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The Hidden American

The Hidden American The 1930′s gave birth to some of the greatest iconic designs in motors history, born from the car factories of Detroit, Ford revealed the Model A, a curvaceous bodied 40 horse power wonder that took the country by storm. Popular for its cheap price it sold in the millions, between its production in the 1930’s 4,849,340 Model A’s were sold, branding it as one of the best selling automobiles of all time. Detroit muscle in the trophy winning chevy pick-up.

The feeling of maxing the speed limiter.

1963 chevy pick-up is a majestic site.

The behind the wheel.


The Hidden American. Future parts just laying in wait to be tried and tested on the track. The powerful chevy sitting in the yard jsut waiting to be rolled out onto the drag circut to amaze the on lookers.

‘’My dreams had become a reality, my passions a rolling masterpiece and I could finally rest knowing the long hard nights were finally over’’

Resparyed perfection, from bare metal to mouth watering metallic, this gun can do it all.


The Hidden American. The springs hang on this workshop wall like a family portrait hanging in an old house. Telling the story and life of this car in two of the simplist of items. inadiquate in their meaning but powerful in their pressence.

1 of many fuel cans just scattered around the yard.

The prized posession of a man’s 10 years behind the wheel finaaly finished in all its glory, ready to roll out of the garage for the first time since it arrived the thunderous V8 roars to life.


The Hidden American.

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