and give a unique opportunity to meet with our swiss colleagues, exchange ideas and party with them! The intimate ambiance, the small sizes of the committees and the presence of coaches make this conference a perfect start for rookies-delegates.

Harvard World Model United Nations (WorldMUN) MUN was founded in 1991 by several Harvard students who were looking to create a different Model United Nations experience.! The conference grew for several years being today one of the biggest MUN with more than 2’000 delegates from over 65 countries

which makes it the most international Model United nations. This multicultural experience is completed by the outstanding social events held during the conference which brings the amazing and unique ‘’WorldMUN Spirit’’ ! from the Global Village, with delegates bringing food, drink, songs and traditions from their homelands, to the Cabaret night, a global talent show, to the farewell party on the last day which give . After Switzerland, Mexico, Netherlands and Taiwan last year, the conference will be held in Singapore in 2011. WorldMUN is usually considered as the Olympic of the Model United Nations.

Finnish Model United Nations (FINMUN)


FINMUN stands outs from other MUNs with its long duration and rich program. It gives an ultimate learning experience which includes a

and the last three are dedicated to formal sessions. DUring the first part, delegates will visit embassies, follow lectures on diplomacy and attend seminars about the United Nations which will give them a preparation to the conference and, moreover, a great

lot more than just a simulation. The conference lasts for 6 days. The first three days are spent on seminars, lectures, excursions, and trainings,

opportunity to discover even more the world of international politics. FINMUN 2011 will be the 6th university-level international Model United Nations conference in Finland. It will be held in Helsinki, on April!4 - 9, 2011.

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The Workshops Public Speaking & Rhetoric The first workshop will focus on public speaking and rhetoric skills required during an MUN. It will teach the students how to stand, comports themselves, attract public awareness and make clear and remarkable statements. This will be done with advanced video devices in order to analyse in details everyone’s behaviour. The Public & Rhetoric Workshop will be held in end-October.

Negotiation & Lobbying The Negotiation & Lobbying workshop aims at practicing and providing tips for the often too neglected part of diplomacy. Compromises are easier to reach during informal sessions; hence, knowing how to handle those discussions and being able to mainly influence the flow of the conference in backstage are great advantages when you represent a country’s policy.

How to survive an MUN conference This workshop may seem weird at a first glance. But anyone who has already attended an MUN conference will certify you that he ended exhausted physically as well as mentally. The objectives are to give the students methods for managing their health

during the conference and push back their limits. Sophrology, meditation and teamwork will be tackled in this workshop which will take place in the beginning of March.

Writing skills - Resolutions and Positions Papers The last workshop in May will go through the writing process of resolutions and position papers in details, focusing on the appropriate style which should be used. The guidelines for the writing of a UN resolution in its different forms will be presented, and

a bunch of rhetorical tools in order to state complex policies which can further be read between the lines.

students will have to practice by writing draft resolutions, working papers and position papers using


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Conferences & Events United Switzerland United Switzerland is a project consisting in a big conference organised by St Gallen Model United Nations based on a yearly topic concerning Switzerland and the United Nations. It would be dedicated to students but also professors and politicians. Next year 2012 will be the occasion to celebrate the 10years birthday of Switzerland entry in the UN. Therefore, it is imaginable to coordinate the conference with the foreign affairs ministry on

a thematic such as «Switzerland running for the Security Council in 2023-2024» or «Switzerland 10 years after entering the UN: what’s next?».

Promotion and happenings During the year, smaller events and visits will be organised such as a visit of the UN H e a d q u a r t e r s i n G e n e v a , w h e re t h e participants are able to interact with UN officials and learn more about specific UN topics. The Association will also try to prepare meetings with ambassadors and diplomats from the countries the delegations will represent in the several MUNs .


Events in St Gallen and in Switzerland will be held to promote the United Nations and inform the public on its functions, its opportunities but also its limits. One of our goal as it is stated in the statutes of the Association is to increase public awareness and emphasise the importance and the role of the United Nations and the international politics.

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2011-2012 CALENDAR September



Semester start and recruitment for the new delegates

Fall General Assembly Beginning of the intern sessions First Workshop OxIMUN - Oxford

Semester Break End of the first session Beginning of the second session




Second Workshop End of the second session

Holidays and Lernphase

HNMUN - Boston JUNESMUN - Switzerland Start of the third session




Third Workshop WMUN - Singapore

FINMUN - Helsinki United Switzerland Conference End of the third session

Fourth Workshop Spring General Assembly

Sessions Workshops

General Assemblies MUN Conferences

Academic Calendar Conferences

Jugend UNO Netzwerk Schweiz (JUNES) JUNES is the umbrella organisation of the UN youth associations in Switzerland. JUNES pursues two main goals: First, it aims to wake interests of young people in UN actions and issues; second, it intends to federate all UN groups of Switzerland through being a communication facilitator. For the last four years, JUNES has been considerably extending its panel of activities for its members. The JunesMUN is one of the major JUNES events. UN workshops and forums in UN facilities in Geneva are also regularly organised as well as many other projects during the year. In short, due to its growing reputation, JUNES more and more plays the role of a network catalysts among students of Switzerland willing to commit themselves into the (Model) United Nations world. !

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Take Action with Passion! St Gallen Model United Nations offers a unique opportunity to discover the world of the UN, its perspectives, its functioning but also its limits. It aims to provide students an i n t e r n a t i o n a l p o l i t i c s e n v i ro n m e n t a n d emphasise the awareness of today and tomorrow’s biggest challenges. Having the privilege of being based on the HSG campus, the Association benefits from all the necessary resources and a perfect atmosphere for its growth and development. We gladly invite you to contact us fore more information and would be very pleased to meet you in order to discuss further our activities and objectives.

St Gallen Model United Nations 9000 St Gallen

Booklet St Gallen Model United Nations  

This booklet presents the Association ''St Gallen Model United Nations'' and describes its organisation, activities and objectives.